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Michael Holley: Rob Parker digs himself deeper with his "joke" of a statement, released today

Dec 19, 2012|

The Rob Parker vs. RGIII saga continues as Parker, still on indefinite suspension from ESPN, issues a statement apologizes for his comments. Michael and Glenn break down and reject the statement, and explain why.

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I -- the -- shelf six wants to have 7797937. Michael is taking care of the -- today's poll gigantic I'll. Of wings here very very dangerous. -- wings in front of fact guy just you know never know what's gonna happen that can be serious damage your own your own -- All right you don't we will show off the restoring that Red Sox liked the -- a I brought both barker. From ESPN we all remember is we talked about it for awhile. Referring to RG three is apparently not being black enough. I this was the original first day for ESPN it was a week ago. Last last Thursday last surged after this this was the original comedy made. In there with the Bayless and with that with Stephen. Some people don't want to see. At my my question honestly. Tomorrow right foreground. And the bronze cup lovable. What. My question would straight on what. Not really OK black -- they do not really now would cause you not want to he's Conrad Black who -- Oh what he's not really like the guy who wanna hang out. Could be involved as well. Welcome. Outlook on -- I don't know because like securities. We all know what your thoughts. Pop off. Republicans out and no and no information at all trying to. Why he had an issue because we did find out hot bullets but what it was like I wanna poll complex it would from home. So people out a little wonder about Tiger Woods probably don't want about where it operates state. Because to me that's very permanent. Vision feel like -- given how quickly caught. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You wrote about well. -- Well first of all let me say this. -- -- Just one. Pass in front of doughnut does everything records are great Eisner one. From the host. -- that your question. I love that when and then the minute the Britain and the dramatic pause. And the among Contra war where we just -- foolish I was doubtful I was disturbed by -- but I was also confused by Michael you just. When it first happened you you were visibly upset that. Rob Parker made that the those comments on -- on ESPN. But after that. To see his tweets as people were. You criticizing him always he was extremely offensive calling them uneducated and stupid you know typical typical car. -- we're six days later. He undergoes a suspension for ESP indefinite suspension so there's no. You know final date to the suspension try to forever try to work trying to work his way back he apparently is try to work his way back -- -- just posted this year in the last now. I'd blow it and I'm sincerely sorry. I completely understand how the issue of race in sports is a sensitive warm and needs to be handled with great care. This past Thursday I failed to do that. I believe the intended topic is a worthy one. Roberts' thoughts about being an African American quarterback an impact of this phenomenal success. Has been discussed and other media outlets as well as among sports fans particularly those in the African American community. The failure was in how I chose to disgusted. On first. And in doing so turned a productive conversation. Into negative war. I regret. Regrettably introduce some points that I never should have. I completely understand the strong response to them including ESP you know his reaction. Perhaps most importantly. The -- my words have brought 21 of the best and brightest stars in all of sports. Is an unintended. And troubling herself. Brought. Wow. Robert Griffin the third is that talented athlete who not only can do great things on the field. But off the field handles himself in a way we are all -- -- dignity. Respect. Enterprise. Contacted his agent with hopes of apologizing to Robert directly as I reflect on this and move forward. I will take the time to consider how I can continue to tackle difficult. Important topics in a much more thoughtful -- Call me call me cynical -- Our call me whatever you wanna be -- worst. I have trouble with this in that it comes out six days later after his career has blown up on him. And the fact that not only is ESPN possibly contemplating. Not bringing him back. But he becomes a very difficult higher for anybody else out there the fact that he made the statement on the first day. I didn't realize instantly within. Hours 24 hours 48 hours 72 hours seconds sections. That. All the things that he posted today. He didn't make those statements immediately. I understand people -- I had a scare people get emotional when people get carried away. Especially when you do these shows sometimes that that the it's become heated sometimes you say stupid things sometimes you say things that you don't. Feel deep down inside but to say it because you're carrying on the controversy part of the entertainment of these shows. So okay he does that. After the fact. Within the -- you come out say like that was not what I meant by it's that he did just the opposite. As the criticism mounted he became more and more about bar -- -- joy and then he went on the offense it easier detecting any talent that's right anybody that's for him to do this a week later. Almost reeks of. He sat down with the is agent he sat down with a military and they said. Listen -- can work it. Got to do something here ESP it's not gonna touch -- nobody gonna touch you to meet to do with six days later and to do what the way he did. In the words that he used. Thought at all. But while this is what this is -- I think if I ever get the trouble my for an. You need to tell me not to release a statement I hate statements. So they're so