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Time for Kevin Youkilis to get off his soapbox

Dec 19, 2012|

Lou Merloni and Kirk Minihane criticize Kevin Youkilis for recent comments he made about fans booing sports players.

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If you guys go through the man you don't think you that it is only faith blind and Indianapolis saying you can -- as well be that this whole family. I think you're a great guy it's about the teams that it's. LA is the -- of the day and age were living right now with all the things -- on this world were they were doing and getting so worked up about sports and there's so much. Things in life that you know why it is so like crazy in sports when -- strategy happens and we have all this. You know craziness and people -- -- this important -- over sporting event. You know -- into the wild it is wild to me how people can react and act was so much hate. And lord -- -- this must be released from here everyday life. I was Kevin Youkilis yesterday on our sister station Hill Man Morning Show. Those guys really held his feet and fired a slap and tickle fest on WA AF. You know just sounds like an -- and missile that's sounds like he can feet. Out of touch spoiled rich. -- Athlete. Well -- -- -- come off to a I think that. He intended it to that it. The problem is is that you know. The person that it's coming from right plays the game of baseball with so much passion. Okay that's why a lot of people love the way he played the game did great things here in Boston but. -- Just to sit there it is a release watching sports is a release and it's our way to. Shall passion and show emotion and use that as an escape from may be what's going on a real world let's -- down the gives. You know sports fans enough credit. The realize that -- -- he's trying to make you feel like crap. But why get so excited about it and a sporting event with all this tragedy is going on -- our lives within a foot around civil nuclear when you strike out. You know why he's screaming you know I don't part why you throw your helmet wide throw your bad you know what why you do these things it's just didn't gain you pitched. It's just a game. At the end of the day. You gonna strike almost tragic going on the world and you're gonna complain about it the of those I don't think of those people that suffering right now. Usually -- suspect collapsed you know 2011 was upset game seven Tampa couple years ago was upset that this wasn't. I guess he wasn't right who doesn't matter. It's just it makes no sense you know it denied -- -- she tried the kind of play off of NATO recognize the tragedy in it and now he sounds like context just made no sense it really made no sense this is. A guy who has made fifty million dollars playing baseball and he's made them money because these fans have a passion for the game. They're the ones that put money in effectively in his pocket -- care they would go. And to be no money so. That's same passion has built houses cars all the stuff in his life just because of that in for him to do that then. It just so disingenuous and the throw in the recent tragedy just. I mean really you know you don't think fans. 99.9. Percent of things don't understand that respect. That's observers say don't give -- sports fans enough credit and but it just. It's it's just sports. It's what he's saying and again -- go back to your passion and he plays with. -- he gets upset about calls or real. In 2003 I lost dale CS that notion of -- upset I should have shown passion and is just a game and we were only two years removed from 9/11. You know and people were suffering out there action of as a war showed any vision of showed any any passion and all of with with the being upset about sports her MEQ rating effect. I always lost for just a thousand sports fans you know gee what matters more. You know real tragedy actually happens it's human who's every single. -- -- course knows that -- he played a clip again injury to -- for some reason he's defensive right from the start. Yeah. Who the man you don't think that it is only faith blind in Indianapolis saying you know it doesn't I'll be that this whole family. Your great god it's about the teams that it's. Ellis has admitted that day and age we're living right now with all the things are on this world they were there were going and getting so worked up about sports women are so much. Things in life that you know why it is so -- series crazy in Portland. You know this tragedy happens and we have all this -- -- has been reported is important -- over sporting event. I mean. I would just say to him. That you know I think everybody has that perspective and also this -- -- that question. Did you sense around here you guys are on here that did you sense that anybody jumping up on the Kevin Youkilis left for the Yankees. They laid -- said he -- really not a lot of options Red Sox traded him Belichick left in the middle of the night and went to the Yankees went to the case. Look at this as a Red Sox fans are are equally angry about that. -- There's a free agent that he can play the Red Sox traded away because you've -- Brooks. So here opportunities. The Cleveland was a spot for him they all time Mark Reynolds like six million so they basically. Don't think it's one of those things where you know you Kalus. Was still kind of put their foot the fire's -- contract they chose to go elsewhere. And he chose to go to -- ourselves another team diminished. The Yankees are there obvious landing spot because they need a third baseman to play -- -- is gone he got a very nice deal. Twelve million dollars million -- -- and it but the option for thirteen picked up yet she -- -- -- itself. It worked out well for him. I personally don't think you should give booed but of people look at -- notebook -- from his first day back I guess in his Yankee they'll they'll boo him but. What was going in this is that Israel polygamy if -- -- into huge yankees or -- you to -- it's not going to be we don't like this sure it's gonna medium and I agree on these -- get blue I don't see what. You know he'd he'd he'd betrayed him he got a huge ovation that -- do anything right. And opened its epic. I mean MLB have a little more residents to just -- Yankee uniform at Fenway Park -- Beale street but you