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Athletes and Coaches step-up big time in their support for the victims of the tragedy in Newtown, CT

Dec 19, 2012|

Glenn and Michael do some 'real world' updates about the tragedy in Connecticut, and mention how athletes like Victor Cruz and others are stepping up and giving their all in the support of the families of the victims.

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It ought to bring this up at the top and will probably get into it during the course of the show because. The sports world. Has played into the morning. For the children who were killed down there in Indian town and the crew was -- I understand by the way it was not just Victor Cruz. There were other members of the giants that revolved and dished it to me was the was the kicker that -- that the economy wise. That. He didn't go in just shake their hand give mobile hard right. He stayed spent three hours apparently as I said my understanding to the giants there as well. Try to give the family -- because they were big huge giant. And he refused to allow. The media and due to follow. To the point where it was kind of a Clinton -- that they didn't -- the state police apparently picked on at a certain point. Got him over the or whatever they didn't he didn't want. Cameras there. I mean I guess that's a that's a guy that really gets understands. Now. Is it and a lot of people doing sports. I'm not saying that it's gonna solve any of the problems but it's certainly helps them heal I think it's I think it's great bush helps and healing Murray was no. Quite so well but but it is what based on what I've what I've seen and heard so far. I think they've all been. Of the statements and other gestures have been. Authentic and tasteful no question helpful. -- have a question and in these situations. Inevitably there will be a step Dan. Is misguided may be well intentioned but misguided articles too far. And you -- I don't know that was -- right way to do it but so far. I haven't I haven't seen or or read or heard any. -- to coach he took it he admitted. He admitted that Hillary is he's on center stage and -- leading in that game for good portion of the game I think I wouldn't we have that we have that sound yeah we do -- that's we have that sound from the area. We're quicker but maybe he admitted it. That this -- may be the only and he did want to at least at all while he's had a lot of really good thing he did on ninety seconds he did I did. The last thing I wanna say is. I'm really really lucky because I'm gonna get on an eight hour bus ride. And -- arrive in Rock Hill South Carolina. -- a walking in my house from a walk upstairs. And walked into to -- groups. Guy. With a five year old and a four year old Lion -- crew with a bunch of Teddy bears went in -- room Obama give them the biggest hug in the biggest kiss I've never given him. 120 families in new port Connecticut. They're walking into a pink room with a bunch of Teddy bears with nobody -- in those -- In its tragic. I don't know what needs to be done I'm not Smart enough to know what needs to be done. Okay I know this country's got issues is it a gun issue is that a -- -- -- illness issue or is it a society that has lost the facts the understanding. That that decent human values are important. In our leaders I didn't vote for President Obama okay but you know what he's my president now he's my leader I need him to step up. OKMR Boehner the speaker of the house he's Xavier guy he's a Cincinnati guy OK he needs to step up. Parents teachers who rabbis priests coaches. Everybody needs to step up. This has to be a time for change. And I know this microphones powerful right now because we're playing the fourth best team in the country I'm not gonna have a microphone like this the rest of the year maybe the rest of my life. And I'm gonna be an agent of change with a thirteen young men that I get to coach every day in the two little girls that I get to race. But hopefully things start changing because it's really really disappoint. Odds on all the right things and he admitted that he had the platform of their forty was going to use the platform. To throw it out I thought it was great stuff on addicted sports in general. Has been a very positive influence. On a very tragic tragic situation. Though it's been all good stuff. He's right you know I don't think any of us workers were saying why don't think anybody understands. Why stuff like this -- they're probably. Dozen to dozen three dozen different reasons it's probably not one thing like don't and one thing on guns. Emanate. You would mental illness and that's -- Probably the only people that even the delta and I'll give you one thing that drove me crazy. Topic of ever noticed that before. That point where it sticks out and get a tragedy like this in its -- out to the football game. Watching ESPN sports. Tom Cruise movie what is called. It's about guys who are here it's -- vigilante right right here what year what is called outreach shirt. I can ever all right I know you don't show their show trailers were so yeah so there you play game. Jack our preacher you -- creature. So they're playing. They're talking about the tragedy. They're bringing showing the shoes of the players of the the kids names. -- they're talking about what Victor Cruz and others. Around the National Football League or do the talking about other sports and what you're doing the talking about