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Doc Rivers says Paul Pierce wouldn't let the Celtics lose

Dec 20, 2012|

Doc calls in for his weekly appearance with the latest on Pierce, Jason Collins in the starting lineup and how his team has dealt with the Newtown tragedy

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It is time now for our weekly conversation with a head coach of the Boston celtics' Doc Rivers has brought you by northern bank and trust. Colo space and by Mercedes-Benz. I dockets -- Kirk Oreo. They don't know are you doing great thank you Merry Christmas to you by the -- -- thank you do. I gotta say this that might be the most efficient shooting night I've ever seen thirteen for sixteen from the field six for seven from three. Sixteen points in forty point sixteen shots and forty points that's as good as it gets. Yeah I think when you get older you got to conserve your energy when you have these days. Remember about the -- -- It almost seemed as though when when the lead started this a patent and the game started to tighten up Paul Pierce was was not gonna. His will was not gonna allow this team to lose. Yet what better companies do it about W really upset because you get a twenty point lead and you could fallout and you give him some rest and dig a couple of the other does -- then. I thought we lost but could we lost two points in the minute and a half or something like that. In the quarter did did he wasn't very happy about it and you know and still don't know probably limited -- them about it which is my. What's the thought process stock with. With Terry Collins in the lineup last night. Well that of the who would be you know until it comes back. Whenever we moved. Seeking to -- the bitch just doesn't get as many shots in the and it really has to do with net toying with a point guard to become so a lot of the times -- round of all the floor. And you know did -- meet someone to give him the ball and so I've decided to. Just put him back in the -- of endured circumspect. The coast -- would -- something not thought about for a while hum. We've been talked about the one it would Chris Wilcox -- you have the same impact. Because a lot of them the big -- guard Kevin. When you're predicting code on the floor below Kevin. To the floor but during the tournament today. And particularly the bumping a weight problem -- detective. It looked as though you're trying to get an explanation and as I was sitting on my couch watching the game I was wondering the same thing. Can you get a flagrant one if you get the ball first. I don't know what that was. I mean it's good to have no surprise there are you reviewing. It was a solid hard while. You've grown -- ball yet yet developers and the follow through that yet but the ball -- sweated dug the State's -- been. Jason Collins I don't know. We'll limit that you'll -- before I married and -- that. Did they give me an explanation whether elected or not did they give you want. Yeah other city you he hit him in the face stereo or a big part of both the explosive and you know what can do. As is a weekly thing with John and Jerry -- well sort of the -- Jeff Green question I played pretty well the other night. In San Antonio but the last couple nights in Chicago and last night not much were you wet right now with him you see some progress. Well we see up -- now -- -- -- you know just have to. Don't give it if you wanted and you know -- just stupid at -- he waits for us to make a call for them. You know instead of Gordon what will we be just as the scoring is one thing and to me. But I don't believe it may also be -- words scores well there be marriage was struggled. -- we're really did you -- of doing everything else rebound and run in the -- Duke Energy points and that's what we're working with them that's what we're talking to -- You don't you mentioned -- -- yet he has that kind of want it now with these in his fifth six -- league now he's 26 years old he's at. The cutting them might just not happen if you had some experience of guys have suddenly you know sort of turn it on and begin to want it and Avant. No. You you are who you are. You know get up in Oklahoma City would it was more aggressive. You know wanted to I don't think it would is what went through last year. And so we're being patient in that way I do believe you have an -- problem and that they. That had a lot a lot to do last year and so we're patient. Danny Ainge said yesterday and and he said you know he agrees with some of the things that you set after the the -- three road trip but he also said you know he's preaching patience is that easier said than done. Oh yeah it is especially. One advantage. But at the end of this report coach. But -- -- said that I agree with the enemy and you know. I look I understand the changes we made. We made a lot of -- And no one -- are you guys that play at net play didn't know Avery is that there -- -- But. With that -- all the different changes guys buying in the different -- it does take time did that it would take this much. I didn't we don't know -- that rather than. The figure out the right domination might just -- The rotation but the right group of guys should play every night and that Vick right who got to -- is consistent. Together every night and -- stupid -- certain that. Danny said yesterday said that the team is not playing as well as they're capable of you said after the Chicago game. We're not a very good basketball team right now how does that manifested. For you what do you see that tells you that -- After a Chicago gamer or San Antonio or whatever. What we're just not consistent enough. And in this matter as a good team -- win not consistent enough you know. Every night there's one -- two guys that it don't do their jobs and that's you know even less but I thought we played really well for the most probably shot 60%. But we've got to get -- minimal. What difference does on the floor. And metal which -- -- and about do we have to hit. Easter present exodus could. 