know he's likening it booed off -- you know off off the stage it was really game a couple of years ago was a pretty significant reaction he left sort of in his prime left for more money. As -- create it's it's a completely different scenario. But these comments I think when you look at the tie in the sandy -- stuff which he really did Estes you know. I mean to act like he understands that's going on the rest of these fans don't understand of any perspective. I mean you ask people about these last couple days have been feeling about the study he he should. They should know that. You know he's a guy who has made. Tens of millions of dollars because -- here -- guy who did you know it's. Every wants people kisses vast left and right yeah because because they care about because that. -- -- -- it's equal more heat of -- depending on how we place right. From Yankee -- I mean you know he's he's a Red Sox you know he said he had talked Joba Chamberlain's trail that stuff up a you know what if he gets off to a bad start and let's face -- not getting Kevin Youkilis of you know all nine right right 2010 a -- got 300 hitter point five bombs 400 on base. You know gold glove a position he's playing right now big inning -- com Kevin Youkilis that you know. Realistically will be better next last year I think kibo you know if he can stay healthy that's the biggest concern with him you can give them 1865. -- year with. You know maybe -- 181920. Home runs in an on base of fee of 35360. Is capable of that it's gonna come down health. -- he gets up to bad it's dark. Yeah does it before what you -- before it makes an error to first game against the reds. You know army that I can you -- in his prime that that's a deputy to fit to be tougher on him minarets of misery for leave -- The if FaceBook reaction here to do you coolest thing we've asked the did you think that. Where you get booed huge gap the soapbox and Texas or did -- stated that people face percent off the soapbox. I -- some people say I agree with you cheering your team. Is not worth getting worked up about another -- childish not worth the energy get over -- I saw some of their reaction yesterday to. Longoria go to Cannes Deming go to Saint Louis really well baseball little boo or San Diego they don't. Really kid and earlier for that means it's part of being a sports content doing that stuff now and an understanding the same time this perspective. Is it line you don't cross that kind of party going to a team. It's -- part being famous is investing yourself in that. Mean what's the point it goes hand in which hearing. It's just Arab media outlets and you care more than you care educator family care about course and we we don't know. I think -- some of these you know I feel like you coolest. At that point a real defensive about it and went that way at -- doses -- about Steven province -- stock of. Lupus disease -- a little Bloomberg yeah I'm. I'd like to talk about my point being is that we should all will -- -- -- in new York and I department -- that it history. In down before eat it up that brought to -- crying when he shot back at ultimate target constantly. General war. I think he. There he went on the whole Bologna things showpiece. Yet another Lebanon complained about that at all. But he can't get hurt it's broke on the blog and play very good -- or are excellent good -- -- great yeah. Then what they don't I could to get Beltran and he will be the first and eat it again he got in the play. And he played well first base open -- that they're. -- -- Spoke about a third base at night I every time they they used him easily -- culpability. Being a complaint. And I don't feel any Red Sox -- He says they are saying the Red Sox -- to cheer for him as a -- next year I. Now they should look out roof owners think Steve what you said it's not really. Correct about it. Not bought it bought it. That's fair that's a that's a bit. And that's fair procedures that they have to what you said it. Is right you know he moved from position to position he never -- do whatever is best for the team he played the game hard that's why you appreciate Kevin Youkilis. As a Boston Red Sox you know but you look at a guy like Johnny Damon who run through walls and play with injury and that people never even knew about never hooked up the sky was. Given everything he had and -- field as well. He pleasing gets booed it's -- it doesn't really matter if you leave it -- that's eventually probably gonna happen. Yeah YouTube because -- Yankee but other than that I'm not because they -- -- If you get into the Boston. I think Steve is narrow body big -- -- -- a book is any and in Boston. Who could sound the -- the jets but I mean I think most people -- game -- I mean these guys. They most -- that's kind of how posting some help Ray Allen understands. That's kind of part of the game I mean you that's when the Joseph appreciate radio news in Boston. I mean listen you make you know you make your choice you go when you go -- but there's more money -- gamer last month in the mail and make a choice sat with an enemy and in the sports world. If your sports fan you'd need to boo me you don't I don't think it's a complicated thing you courses I think. There's always been this behind the scenes idea that you see. This is -- shocking I think if you if you are behind the scenes at the -- I think is always a sense these are real sensitive. Our there's no question about it I think right embryo because you always you know always. Soapbox moment as well some turn a season will be you know the fans and media and people rooting against us and want us to lose you get that once a year from him as well next reminds me package is a radar picture people all over Boston. With the assailant is not open is a confused they have no idea what they're doing what what what is this thing I have -- what time is it. Why is a sop is is it the right time a day for me to actually open this thing up any apparent in ninety seconds yeah -- Open nets and we -- it's lunchtime -- guys by the way here narrative and we get back we're back to your phone calls and we agreed that you know -- Kevin Youkilis if you. That's fine mr. -- One guy I think -- be tough to do. Is Victor Cruz in York giants or Greg talk about what about.

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