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Celtics and TD Garden crowd observe 26 seconds of silence for Sandy Hook

Dec 19, 2012|

At the first home game for the Celtics since the tragedy at Sandy Hook, the Celtics, Cavaliers, TD Garden crowd and our listeners observed 26 seconds of silence for the 26 innocent lives lost.

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The Celtics are one of the final teams to play a home game. After the tragedy last week it Newtown Connecticut is the first time Celtics fans never won all of us have gathered here at the garden. Since that is happened then obviously tonight we want to Alter our format a little bit so wherever you are you could be part of the respects and the honoring of what happened in Connecticut last week momentarily we're gonna to a public address announcer. -- Paladino as the crowd will go silent as we're all gathered for the first time you're at the garden since the events of last week. No films at TD garden -- tonight's game between the Cleveland Cavaliers. And. Well -- day and so. Okay. Yeah. This time we ask you all the please rise. As we honor those who have served and continue to serve our country. With the presentation of our nation's colors. Tonight the -- -- being presented by the North Quincy high school air force junior ROTC. On -- -- Ladies and gentlemen. We would now like to remember the 26. Innocent lives. That were taken far too soon. At sandy hook elementary school in Newtown Connecticut last week. At this time we ask you to please join the entire Celtics family. An 8262. Moment of silence. In memory of the 26 victims. Their families. And those affected by this heartbreaking tragedy. Thank you. And now for the singing of our National Anthem. Please welcome. Let's Suffolk University ramification. Is. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. The okay America's finest hour but it is a country whose history is defined. By its citizens rising. When times are the toughest team than we are planned this all to be in sports Wii Sports leads society. Run 1000.

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