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Youk's a Yankee, which could explain why he'd say something THIS stupid

Dec 18, 2012|

Kevin Youkilis appeared on our sister station WAAF, where they razzed him about being booed when he shows up at Fenway wearing a Yankees uniform. Instead of taking it with the good natured humor it was delivered in, Youk proceeds to lecture sports fans about booing in a world like todays where so much tragedy happens. Reality check Youk, we know it's just sports... we use it to escape crap like that in the real world.

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I read that carrot a bit show a search wants sevens 77 I -- blend of 937. Or text number 37. 937. Kevin Youkilis. Obviously EA member of the New York Yankees and we of the debate couple weeks ago -- get booed at Fenway Park and I think he will get a little bit different of go to the White Sox even -- they traded him. Here in Yankee uniform and this is all -- laundry here between the Red Sox and the and the Yankees and place right. So it goes on not the only show on our sister station and AM this morning and obviously you know -- the one that brought it up but -- a little bit about. The fact that you get going to get booed here at Fenway Park. -- vote in picture plastered to. It's. You know. The man you don't think that it is only faith blind -- -- thing you can -- as well be that this whole family. Your great god it's about the team that it's. -- yeah this day and age we're living right now with all the things are on this world were they were doing and getting so worked up about sports and there's so much. Things in life that you know why it is so like crazy in sports when your strategy happens and we have all this. You know craziness and people are listed on -- -- over sporting event. You know -- into the wild it is wild to -- how people can react and act was so much hate. -- lord went into this must be released from here everyday life. Dangerous. You have a real dangerous path you know it's funny. Duke has always been affected by this he's always been affected by what talk shows have had a conversation to sensitive -- and have a -- on the -- -- -- is way too sensitive now. When it comes to people. Talking about the games and talking about the people play games. It is and that they're not treating you they are not treating at the same way they treat. The events that are happening in the world today conceded that there is no -- election between two. I just warn you in the future don't put him in the same sentence in the same conversation. You don't belong there for aliens. The sports is a release for them. Part of the release is that they become -- experience in race the colors uniform of the team and everything that represents. And the team that they disliked was there rivals and they have respect. For them because they're real good are the Yankees. That is a much different relationship. That is sitting here saying that -- your profession. -- Yeah why do people do this why it is so like crazy in sports when. Your strategy happens and we have all this you know craziness that he has grown -- over exporting. And I what's the connection is that there's no connection. If you even. -- makes no sense at all and you. You know actually witnessed -- I was amazed by -- by guys who say things like that but you know it's just the game in in where we taken so seriously. I'm gonna make a -- comet that should make but art and so be it this and I really feel about it. If Kevin Youkilis we don't take it so seriously. If we don't take sports seriously we're not passionate about it here. Kevin Youkilis does not have the light that he has right now more specifically. Avenue within have a brother in law. In the wife that he has right now -- -- think really think if he's playing in the sand lot. Or for fifteen dollars a night if that you think. Then he dead we would know who we was that Tom Brady and Tom Brady's sister would know who he was. Kevin Youkilis playing in Arlington somewhere. On on on Tuesday night at a baseball game. This this passion has provided in your life for him. On the field and off the field that he would not have before in my tell the truth to tell the truth come on now optional edits enabling him. Even though he's coming off of a bad year. Ergonomic twelve million dollars for the next but I -- associate that but I don't affect one -- -- Because so many things happened world and so many people could use money. In resources. That you just give away. That twelve million and because it's a kids game play for the love of the game. Moments later on this world had so many other favorite -- it get so worked up about right right so I don't you were up but I'm getting. Help the Yankees don't maybe twelve million dollars. Because it's baseball wanna get worked up about it -- I I told you that I think he's been sensitive in the past have a good conversations about the you know -- that the criticism and talk shows in the past I thought he got much better. Far more insensitive to all of that and he's a smarter guy -- -- he really he has this is just you just don't go there. That