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Kevin Garnett with Sean Grande and Cedric Maxwell

Dec 20, 2012|

Kevin Garnett spoke to Grande & Max from the locker room after the Celtics beat the Cavs 103-91.

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Thank you so it's 10391. Is the final while -- scored forty in the Celtics. And egregiously for a period of pretty NBA in art and some except what you're you're gonna -- easily because it occurs to me. If you don't know -- him and know what up there are -- uttered there about a this group's report. Workers appeared to -- ground. We run these teams like these days than. You're kind of neat for these -- team building days when -- this goes on. And travel it's almost an opportunity seems on the surface like it's adversity. Put these days -- team deal. You know this is just this is you know -- users. But because -- my view was -- -- for years ago one job you've got to go. -- -- that they were like we. You know playing real situation we know they've done. Those that -- -- it was. It was a grind we've these very. -- -- from their cause immensely in so awful word about. Look like the one. Wasn't effective. No the rest. Well one thing I thought Kevin you know we -- about the game but I saw you grab Jeff -- yeah it went probably they gain. Game you. Literally we're talking to a black hole we would talk to -- home a young made him and at the and I elected because I was kind of read you that the light. We -- few. Well you know -- -- this -- Obviously you know people from the -- what we -- now and we have a tough time. Think of them applicable. I think the personal. You know what is the ability to beat -- -- one. Of course it was felt no different affinity card that was when you're from the news that. You would think -- people dispersant was so beautiful morning -- chemistry so that you know involved. News has reported -- conservatives don't just focus on. These both of them. Or until they -- So what about what McChrystal was you know we hear. Through the book for the period and go vote for up. -- effective. You know. When we thought from the -- thought to play well what someone would feel when it's open. You know these he's the face with -- -- there's -- better -- remotely. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You've been on teams that have cruised through regular season at least on the surfers and a team that go through bumps in the road like you have over the last week what's the most important message. That you pass along. The younger guys who haven't. They haven't seen the other side of -- who's to know what's waiting. To stay -- go. You know we knew we -- factories where an open -- for -- -- they're you know. That it was gone funny you traded -- -- off and it gets you in the if it comes starting of this called ugly. The stuff they have that we saw the colts and if the that's not a cold here. Do what we did not care -- children upstairs to connect with the locals used to play players have to stick together. We have to support -- -- the way we're playing great when played her. And that's the message these two long young guys pickle we you watch the -- is about what you if wherever you war that we are convicted of the -- Kevin I've watched you over these years especially when you came here that seem like the -- you try to appeal even when McCain to. Players eat food. Players first players for it was everything stayed in house but this is what we do as a team collectively as a unit and that's what's going to make us stronger on the gulf states. Football when -- altogether while the industry. By the people who know like to have. Make everybody understand that ability to play it was not a player whom we -- -- will be -- -- or mental formation. You know if there was one about you know you haven't spotted there's always been -- and they're appalled and however you got a stalwart that there -- you can't just I don't know if you go there you prefer that over the right. But what I like to just to -- -- -- by the on the -- quote all of those who have model here is that you know you know. Well honestly -- where they'll respect that -- You know we got a lot of -- You know it's a perfect and then. But those who have so who have -- -- -- -- you -- we'll -- build the wooden years. Don't let me too often been there before. For the first sixteen years in the -- your spot was power forward spot and obviously had a place senator last couple years personnel wise it just made the most sense for doc put you there. Which Jason Collins getting the start tonight -- -- getting more does that help you to have to minister are you gonna get minutes every night before. -- -- -- Ours included questions court -- his opponents that little funny you don't have the answers. Omaha it's -- mayor -- all of their -- happy holidays their body these well.

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