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Grande and Max as-yet-unnamed podcast, Edition #2

Dec 20, 2012|

Grande & Max's weekly podcast, edition #2....they take Twitter questions, look back @ the recent road trip, we hear from KG & Brian Scalabrine & they look forward to the Celtics' upcoming Christmas road swing.

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At the apparently. You know -- honor to be with you want to Smartphones on the plant -- reduce the dial up my guess that the apparently. Who donated it to production with got to -- using something. Let's start right -- after all these years doing this we aren't but nevertheless we've arrived was still. As yet unnamed second Grady and -- My cast as Celtics head towards Christmas and it was a very difficult week on the road for the Celtics got the win on Wednesday night over Cleveland. But in the big picture next -- thought that this was the week as we talk about one. At the start of the year it would work in progress this to work in progress at some point a work in progress becomes okay. This really is just a 500 team and I think this is the week it became obvious that. Changes of some time we're gonna have to do it well they did you look -- this -- -- they -- according deeply bats defense -- it would give. In the pocono the shot we -- said that several times in the optical Brandon bass and but. There were times when he was not engaged on the defense of me and it in between guard his may have it covered up the hill. And we unit that deposition you put the rest of the defense at a disadvantage well -- Soledad. And Doc Rivers decide to make it changed the -- policies. College bows out the game Airbus's what's the big deal we only had like one point a couple of -- well. It's not necessarily the points that you score but sometimes is the points that you don't allow any helps out tremendously -- that because -- -- It Doc Rivers pulled it toward that was back on Wednesday night when Doc Rivers pulled the trigger and put Jason Collins started on event. It came it coincided with the return of Avery Bradley to practice with diapers and I think you really want to do. Was to have a group Bradley back for that operates defense guy in the off guard spot with Jason -- make it over the same time but he simply. That's this to me the indication that the state things -- last week but the south of running a road trip. Is Doc Rivers made that decision last Wednesday night it you know what we can't wait anymore we got to do this now while he saw with this team with words to withhold. What they would do with it worked so his decision would probably be easier. -- you -- the -- that the perfect storm the perfect conditions you bring Avery Bradley Effect he would -- time you -- -- -- yet. What -- for obvious that he is that the saints by the way this team with floundering. You had to make some can be moved. So which were struggling defensively they go into this weekend Christmas right -- middle of the pack defensively and numbers obviously are gonna. Get the home court advantage in the playoffs where they're like you know the opposite number's good. And even in the game back on Wednesday night the Cleveland game -- starting five the new starting five was very good but off the bench the struggles continued and on the one hand you don't wanna pick guys on the other hand -- the relaxes you mentioned Brandon Bass Jeff Green court Italy or in this mix as well and obviously easy to say they have to be better so the question for the podcasters. -- in the but one of the things to think about heaven and it partly in that position. Is you want him to make sure they have to. Sir that the effort they know what they're going to do they play what the defense civilians they play well in themselves in the biggest -- John they played what confidence. What we have not seen is still not playing well confidence we've seen Jeff -- have. Sparks of confidence but what we like today with the fact that Kevin Garnett grabbed Jeff Green. And brings -- Leo likes -- grandfather's that you know what I know these are bad days where he's though there are a lot of bad things happen. But the other things will call if you continue to work on your game we'll work on your craft the last words are rated. Reading -- and it's live where we the cute. And if they asked if that that should be enough indicator -- a hall of Famer talked into yoga later about his place in this place with the state. The Celtics had a crazy days this past week. Tuesday night after the game against Chicago in Chicago start to go to the airport told they had -- trouble around with back to the hotel. Spent the night in which they've done in Chicago the previous month but. This time in this case it was another game to play the next night so last Wednesday so the city get back on the plane in the afternoon fly back the Boston aberrant. Through fifteen to thirty eventually make their way you know them on the cavaliers. And they ended up winning that game although it that's the area Wednesday night with Celtics almost blowing that when he -- after that game that twelve point win over Cleveland. That night Kevin Garnett -- thought Jeff Green during only time now in that game we got the chance to talk to Kevin. About 10391. Is the final while you're score forty -- Celtics. -- the -- before our very good cavity NBA there aren't I awesome bar exam what you're gonna knows -- thing because it occurs to me if you don't know him on it you know what up there are probably uttered her bottom. This report. Workers appeared to -- ground. We've run these teams like these days than. You're kind of neat for these -- team building days when -- this goes on. And travel it's almost an opportunity seems on the surface like it's adversity put these days where team built. You know this is just this is you know you know users. -- because this view -- -- -- for years ago one job you gotta go. Get. That they were like we've. You know playing real situation we know they've done right. Those that it would it was. It was a grind we've these very. Anyone from