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Rajon Rondo Postgame Press Conference

Dec 18, 2012|

Rajon Rondo spoke to the media after the Celtics lose in Chicago 100-89.

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We'll find new you know there will be a situation sound. -- -- If you find Jesus. Well I mean minister says. I know. Would say that. You know -- not find the right place teams to. You're just hours notice this is not a coaches. This on the fat doesn't court. We had to go to same page and we do make mistakes because you know those guys in place -- we've got to -- of -- It's. And we do. We do need heroes of us for. I don't speak for myself and others. Presently it is similar stature she trying to lead the way. Keeps fans are -- -- Do we have your guests following guess fans are they can't wherever we just got to pick it in different areas. You look at seven -- how to bring the best for this team that's willing. It's trying to beat. Me. No witnesses we know we've -- -- is a tough stretch for us. And has not been easy about the -- go out west soon so. This we've got to finance and we don't have much time in the you know figure we've got to get it done and we haven't played great in -- start the season. I would if you search. We we are having -- us. And Stalin meeting on the -- continues stay because I candidate. Do with a coach -- Players. As a captain. -- call. They may be bitching just. Who knows what's gonna happen and then being analysts still a matter of producing a really great -- just say. An internal state -- -- You know all the meetings and speeches and whatever you wanna call it but until -- There's together on the court no room to change strokes -- We got a challenge of every day practicing that together out of -- actually. Let's come home so that keep digging and she found a way they're birds many.

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