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D&C Sports Flash recapping the Celtics putting the Cavs away

Dec 20, 2012|

A D&C Sports Flash with Kevin Winter, Kirk Minihane and Dale Arnold touching on a big night for Paul Pierce

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-- on capitol enter a collective. Sigh of relief for the garden last night's. Ball near. Rising that the occasion on the second night of -- back to back. The first forty point game for herself but at home at the regular season nearly seven years. It was the same guy who did it. Against the same tape recording for Paul Pierce and the Celtics went up -- -- final 103. That 91 John Heard the caller ID on its portrait -- -- two point seven of -- this after the green. Led by tour money in the third quarter. Dylan -- that lead went all the way down to four. In the fourth Cordoba four peers on the took all of our. But the Celtics to victory I have to admit cynically I am gonna go on August -- I got a doctor docked it half a black death and I would do the same exact thing it. 8483. Game losing streak was it was what was on the line trying to snap it. It's the couple leaders. Everett did the Celtics had to fly in yesterday we don't Anderson marriage without -- -- very out their best player member Byron Scott once said -- after one game -- it's nice and simple -- marriage I was great immortal -- that's the kind of team pirates got as. Celtics blowing to thirty yesterday afternoon. After they -- troubles that Chicago Paul Peters bill -- -- green out that he drops or. I don't know ghosts are hard to really explain it you know you feel good feel like everything. Everything she does not just -- growing as the room you know looks a lot bigger than it normally is. Couple of numbers your peers -- season high forty points 41 career game with at least forty he's also the Celtic the second Celtic history. With a forty point game at the age of 35 or older -- Henry on that I I mean a lot on the list of stupid things have -- percent on the radio and there are several volumes and in the in the meat in the match that your. I remember way back when when they first came in together. Thinking that -- -- the airwaves that Antoine Walker was more completely -- about it. Some lawmakers say honey at blackjack all my -- deal because that's actually it's well. All about it appears for a thirteen to sixteen from the floor. I here's Europe deep on the Celtic was the only other player to score 48 shoot over 80% from the floor Bob Mack -- Back in 1970. Days and right shall it's great America. A yeah I mean this invade -- about the great this season he played them it's forty points at sixteen shots some number I know you aren't you signaled legion and well it's that it's it's it's it's Wednesday game. It's a bad team -- the Celtics are winning -- -- whoever they want answered -- they won the game to get out and they have to figure a way here to win five or six and wrong to back in the aisle to get the bucks coming up tomorrow night at the garden coverage beginning at seven. But he -- portrait of that if you point seven -- gamble lead back in our conversation in the calls that are all lined up. Report Saturday -- Mark Sanchez the -- -- gonna try to trade him good luck with that Tim Tebow wants to be released bottom line Greg McIlroy gets the start coming out. I -- against the chargers. Something you look forward to your entire life and you know I'm just seems very very pleased and I'm proud to have this opportunity and -- the brother Rex has enough faith in me to go to go out there next kid. That ought to drag I don't think it's -- that -- it's called a lack of options and you like a third on the depth chart and that's why bring Beasley -- I -- I. Capitalists and that was a nice my. -- a young guys that erupted right now. Let's get back to the call 6177797937. I'd say. I have a a Twitter follower who who -- great appointment followed up with a not a great. His great point as he sits -- But these guys look like escaped convicts -- May have some -- commenting on girls and beauty pageant now that was a legitimate comment in on its directed nice. I look at -- and his comments it kinda I'm half and you're he followed that up with. Tebow one of the best athletes in twenty years and dale thinks punt protection. Our fullback at -- I -- except that he's gonna have to switch positions I didn't. I didn't say only can do on protect president all the jets think he India is he has got falls into -- spinners as -- on follow me here. And leave me alone so adamantly. Don't take many it off 41 minutes of the 6 o'clock -- -- 108 in -- followers. I edit our map -- -- and he just not a good old -- come to think that show -- -- in Connecticut -- Jamie united on. Are you guys. I like that send my boy Tim Tebow all like -- Pretty equally and right a little marks -- center -- Gabbert. Or they'll do any of those guys any. That -- people can. What almost stops its and you keep on the but have you seen them throw the football. Out and they can all of that better than he did what he -- -- -- -- in -- -- -- but Maurice Jones-Drew ordinary Palestinians believe arsonists. -- throughout the couple. Keep on writing backs. And like I mean -- Jim Harbaugh inter Aleks Maric until Warner with the proper send them I don't start your career I don't know where -- -- beat. Have you seen the way the game is played in the NFL these days but that Jamie have you seen how they play the game now. Now what you're advocating as let's go ground and pound in Jacksonville send Tebow down eleven just around him the ball off you can't win Indiana. All that screen and screen. Virginia why you trying to life if -- does not even I think you'd agree Cuba's not that good why would you go forced him. In your offense what's the point bridge rather just finding better quarterback. Well let me -- I don't you know there I don't actually. And you say Mark Sanchez you know yes -- just terrible right now. -- the Foxborough. Played great play after. Who who's this. -- -- whatever I mean my my point is that you know. He spoke about balancing just a couple of years going play we sought to play -- -- -- Saw it was ago at all. -- I don't know but I'm not content into that double -- -- -- Denver -- didn't do. You agree quit when they did it way. Right to coordinate eliminate any. They rallied but even acknowledged. You're right they want and he made some plays -- yet for him as good or does however have. You'll never start that many games Earl Everett and a quarterback I he's ever started I have only seen this fight both. Explanation. Report back this type of adoration for a quarterback -- one other time in my life was here Michael Lewis and it had and what exactly it's not so much it was here yes. And it was the end and I don't mean it was the tax -- -- -- a first ball Doug Flutie is in much better quarterback this and Tim Tebow ever will be righty good old conflict with the dual a lot of other things. But -- I can remember vividly the the talk shows in this town. You just got to let -- ability to everyone you know let him and called play let him be the offensive coordinator. Let him just just sand lot football whatever Doug wants to do let him do. And and there was that adoration which makes cents in the sport Sharon -- and he's -- local and plus you're exactly dealing with Tom Brady's year started -- I don't. Quite understand the team -- thing out there than. He has a wildly popular person he is a good decent person he's a guy you want and that's -- root. For sure I mean you know. About a disabled Tebow you know. Here's that was an -- and I was home on Sunday watching the picture it's game. It's -- throws the ball further and better. Then since you mean it does that mean he does got to have a great arm and I think now in 20122013. If you throw the ball pretty well to start as -- -- like this week in a heated knocking Tebow. But it's just react you'd like to callers idea to have Jackson alternates the old big gate and down at my front right front optional again until going TOK okay Gary -- -- they probably would be about -- -- it will lead to better team knows that's not that -- solution. Replace -- stakes for Tebow stinks in this day and age in the national football take that offensive philosophy somewhere. The good work a quick break -- back to call Doc Rivers at 905.

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