there's no come -- With what people are facing right now. In the event down in -- today's stage it's cold they want it you know to tell -- if you know what they don't he didn't he never really got this part. It is boss's -- it's ball busting his terribly he's got to where Yankee uniform. And he'll get booed when he comes back to Fenway Park. After the game who go to Gabi goes of people go up two home. They wanna take pictures with them that wanna shake his hand they'll say nice things to -- -- -- mission here you wish we had here suffer like that. It's just the uniform that you wearing it. I think you're a great guy it's about the team. It's the tradition of Red Sox yankees that existed before him and will exist after him it's not personal and it's not people. Who don't understand that there's tragedy in the world they're gonna be simply that people at Fenway Park in 2013. Rule. Would have cried who who did cry there arise out. When they heard about what happened in Connecticut. And they'll go to the ballpark. In the opening of the Yankees. If not it doesn't mean that they lack perspective or empathy or -- or a brain. If she if they are able to compartmentalized. That this sport to the dark yankees and -- and this in Connecticut. It's real peace and it's heartbreaking he -- all of us. He's missing so much of this and that we saw that we saw that play out in real life after 9/11. The people here in Boston in new wing that were rivals of New Yorkers when it came to sports where they are for the OK we would that we were part of their support system. Because it happened in their city with 9/11 but then what we got back to sports again. That was the fun what you're missing you. That's the fun part of the fun part of it is embracing the laundry in racing one team and rooting against the other team and wanting. That the team to lose and your team to win every single -- It's a separate issue but when it comes to serious issues life altering issues people. Or they're in support of those who were in New York or anywhere else Larry. Is. If that's the way you view sports. And the -- should have zero emotion attached to win at large not -- -- -- get channel why do you actual history when you -- Why do you its best game doesn't go all the way you want to go when you -- when your helmet and throwing them out. Why do you -- motion. Well why why why why his brother in law get so emotional. On Sunday when -- arguing. Oh. It's just game just a football game between the niners and the patriots. Tom Brady scream it. Had. I was only -- Any -- the football and he's yelling. Going to sideline or colony was yelling at his teammate let's go guys down seven at three. OK here's is about your football here's what he's -- Here's what you used this is exactly what he's doing in talking about a question spam. Or statement made to him the fans may blow you'll at Fenway Park on a day anywhere at cape Kennedy died that's what he's. Diverting the attention over to talk talk about this. He and I. When you have this serious. Precedent going on in the world why are we wasting. -- Talking about baseball's why would people -- When this other -- depression or is going on in the war going to play for the White Sox got a nice reception -- play for the Yankees is different yet. You know why it is so like crazy in sports when. You know the strategy happens and we have all this -- craziness and people -- is important -- over sporting event. Unlike you either they are separating. They argue they're separating people to separate. They're treating what has happened here in -- much different. From rooting for their Boston Red Sox and rooting against the New York Yankees there's no correlation non. And that doesn't deserve to be in the same conversation never mind same sentence -- I really think you're way way way off base let's go to the -- -- -- -- -- joke. More now about what's so it's -- A player and now nobody makes more of a big deal a lot of things that -- tree that's like Manny had to slap around a couple times in the dugout straighten them out. In the last person this c'mon talking about it. It's ridiculous. He's probably has emotional she'll find any player you're you're right which they are wondering what -- like right we're told that we liked about it. And -- absolutely and I do like I like Dennis but the mom with. I think any told authorities say relax you can -- a cut on. You'll be happier person now. I would -- -- I'd -- by the way texas'. Go look at Ray Rice is Twitter page he did the same thing when people were. Were upset with the loss against the Broncos. -- that I guess if we can -- let's just. Then they you don't understand you're asking the world. To show perspective in you you you have non. I'm not not quick break ninety seconds right got a phone calls him and village. Yeah I think you're great it's about the teams that it's. -- yeah in this day and age we're living right now with all the things around this world were they were doing and getting so worked up about sports so I mean there's so much. Things in life that you know why it is so like crazy in sports when your strategy happens and we have all