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Jason Cole, Yahoo! Sports, on the fiasco in New York and what will eventually happen to Tebow

Dec 20, 2012|

Lou and Tom Caron, filling in for Mut, talk to Jason Cole about the quarterback quagmire in the Jets locker room before focusing the conversation on Tim Tebow and whether or not he has a real future as an NFL passer. They also discuss Pats-Niners and whether or not Belichick's fourth down decision was a huge mistake.

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Joining us on the phone now is that Jason call from Yahoo! Sports we all know by now -- Greg McIlroy is. Gotta be the quarterback of the New York Jets against the San Diego this weekend. What's happening with the other two guys guys make it all those money on this all the money on the sideline whatever that next year now where does Sanchez where does Tebow going this is all said and done. Well I'm not sure where to vote goes but it goes. In Jacksonville maybe one ounce of hope but I think he really good boys were -- A veteran quarterback an actual war. How to play quarterback it was if you'd ever hope. I am and what I don't think he can play quarterback was. But. Is that enough -- like if you ever tried to pollution way too valuable. Helping to go to with what war. Definitely won't go -- -- going -- -- he has no chance to play for two years. And it could work from -- detergents. The World Cup -- brought -- probably -- apple with its commitment to believe that important right now that wouldn't fall. -- -- -- But they're trying to trade him an effective with that contract because you've got a point 25 billion dollars group. You know spoke to government should support guarantees and there's no also like which is just have to pay -- whole. So. It will be really difficult for them to trade you know that mail via bite the bullet. And release them. It was but will it take very little fourth quarter and he's willing to rework his contract. Or just have to pay but he. You know book award just. -- -- vote you know that goes. Somehow someway they kick -- out -- -- is that that money and world. Well basketball Mark Sanchez because you know we look at that contract and the like he's sitting in the New York Jets team right now with. Does read before that a 140 went committed already next year and getting even. Dropped twenty to get to with so. If if if you're able to you know it I'm not sure they can you -- mr. baca. A lot of talking a fair -- Rex would address that today Alex Smith. They are united capable of they are bringing a bringing in a dialect and free agency. Probably well there won't deter a perfectly good numbers as -- the little the ten billion you're. From some but he. I may give a little bit lower we have. But it raises up if you play as well let me you're not going out there. Because two million -- year. A product of the security to Beijing's effort. Alex Smith is not going to be at two billion dollars your either he's gonna make so -- we have about our republic bank. If -- 67. Million. That your report. In the 68 million dollars a year ago -- -- your starter sure equivalent to about one -- -- agency. And in Billick like it is because they're a bit of how political may have to -- -- war. At that so you know for the jets can -- -- one of those guys but -- public but I mean I think it was a very good chip. But what about court doesn't just start this game. The next game but probably -- that's a very good chance or he's competing we have from draft. For that job -- in the minister. A -- or Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports and and obviously they wanna see -- tackle Roy can do for them over these last couple games going that offseason but if they're going to eat the million box they OT boat next year. Why would try to put him out there and at least maybe get a little bit interest maybe get a team on ought to get something for any thought of that and -- Look I think that they're afraid that he goes out there and play as well as for the fair to put our show. Also people wanna keep them. That's always been that effectively. Otherwise put out there are seeking -- in the play well UW up the game plan so that he looks good. -- a couple of games. And then turn turn turn them for the fourth or fifth for a draft pick I would be Smart strategy where that but I think of them. Management group discussions about this problem for the approach well at the point of it doesn't reward. Because for the straight to backcourt could look it -- Tebow and they've seen all the problems with Tuesday. And it -- he's not in the position right now there is clear what influence will have to fixing workflow -- He's gonna have to go out there on the market to book that helped them. You know it was true which is you can't do the -- here read to -- she can't read. Where we'll go -- this note about always been that you can do is where people -- you. What you do. That you can get out of pocket escape plural for the property when that happens you -- real it was. But is short about when you play against standard treaty that coverage. What the patriots did you know playoff last year that is a clear indication of the direction -- We have Tim Tebow no good football player when ethnic football player and as patriots team that Julian -- -- a guy. Who's coming here now is adequate -- she -- plates of defensive back last year special teams returning punts. That the future of Tim Tebow like you said opportunity maybe to sit behind as that that quarterback. What else is out there for this guy knew what she wouldn't know -- catcher -- and rather when he can catch it. The front side of the ball -- can tackle and he's a good football player produced her fit any position -- FL for the Scott. I don't know are we -- both part of -- it's hard but because it was awful because. Back -- -- -- baby that's the case. I don't see him being. Such -- naturally gifted athlete any of those solutions that. He's automatically forward to the that would -- player much work back up that -- those -- this year. A message that he's gifted with this combination. Of