disingenuous and they're so fake. A statement released a statement on this so in this statement. He writes. That. Robert Griffin the third is a talented athlete -- not only can do great things on the field. But the field handles himself away world talked with dignity respect and pride. But no -- played. Hey all. We know back off all -- you're the one who introduced something out you don't need to tell us we are heads. That part of the problem that is why it got to stop the truck at your producing something that nobody else. Speaking about -- in this statement in this this joke of a statement he says well. This topic was that was brought up in in the black communities like you is not taking responsibility. What do you -- for what you introduced. What you're saying -- while they were talking about it so I felt I can talk about it you. -- we already knew. There Robert Griffin the third. Was an impressive athlete who handled himself well and interviews and nobody was talking about -- is he a brother as -- corps ball brother. Nobody was talking about his political party as -- political preferences prodded up absolutely. And anybody else. He's don't want the problem all of this stuff out there into the public. And you're right he's hiding behind the African American community right now this they are short I'm sure somebody brought up and and a barbershop record great. That's the that's the barbershop. Majority -- You're you're supposed to be having some type of conversation that. That that's interesting that advances. Something. An elevated conversation ethnic. So he heard and it in the barbershop it if I brought up everything on here that are heard a barbershop that would be on the air despite rob Parker's not. He was somebody screws up. My feeling is -- people screw up we all screw up screwed up yesterday we -- You want at least that person. The show what's in their part and to come out shortly after that and basically explained why you didn't. Want you said what you said. He didn't do that he became. Not only defense of but he won on the the offense he went out there acting those who were attacking him. And that a week later. When he saw what was happening to his -- -- corporate the third -- Here's like his career everything he's worked for when he started to see the thing fall apart on. Comes out with this -- -- called state and I I agree with what where -- what what was he Friday where was he Saturday where was he so. Where was he that day he didn't shy away from from from tweeting -- -- -- was -- FaceBook Twitter he was he was he was out there. And setter standing by is common for six days later this is -- That's -- six days later about the because it just reeks of I need my jail. Everything -- bills that get. That's what he's trying to do say does that reach out to the -- one right. It's -- -- -- Robert Griffin the third. I wouldn't even if it from him how I wouldn't respond to -- I would. What I -- out of this. All you do is you make him make him feel better field and -- give him a chance of of getting back to where he wants to be. My question would straight out of -- Not really OK black -- -- -- not really now would cause you not want to he's content lackeys of the what he's not really like the gotten one hang out. -- so why is well. Close to operate our operator okay that's -- -- not a guy. You wanna hang out with that we've set on TV it was a straight honest question so amazing is his days later if you did you lose his words today says. Robert Griffin the third is a talented athlete. We're not only can do great things in the field but off the field handled -- so handles himself in a way we are all -- The dignity respect and pride tough looking guys what I would doesn't. -- YE waste all that time we get this about a guy making a slow sync something you sit in the -- well. Re run the tape what would -- -- this is not one of those moments this was a moment where in. Long -- conversation. Sat there and made a specific. Point. And now suddenly after defending the point for days on end. On Twitter and FaceBook six days later he's giving us the flip side of it to me I question what's in his heart. Not really OK black on they do not really out clause did not want to he's -- lackeys that. What he's not really like the -- when I got. Involved so why. Yes that's not a -- -- mr. Thornton has reported a bit. God bless you read that correct. If that's what I understand why we're -- a producer or -- I don't know it's been an Ohio she -- -- -- column out. That's a stunt girl that's not a -- He is sitting there are making a cause a lot of this that's what you can't go back six days later and an -- flip side because everything he's saying today. Is everything that we will all sing in responding to rob Parker. Six days ago. Now he suddenly seems like these the other side. Well and so I'm suspicious that he sees the light because. He now feels that he's finding out right now. What type of value he does appear in the -- Well I think that's -- I'm holding here the rob Parker still black and somebody put this would send a believer in. Didn't go very similar to an aside I want it you can't -- towards. In in in various categories hair style politics music. Which describes you best of his bunker which describes you best Richard Pryor was the guy plus 25. Eddie Murphy is my hero left end Chris Rock of my board. Minus five. Gallagher oh my god I love Gallagher mark is -- -- -- Oh it -- -- Gallagher is Korean. Yeah always is down to where he's he's a must agree watermelon seeds -- what are you watermelons can emerge that's not bad they've done it and Al brought him back. Religion. Attend -- black Baptist Church -- what are five. Attend a predominantly white church minus fifty. Sports playful basketball plus 25 followed NASCAR minus fifty play follow off -- must -- five. On and on and on and on.

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