the Miami Heat for their kids out for the introduction. The start of the game. All on ESPN's sports on the games themselves. And then in the next moment. As part of the set because. This movie companies paying off money to -- this movie which by the way was delayed in the theaters. Because they felt it was insensitive. To the victims. And yet this thing is playing and you say that the highlights of of the -- shall pretty little. Tremendous final suitable for our people get killed just in the in in the all the -- At auction and mixed message we're sitting here saying. We've got to do something about the violence that we're dealing with in our society. And then for the poor were showing the movie not. Offered to second because. I understand that -- Is separate I understand the separation of art and creativity. Vs real life. And most of laws or logical enough in our real life. We can distinguish the difference which we journal what he sees on the screen right. We can distinguish the difference of these -- on movie Tom Cruise movie verses. Or hanging out in your neighborhood. And trying to do some things -- on the -- you were gonna pick up. As most of us about the most people illogical that can play a video game. Making killed 203057. People in a bit of video game. They can walk away and never ever think of doing anything like that in real. There are others. I don't think. It's -- I don't know the answer. -- but but there are mixed messages that are being presented here and then wondering why. We're getting. Death threats I don't know if you've seen what what they just arrested at a -- Southern California. Because he was calling swat teams in two. Cultures a -- a beavers -- and stuff like that. Swat teams work work work coming down on the somebody's house because they were claiming that there was a crime being committed that somebody was being held at gunpoint -- All of this stuff is happening around these sorts necessarily saying people. Right they don't they don't logic you look at the movie where look at the video game it's like -- That's not real life. But what about the ones that do. That's why I like put the coach had to say in the fact that he missed identified town. He called it Newport new town whatever -- emotional and that's the rest decades like dogs is thought to write on because. He was able to. He was able to put it out here is not one things and on not Smart enough to figure out what it is well. Nobody really is no because it's not. One thing they were Michael assault -- -- -- it's it's a series of things things that we concede things that we can change in some things that. We're just not aware of now and in fifteen years twenty years collectively as a society. Will be able to figure out there and and and we'll say which we hit in this. In 2012. Now here we are we well we can insert themselves samples right in front of us we just couldn't figure it out I hope that's the case. But I got a tape with the story. I'm glad that people are talking about it that the coaches are bringing up regret that happy to bring -- up because as one of those stories I just don't -- associate fade away. Every time I'm in the car world watching TV cried several times this rant about surprised myself and usually. Pretty insensitive and allowed villagers to not pick up -- and it's not that had a back cutting out just randomly cries -- I've done and I'm an assistant to John and Jerry the other day. And -- related story about. Policeman said he saw fourteen. Backpacks. Hanging. In the school and all those kids were gone lost ought to have turn and turn radio. Is is this is so. That this is a story that. All of us are connected to this story. Q what year which income situation is -- gender is which are racist all of us are connected this story in it it's painful. And I think everybody is eager. To figure out solutions. And I think along the way. There will be some some debate. That kind of go away from the topic -- along the way there'll be some things that that really don't need to be set but I just hope. After this is all over the debate continues to live and I hope we figure out something we hope we get better. Out of the same experience a broken up a few times and it's just very difficult to even being around my kids trying to explain. In my nine your world to try to get him understand he doesn't understand yet because school the other day and -- was police presence at school. And it's very difficult for kids to understated they watch at least a year and they have a fear that it's going to happen. To them it's a very very difficult thing. The talk up your right. And I hope that it just doesn't because we do the sell off. We react and sometimes overreact to a tragedy because. Percent of people rate we we. -- you know we can't believe what's happening were also saddened by the fact that something like this could happen -- world. This tendency to drift away after a few weeks. And move on and get back in -- life and kind of forget about it and I'm praying that we shouldn't give back you know like we have to get back in life. But I I agree with you I think it has to be. A lot of talks a lot of conversation a lot of problems solved when it's not going to be easy and I know different people from different groups out there. Are are jumping on singer. Our particular issue whether whether it's gone lower its battlefield is right. And it's probably common video game it's probably accommodation of all the