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Paul Pierce 40 point Postgame Press Conference

Dec 20, 2012|

Paul Pierce spoke to the media after his 40 point night vs the Cavs in Boston

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-- -- He -- his alleged -- players are Flickr you know we get on smaller. One come home do whatever you can try to get a win. It's a little misleading though those -- come and shoot the ball we -- did but more people could control some more balls -- play today and had a problem put. I think so you know when you when you play like that it can be contagious you know offensively you know guys. Not in their shots guys in the and then man defender. Things that this is definitely contagious you know -- about it. That we want to get off this slide the world -- Moves underway in north star. Well in off Philip the last -- -- on the shoot the ball a lot better. There for days now so. I hope you're really come along swear. New OnStar that we -- to a group groove offensively we're -- -- most pivotal spots. He also. Even before that I feel productive. -- Jason I really fills up the line he's not a very take charges another big body a phenomenal people you know he files he takes charges he. He throws his weight room you know so even though we need some time you know nice to go out there and put that. That's appropriate. The things that we -- -- ever do known as a national example by example what we need out there at different times. She's looking maintenance and -- and -- missed all the files were so we're gonna think we're waiting. You know that's part of it and liking. -- I don't know go -- hard to really explain it you know you feel good feel like everything you. And do. Everything she does not just gonna grow in the room you know looks a lot bigger than it normally is. You want the ball. I don't. It's. Everything has a there. On the on you know you really it's not something you gonna work or 26 think that we. How to defense is playing hard you can get the shot off you know when -- -- in -- creator score the most my life you figure those things out. You know through. Sometimes it's mostly about some troubling for the -- right but that's just something that's evolved as a player myself over the years -- in the national school this. -- With the we definitely gives us a lot more spaces on the rare respect. She -- in the same via a -- you know we're trying to find a rhythm trying to funnel Monica school. Bring to some consistency hasn't -- -- palatable to battle -- lineups maybe this is there. Who knows more phones in the open we got off to a pretty good start we go to -- But definitely -- a team up hello we should be like this hour. We'll see as we move forward. -- -- I don't know maybe I can play a little bit longer than anticipated loans. Mothers want for directors Argus you know their long enough but who knows new logo that Monday. Again. -- None of beryllium I'll -- I'm always started off those as a basketball player -- -- all of us to -- for a move into. Big man position so we'll slowly work for you at the park. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They start way up at the people a lot of shuttle launches August that's really on all started to strong -- -- from as far as you can -- This involved in -- -- players did it you know I get the touch there's no you know I was you know blessed with the ability it's. To go shoot the ball as well as I do is to go along with the practice -- the time that a little over two years it's common mission to. -- -- on when offers constantly you know exactly so he won't follow the degree I don't want to be very it's almost up though. And work tomorrow -- in the last question always ask myself you know how could you wanna be. That's always. Took the professional round get here early working on my craft the slums Likud. Because I wanted to be one of the great players the -- and just the system that -- hard working for the afternoon over the years.

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