their cause immensely in so awful word about. But one. Wasn't effective. No the rest. Well one thing I thought Kevin you know we -- them about the game but I saw you grab Jeff -- yeah it went probably they gain. If you. Moderately we're talking to a black hole they would talk to him home a young baited him and at the and I elected because I was gonna read you that the light. We -- few. Well you know called river in this league. Obviously you know people from the -- what we -- now and we have a tough time. Think of them applicable. I think the personal. You know what is the ability to beat -- -- one. Just want to lift up those different affinity card that was what you're from the news that. You -- because people dispersant was so beautiful morning -- chemistry so that you know involved. News has reported -- conservatives don't just focus on. These both of them. Or until they -- So what McChrystal was you know we hear. Through the book and the period and -- -- for us. -- effective. You know. When we thought it was wonderful to play well what to -- -- -- open it up -- You know these he's the face with -- -- there's -- better -- remotely. When it was over the course or personal responses although it won't be humans but it will be -- good news is opens in you know there's a dog there's this group. You've been on teams that have cruised through regular seasons at least on the surfers and a team that go through bumps in the road like you have over the last week what's the most important message. That you pass along. The younger guys who have it. They haven't seen the other side of Warner who's to know what's waiting. To stay -- go. You know we knew we don't factories where an open emotional for the -- they're you know. That it was gone funny you traded an all we get there isn't a -- little ugly. The stuff they have that we saw the colts and if the that's not a cold here. -- what we did not care to children upstairs to connect with the locals used to play players have to stick together we have to support them on the way we're playing great when plant her. And that's the message these -- -- young guys -- for your you watch the book is about what you there have. Wherever you war that we are convicted of the -- Kevin I've watched you over these years especially when you came here that seem like the -- for you try to appeal even when McCain to. Players you who. Players spurs players for it was everything stayed in house but this is what we do as a team collectively as a unit and that's what's going to make -- stronger on those though they. Football -- together while industry. By the people who -- allow myself. Make everybody understand that ability to play it was not a player whom we -- -- -- -- or mental formation. You know if there was one about you know you haven't spotted there's always been an. They're appalled and -- you got a stalwart that there -- you can't just I don't know if you go there you go a bit better over the right. But what I like to just to make circular by the -- -- quote all of those who have model here is that you know you know. Honestly -- where -- expected. -- You know we got a lot of -- You know it's a perfect and then. But those who have so who have material there's no we're off to build the wooden years. Don't let me -- and. For the first sixteen years in the stores your spot was power forward spot and obviously -- please -- -- last couple years personnel wise -- just made the most sense for doc put you there. We Jason Collins getting the start tonight and keep getting more does that help you to have to minister are you gonna get -- ever had before. Bob -- all. Our -- question the court -- -- apparent that little funny you don't have the answers. Omaha -- -- thank you all America how -- happy holidays their bodies -- well never dull moment when we get chat with Kevin Garnett that was last Wednesday night after the Celtics went. Over the Cleveland Cavaliers now big picture. When you lose a couple of games everybody sort of panicked and there is a and when you win you feel better but it's it's irrational and the big picture there are still issues obviously with this team with washed your compositions what's Doc Rivers to mess around. The Avery Bradley -- -- was -- -- -- reading about that he would he would say about it. Coming up very shortly here on the podcast but. Avery Bradley's return. It to me is almost being made out to be. You know Michael Jordan's return because he's the guy that's out. And the record with him in the lineup playing minutes opposite numbers really tell a great story recruit recipes one well -- one guy powerful movement with the count skews the utilities. If you please ten minutes so that have won fifteen games you. It's count of indicate that but count them out -- the case. What -- for you know what I know that he -- -- -- this has taken those numbers away is that no he's sure this one ball the business. And we're pleased with the help view is stopping the penetration of the basketball and we saw that over and over in in this week where the suburbs of loss that eappen. Against Cleveland. What carrier -- smoke one in the middle. He would have been the perfect guy to put their problem now. They've done a nice job with some of the guys but he has to this with speed. And the best defense of -- -- -- improbable that this was the way -- which I think Celtics nation starting at little. Little uptight about what was going on there are some people what to the records say. It record is very similar to almost identical this year 24 when he five point 627 games it. That was last year we hear the different last year Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett we're not really ready to go after the lockout they didn't play well at the start of the year's Celtics. Dropped five of nine to start the year and her fifteenth seventeenth. At the all star break and then they got going. For the most part Paul Pierce has been really good Kevin Garnett has been phenomenal this year so you can't expect him to be much better in the second half. With the -- has to come from the other part