everybody. And it's not going to be an easy solve here because there are so many things that play into. Everything deployed -- the other thing you're hearing is you're hearing somebody different stories it was a story out. Last night. Where they're talking about the mother apparently that might have been in the catalyst. For the the Rampage and I -- even give his name that this the shooter one on the that the mother was attempting to commit. She was attempting to try to see if she could get some resolve an -- and we get some feel for him. And he obviously didn't wanna do I don't know if that's true or not because there have been so many stories that are out there that are -- We -- exactly a lot of a lot of information especially when it first came out. It was just a flurry of tempo and some of it was accurate and and most of it was well that's the world that we're in the -- and Cheney is reporting world orient but it because of the Internet. But it is. It is the most heartbreaking story the most -- story can you can imagine. Just from. Six and seven year old being involved and funerals for six or seven girls that is something that we can't. Grass and shouldn't think about that too. 47 year old teacher. That we we -- we're talking about the kids of traffic of course babies. But. When a teacher with 27. Weeks and computer life -- forever till oh. Or or -- -- aspect of. Going to the fire house. They're waiting there. And then you're told the firehouse okay as the as the parent. Start to shrink your parents go there and they see their kids okay relieving on the -- -- thank you thank you. Then you're in that last group of parents. You're being told that your kids are coming home you set them off the school. Carefree you're not thinking of anything. And then you'd have to be told that that you're six or seven year old is not coming home I mean that is this. How how did they go on how mean and how does that Congo on. It seems like the safest most normal -- You go through if you've got children. During the course of the day you get them ready for school to bundled up in cold weather you make sure they have that -- Chilean village money they have your homework at putting your backpack. You don't think twice by I don't know how you felt last few days I think twice three times four times. It's it's almost horrifying experience and not only the that the children. The did not walk out of there but what about the children that did you're -- have to live with as they gonna go back to school here. They're gonna have to deal with this for the rest of their lives in immediate and it's such a frightening story. And it's something obviously that we have to find a solution and -- -- -- so we don't because we save us all the time. We've seen this happen -- it happened at Virginia Tech its up and and other school system column buying. And at that time weeks all stayed the same thing it can ever happen again and it does and it always -- all. -- over and in different forms and I know we get a break of this mentioned this story. Was brought to my attention on Sunday. That. We we all think about Martin Luther King in the in the speech the I have a dream speech. Only there was another speech he gave in 1963 he eulogize. Four little girls. Birmingham Alabama and racist bombed a church and these four little girls were killed. It's it's a famous story and unfortunately in history. And in that eulogy he talked about. Well these little angels are going home but we have to examine the culture that has led to this what what what has led us to this place. That was in 1963 and you know what was the lessons in court. In 2002 I would say this that all of the copycats that have come out of this many of them that are not. Trying to do any harm to anybody. But apparently. Their lives are so shallow right now that they need to get some type of attention. -- whether there tweeting something whether there. Out there and and as I told you bring swat teams into people's homes. -- They just want their fifteen minutes of fame what ever it is. It it's frightening. That after something like that happens that you don't have the logical sense. To sit there and say it's an awful tragedy should never happen again. And man I can't do something foolish even a -- no intent -- for -- anybody. But even -- -- -- -- -- -- lately that the tweets that are out there with the the death threats mark since -- I mean I mean. So (%expletive) up I. Talk -- irresponsible. We have to do something about that Michael. That's the stop it's that it's the culture right now that exist. There we go out there and threaten people. I think nothing of it and then of course when they grab these people they arrest he's been. I don't know I was I -- around -- shuffled around. That's not based on what we witnessed in new town last week that's no longer fooling around. We have to stop. That has to be eradicated right away because that's what it is it's the mindset. Obama goof around what a little fun for myself at the expense of one. Somebody else to me it's that is that that's. That is tragic in itself. After a major tragedy. That there are people that it will win a glut -- like that the party grabbed a couple of people. Who apparently. Told other people or this -- it with the text of the people they would do the exact same thing and they just happen to have guns in their house they didn't. Follow through would do it. -- Actually we would actually affect somebody who