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Tuesday, December 18th Whiner Line

Dec 18, 2012|

Just End The Season.

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. My mind these aren't buying leads to deep Christian content. We -- discretion music box to. -- Morris yeah and now -- Laura you're alive. Tim Tebow can -- I think he's the worst quarterback in the NFL I do not believe that he haven't had any business being a member of the New York Jets and now. Today. In the New York Daily News and hear from -- unknown sources about what. Tim Tebow is the jets and an abomination. And disgrace. WEEI. -- -- your line is this. -- resembling a professional full team of professional about it nothing dial 6177793535. This team has managed to get worse in even further embarrass itself. More than it has in the past. Still want inner lives and body integrity. Body associated when gangrene. That just makes. College and now that it's. WEEI. They are a walking piece of embarrassment at this moment in time -- relies. Perilously his team -- And big story we haven't I -- going to notice notice is the -- future. He's. Had gotten. Kind of got very effective come back down -- Adams you got to move then. Down modulation and -- good news for all of us and good knows what it is for you liking the dirty girls over its weakness he said the -- there's millions who incentives. Says is that they represent the -- and Charles. No legal -- to listen to you guys run. And then they whispered. Sweeten it for react it was preferred. Yeah writers are he's been Indian that's that was right again this is really gross now yes that's Santa and his unit can yeah you guys just can't potential winners -- -- that's -- -- -- perhaps. Particulars out of trapped I don't get the whole Sox seekers at all plot which secrecy -- a crap out. Charlie -- for. -- And I -- -- prick my fingers are very you know she could say -- -- -- -- -- This happened earlier might making it one remember this week is over. We'll take what -- rhapsody can give you the -- -- -- scrambling this is really gross there's a couple of your super. I wrecked my finger and yes. They're very -- This is a looks like it topless ornament of letters or with shelter has gone -- to filter that could be gingerbread. Given her reach around. All night. Yeah he's the best in the Iverson out of more anymore and have -- the Tiger Woods it'll -- like. Tiger Woods that -- -- I answer is obvious that there is yours to make that supposedly this is opponents that's it rather jolly saint is your -- a lot of I'll buy -- not a -- You. Yeah I thought out is available under I put graduate black Mike Archie I pricked. Your aides in a AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to help -- -- donate more than nine probably roughly ten times faster and strawberry. -- -- -- Really -- Kyle the black Bible does that -- about. Pat back to back on the all of the -- -- like -- -- -- and more like. All do you. Agree points because it was there was a hole the body part that showed a sharp. Sherman a majority regional nutty professor your -- yes I didn't read Jerry Lewis yes. Inference. Jerry -- was verdict yes. He did reflect it was crazy to see that the back for them that was the hustler. And it slap it was a slap hang and -- what -- -- just had a flat and around. -- that game that night that but it better watch. Out of quiet. What I thought maybe -- get directed to -- and someday. And much of it it that they are playing a home game next. Do you -- the move by. The -- here is directory registry problem. He's graciously. Treasury is that -- exactly the reviews that are trying to productivity thing accused. Yet what Sanchez before that crowd that crowd will be it's just awesome up though. Did towards the last until I thought I'd imagine with the crowd will be like it didn't deference. To went out -- walk down the street that you him. And -- go into parliament had it right and not a lot of today about yet comic -- -- -- water. Somebody suggest that -- QB. This -- -- grows you know but you know. I had a business email females that address good. That explode for a minute after all they -- How does -- good at all about credit. I don't think it gets its placement table. OK you pat are gonna guard -- -- go back. Go. Well. You know it's gonna be hit every. And it looks right now -- fired a year ago which agreed. Should have been fired a year ago the -- when he failed last year no they know enough about it stack upon stack of failure you think he's that bad of -- co -- he's becomes just the club for believe guys that killed. She's a -- college. He's at any. Yeah. The end. -- -- you know I look at how the -- -- they have. Tom Brady. Why not -- -- and one in the playoffs. I've -- quarterback -- have -- and I don't know if I. I don't know angels get better it gets better. In the same playoff run he beat Peyton Manning first. In Indianapolis and then