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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, on the Patriots-Jaguars matchup

Dec 19, 2012|

Tom E. joins Lou and Kirk to break down the Patriots upcoming matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Curran doesn’t believe Gronkowski will start on Sunday despite his being active at practice this week. He also talks about Belichick’s recent crackdown on fumbles and how he plans to eliminate them.

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And we can. Do. And it's always been yeah it's it's it's funny you guys back that have been injured no question. So -- strength and well and hopefully we can get there at some point you know before the season -- we've you know been. -- positions of offense like try to position -- your position. And that's part of football and I think it reveals that the teams are the best teams do that better than anyone else so you know what's gonna go through a season really unscathed it's. Part it's a real physical game so. You know the guys that are still on in those spots have to do a great job and that's where that -- your team and toughness your team really comes in is to see -- -- made of when. You know either when you don't have -- when their. The team I was Tom Brady today and his press conference. -- what happened and nothing poet and that's what happened. When did. Find out a guy who I imagine all of his ankle walking off to find out I was there I would imagine if they didn't ask questions who's listening intently is our -- for. Comcast Todd Karr talking this Kirk Smith and inferred -- with -- or you don't remember oh no I can't complain having everything's well there. It was earlier this isn't true because -- Kirk's kind of thrown out to that number raised on the year did not Odyssey missed its first practicing at tortoise like imagine. Given what Belichick to -- the jaguars. You have to imagine practicing in the game this big -- for the current. I would imagine. In this and then. He may interest -- in the first portion I would think that otherwise I would be out there. Was -- -- -- ready this went on. Opt for the deal little deal that popped in the 2014. That Miami December 20 or so when they went down the -- -- in Miami Dolphins. And lost 128 Tom Brady turned it over four times chill you know what. It doesn't really matter what the record is just sort of trying to hurry you know. And I know those. What happened that night and what can happen on the release during maybe it is if you look if you will hope. It to a team with very little quick for especially in the war have been routine inquiries which Google certainly will. You believe that the compression -- his character you know. But local buyers -- Big husky players. Adult adult and basing that on. It's what I learned over the last. Market so. It's really -- injury occurred and the severity org. That they would. Tickets and bring him back. During the playoffs and that's you know it's what I've had repeated to me so I think that will continue to be the case. To that discussion now is three C four -- rest what do you wanna do. I think that you're a week away from that it that it this week they go about their business but even -- on the show them the opportunity. You know with Denver playing after them. On Sunday I just don't that they can take that that risk and at this point. I just don't think you look at where there really got to dedicate. One iota of attention to what the results earlier in the day. That might be in Ernie Adams thing to watch but I don't think -- passed onto the players. Belichick might be given an important reference split. In terms of them. Sitting there and watch the feet or you know check in their -- on the -- with the results of the early games they just don't do a great state. They have a very. Simple -- -- in a week out on thirteen years. And that's to take care of things you can take care and in what they can take care has simply -- Jacksonville the week. What do you think Tommy look at it went with Ridley what do you think his is his role change here what's happened in the past couple enters the going to be. You know the close and they have to relate to a main guy is running back. You know I was just look at this from doing a story now. Bill Belichick has got more more it'll -- years of both fumbles the point now where I think it's an obsession. And an unhealthy one. If you look at that it's 2000 foresee that. According to a charitable 345 -- had -- In his career now you Libya to carry the ball 339 times. And fumbled five times. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And finding -- I'm annualized and how many were extracted the -- last December. By. It does fumble the ball -- vote it up. And I am not sure the finishing players who are otherwise useful and can do -- and other wears on your roster can't. He is the best approach. You know he sometimes gets -- -- brought in and realize that. Sometimes the other team can make plays sometimes you're gonna make that decision. Equality equality if you look at Shane -- trouble the other night. That was inexcusable because there was so much here between his body in the ball. And you can't run that -- but I am not sure that these guys necessarily have an opportunity to get better. Just sitting there are doing about how poorly they just it that jeopardizes if you look at it again. Couple years ago patriot that nine total fumbles on the year by law. Wouldn't patriots star logo. On their run. The first year they're 29 fumbles and 2001 lot thirteen. He can win with fumbles I'm not sure that Bill Belichick. It's maintained -- consistent message on bumbling and I don't think you've -- we need to be banished. I guess I would ask. Nine of them those same thing -- it's like Russia -- what happens what is term -- checked into this you know wasn't -- Pacific beach I had nothing really jumps out right. -- I think it just the six. Look. It picked it is bringing home and I besides. All with a degree vote and 88 you don't have a lot of tolerance for marriage you might bring it -- inadequate or bicycle. I'm just trying to come up with some kind of an analogy. Works and I'm not sure that -- The Arctic mining oil but BenJarvus green Ellis ability to protect the football. And the point where it's awesome the etiquette. But prefer point eight yards per carry and never make the first got it which is what altitude as what it was a good read a guy that Hubble. I don't think that's conducive to the explosiveness you need in the NFL. At this point when your defense -- the patriots are scoring mutual most explosive player on the field. The rupiah while the and I just don't think it. You can be an expert I don't know why he's gotten this label probably because if you look it has been you know. Certainly you don't one drop fruitful period -- in store that's like Angela the patriot here much part. Merit club more negate. Black music and you hoped it would not gonna use that player that some of the troubles. Done little to talk to you really since. Since the game Sunday night in and just curious be more surprised the -- -- -- coming out and falling behind 31 to three you where you. Impress the fact that they were put that office together and score on San Fran and witty line between those two. Dead heat I think it -- he. When I look at. No because it is you've