would actually help people that they're going to do something. After a tragedy like that wears the larger were also -- are talking about now where where were crying were worked up where we can't believe that. That the human being that is capable of doing something like that and then there -- other people right now that are out there. Try to do a little hop cats and that's frightening -- is -- and right -- and so right I want to talk about this and sports world has been great. During all of that and I think this is with a sports were they shown the real goods. The side of you know there's more to sports. In life out there and we have to come to the support of society they have been great to Victor Cruz and others -- -- everybody needs to step up. This has to be a time for change. And I know this microphones powerful right now because we're playing the fourth best team in the country I'm not gonna have a microphone like this the rest of the year may be the rest of my life. And I'm gonna be an agent of change with a thirteen young men that I get to coach every day and the two little girls that I get the race. But hopefully things start changing because it's really really disappoint. Pat Kelsey he's the Winthrop. Basketball coach gave Ohio State game for a while. And then Ohio State just pulled that out the fourth ranked team allows rentals -- actually -- proclaim your country and -- I think he was right to use his -- warm in that way at the end of his press conference regretted it out of your telephone calls and talking a 6177797937. We go to Carlos in grand -- Carlos. A dark. -- And children myself you heard these guys also you know -- to -- out some like it can happen. How would come to a remedy to try to stop orchard Knoll will never happened. With the company's -- have a -- can back overseas and he's he's a little bit of social side in order and things like that. Like distinct topic in my head you know like -- we take all these veterans who are coming back from overseas you know. Dignity and unemployment in the transition -- and not in anyway. Like now at them you know just total. He'll pick a school here in their community in local ordinary Armenians nearly uniform throughout the school to a school -- you know -- advocates are not bought. -- stick -- to your favorite teacher -- think it means that report due to. Implement justice for the community and maybe even give them a little financial benefits even in whole -- hurt if he just. Storm or something -- political arm partnered. In the school's. Policy and. I like it tickets an excellent point -- There's no question and you know that. All of these school systems are strapped right now offers for -- and a very rough time but I agree with you. At the school system and your budgets and as much as you don't wanna have some type of police presence is as you don't want to create a release date exactly part but what's the alternative to her. We're dealing with -- we're dealing with a crazy society right now. You know when you're on an unemployment being divvied up keeper. Got a call him a lot of people are seeing that you went there to -- places -- different jobs in America or one of our you know meet some of our veterans could say. I want to what -- school from seven to two on the exact count. And then I'm going to look at poor job just some stupid to think. Did -- create just yet maybe someone. Congressmen collecting and as -- in Antarctica idea and maybe go to the progression in the -- -- paper. It its -- it's a good -- and and I was reading up on the on the principle though laughter I've just 47. At -- sandy hook elementary. And it -- sounds like you know based on the stories you've probably read the same stories about her she's a very very creative. Very energetic principal -- -- remember 11 of the parents said. She wasn't like that principle I remember when I was growing up and -- they have something called happy hour. To figure out how you can use applications like use technology. To. Bring into the classroom and and help kids learned she believed the kids learn more with. This green so she felt like iPad -- had to be in every classroom -- dressed up. -- didn't have this match days intentional mismatched -- to lighten the mood but she was very serious about education but creative. And that she didn't want it just. Have kids repeat the answers repeat what they were told -- trying to develop critical thinkers and I think a great tribute. Her memory. Into her life into -- to remission. Is for us to come up with something. Beyond the ordinary response beyond the ordinary rhetoric. When these situations that. I heard him talking about. The early counts of this thing and again we're dealing right now with a lot of conjecture parent. Some of the facts are probably. Not accurate. But they were saying. That what she should have done is. What she what they did due on August school psychologist was the one that turned on the account system so that everybody can be alerted school there was commotion going on right. But her first reaction was not to walk on the principal's office and -- -- out of the hole. Try to eradicate the situation try to protect her children. Now you can look at somebody coming in there with -- assault rifle or two assault rifles and or -- Handguns and assault rifle probably not the smartest thing to do that's the normal reaction to if you're -- you've got to protect children out. So it will probably go look at a whole