came to Foxboro knocked off to operate that you can't tell me that he is really spent a lot of time working on his game over the last three years. I'm sorry I don't -- I was dating Eva Longoria -- he's always got to limit the little girls. High school with a high school girls you know. Pretty I -- I -- read this I think it's a girl thing parity was dating and then eventually married a model that will help Andy's game still with torrential. Mark Sanchez these to get married and become a better court. It's. I don't know what I would hope I would bet we will look at this morning. Well it started about more towards the night after his wife but I'm not quit -- it goes on -- abolish. It does leave the door of world wood -- as. Those men like to do a lot of things. That mr. -- understand our you have to put your feet and -- criticism. You -- I still able to understand you Anderson the source. How early. Really soft. Still to do it release up to. Don't understand when you are a prominent public -- tremendously touch them up and National Football League team that you allow. -- this on video. How much does Arnold he's dumb -- what he's living his life he's a normal guy. And he's not he's not gonna say while. I'm not gonna put this on video. Because somebody's got to discover it never talking about it on sports talk radio that's bad judgment I'd just yes he's got terrible judge activities and put my foot fetish video that's bad judgment his judgment goes well beyond selection of quarterbacks. It's not it's it's -- this is video that everybody. To Belichick goes like this he said that race now. Well yeah that's it takes it to nor depth. How early really soft. They're like really sides. -- to step I'd sure Mikey you're in a lot of value there York -- down the middle now he's -- -- you people can be and stuff I get that but why would you allow the rest of the world. Signaled that she got like little fetish and Richard -- -- done. And you. And as football. That could be a bit compact. -- that side will be at -- side -- the that Antonio Cromartie. -- -- -- the debt and hot physical behead our policy I think it had about college. It was these upcoming implemented in a call Bob. You'll soon be able who have been a bit desperate out of great. What did seventy dollars class and problem pop over at that led state. And now I'm a little -- brings up a great point why would you do this with your life out there publicly. Robert Kraft. On video. Right and it was -- okay has preached all. You're. Right it. Number I was like I don't mean if this actually. I didn't mean sexual. -- why it wasn't -- A -- stuff I don't because it's coming out of his pocket anybody else's attitudes. The exact same script was epic its Mikey all are perhaps does it always there and it's just. Sure of that prior to the birth partner at all. -- -- This part of his acting is better than her. -- Differences -- that Bryant Rex Ryan wasn't doing this. Forum to help somebody with an audition. For for a movie that's what it was -- was doing that at least we thought that's what it was yeah. Yeah you -- erection and. It was kind of like a lifestyle thing pass this around in little over the inevitable recovery should give him that part irony that like it's like to resume its. That -- -- -- -- Get the big video. That's -- and that's from the South Pacific musical by the way some -- -- for bush was carried a familiar and -- toughness you know. Yeah I think about what a good bottle but it. -- talk about. The red -- yeah we're still gonna -- This event rubber efforts of their total payroll this year on the books right now as 169. Million dollar write -- how many went. 88 very nice job. Second degree now Oklahoma and this is the optimists who always wait yep yep they -- -- convert the numbers -- the -- was -- -- -- -- -- sixty to -- I haven't. That's if they keep receipts. -- are very hardware that eventually help propel it. I have -- RS sixty Erica all the teams are going to be 88 and I would evidently 72. Mr. I can't let go I'm very eloquent but webpart but try to do I'm glad I have been elevated. You know I don't have a lot of overhead and I'm I'm happy I didn't. And then -- -- I suspect that you don't right now although they are probably the worst team on paper in the division division. LM LB recreational vehicle out like Christmas shopping you know my mom held me. The -- more than ten dollars down here on your local and you're -- but guess what. It has been an ardent -- the ability to get under the big -- because he didn't think as solid anymore and our kids. -- -- -- Big Apple. Players carry over the only option. What you paid twenty or thirty dollars and against the Sox. That's pretty much what does a lot of that that's -- -- -- some -- -- orgy now -- the worst in the division. Yeah and they have 88 when so in other words Toronto -- what 92 world there are two more 96 are really yankees honored to I