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Greg Bedard sets the playoff scenario for the NFL and the Patriots

Dec 19, 2012|

Greg Bedard joined Dennis and Callahan today, recapping the Patriots 49ers game and looked ahead to Jacksonville. Also set the stage for the playoffs.

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Joining us on the AT&T outline AT&T forgy LT ER for an for the Boston Globe Greg that are good morning Greg are you. -- Time. Each and everybody a note Tom Brady averaged 2.4 more seconds to release the ball on 65. Throws. You are insane. Mitch -- -- -- basis of imitators from. Nine before plays like they did the other day. Are you sitting there with the a stop watch. When I -- return the game also on punts and kickoffs just and violated you know but it depends some time. Sometimes elect aren't freezing it is just keep myself and Spain. So he doesn't particularly does it -- -- yet I -- I told to be fascinating to see with these nuts from the west Borough Baptist Church finally you know traveler thing. What some dumb of that story I'm gonna go watch -- and do his thing where you strange -- that child Greg. Now it's actually pretty normal and get out of bodies from applicants you know -- -- -- might have keeping. Tell us like what you wearing give you robe opened when you this is gone I'm what are you doing and your home office right. You got like all kinds of papers and pens from India. -- -- -- -- Different colored -- You about just 1% stopwatch so I don't really depend so after I have. At your computer screens open. They're both connected to each other one -- -- one at a spreadsheet would like now 25 different categories on that on each play I've -- -- in Poland and and I have. Microsoft Word file open right take notes. Com on May not -- each play but certainly different -- gonna speed up that the writing process. And then afterwards that's why -- wicca. Pen and paper to -- I have these categories. You know provisional categorically quarterback and I -- -- all the plus and -- stuff that I. And tabulated during the game and I look at it economic gives -- in general teach him how I think people and units. Suddenly the Memphis Grizzlies just hire a writer that -- Hollander Donald Obama ESPN. A team that would ever -- -- ultimately do you think Q what might wanna work for team or the league. No I mean I've given that a little bit of thought not Little League I can keep myself -- I don't know pain and I don't know kind of role I would feel I mean now I think I would be bettors on the kind of like you know. If if anybody -- kind of like it sounding board for culture or GM mom. It almost like up up York a consultant but you know. Little bit that's all -- But don't they don't most NFL teams have guys who Duca you're doing exactly yeah two. Yeah and number crunchers quality control guy stuff like that. A question for you this is the the traditional glass half full or glass half empty question. What we sure -- in mine Greg what was more significant a Sunday night. The negative of the -- the patrons dug for themselves. -- the positive of the fact that they almost. Pulled off in miraculous comeback. Well I think it was definitely very good at the other team in pac -- and but that didn't really surprise when you have Tom Brady as your quarterback. -- the only time that and I've been here and I got here you know by the middle 2010. I'm arm of the game in Cleveland. Where they got. Dominated by -- genie in the browns'. And you know -- What that score was like 31 reason that might not end. You know I I never got the sense that they keep up that game -- just but the browns just had their number they knew what the patriots wanted to do and the pictures just couldn't really do anything and they didn't really shore up acting but you know I I always expect. The Tom Brady led -- to have to fight to -- and I think you know I thought they would I was sure they would have the opportunity to do it against the niners but. -- you know -- -- -- the explosion -- -- -- -- that and meanwhile the 49ers did not change what they did defensively. You can't help relax and and I I think that there. They're play definitely heeded the patriots in the -- comeback I didn't think it was that it that was all the sudden great. Unbelievable play by the patriots and Brady. But you know I. -- I'm definitely not a black and TI on this because I I didn't get the sense and and you know country -- in -- com Tuesday. I didn't come away thinking while they've really got their tail kicked me and they really didn't play well. You know I thought they played. Reasonably well on that team which is that it was a short week it was a very unfamiliar opponent one that I think. I don't think people around here realize how good they are to me even all the papers -- winning all these games in a -- In my mind the 49ers were always the best team in the league overall but it was just what are they gonna get out of the quarterbacks should now we now. Do you think. Two part question Bill Belichick will bench or keep Stephen Bradley in the dog house and at the action to that is yes. Isn't that cutting off your nose to spite your face to make a point based on a guy who has been quite productive for this football team this year. It's good question you don't are. I don't know what they're gonna dorm and I think that his fumble. On the -- There really wasn't anything he can do I mean I know Babbitt fumble in. In whatever but I mean look -- put his -- helmet right on the ball right on the you know from fifteen yard sprint. I don't know how many running backs would be able to hold onto that ball I don't think anybody I mean it was. It was just one of those things were