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Looking at potential playoff opponents for the Patriots

Dec 19, 2012|

Kirk Minihane and Lou Merloni check in with Qadry Ismail (Ravens), Dave Lapham (Bengals), and Ed Bouchette (Steelers) to preview a few possible playoff opponents for the Pats.

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-- -- what I'm doing here you know. Do you. Play Tuesday confused I don't know I just mean just in. This place and that cuts him. -- -- -- yet because is not next -- testified assessment of Arabia into Ellis -- -- a bigger picture we'll talk. -- -- -- made an effort -- -- we're -- sort of look at the patriots potential playoff opponents here in the first. You know we don't know what's gonna happen in a couple weeks understand we understand what you say he if the play game in the first week the likelihood is it's going to be. Baltimore. Cincinnati Pittsburgh in house could be an issue we are racing. Take a look around here in the three teams in the same. -- -- as potential -- was going on with those teams -- division we're gonna start. -- quarters mail from WB -- the ravens radio network joins -- now the eighteenth. Audrey it's Berkman and Andrew Maloney Boston -- word Kirk and the Maloney Boston or you. -- -- -- -- Kind of rough time going on down there right now for the the Baltimore Ravens who can't Cameron has gone last week it looks like it wasn't exactly his fall in the a couple of tough games coming up here to finish up the season when exactly the mindset their ball -- this -- Tuesday. Well it it certainly kind of the transition period for the if you look at not out and usually try and when you're. Team in the playoffs and you're you're 95 you're usually talking about Leyland exchanged -- the contract and look guys there are looked really good as far as Pro Bowl and operate. And accolades that go along with being basic -- would change but I got it right here that you a different kind of a transition because you're talking about you know -- Cameron. -- offense look. Strong at times this year increase this year than in other times it looked nonexistent and I think that up -- down kind of a -- do anything just wasn't good enough. War. John Harbaugh in him to make change and I think the mood around a -- on this one -- delicate because you're talking about. While he made it well you certainly didn't show like yourself a playoff team. Against the Denver Broncos and -- here comes Eli Manning and company. There are coming off. -- -- a lot -- popular -- history or not. And got to somehow feel yourself. And competent you're having yourself choose to leave about a -- into debt stretching back. Need to and it actually getting together to announce a little luck. -- a lot going on this on the psyche of the ballclub. Look at this team this is a team that it was five and one right lost badly in Houston and won four in a -- That an overtime win in San Diego with a with a crazy conversion. With rice when he can pinpoint sort of wondered two things here though these last couple weeks have gone so downhill for this team. What jumps out and a kind of things that can be fixed here over the course or regular season is something it's just you know -- fix next six. Well I think personnel wise you know you have to look at in what is it gonna be -- to know one thing that comes out. For personal standpoint and offer a line. I hadn't struggled. Really you know if you look at. You want action to Cleveland game. -- after the by their first two dry words she'll. -- I mean blog I -- the ball very -- company. Where you can get to the second level on touched. And no bull riders -- interest saying lies and school working up and you have to -- I know where it was the reverse the out of the -- the it was Joseph Flacco company really struggle and I think that's been kind of something that plagued it can you talk about -- -- 29 composure. With the San Diego Chargers. Well you have an -- did not to a good enough job were completely different point of converting on third down. Anytime you put yourself in the position where you're out of the parking lot on the football field. It doesn't matter what topic you want good about whenever it is just could not or didn't do anything and the lack of production on third down that slope. Just one out there in front of them that they -- cute. -- get what they need to do that you could work whether it be heard -- only a third manageable state really struggled to a sustained drives. And I think those -- the two main -- that Atlanta right now optical line black production in third down conversion. You know covenants Ottawa Joseph Flacco right last year and a post season can he win the big game I thought he showed well appear in New England. Drop pass missed field goal but still up but he played well enough to win this football game. What is the consensus down there but the future of Joseph Flacco with the ravens. I think people. -- I don't know going into this year and rightly so. -- he had that amazing game out form outperformed. Probably at. New England and it'll certainly like you know let it -- -- -- simple when he got out on the Canadian. That being slow going into this year they have an tremendous training camp -- and -- awesome in preachy than the next are about to see an incredibly strong. Like -- and all the sudden he started to look a lot and. I think part of it for him has been -- you know fundamentals are people make. You know god like top Mort pay in order drew contractual that -- always talk about the fundamentals and and really really haven't. You know great footwork great pocket president. Our understanding just the game within the game. And I think for Jolie is eight at our people get and because that and it could be inaccurate congress and to go to Walgreens. And you