think their all every single teams can be mediate 74 all five committees three of five -- tied gonna extend the season but two weeks of extra don't think that's. -- Mr. rock excitement from the bedroom door way to Alberta and the data on a -- to strike out. You know it must that's -- -- its citizens are taken what public period. Not just -- block. And July 10 and then Youkilis put accomplishment I -- you have an -- now I'm just today got here are gonna hear us. He will be the ugliest Yankee. TrueCrypt if that's funny you told them the prettiest Red Sox I -- and I. This particular issue the other guy that would -- fifty don't want an. Benedict. The cause government although I tried to warrant an at bat count on the ground going forward. Why did he made from the dugout the golden again if you -- only a -- again. Is that part of me says Sony like what are we talking about booing a little reverence and Judge Judy today. I don't have my favourite television and happening in the world that. Absolutely you're watching Nickelodeon I was busy yeah I would respond -- no doubt about. Analysts have good stuff this was the big thing to tell at W may wanna be normal time. Six get -- chance to hear it doesn't. A cigarette and a. I don't -- I have -- People get worked up about sports that -- expect other -- could put. Well and I had a quick look. At the and now. It's good so big move back. We will have a -- -- so big thing in no way they fail. They -- live outside. Of this book made him desperate hole was for all the way -- beaten adult in golf. No hope could have good food and put it they're being. Brought up the go along here -- live -- live but I did. Except. This is one corrections a slight correction just a slight one Toronto be throwing it to. There will be waving there will be waiting to entity be picky will be throwing growing but it's all about -- Certainly it's not that insane but I can't talk about Jolley said not only okay that's -- RA Dickey whose names are -- doesn't jolly saint. -- well one you know ominous. That is the difference if your name would dare we call you'd definitely contact right would you. The giant lottery -- so we have to call you might some may be a change -- to sometimes -- still call -- that aspect I just warning you guys reloaded nick. Well. I want to get this great. According to our involvement here. Michael Barton helped Bill Self -- with his game plan. We're. That's like they had -- -- rebel -- com you -- the empire -- I don't. And you say that. -- oh which which fine program. And Brian -- leadership program program. -- -- Hope not began to groom. Those are you did an -- on you -- -- -- -- long version of it but the audio quality was that's promise -- political audience and email is from god so we got -- Christmas -- coming up right we have standards. -- -- -- Had the bomb that appeared on politically correct it's going to be. They. And that's good point it should be for the holiday gas. -- Frederick for adopting an ideal -- -- -- actual recording and -- the old ballpark are overrated berg. You want to -- down on the according to many hunters and he's got five or six people -- -- the whole course it's like about cross fingers my friend that lives you know you don't wanna use to perhaps a little from us here. -- We'll talk and talk wouldn't -- can't -- -- acting. Don't even know. The commitment. There's a class. Back. To back -- It's something this is one of the -- kid you're going to be seeing nonstop for the next 56 anchored. Get -- -- I thought about that accommodates one I think I got back equipment -- and it really appreciate that very thought what you and I will be setting. I am you manipulate something twelve after the equipment and I -- yeah everybody I. And then -- send you the number three. In the -- Greinke. Yang -- and. And -- him saying that the page. And then it -- agree. On -- I think. That my bed when. A quiet back wanna bet that line quarterbacks. I am -- who's going. -- -- So forget about it -- the heck is that the last few songs and back so -- -- about it why don't. And a -- -- thought about it. Topic. Everybody out -- about -- much better. And an anti man up and she's I apologize I've been saying all these nice things about the Red Sox nonstop -- and he just what you said it is slowly pumping -- though it's really like to negotiate the giggles and look at all. A writer -- you know how. She looks like we're -- picture now let's look at our allies are heard a lot of -- and our request -- -- and just -- -- -- -- let me -- -- think -- -- -- you think -- probably. Heavy set -- I think she's had reached -- You highlighted large -- the ground around. A lot. A courtroom for the I'll love. I want to live like good -- stated it's powered by -- it will cancel it AT&T -- LTE speeds up to that spans -- the three. AT&T rethink spots of well. -- -- you hit it didn't.

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