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Doc Rivers, KG and Paul Pierce post-game press conference

Dec 18, 2012|

Doc, KG & Paul spoke to the media after the Celtics lose in Chicago 100-89

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There -- sensitive. I thought we did on the first quarter beginning of the game and competitive and didn't think. We felt. They got the stretch then we never recovered. It doesn't affect but that was seven minutes left that cut at three of them -- -- -- yeah they're about to go one where they are. So we're surging we're I think we've got a group we've got to find the but we're gonna keep searching this Connecticut -- right. No note of all. I'm just this week are. Right now you know -- -- that's just who we are right now we're 500. And then we play like you know just as we went to the -- for the -- Right not a good thing we're right we're applying it. But we're not right now we should keep search. And sort. Our dogs that's that don't matter to us. They just played it moved the ball and then they took us. Everything with their effort and they have their their baskets on all of us because that cut. And -- -- toward. Although there are included a tougher team that I did more physical. Medical connectors at the bitch I don't. Throughout there's just more just think. That's what practice. It exactly. Defense and have a senator movement in many places annoyance. But Florida Georgia north -- there is such a great -- and him at times what our world. He makes their positions bills about habits in times the first obviously -- the last of the bomb exploit your device or. We're just -- he's just -- extremely. IQ -- will -- -- -- four years now. Problems. Felt like you just comment on what arrests at the restaurant and it's been pretty much -- suspended the of course. Cannot work. I'm definitely looking up for what -- control loaded model lists from the national the ball. We -- not an excuse office. Those things that I worked. Us commanders who say truthfully there but justice. -- -- -- -- You're -- -- right now we have no argument. Malicious support -- responsibility for it and give Obama of course everybody. Consistent of course he shows us from photo we wanna be. We'll put these things out for it tough to watch -- All the guys -- and Ericsson tour -- best effort. From a plus -- welcome all their losses. This got a call from all of us. Simple weather balloon drop it's little is an Afghan plan that if you don't want this thing play. There's a lot of great effort and I've -- going to Reynolds Gillette widgets for. The for the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just a phone number was due to get out of it was aggressively became mayor. And it -- bit. And create momentum. I was reachable. Soul searching for some identity as a team but so you know wolf well there goes through assertion. Momo and civic assistance to the -- Sort of expertise. You know and traditionally try to work -- -- Two different game in the room right here no -- and -- we -- problem. At some point during the -- homeowners. It's Kevin. So exposed him. Go to some totally messed around Bruno know in December when. We got a turnover. That's historic event. Kind of stick to what they do just -- out. Who knows -- there were almost would experience and actually works. From -- tougher program so put together. No -- defense -- and rotations. I don't play good -- I was the bomb teams in the league so millimeter grateful and -- for the.

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