got a 313 but I mean luckily there have been 48 victory. If you're prepared so it can't get on the opportunities in addition to think it went right -- but he held the fort down because -- fumble. Probable and within twenty -- A missed field goal so they have the opportunity to put up more points late pit. So -- I'm 31 disagree due to realized that the patriots work believe it or not fortunately only beat out 28. What is pretty remarkable. But so too was with the comeback in the lead which -- It and following behind. I think the patriots were slow to adjust for the speed and intensity -- but but that might happen. Just because they haven't seen a defense like that this year you know the Baltimore Ravens what these -- abilities to be -- in the Steelers. They won't -- up. We will against I got to bring in 98 mile an hour -- about it and see in his eighty to 92 I think it took -- a period of adjustment. Ostensibly to that defense and what they got itself. I don't think anybody should have any reason they -- that game against the patriot screwed quite skeptical 49ers. I was following you on Twitter. -- during the game which a Twitter toward an elegant. Army Ehrenreich or old article on -- -- medical how -- -- think it would. In you talked of at the end and I wrote about this week that fourth down call you really know where we came down. I thought it was fine in the general problem spot. You know what -- -- I wrote about it it's a debatable call I didn't say it was a wrong call it that it was a debatable call I think that. You know if you look at strategically the patriots are the situation with 2.4 left in the game. Two time -- in the war. What do you have a greater chance of doing picking up first down on third third to fourth -- -- Or. Punting it away stopping them and getting the ball back. Probably get the ball back right about where you were at that time I mean directing -- written about -- that's that's. But I don't they don't know timeouts left and left to a. We're the first set without the right the most sophisticated quarterback who can operate with two minutes left you can. Not a mitigating circumstances would be with them with other other game so -- like that it's debatable you're pushing it ships into the little table one way. Now what's the likelihood politically -- to lead this great as the patriots would pick up first up. Then they and they and the other way like this to take a look at you wanted to look at greater. Likelihood. What you were trying to extend the game and I think the patriots probably might have been better luck trying to extend the game but they're not the way they should've gone I'm sorry. But the longer it goes. The better QB they have an opportunity to extend the game -- popular way it made plays on defense if it's a war working out. Is worth debating its. You know your quarterback -- you know I think that. I want to play against. A much Hawaii the left inside of we've formation with what Tom Brady looked at as it looked like he had what local short break over the first outline and -- -- -- -- -- screen. On his defender. So the ball couldn't squeeze them but you know it's they who wonder why would it didn't break -- is broke. And I'll look at that again -- and you know from the not only to wrangle him BCA. He really couldn't break it up because you have -- had cleared the area is -- -- -- about 300 still in between. Prejean and what -- to a to an extent. Because of the shape of the route that you're and so. Typically have more -- and it's you know after the way they please try to say -- it's just a litany of mistakes -- -- -- work out. Dom I'm not sure we were called cap -- decision of our body go with him -- -- you with his play on Sunday night that'd sway you one way -- the other they know whether it was a good move bad move over. Still we don't really know yet. I thought it was a good move initially because. Alex Smith didn't -- when -- game. Single in the league doesn't have a dynamic it's going to be -- team. To be a component to be caught in the machine but I don't think that he has that extra ability to scramble. Or the dynamic ability to ball handle pop up camper next ball handling but if so to be desired. But I don't think that he can bring that that was able to -- effort can't. -- instead I think it. -- Aaron Rodgers made a statement to edit that out with a group of where we're depreciated that's right it is their misfortune of being knocked. On the same roster as a guy who's got dynamic running ability. A much stronger arm. Good enough accuracy as far as we tell them and pretty good. Particularly skilled clarity so like the decision. Because you have to have somebody who can give you an. I'm Lester top tier quarterback which split this quote stupid not there. You have to Allen on the way to win the game I think epic Olympic. I think to these mcdaniels to Cleveland rumors or is it just is just that. I wouldn't be that we could surprise every Cleveland specifically they they -- that pooped in their approach. Thought -- -- gonna have to -- in their coaches but I have no doubt whatsoever. The judgment and it will be on the very very short list. For. Weather history. Philadelphia. Or Chicago that comes or Cleveland to lure any number -- and there's no doubt in my mind that Josh McDaniels would want to return. To head coaching position. Which should he get -- head coaching position I guess would be another court order that would mean I would I would ask this that we didn't work out for him in Denver. He came back where it was before he inherit a really good offense is real better that's fair. But has he done anything that it would be just say while the sky suddenly gets it should be head coaching. I think they all if you look at every single very good coach. They're -- Mike Shanahan. -- -- Pelletier -- on Coughlin. They call it to a period of time where they had to. Learn what they did know as head coaches. And returned about success and you can put blocker that Terry Francona and Derek Lowe who want to. And I think that the commuter -- in -- since he's been back here. In the bedside manner I think oftentimes. Perk at the bedside manner that is. -- -- house it delegate idea how do you do things correctly look -- some people -- which battles you need to fight which ones you just need to wait on Europe I think struck in those has learned. Just observing him now. These weren't those things much better. Then -- left no I think Bill Belichick absolutely. And when he came back he said about it delegate he tried to be more. Amenable to the media -- earlier -- -- and he still with more amenable to the media that it was gleeful this prickly people think he is now. I think that would pinnacle define next time around. Our -- we've appreciated thanks you're time is always madame. What about a violent what is not here today because his wife is giving birth deceive -- He has he has. We -- and a little much coming in our report coming out. Our topic for birdie. On current CSN and dot com and I'll say this because some direct competitor that was forget. That number up CSN any. -- if scruples than six months for the 7797937. Your phone number we come back the Red Sox had a press conference scheduled. In an hour from now tell you what it is in the corresponding move the public has to happen as a result of.

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