of rosters of the questions this last Brian Scalabrine -- sight -- -- that were digesting right now is. Does change have to be made externally to -- Well I think that there. Does need to be some changes I think that you still looking at some of the pieces right now and it won't have to have them may be a bigger guy who's gonna come in -- maybe -- -- that. Rebound the basketball you have not done that. This year's been kind of typical they've been hit this right now when you look at some of the guys like Brandon -- Last year every time he shot his jump shot it was went down. This year. It has been hit -- he has not been as effective. And not have been it's been effective on the glass either so you'll -- but even if from a glass either it's a more consistency. About on that is the flow. Last week we talked to Brian Scalabrine about this very topic is Celtics were the middle of that very difficult road trip in Texas -- excuse Max tonight for a variety breeze most of because we're tired of hearing from these talks for hours and hours on and and Brian Scalabrine I've never had a chance really beyond here and obviously clamor. I'm sure there's clamor for I haven't heard it specifically but I'm sure that the race. Whenever I was I was joking earlier today whenever there's a bad loss or bad for maximum fine Tonya plus -- goes -- what you see up there so I ask you what you -- -- Well to be honest what I saw is Kevin McHale. Did a great job coach. Their teeth came out played with great -- First quarter second quarter -- itself. For him to go -- -- time. At stake -- guys can't play so -- -- -- -- executed the first quarter got a updates we got a real important to Google can't be selfish. I keep him alive -- he identified what they needed to win. And he went out there dated. Especially with a young team that's very -- to do it very difficult absence is fueled forty minutes but it last night I think it is a great job. Across the board. All right for a move onto the Celtics -- -- in my -- -- anytime and think about question I'm going to ask you witches at what point work in progress become. -- is what it is but going back to last night at the end. There was the great moments and the moments that resonate with you remember. We can't possibly see him come in after a day then you all of us -- sports reliving or without -- and fail. Trying to look for a basketball team in light of what happened Kevin Garnett and -- At the end of the night come together and without a single word between. Captions. That -- better than any of us ever what were you what was in your mind your heart when you saw those two guys. Either way it is exactly what you're thinking that. I was man with the Celtics do what is happening out of him -- game in the pool. This is real life right now that you start thinking about. What McHale we'd rule it out he battled back and go away just because he's back here OT doesn't mean he put it behind you -- you put something like that behind you you don't. -- -- who bought. In what what happened last night -- You just Tuesday. Basketball is so it's if we -- It is world prepare to this but it is our job talk about jobs or who bought -- that -- -- right here it it was. Probably. About Boston what was -- which I've ever seen. Would you add up everything that happened today what you -- through. Great job you did last night as a coach and if people see it is really -- what's so great about sports it. It is to groovy it's real. Real -- like it's not just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Died in the championship here dock costs father after the first game of the season. And yet he obviously came right back to work because this is all this is what we do we don't know and deals but this team. And it was Kevin Weisman told us. Gotta gotta go back actually do you know get back your team you run your -- -- -- family and this you know our lives all goal line. In this -- environment. It was great example of all of us where things have happened to a seat saying things that everybody else have a does that just happened to us what were in San Antonio or Houston or this crazy life. -- think about -- -- on -- you're gonna move beyond going to be. Grade I play I coach got a ball today. Wow I can't believe I just went through that but those steps that going down there that it goes -- most of the time. It's what helps you who bought it out. That I'm right there it was so great for Kevin McHale because it next time could you better and expect to be a little better. Like once again that's why he -- the reasons why -- and white blood sport to watch. Supports such a major emotional attachment to. We're courtesy. Stopped it if we don't -- -- to him. -- -- it yet with a right here through four years still -- here. It's twenty years. And is there a way to describe. Being in the schemes when those two wrong before. If you love basketball love that stuff and the -- gardening and -- the two players with exactly the opposite or opposite personalities. Are giving them together -- -- their organization. Are responsible for the championship. Played his team we're a much higher level we've just. I'm going out there making your paycheck is it is so specialty. And I'm so glad that gay -- -- we -- you are. When I was missing earlier before it goes here. When does this transition from work in progress to. This is a close to 500 team because it's it's it's what point -- We've -- all things. What this group here often don't think Jeff Green courtly and -- here aren't being what snow and -- -- it when it's. What we say that. Which I'm not saying that right now. You say that would Avery Bradley today. Avery Bradley if I think if we are not right all the time. But if I beat you deep regret is a player who moves that the goal on a championship team. You can make it championship team but it you -- it doesn't make a difference you put Avery Bradley to -- team that. Quarter quarter championship team at the pump up a little bit better they get a little bit better no doubt that the -- -- -- with the latest apple this year. Rondo hadn't -- much taken off