different protocol we did when we believe we have the situation. Where people were getting into the cockpits of or or or airliners and I don't want to go off that that hold compartment so that nobody can get them. Now could mean the passengers. We're going to get killed and in the process but you had to be able delaying that and -- -- sealed off and nobody can get there anyway they have a barrier there. They did not they've done that now with every single aircraft. We gonna have to do that schools like he was able to get through. And it is it true that front door because he simply to repeat the rifle and and took out the glass an affront to. What are you gonna have to do what I am -- you can put bullet proof glass it's gonna protect an assault rifle or don't have glass. What some of these orders him to do we put its elegant in cement with no window seat probably. In some cases are what opened it this way to measure that we were I think we get to that. Point when you're talking about building schools especially in Connecticut. In the future. At that at least this will be -- part of the conversation. We never thought of before. It will be part of the conversation of of constructing a school in a way that. -- that protects you from situations like this -- remember all my life. When you try to solve problems when -- when it comes to crime do you think logically. And we found out with terrorism and now with stuff like this is no longer thinking logically because the people who were committing these crimes are not logical thinkers. She can't think that way anymore and that is even more frightening. Gotta take this break a promise right back to the phone calls next. -- back to back shelf -- to weigh in Hollywood get into some other stuff during the course of the afternoon including the whole page is she Tom Brady did not practiced and. And into the year. Arctic air. -- and worked up this. Week ago I do not believe. You believe they're gonna have any difficulty with the the next two games I don't know. Oh I don't know oh. -- taken the program well I do believe you don't you don't think. Let's say Maurice Jones-Drew. Is enabled you stagger onto the field I don't think he's -- And having problems. Now -- at Miami. -- today reveal little that gates are all getting into the game where Miami had advocate different. Game I'd be competitive for a while they -- -- they shouldn't have any problems and you don't want. I know people a duet I don't -- as far as on the -- the other day. Not -- and we got the tape -- it though. I -- I hope it happens -- -- the evidence there's there's no and he. But the Broncos are gonna -- I don't on distracted go look at Cleveland Indians. Well. I'll ask you know is it tracing as it you know is it more likely. Denver wins their next two games. Kansas City at home Cleveland home. Or Houston. Lose one of their two games -- Minnesota at home in -- -- and Indianapolis in the room -- Houston. Were laughing or Houston to lose and you don't want I think chaplains here tonight an article one and -- -- here's what I think -- -- exactly like I think Denver wins both of these games because. They know what's at stake here at an -- it right at it I know what's at stake and look at the competition here's the other -- Cleveland gives you a little bit of resistance at home. Not on the road Kansas City gives you zero resistance and you don't Wear a you know what it's like with bad teams affordable. Season's over just give me -- affordable Jackson Hole played -- now let's look at Houston before we reported Houston it is worth the a remind -- give me give you quiz Purdue's Chris utterances they can multiple chose to release -- among its partner knows this very simple. How many conference when -- to be here now. Believe all -- billions in losses that efforts. Zero conference site and zero divisional wins they -- even more amazed at this tournament did write a broken cannot send. More amazing when you think about. It and giggle in Oakland in your division. And you haven't been able to Muster up you win. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- because of the -- Kabila who work in the bracket Robert -- and we like those people so -- back to Houston now. Minnesota will give them a game I believe in Houston this weekend why because wildly they wanna get the record for for EP and they still have plans and about the playoffs -- So I think it's a tough game Houston probably edges about in winds it in a close game. Now they've locked up the number one -- -- of the tiebreaker against Denver Indianapolis is good indeed bad game. The last game of the season it's in Indianapolis Indianapolis Wednesday games I agree with Houston goes one -- one. Denver goes two and a whole -- -- goes to what I know people -- -- There was -- -- should lose this game to try to take on that can play that game and -- Belichick is the proud parents as they got it up or they play anymore. Before but you just never. No you'd think it's gonna go one way -- remember the year people were saying there's no way the patriots can win. In Denver Jacksonville goes in Denver. Beats Denver and then they don't have to and they don't have to go to Amber's pick on Jack look at it you really can't look at that they got to look at what you're faced down. You get healthy -- it brought back. You believe in the conference you can beat Houston -- -- audience. Can you beat Denver you -- You have confidence against both of those and