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Kirk Minihane says the Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl

Dec 20, 2012|

Kirk makes his bold prediction and Winter has the latest on Anchorman 2 in this Sports Flash

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Got to -- got Kevin electric -- got they programming -- -- -- George Doc Rivers joy delegate Kurt coming up poll were inside ninety minutes from now Celtics last that a while three. Nine you -- -- victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers at TD garden. -- navigate three game losing state that trip around the NFL guys big games coming up this weekend parts. Of the AFC central title may be decided Saturday football Saturday football is the falcons. Game and he lions if I'm not mistaken Saturday at 830 right that's Monday Night Football if you will be since Chris receivers on Monday. One of the big games -- keeping an eye on on Sunday is the Pittsburgh Steelers of the Cincinnati Bengals not -- -- -- -- those two teams win the AFC north one can become a Foxboro. One question for its part is very problem between Ben Roethlisberger. An -- coordinator Todd Haley. Kim and I apologize it's not a part of the Mike Thomas Sharon just because that's you know I don't have a frustrations. Jump out after game and down. You know I don't always do that. These are you -- control so in -- justice frustrations on myself and down. You know. Would be better at them just the frustration after a Lawson and especially feel like it was. My fault it just. Things pulled up. You know what he said he said. One accept what's wrong I'm just sorry center at I think that's -- that. -- is exactly what he said and I shouldn't have done it I should kept things in side. Everything I said I felt like an icicle field I guess I didn't want gonna work -- time that rockets expect -- -- I ever. Did get never predict now what. I giants in the ravens as well obviously Baltimore in the mix for that. Not AFC north hobbled Tom cop once New York Giants a three way tie in their division. Hoping that everyone plays better and with more consistency and we thought that was a big thing last week and of course didn't was an accomplished so. We're we're striving for that again it's we have. The two game schedule we have to win both games to get in the playoffs and everybody's aware of that. And I'll just go ahead and safe loving god to you know get out get out you know get out don't getting rocketed to get the feeling Olympic experience or any part of these guys are -- and learn about what -- -- -- you look at the standings for an election night. The planet's -- who's the Baltimore there. They're out there it hardly even with. I believe it's a deep width Dallas Cowboys Redskins week seven of lady Eagles get sweaty guys yes element of the -- -- you'd think at home record at the -- Baltimore Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh lose that game -- -- right is that a big games Sunday Night Football it's the niners and the -- that is pretty a late in the NFC west I totally underestimated. -- Seattle was going to be out there right now. -- it is right now Kevin your listening -- you're in a yeah -- Seduction permit miserable they're going to be the end of your present excuse and that's right. Seattle -- -- price for Seattle that you know decades cops did -- -- you must OK the Seattle Seahawks are going to be. The -- prison that's the national football conference in the super two weeks that Pete Carroll all my belly. Up they are. They're my okay ought to 2001 page now they do say that. And and think of fall the storm that is going to arise because part of the reason if that happens cork -- would be because they get home field advantage is that to see if something happens to land is the one. Why they happened exactly we just had to given right why would they have that home field advantage. The Seahawks Ellison does lacks a backache that must say I hate my -- -- it happens all the time. -- bag that would be an NFL nightmare. And I'm telling it's gonna happen -- Seattle -- -- much but the AFC assert that Seattle is going to be suitable guaranteed he got back guys yeah. Nick the other got 741 which is next up Tom Tom taught how to update at least it she's got stretch -- Save at a -- so right about this policy ought to be the super. I like that like to go out in the here's what is not going out -- element for those in the movie industry it's official you have absolutely breath take. It's official. As the public know the dates on eight -- all I have to -- I have a date Paramount Pictures has announced the sequel will arrive in US enemies. December 20. 