know that where I think he had struggled. Our target thanks off your time. -- thanks again -- is now the ravens rated network WBA Elena we're joined. By Dave lap of these that the bank was rated network at Cincinnati Dave Perkins blue and Boston power either. Who are -- -- W look at this game you're coming up this week and it's a unique talent that is a winning winner -- outcome this scenario is this team. Right now when you -- cable's going to Pittsburgh in the big game like this finally. To -- term amid lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers are comfortable last on the beat Pittsburgh steelers' 2009 but it I think. This is about as good time as any. I think I think -- -- Might be ready to give up the crowd a little bit you know we've got some injuries and I'm not playing to level it had been playing out in the -- huh. Of the three -- into the we have seen more -- remaining very won five out of six from Pittsburgh -- -- lost for the parliament. Baltimore's Austrian world so you know they may be -- or little little silly. There we had Troy Brown appearance on our radio show ally comes in. -- hall of fame pitcher wide receivers and he says EG green he thinks part of most talented wide receiver in the game I think which says a lot but. Hit any good -- dollars a year to house that combination work it looks like they're. At a very successful season ago. Yep I -- Andy Dalton I think could border -- going to -- can be very easily make a lot of quarterbacks look at. Look better there's no question about it he's he's a threat is a weapon. Are -- Paul is long huge catching radius. Of a good political GOP's grip. Body control and time you're always kept the ball high point. -- -- he's he's really improved his role warming to block. The thing about -- and all the great things that he goes. In his -- you know he's your. He's into the lead dog he's a hard worker and also nobody else now wide receiver group as -- -- else in the office according -- -- remember doing enough. Speaker and elevates everybody when you're also -- doing that you get a good things on our. They were Dalton though we look at -- I think you know last year and -- why you see a lot of progresses is the turnovers righty is fourteen interceptions last year. Thirteen lack thirteen his rookie season. Going to be conservative effort Bengals perspective -- these couple weeks ago I think the policies. You know news is streaky that way and in an unfortunate for him. For this all of its fourteen interceptions and pick sixes so. Defect the good news -- -- as far as sister or would go in the red zone is the dynamic. Nineteen of his 24 touchdown passes to -- in the red -- And none of this fourteen interceptions have been in the red zone. He has done a good job -- the field compressed. You know he's been able finals. Those tight hold its struggle. -- the -- what you'd expect you know you'd expect the government. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- field expanded there's been -- -- but he seems to be just the opposite I guess it's a matter of focus not taken as many chances. Doctor Dave level of angles radio network in Dave when you look at the turn around this team has had recently you said five of six and defensive side of the ball that it's in great defense what what has been the difference. Exactly that playing field that more disciplined Eric gap control responsibilities have been unbelievable in the red zone. That I can't -- -- what you portray him nicotine content won't give up three touchdowns so that they've done the bend but don't breaks burial none more so than. Our first and not against total Kruger at that second goal the 11. And goal we are two different prize in this episode field goals for myself. It's taken a lot of pride not let teams initially I was getting in the end zone and make him think four point in the words only done that a -- During the they're winning streak but I think the biggest thing Chris Crocker is really stabilize secondary. They get them off the street -- have been looking for. Good last season with a knee injury in a lot of legal. He's healthy and he's a stabilizing force factory gets wind up quite it's all the proper adjustments in the secondary. And on the back seven mark given up big plays they're getting -- with big players in the at least agencies and then open up any in this winning streak. Not -- -- begins -- coming up you might get those answers these next two games but. And Andy Dalton your mind without talking about potential first round play first round teams can -- they walked in the New England. And beat the knowing the pictures are they ready for that type of game. Boy that's you know it but the good thing that could fill out experiences. Play into games get ready for that because you play the Pittsburgh -- and the Baltimore Ravens they've been -- perennial playoff teams as well in advance pretty deep in the playoffs. What does our successful obvious who's doing patriots put. The Baltimore at one point two games in the world now all of sudden this year at home now also initiative lost three in the world so. -- it is a daunting challenge was no question about it and you get to that level plus Oklahoma quarterback played so. In -- we'll have to bring is a cluster into the on the same playing level -- -- Tom Brady who's gonna carbon carbon permit your. That's -- lap of the Bengals radio network Dave thanks off your time appreciate it. It. Joining us now from Pittsburgh post gazette is Ed who shed. And it's Kirk and -- in Boston I guess my question would be at this Pittsburgh team you know Roethlisberger spent hurt. But boy struck ever since then overtime win at home against Kansas City six at 56 weeks -- there's been a bad football team. Is a lot of reason think that in turn around in the next couple weeks