profitability. For the ability. That if you somehow. And -- he should be part of being quarterback. Bet he would have a chance. The other thing. You're a -- and give it plays with them here but. But have a regular lol it's just being -- I have a hard time getting. That concept. But people talk about that was part of -- accurate. I don't but it's way way off base. But is negative impact player somewhere -- probably. About that sum total would be. Give up like he comes back to -- would really want to discard water column. To develop his skills of the quarter. I wanna see if you can do it and thought it he has. -- be -- be the reason that she doesn't read -- -- well but. You'd probably have to do that as -- of -- that's for sure for a and it put a bit different kind of evolved from some of the uniform level and they have a detail -- the truth you've got to deal to dissect with a strategy to. Jason following -- the lost it to the niners you -- -- point out the capita to play and also the controversial call fourth and one. And I think you put this Belichick is doing so to my expect that a switzer Jerry Glanville. Guys are severely lacked poise knowledge and success you've obviously disagree with that -- through timeouts bitumen one you felt we should upon the. Doubt we'll live folders -- other and let me. Say -- to -- veterans who have lived before the. Now all you -- comments and emails and that's. Took a couple. Of all I bet the I totally agree it would force them to 2000. I thought that was it you know really Smart play in 2000. Absolutely I have no disagreement with a put the -- especially when your defense team that. And football -- him for the first -- in order to win Wednesday completely support what the push further importantly were aware that. Brilliant play calling -- who says the -- nine point 9% of what Bill Belichick who. You know is absolutely. Pathetic. -- without question and that's what power. Because of the position on the field. That if you fail that was giving up the field goal automatic. Villager killed twelve dark -- And battle but victim to score game with two minutes left even if the only thing that foreigners do -- -- -- any -- before they exit the field goal. Because all the wanted to do was actually the -- talk about a bit of a two minute warning. Well if you watch the way it was before or sort of playing you know over the second half what they went up -- wonderfully. No they weren't playing the -- basically for the last two decades and about why they were destroyed burn clock and have Burt -- well they try to run the ball the only player that they out. Was one of the crop of pictures of the autopilot. And captivated the crowd actually Ericsson that the capital. That was that -- look at all the -- -- circuit -- away and you get it out -- -- midfield you know therefore the opposite fortified. The foreigners there but what they're doing every art are -- run at least two. To try -- talk about maybe they kick the chair. You know and -- one time. It and you get the ball back with about two minutes left at -- go out with too little warning underside. If you want but at least you know. Maybe get the ball back with a bit of 51 last. Felt that egyptians without one rather -- be sure death. This isn't that a by this this war and giving up one point and -- -- -- get to scorers. In the last few minutes rather than just one or more -- -- my problem. With the cold weather and again we worked hard to forget. Alter. Everybody who goes overall book. -- travails of the corner of oil and so world you know maybe you don't argue for -- people strictly -- all back -- maybe. The first respect about -- In the history of the league and all the guys would even think about is maybe veterans joke -- because Joseph Gibbs were fully. Suitable for different quarterbacks and that is an accomplishment. Other of that you know -- certain degree is eligible. But I don't have a particular -- or for the affordable. In this situation because of the field goal throughout the year if you have been out of forty yard line. I would think -- afford even that you know ward because they're at least afforded daughters and -- field goal range. They have to being urged to get themselves feel normal range. To that -- He is Jason -- from Yahoo! Sports and if you're patriots fan could follow that Jason -- -- I'm sure you can direct message of your thoughts on the public that the surge guard Garrett and algerians. Go to Byrd and I'm not enjoy the last night of the world tonight but. It. And I say just as the colder yes and Yahoo! sports dot com by the way a lot of people texting and all DA do indeed tax line -- 37937. I said an equinox at the beginning of the segment. It is of course the winter solstice how dare you equinox means the day -- -- aren't equal time he's here he's -- writes that the -- I believe astronomy today is on one of our sister stations right now. Now so don't don't take the word. For anything to do. With the astronomical calendar the Mayan calendar Ernie on the calendar that we may be talking about the only -- and we care about is the Sunday game. Facing the patriots and you gotta give you know you look at what they did -- used in two weeks ago. While the Texans bounce back this week is a great opportunity -- obviously perfect opponent. They're just put all of this behind you get the 49ers existed. You would hope I'm -- and that's why Brady -- all -- has been talking about. Mental toughness be able to rebound in the two games you just previously had. All the mean that went into all of an intimate you know as proceedings and in home field and buys in the U name it. Get their goal play eighteen in Jacksonville but he should walk all over three weeks ago yes this week. I think it's gonna be but it's a challenge to get up for they -- that they gonna beat him but just giving up for a would be shocked -- -- some sloppy play maybe early on in this. They get out. Sloppy play early in some it's a lose prediction we've got mark -- -- zero a TC allotted time Caron and Louis -- year. Immigration no one W media.

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