2000. Thirteen one year from today one year from today receiver receiver what -- gonna hear that it. Anchorman the legend continues as being given its official release I just. And I have such high hopes but let's be honest. Hang over to exactly float my bald -- it yeah. It's terrible now had marital really thought -- like a physical comedy sequels they usually come attacks the comedy sequels that you can't get many of them that are -- very rarely I cabinet -- angle over to at least hole I thought hangover two hole and they are better than any other seek what I liked it over to. Catholic -- big comedy sequel it's -- in the original somebody. But it is impossible and that I think this would be funny recommends one of those movies to it was a hip it was a massive hit the legend has grown. -- in the years in the -- -- -- in the aftermath -- -- cult movie Austin Powers like that to a time was in the big hit it out of the guts or the second life. I didn't guys major update before. Yeah you're a year are you upfront that hey we get -- -- -- date from Applegate and yes yes she is back. One -- to give it you know real quick a quick list by the way let's see apple gable reprise her role from by the first increment field. -- -- Wait bridesmaids star Kristen Wiig is rumored to be joined the cast liquor. As a love interest for will heralds character. Both -- timlin though cipher corrales charity program here yeah after Steve Carell. That's the of the -- the government. So but one year from month -- Like we're going to be here Patrick in Manchester -- Patrick I don't. I noted that you know what's up. Anybody -- -- the world demand market traded at suspense. That -- my mother -- from the last Sunday she's been to win a golf there's. Spaghetti and you're done actually via -- it's over. There -- -- admission the Moscow that was there was this great bobcat goal weight and Andy was talking about recent. I make police academy I need the money I gotta pay the bills that's -- -- -- to police academy to picket line like at a dining room. On the house the -- that by the time we get to police academy six pretty much -- -- and -- -- -- delicate but there's so many unanswered questions and police academy five. It's an idea I don't is just observation that just took it to him but I know what it a real quick just him the question. I think the reason that people not playing right now. Because if he does play and they portable game he plays well like last Tuesday that -- turn a ball over make it whereas Rex Ryan would get fired. It would help the fire Rex Ryan if people believe these two games and what Campbell played well. If -- -- we captain. What maybe it's as simple as that yeah we got to save our phony baloney jobs gentlemen I guess I am maybe I just think so much of this though is it with Cuba goes that's part of it. And -- the whole offseason things Tebow plays great you get rid -- him Sanchez is back another mess. Obviously if you try to keep it in and -- and yet here. In that it was a from a personal life is. It says mr. ball left and right in complicated anyplace where we'll play well. Article. You know that they get -- question what they do. I went and got him at that idea of one point -- -- got a good deal. I I'm not love with it I mean I was reading some things in the aftermath where one baseball exact said you know if he's good for three of the five it's -- be worth -- -- yeah. Three years for 125 million. Well obviously I look at. I look at it more like it's a fight -- 120 million in the guy's gonna make your money it's like but -- point one. They spent a hundred million dollars. On -- Perino. Napoli in -- You know I and I heard I heard Jerry talking about this. But yet -- you'd of had -- still fill those spots. You had just a lot in India as a bearded guys for freeing other spots. -- -- -- Like other corner outfielders are combined to 25 -- right here this. Stick. This terrible offseason you know I understand we're not allowed for some reason is some -- -- applicants and battle and church and -- really sure why. A good job since he got here now get a good -- the Dodgers a gift because it. I know I I don't disagree with you now I've given Hamilton three years in 1995 million dollars yeah. I wish I would have given him three I accidentally took five for 125 I give the Red Sox credit. And they have their maturity and said he were going to be in terms of years not money years they've been disciplined. They have overpaid for the people that they've -- -- -- talking about per year right they haven't gone crazy with a five year deals all those things that got them into so much trouble share. I didn't want them to go signed Josh Hamilton for five years now. No I think that I think three years I think that sort of a consensus in game five years it's against thirties and 32 I think when the season starts. Look at the history of guys and their Hillary's time is it safe to say he's an old 32 I think so yes for the guys that thirty -- every -- our contracts it may it never works out. The work ironically in Texas they moved him to corner outfield spot from center field because he was always get her right. Yeah because he was always curtain and they said we do we get -- -- on the field gamble bomb. I just I like Josh Hamilton I'm not sure this is going to be great fit I'll I'll say this for next year. And that's a good batting order a dollar god and yesterday they say and can you Morales to Seattle or Jason Phillips did Jason Vargas try to bolster that you can already pretty good -- exactly that sort of comfort now. And a quick break right back to the calls on the other side Doc Rivers at 905 Sports Radio WEEI.

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