against Cincinnati Cleveland. No I don't I think they are a lot of reasons at all other than. The way it is sleek and then anybody that anybody can beat anybody except patriots look like Greg now. That you would beat Cincinnati and Cincinnati in October date he ran for more yards and they -- season against them. And commitment to opposite team that. -- two months ago they don't have the running game their. On the 26 in the league they haven't. They haven't had a hundred yard. Well Archie Bunker being in the last four games so. I I don't think they're going to be hoping to all of because I don't think they're going to make or. Well I say if they did get there they would be the one team out of a possible teams united because it just look at defensively the question is. Health wise you know Ike Taylor Polamalu and I'll be back Roethlisberger but it healthy. I did the better defense and in the quarterback more important that didn't come in the knowingly get it done. Is this team and they get healthy by Indian potentially for from the -- Well we're looking at first round quite Taylor could be ready by then he just got out of his boot on. I don't think you can play next week in Cleveland. Eric and Cleveland. But the -- you know picnic or elsewhere he could be ready by then. -- -- -- -- getting some guys back they're really hurt or bark. They didn't play publics and got it shouldn't be playing on Sunday. With some injuries because -- -- -- nobody behind them. You know that this had been a good defense but it's not an expert deepened since. There won't be between three years ago they just don't make big plays anymore. You get a sense here hadn't talked evolution of the Pittsburgh post gazette as a team sort of heading down dip you know sort of on the bed the back nine has soared as -- Berger still you know only thirty but that's like Harrison through the court getting older do you see this. As a team it's gonna be around here for the next 234 years. Well -- came in transition our home and -- veterans that -- this year you know with. Aren't working and terrier and yet. I'd like that who are left. Arm and are gonna have to do it again next year and some of their younger guys really aren't stepping up. -- number one -- in her defense the white that you will be Cameron Heyward. Over the past. For years and then those guys just aren't getting the job done. And that's 21 round picks they invested in the Frontline at the Beijing and they're there and it doesn't look -- and helped a lot. So they're gonna go through some some rough times and they are this season. But Roethlisberger would play and as well as I've seen him play. Contract I thought he would have been a candidate for VP of the league until he got hurt and things. How is that relationship with -- -- Haley has been a lot of discussion about it you know. But more dink and dunk may be rather burger maybe not happy with some of the play calls. Well you know he was happy earlier in the European going Grady was on. He was on pace to throw for more yards in the field the team record and then you know they don't throw out -- here. Or 5000 or -- was on pace to break its own record. And then he got hurt so -- were hunky dory right. Told them. And I really really hasn't been that kind of or walk or or anything else can point to. People want I think people were waiting in the which -- to jump on any little thing that would and then said something very after the loss the other barrier bulk. Certain plays were called -- They were in the know allotment when he threw that interception he called that. Situation remanded on season record guys -- -- the big party offense here this season. You know and showing up last week and being spent for that game is is that got degrees on his way out the door will he be back for the Steelers are next year. I'm sorry you're you're gonna cut now let's hope your mom and -- -- favorite -- and again I don't expect him back except for one. Possibility. Nobody else wants -- and the cheers to this team -- might all promote minimum wage one year. Car truck struck you know he's going to be a free agent after this year and spent a terrible year for him -- -- -- -- you know when he. He had a good game one good game he got hurt the next within Chile and he hasn't done any sense. They still think he has the talent. So I think it wouldn't surprise me if he comes back he's not gonna get epic feel that you or anyone else. I had appreciated thanks for your time -- the Pittsburgh post gazette joins us. We cholera in the AFC north they're quickly Lou and it didn't sound too proud of his Pittsburgh Steelers did it. That was kind of jump out thing for me the other guy got no shot this is not a good defense is teams -- only look at. Look at them in the last five or six weeks rob -- has been -- OK but you know. Lost sustain the EO. Got obliterated by Carroll -- You know overtime win against -- -- -- -- the you know the -- they have is with Charlie Batch. Against the ravens' other and that -- got bad I mean that's the one thing I do agree with you if they somehow find a way to get in their healthy. They're gonna be dangerous place. It's tough to imagine they're gonna get easier Ed talk the other guys some pretty optimistic it -- Celtics that is kind of team -- On the rise Pittsburgh's a team it's kind of -- decline. In -- It is to take this excitement of Cincinnati Bengals. Having an opportunity to go to the post season and play playoff game. Right in Pittsburgh you look at match of the page 277. You take who cares if they get the post season and don't win a Super -- That's kind of with the Steelers maybe fans and beat writers are right yeah I think so I think there's that that that -- 617779. 7937617779. 7937. During a phone calls we get.

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