I would say that. We don't have a great lot the patriots maybe best team in the conference and they're gonna at a three -- foresee right. All right so. You don't have great competition. In the wild card turned sniper. What do you what you -- the angles what do you think the stimulus similar -- problems at the Steelers but I'm not really the steel may have some problems. And that the patriots before when when Pittsburgh was great. Defensively. -- we still control the football against now. They're not as great. Now is owed the bank as you probably wouldn't have to unless -- like officially colts let's Baltimore completely collapses you knock in a face Baltimore. I actually I don't think there's a way to complete. Labelled one and round one. I'm Michelle I'm sure there is but its -- you're right it's probably need to know I don't think there -- because Baltimore. Baltimore wins -- division correct. Baltimore is that -- so Baltimore's clinched a playoff spot they have clinched the division yet. Their most likely go in the division if they do then there's no way. They'll play the patriots in their first you are you're looking at the -- at Pittsburgh duke and at Cincinnati you can in Indian -- I back to the so called Sears and JJ and what struck religion just undergoing a judge entertainment so. Dirt I just want to comment on where you are just talk about. You know Hartnell out those kids and their families. Are my have a -- brought those in the first grade and I I would know what I -- do it. If I had to go to school and and and here's something right now. By you know some -- it just listen you guys that. Day and you know what try to put the blame on on these video games and -- you know certain areas we're just trying to passed -- You know it all starts at all you -- -- you Q -- into millions accused that are out you're playing video games. Not all of those kids aren't going out and she -- people. So I can't sit him put the blame on on every single you know on every single video game out here. You don't -- out the parent so the one that should be dictating where those -- play Eagles games because we're political sport to fight them you have to sort might be. In order to purchase the game. So I don't you know it all starts at all if if you -- your kids in certain manner they're going to be able mr. mayor you know. I don't know -- I'd -- art art. Yes and -- I think you that you provided strong home structure. -- let's put it this way JJ if you if you provide a structure at home that is that is positive and encouraging you're trying to do the right thing. It is likely is likely that your kids will do the right thing but think -- -- the situation here at this guy's dad. That they got divorced his parents were divorced and he was I think seventeen years old sixteen or seventeen years old somewhere in there and well they -- data thinking today you think is dead is saying. I wasn't a good father. I I'm I'm responsible. For this because they have another son. Who heads who doesn't who haven't displayed any of these a tendency -- despite any. A desire or hasn't -- when people are talking about. What was he like growing up nobody says the older brother we all we talked about was up blowing up things and aliens. So you have two Brothers in the same house in one of them. Has one of them is is that the reason for the biggest mass murders in the history of the country is -- the -- I don't know. Will come again I'm not saying it's the parents would have. But it but it homes that you Doug -- starts at home I think it does in most cases I think we have got to be. We just have to we have to be a little more general. Because if you say. It starts at home and if things go wrong. You can Trace it back -- home was sometimes you can't and sometimes that's the case at all Alex is far more complex than you agree with. And I agree it I wouldn't teacher OK and I had to I dealt -- parents who. When -- it would get in trouble. It worries. No no structure. It would come to the school and say well these are sort at this -- Can we find the -- to help -- we were trying to wait all all we have kids that will bring weapons to school. And -- to spread it to ten days and be right back at school. There were no consequences. It starts at all big bring it to school someone -- like on a Friday. Yeah but you know it it JJ it goes well beyond that though in that right now we're in a society. In which. We're we're trying to integrate people who are having a difficult time of life. Back into society 3040 years ago. They institutionalized. A lot of people because they didn't feel that they could deal with every day life. And we've gone through changes and I think it's become far more compassionate society work. We need them back in society we need to -- because they have to live a life but in doing. That not all of them fit into society. And so you're going to have people the drift off pitches. Just can't. Conform to -- it don't wreck so that's why I think it's it's so complex we considered talk all we want. As I said earlier about the video games and movies guns and everything else. It's probably all of the ball. And it's it's -- too complex that's why. I'm not sure we solve this problem overnight and this one may take a hold it's -- decorum many generations a lot of before we are -- it's probably many generations. I have put us into it into this -- 6177797937. Notable action.

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