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Will the 2013 Red Sox get the 'bang for their buck' out of this high payroll team?

Dec 18, 2012|

Glenn and Michael discuss the Red Sox, where their salary numbers are at (among the highest in the league), and why they won't approach the production that those numbers should demand.

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Then can you are printing and now we situation. Now. Nothing until as any in any case you know. -- You know every every aspect. Right now or -- here. Industry would this. Are you are you optimistic about the situation and I'm not -- There's been talking about situation with Napoli. And all of this that that the text machine is let appear in a column in all sorts of names. I've been called worse that's what you have not -- -- but listen I understand their motive in and they obviously don't understandable out of work but actually would. Which included in this text they want their team to win. They -- embraced the team and they will be the first ones of the steam is struck by you Richard let me ask you -- if I want to that well that that's why and know their motives right that's -- know their emotions of all these people were -- Because three months into it of the things failing Doby the first -- screaming yelling or I can tell because right now the best player everyday player they have on the team is Dustin Pedroia. And they're classifying and the year after Ryan mentioned that you with a 169 million dollar payroll the threat you have to understand that you've got to have the sign him to -- extension. You cannot lose Dustin Pedroia at a course they're calling him the same names that they're calling it. Except for fat -- and are calling him that but. I -- you wanna embraced the team and you want the team to win one I'm trying to do. Is try to break it down and analyze it now if this team has any shot of winning. And being a competitive team for a wild card spot. It's gonna happen because Jon Lester goes out there. And has a career year Clay Buchholz gives him 200 plus innings it was not win sixteen or seventeen games the John Lackey comes back. From Tommy John surgery. And gives them a good strong effort may be fourteen with. That's how they're going to be able to be competitive hamsters for awhile cart and Dempster -- a few games and gives them. Enough innings -- more and if you gobbles it up and and maybe beats up on on on on weaker teams are. That's probably going to do it. But you don't necessarily need to spend the money right now. On guys for a three year deals one year deal fine but you kind of settle for the next three years. I'm hoping that the this bridge is not last year I don't want to last three years I couldn't get out and nobody went. Nobody's got within three -- Anwar at least adequately through every year my contract Michael you care Michael you would -- three years that's settling. Three years that's who. 1253. Of 23. -- and 39 million dollars or -- players that are not even. This week's -- money I'd much would have rather taken the poll. And they don't want to go to -- -- they're closing in on now. I would not want to go into the took six I wanna spend it on the players got Brandon McCarthy got for the pitchers when you deal. I would've spent as much money spent twenty million -- for Kuroda I would have offered a more for one. Here because all what you're dealing with when you have all of this morning for one year. Is one -- you've got plenty of money spent I don't mind doing that. There's an effort to went three -- on the basic same thing they did with these guys that they dealt awaits them. Is that it's it's risky either way it's risky either way and in most the time one year guys. Did you guys decide to one year deal have no other option that's right. They have no other work. I still I think one year deal -- million dollar race. It was better than any picture -- -- he's ever what do you think using Ryan Dempster had no other options. That you move on. Don't need -- to -- -- will want to action you on. Public ice have been talking all offseason about the end during the season about pitching and good pitching. Get a good picture and you say you don't you know he's not a good. He's not that that's what the guy's got -- talking about it's it's better than Edwin Jackson now. Prior tipster is not better than average at. What I would take it when Jack what what caused that I would take him -- redemption telling it what metric are using. I'm telling you what I think based on I think he's a better pitcher based on. Dempster will eat a lot of innings because I -- here with with that would Dempster certainly with the National League. -- I clearly have seen that Dempster is a bad deal -- it to you -- he's not that bad deal. Look at. When you're looking at RA Dickey. And Toronto gave up eight prospect he could be a tremendous player he could be a bust. He's a guy that you're getting for three years at thirty million dollars -- he won the Cy Young last year albeit -- nationally. He's a guy -- blossomed late in his career as he found his pitch he said three solid years to meet he's eight less of a risk. Then Dempster or any of these advertisements. He's pushing forty years old he throws a knuckleball coming to the American League east for the first time I don't know. He's risky to and then you you talking about money used to -- -- three years. You to get our RA Dickey he needed two years tacked onto his contract so I don't know one year -- -- -- talk. About here's what I would have done -- I would have gone for the one year deals out here or I would have