1961. -- UP propelling them last night. When received and that there is still a couple times you know and the question what can they keep shooting the way there's room. They're playing defense you know what I think. Everyone gets -- in the three point line and make it a ton of three they have a lot of -- committed three. But I'd be considered defensive difference there will be defending. On top of -- that those shots make remarkably. What would you do if you -- coach a team and Stoudemire comes back. All of I'd probably wait and he -- for the men I don't know about startled. Public of the way to play deployment using only one bid on the Florida side. And I would just put right behind gentler and then throw me over until a build up support. -- with their own because little bit. What Sotomayor will give -- the ability and do. Bit complacent all the way to play with one big but it also gives them the ability when -- didn't beat by -- big -- Adobe so. I I don't think sodomized and her -- to middle. Documents and Avery Bradley who is back practicing with the team. How do you make the determination what does he have to show you that tells you okay it's time he's ready to go. It really won't let me -- to the -- -- -- the certain and documents and problem. You know honestly Israel but you have been in Chicago -- a team that you might not playing tomorrow and you know you that didn't practice. But you know we just forget -- -- children of both shortage that bit and there's a time. Time that they wanted to go under and so I think we have to be -- them. Is it a strength thing as much as anything else as well just building the strength back up. Exactly and you know applied equally important they wanted to find out if he did. Ticket. And he did it was a very physical practice. And he came out -- great but I you know that's a big factor they wanna make you good social as a strong and up. To not only did one here but to -- continually. With with Courtney Lee doc young -- shooting -- 47% but the three point Spence you know bad this year two point 7% is around 40%. Crew wise I just think it means that sequestered shooters are shooters invention of -- don't. Yeah I really deliberately put the time and -- continue to put the diamond. But I think they'll be a breakthrough moment for him at some point you know which it did last year beat Bradley at one point it was shooting 25%. From the field. -- in the a couple of games. And David finally clicked for them and that was. -- -- -- and that it would have been the -- unbelievable. It's time now for the a coach's question of the week brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers and their winter event going on now at your local Mercedes-Benz dealers. On the web at MB usaid dot com. And unfortunately it's kind of a serious question dock in light of what's happened. In the world in -- in Newtown Connecticut how do you approach that with your team how do you address it with your team or do you talk about it with your team. No we did. We talked about it before they use again before we went out on the floor. You know there's there's things that happen in the real world and you know I don't know if that's not the worst thing that I've ever seen in my lifetime as far as with kids and you know. I could -- seven with the -- before the game and Paula. And Ronald doesn't do you know when you -- The adult and that's something we absolutely did talk about. No it's not a typical pregame speech a competitive. But it would applauded news of the we had our own little moment of silence in the locker room before we went out on the court. And -- let that bit about sitting. Moses did seem like a real emotional moment there -- to in Houston with Garnett and obviously Mikhail everything Mikhail Scott that's U -- Really emotional between those two guys. Live really well some you know it's such as human then does you know that. You know and I felt so bad -- double for the day. Because I knew what you were thinking about you know you know he went through what is what is daughter in a different way. But he understood the imperative and hurt. The parents -- going through them it was almost like he's he was reliving that day. The in the morning we talked him. You know Kevin broke down and you just see you -- very emotional but it. -- we always appreciate time it's fun to talk with the and again Merry Christmas stealing your family and I'm not very festive holiday season and -- -- -- team continues to play well as well. -- -- you got to preserve Medicare. That is the head coach of the Boston celtics' Doc Rivers here on the DNC showed Doc Rivers. Is brought to you by northern bank and trust cola space and by Mercedes then.

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