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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Dec 20, 2012|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media after the Celtics beat the Cavs 103-91 at the Garden

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Well I don't know know whatever. You know little. Fish and lot of opens it's all movement down the stretch -- fired. Home. For the most part it's. -- -- -- -- 6% there's. And -- team orders. 41 person. -- to go on line. One point two rebounds. And they. On the -- force. Winds -- for Kevin. Chairman George. While. Just never dated and talk about such charm for Avery. It is. We just went and or just defensively you know the rotations and the size -- it took charges that the and it. It took charges in the just clog the middle he's one of the better talkers on our team offensively in the -- although. Everything we're door and I thought it made Kevin relax you know he felt like you had to do so much. Jason there was reform. It is that game. Honestly -- I just think he does a lot of things first lest we had with the pit bull question. And it was education -- we told -- before today he sets six. -- thought that set the tone. Yeah nobody practices and toys you know it's a great example. Just Jews. It is preparation is good so. We told you still assume that the game minutes you were about -- win. I wouldn't worry about -- play and he's very into indicator on the bench. Telling guys what they should've and when economic times all -- so. You knew we knew what to do that knows it sustains us minutes. There. Well honestly our bench came in and didn't give -- a -- You know than they were fantastic in the -- so he knows what it was we still haven't sustained a forty minute game had that one stretch. Which you have to get better I thought we got a 24 in the so -- and I think guys think you have them. It's going time now. And it's really just so you got to continue to get stops and then you can score. Are we short toward that part of. Cisco. News. Just. Well. Right now as you know I didn't think that before but did. And he did it in the unbelievable stretches. Back and cut or just go back to work. It he's an amazing score. It. I don't know I -- I think -- and -- run their altered our. Don't light the way we're playing. They believe were better than what -- plan but we haven't done it. Which some point got to stop talking about. Involved -- Did just. You know when you put Jason -- you need another shooter. So they can help objects and that's what would it. Yeah you can see -- did get open shots and -- he's got a -- to. Ornament Paul had action going so you know the other things that streets sells -- about a -- well. Ago. That's what it did in Dallas on there so Jessica. Do it one game now -- their jobs than -- ago. No he was aggressive I just wanted to be aggressive and attacked -- room. Tournaments and sensual tone when the past when -- this election. You. Just our defense of are our disposition. Morton and our exchange exchange was good to. Which you can just see. Our guards on the order starters they -- a defense of this position. Just fill it and we got to continue to happen. Also -- shots. Anything. An hour ago hawks -- scattering just never takes saying cited in the absence. Means. No kitchen what's that mean it's amazing. How does what is free throws takes different angles mean. You never know when it's. Dark it's just tough to really Euro and ready right. Torre's right when leftists and it's good Bruce -- There's only you just go there. Nice. Nights ago. Are expected.

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