everything lined up with the perfect hit the ball popped out. It happened I don't think he's going to be in the dark out I don't think you should be in the dog house they need him but I wouldn't be surprised if you see. Brandon -- and get some more reps this week and Williams between Mike and Jerry or. -- tells Greg how devastating. Was the loss we know they lose the chance most likely is that to be the two seed. How difficult is it now we know you -- play the first weakened and probably go on the road. Does that seem like this was. -- it's this loss cost them. A chance to win at all. No not at all I. I think the only place where it. Hurts them and sometimes I do you think the patriots you've been paying on having the seed the top -- and by. Is where they're veterans and arrest in injuries because. They have a decision to make now because. This is a extremely beat up football team in key areas. I'm looking at Wes Welker looking at Brandon Spikes. You can always -- wolf for some rest. Even though you know he's -- far and the he plays so much you'd like to get him some rest Ninkovich is playing way too much. Forty between. Defense and play every step with special teams. -- snap count is getting really up there the offensive line is beat up. Now you have a decision to make now they now that they know that they're probably not gonna have a -- how are they gonna approach these last two games. -- -- -- -- -- I am resting some I'm plodding away. To -- some key guys especially Welker. And especially spikes because those guys are playing almost on one leg. And if they're gonna need both of them they're gonna noticeable. You'd think -- do you do to -- do that these certain that they'll win these last two. They're these conspiracy theorists out there and think they would do themselves a favor if they dropped one fell for the fourth seed. And go and avoided the Steelers I guess and got a hole and got the go to Houston before Denver. My idea I've heard those. -- partners and and I don't but he. You know I I just told it's to subscribe and for this reason. You know say you do lose in I think the dolphins game it's going to be a little bit tough because you know -- -- playing hard and a plan better. And you know they gave it seems to be here so the -- should be okay. You know say you do paint wanna bulk of these last games to get matchup that you -- What happens with the Texans lose. You blow a chance to host the aid to Egypt. Mean that rocked and I mean look the Texans are no formidable opponent right now. You know going your final wage blocked GGY. I did the Texans are good but. Shop is definitely. Beatable scare or as we saw last week so it on the patriots you know yeah I don't wanna go to Denver Pete Pete Manning a private wanna do that they execute your game. The question is do you mind playing it became a game on the road in Denver. Or you possibly. You know -- wanna be able to host. The Broncos they're not not the purpose. Just say -- you could blow but it goes. -- but you know what Greg you're gonna have to go to Denver anyway don't you feel like Denver's gonna win these last two and probably gonna win their first home game. The first playoff game at home so you're gonna have to go there anyway you'd have to go to Houston and then Denver. Yeah I mean you're gonna happen we ain't gonna happen go to Denver and and the but -- not necessarily have to go to use even on your proposition. So. You know when you when you wanna go to Denver you want to be earlier do you wanna beat obesity in terms -- game. You know I I don't really think it matters I know that -- -- operated if they had the opportunity to host -- two games -- game then. -- beating Denver and then you know used to being upset them I'd like that. It does circling back. To your rest concept of Walker's sin and Vince Wilfork and her roommate baby are you talking about sitting them out of the game completely or just reducing the number of snaps on the field. In particular game. Oh. I would probably breasts walker. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would say the most likely scenario for Barack probably playing. The final week to get him ready Ian in February is even though it wasn't surprising places we have growth comes back this season now -- them. -- I'd I'd sit walker and I might even think about signing somebody. Com. The -- because I mean he is really really beat up this point now turn on like you know we also that we all know how about you believe isn't. -- -- while the 49ers had a great job of taking him now. And had a great plan against them. Is also a bit is you know he's just not nearly a 100%. So. I would really liked him especially. -- and I wouldn't mind just sitting out the final game. Well my guess is the patriots could beat the jaguars without Wes Welker to vaporize any kind of threat at all Greg. Not really I mean there. Their their disaster pretty much all over the place and yeah I mean it'll look. If if this is still the National Football League and and that if the patriots after two very tough games. And nineteen and emotional mean at home. Failed to show up and I'm just gonna win right I mean it's going to be a battle and it's almost even worse in this -- Blown out -- so. You know yeah I don't think they need -- -- beat these guys put. -- better final way to show up I don't know what culture and bring out this week but it's it's this is going to be some effort to get those guys to. Wanna play at some. Can we please and the DeVon McCord the experiment as a kick -- return our sister nobody else who can do this lest tentatively than he. He -- -- only guy you think of this possibly Matthew Slater yeah I mean you know. You know look I figured I'd defer