him last night we going its team party state where there's no question. Going to be guarding team target. It's Avery Bradley so when you see him. We're fourteen games -- you say David is what it is but it noted and it's funny haven't. I love working with Mike Walton and those guys helped -- time. Sitting in the food. My biggest education experience so far this city in the food we property -- and -- it's -- out poppy worked replaces them like that. That'd be great and this is a great life -- being you know it's those special finally my head at all to go to bed and not make it about. Way out a team that or if you like got to go to sleep I wake up it's time to -- you expect. Him -- ago. Bryant celebrating part of the new broadcast crew -- Newport the broadcast drug Comcast they could be optimistic side again putting a lot. On the return of Avery Bradley fans sometimes not as. I was confident perhaps would be the way to say it about we know what is going on what is soon coming Obama's never -- podcast. When you take your questions on Twitter raised Swedish questions -- the may find their way. You know in the podcast here as we move along with kind of figure this whole thing out we talked about Jason Collins who Doc Rivers inserted into the starting lineup for the first time on Wednesday night. -- nice to address is dot think pounds can provide a Kendrick Perkins type role and give sorely missing defense and rebounding in his small ball is -- work. But -- that he will be Obi got close in the middle and he can contain. He's a big body he's affable he's somewhat athletic -- He has he has the -- And that's something that -- -- look at that Brandon basses and half or the experience on the -- that civilians remember last year against Atlanta. Collins was very effective against the Celtics and sometimes you let that happen. But it's like a baseball mania the sport when a -- really effective against you you've gone and we can't expect to get that -- Now sometimes he only plays well against your team. But in this case that they keep does give me to have -- Legged just Orlando big baby E'Twaun Moore -- and up in Orlando two teams they played very well against you you'd be amazed how often that trend is followed. In the NBA at -- -- it's unbelievable really every year with the garbage is gonna be better but why does it never seemed to work out well I think that there are a combination of things. Maybe young players this year. The expectation level playing here -- the essence of the easiest place to play. -- of -- you know -- these banners all this championship. You know aspirations in play we're Rondo of Paula all of these guys who get attention sometimes is just overwhelming to dazzle on the bench at this rate. -- Foster -- -- lost five straight twice last year we know have a season ended. The conference finals are losing game seven why so much panic. From fans and media -- I don't think it's the reason that I gave earlier which is that it really isn't dissimilar situation but I think. The Ray Allen departure and him subtly you know either do we need to do some people thought it was abandoned ship -- reform a reality issue. It really put people I think on edge at the start -- year that this extraordinary run that you never you always greedy for more. At the end of it might be in sight for the first time so that when this team did not. Go out with a eight you know fifteen and five start. Things were already escalated I think people were already ready. The job especially on a guy like Jeff Green and still had proved himself and have been treated for popular player one other thing you look at last year he does so -- well. And it's used to although it's basically -- union. If you would tell me right now. May be in a note this team it's -- -- -- chairmanship but if you could tell me that. You -- going to play in the finals in the Eastern Conference files. And have a lead in the fourth quarter I think there right now you'll say cancel everything in the store from the and -- -- how big an effective changes in the starting -- a path. On the players and that's a really good question because isn't about the guy's going to line up. What does it do to Courtney Lee -- -- five as a starter keeps getting shuttled back and forth from the start out at a guy like Brandon Bass if you're sensitive player. It's going to be tough in the MBA with -- role to balance him PA and you wanna be sensitive. If you could go the cutie daycare or something but this isn't one of those things that you you know it's not about since -- of -- sensitive it's about winning game. If your team needs to tweak something to win. That's just how it has to have and that's what this team has to do they're not playing well enough right now to be one of the elite teams. And right now they're not plan right now to be one of the good teams. But they have the person male. If they put it altogether to be one of the good teams and maybe if they're really really good and lucky to be one the only thing -- this was if we were doing this -- -- last year in February the also write this the kind of thing would be saying it wouldn't. You'd be have a tough time picturing it with the Celtics were two games under 500 obviously a very difficult road trip the Celtics last week was regained by double figures on the road. The have a chance to redeem themselves as they going to Christmas regain the rematch of Chris Humphries and the nets on Christmas Day the Celtics. Going out west important stuff coming up for the Celtics though. Get your legs underneath here with the so sort of open ended -- -- models that they felt we are still have a name and you know -- were concerned about that -- -- but the fact we have that was news I don't want -- That will be the name for the -- which one of -- stadium alive I love that sent him to go live in -- -- -- -- itself if we're right that's definitely. Think your suggestions on the need to that's the end. -- of episode two thanks for dial us up we will. We'll talk to you next on the Celtics radio network.

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