gone with some of the guys or -- up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know what did you think Jonny Gomes. Let me know -- him. I get a million dollars a year last year -- a million bucks I would think -- may be too many juniors in ten. Much of that makes any sense I'd rather spend that money on getting pitching. That's the best chance -- All of moving up and in competing for a while car. What truncate. Credit from once and maybe. Probably the last year we could start with Josh -- how would that have worked out for very well and he would have been a good player form so. They had a tight in their system -- it and they let it all. Kids they keep on going outside the system. I just don't think they're doing the right why that's also I understand what they wanna do they wanna they do not want to give up the prospects. They do not want to give up draft. That's if that's the way you -- ago. Why do you have to bring in all of these other guys right now and overpaid. Everybody in the league say they are. Vastly overpaying for the guys did to bring that to -- the freeagent why. Michael Errol we're paying your guy I've like here our parents might even -- until you're overpaying in the overpaying yes right Europe but that our work with -- overpaying far. More than what some of these other teams that she got up -- gonna do poetry. I thought that's what they were going to do Toronto. Is Ricky Johnson throughout the hospital's money in the -- we haven't. For next season the only money -- split is four Melky Cabrera. Two years and what sixteen million dollars that's always the Red Sox have spent like article get a Jeter. The Red -- treatment. -- you -- at ease up front you want to -- to fraught. And -- a risk. -- he's more than a risk. He's an national fraud mail we we always thought you know I should have problem now knows how -- -- totally on what we don't know -- -- right yes but you know as to what we saw him here in America on the money but Michael with -- want to was to. Is they are making trades to improve the panel on the ball. That's what you do. They're not spending all of this money they -- how -- is an inland. They don't have the Hispanic can't spend like the Red Sox they have to do it this way and I had the incident score and I applaud her for maybe some good he'll look at the two rosters. Who is it proved themselves bubbles Toronto or Boston Phoenix I -- made bigger splash as the got big I don't know -- improved themselves and we don't know. We don't know today -- -- -- it looks good out. And given that they're not given them you're not sell me that it look good -- they -- RA Dickey. They've got Mark Burly. They've got. On a red -- Johnson. Jose rested edit or looks good on paper OK on paper yet on paper Toronto so Toronto. -- give me one team so that -- make Toronto to its -- to your team to beat. Fortier -- with -- independent when my back Michael Ryder. Under the fifth best team in the in the division. -- we usually have a ways you wouldn't have a mark -- you wouldn't have. The reputation that you have you would be the start you are if you told me over the years -- that there is no team to -- -- -- -- calling -- -- -- the question around to. Where do you see that talent wise right now in the -- -- the -- Why should fit. I just told you how they could possibly compete they need to hire pitching staff to have a career year that's pretty much what they need. To get out of fifth place where you see -- -- that division as well it does want to very similar to a team -- 93 games last year and stick with that. They're very similar to -- you should originally what he nineties no games and what I'm saying you know I don't know you heard me I don't try to twist around posted their very similar. To that team in the division and that 193 games and that's the Baltimore Orioles -- they're very similar talent wise if not better. At the Baltimore Orioles -- who won 93 K okay if that's the case then let's start matching a month they need Orioles at best closer in the game last published you're certainly. In the American late. Hold the rats and -- match up analyzer. Okay now but the bullpen did -- did that it's still close to -- a -- was open note. -- rotation. -- -- -- double -- another and other such was the Baltimore rotation -- of the eulogy like we're there right now right now do you I don't know Baltimore rotation. And the ball giving that the only. If you're starting. We're we're you know we're we're at where the answers are you know that that that the Red Sox -- -- and I'd like Johnson closing games. But you know as well as anybody season -- season. You cannot count on your ball and being the same unit that it was the year I've slowly figured they were great fun isn't it great and they won a lot of one run games. Dare not talent wise. Not much different in the Red Sox and the reason they got themselves to 93 when -- they've made some low key moves so. Pretty remarkable offseason moves that nobody was talking about it the time talk show host the Baltimore were raving about it and then. When they start to win three games. You look back and what a great move one at a great trade nobody saw this topic I think I think a lot of people and I figured it and cut up into our. Are clinging on to the -- Mutations the perception of the Boston Red Sox which has been great over the last ten years there's only one different. Go back and look at 0404. 0607. Look at the talent that was on the Boston Red Sox vs people lack of -- On the Boston Red Sox right now these are not your father's rights.

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