to bill on the -- I mean those who has and you know yet Devin. Deputy -- definitely ran tentative against the 49ers broke in -- world -- not a guy who had to bring. Kickoff return for touchdown earlier seasons so. Yeah I don't I don't know what. I think I'm -- -- here gronkowski and return kicks because. I. You don't worry about injuries to put him back there Greg asides from accord ex im glad you know brought that up it's Kevin again the entire special teams how bad did he grade out on Sunday night and not even return it. The they'd be kick off return aside just everything in general nothing seemed to go rates. Welcome news game was so late on some and I haven't the big game -- point two income available so. Late yesterday so -- had a chance to watch and that's really what my kind of -- not specialties but from the television copy yeah. You know they're terrible -- and they just. I don't know they were lol no false sense of security because. The Texans were so bad on special teams in patriots just dominated them. But I -- this forty -- unit. All over the place is something else in the patriots just could not match them at all in the in electric car and I know a lot of people. Iran in meeting that was the play -- the demon. Some people are bringing up maybe -- -- count he choked a little bit on the kick. I did not think that at all I thought it was a very good kick on the ball four point 22. But the ball was two yards deep it was a aren't good angle it was just a cover portly and -- Ahmad specialties expert. -- other people on map but to me it looked like. Either dvds. The big key in this gap for no reason. For Chung failed too. Switch with him because of -- blocked properly by the 49ers. But anyways it was a complete breakdown -- didn't think it was on the -- Who's the quarterback for the jets next year. I'll give us a choice is ready Alex Smith. Mark Kirk cousins Matt Flynn or Michael Vick. Probably the most viable option for them because of the cap jail that there and is. Probably cousins but I can't -- -- but the crap we give up. A boatload of picks -- a lot of of them who the next general manager is if they do you make -- change the only change in the accuracy. Mike -- -- -- you know. Giving up another draft to go get a quarterback and -- makes the most sense because of his contract under the -- -- yet. The other guys. They can't sign anybody in free agency epic taken I mean you know look pretty either way there and see it says. It be there he's like Matt you know I'm million dollars or -- seventeen million dollar cap. On. -- untreatable. Right now we can be treated him. Does his contract that guaranteed. So it it's gonna have to be a -- affect the bottom but. I think the best option of the jet. Is to. You'd keep Rex is coach to coach. They're happy GNU general manager probably if they're gonna -- change reported jumped into the wanted to change that took him. -- -- But I think it needs to -- cleaning. They need everything they -- -- this upcoming year to get rid of all the bad contracts that they have compiled an accomplice compiled a lot of them so the biggest star freshman team and future. Would you be surprised if Tebow or not in the league a year from now. Yes he's good football player. -- -- upon the position I think it's too late for him as a quarterback I think he did have a chance if he was drafted. By the brake coach. By the great systems say you know Mike McCarthy in Green Bay were known for changing. Quarterbacks motions and really working with them. You know that -- -- now -- -- -- now. Is calm day and night I mean even a -- was good actor quarterback can have put. But party really changed him. You know me and mcdaniels he had a chance with mcdaniels and Denver. -- but that that didn't work out -- and the cost Tebow his. Dream of being a real and it felt quarterbacks so I don't see you play. Quarterback at this point but I do think he's good football player that you know whether it's linebacker fullback H back or something like that. I think he -- in the league. How how. Serious to think the browns are both bring in our guy Mike Lombardi you think you'll still return a phone calls. When he gets back in the league. Definitely not. I think. You know from the people that -- Q I know that he uses them. He's a viable candidate should the browns who bought them and from talking to people. Around the browns and elsewhere in the league all several -- resigned the fact that -- charmer or are going to be Lego. At some point and you know wool will have to see him Lombardi -- the name you keep hearing. After -- from people who know. You know Joe Banner and in no. You know the situation in Cleveland so. You know it's it's going to be -- Seattle might just you know -- apparently don't want. Team do well and get another chance but you know I think. If Belichick goes back form. You know I think that's going to be that -- Boston has won it comes time to when the prospect -- -- final. Question the patriots -- Mo Joseph drew this weekend now now he's going to be he's probably going to be out. Another week with some mysterious. Foot ailment that. That Malarkey. Talked about so. Yeah I don't know a yen and the disappointment Jordan partner in the -- from mom. Dartmouth high school got a bit placed on injured reserve units can be funny got a chance to men. You bounce around between the chargers and the vikings then and he probably got a chance for the jaguars and then he got hurt put on -- those -- -- waiting to see him. Our Greg always good talk of -- with -- Greg Bedard on football Boston Globe talking next week. Our Greg -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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