this. -- craziness and people -- this important -- over sporting event. On a day wears a cape Kennedy died -- citizens worry he misses it. You joke about that you'll laugh about it you know you say -- -- are not relevant on the other side of radio hit -- I had a couple homers. Something like that you just thought that my cap my -- you -- as a -- so I thought it was over this and apparently isn't because you could just kind of you're right there. The switch went off the sensitivity. You know it's the it took it took them over -- suddenly had to bring something else in. That he's feeling right now that that people were feeling it has absolutely nothing to do with. Now I don't know what kind of interactions. Ray Rice was getting on Twitter I know what his tweets. Are here apparently somebody would or people. Were given my -- time and lost to Denver. On Sunday. At home. And so some people haven't fantasy football maybe the of folks like bin who reclaimed some purple on their fantasy football league Ray Rice who's supposed to deliver them championship. So he says so you feel like tweeting me about a loss or how I'll let you down a fantasy just on follow me. My prayers and thoughts are with our Newtown Connecticut another one fantasy -- fake all caps compared to what the families in Newtown Connecticut are going through. India and other people have the nerve to tweet me about fantasy football in the people and families of Newtown Connecticut. Are the ones who need is all right now now I don't know if. Or maybe was getting. It what -- the tweets over the top he was getting from people that would surprise me it was probably well. Over the top. I mean really over the top not hey ray come behind. You would you were terrible today have expected more did you we're gonna win a championship I have -- got to expect that. I'm talking about where they really just nasty -- Sweets because he had a bad game fantasy football. In that case. Maybe maybe I can understand going -- but I don't think anybody was bringing up even of people are going at you over. Over the game I don't really see. Why would make that connection now like maybe maybe just want to say that's. Not the mood. Does not -- mood -- anything else. On the mood to talk about ravens ravens Broncos and had moved to talk about Tennessee. Let Alison do you think that the play one more time period. It one more time to you you think that's what he says. I think you're a great guy it's about the teams that it's. -- yeah this day and age -- living right now with all the things -- on this world were there were doing and getting so worked up about sports and there's so much. Think in life that you know why it is so like crazy in sports when -- strategy happens and we have all this. You know craziness and people -- is important -- over sporting event. You know -- into the wild it is wild man now people can't react and act was so much hate and lord split into this must be released from here everyday life. Yes it's it's not hate in sports that's not what it is it is attaching yourself to me -- certainty. And you. Emotionally and that's why we once you're talking about the Mets have lost our pick up his emotional because our -- we want the team to win in the worst -- And some people are out there -- -- thinking that good things have great hope that the -- what you gonna do well and some people home. Want the Red Sox to win look at the Red Sox but are right now I'm sure and maybe they don't have the ability to -- that's -- nothing to do. Nothing to do with the emotions. That exist right now with you know with the outside world what's going on -- -- this not. This may have started it. Ray Rice maybe this is is initial tweet says. Like Israel. People after the game was over today all I can think about. Was the families of victims in Newtown Connecticut so that's his -- Out of -- that it did a great -- and if somebody comes out and says well ought to think about is -- -- let me down a fantasy football. Then okay I can understand it usually is he answering the question yes I'm personally getting -- right to me. I'm not sure that's the way he should -- gone -- Scott Boston's next double the big show WEEI. If they don't -- ourselves and does look great. You know something I wanna sit down but it slipped is that -- get twelve million dollars played baseball is because people. Should because it's a relief because -- -- to get a vote all the horrible thing in the world. -- I think it directs gotten a lot of guys and it's not just duke with a lot of guys who really. Lleyton I don't think they understood it while it is tough not to understand what else to say they don't understand that part of they feel like are they they they they think you know what you know what it is. Some guys feel like showing up. Giving you a hard hard day's work in producing for a good team isn't as all the entertainment that you need sit back and enjoy it. And then when you when you're interactive. And you're talking about them. In you're talking about them at the parking away from the park they just don't understand why that exist in white has to. There understand talk radio they don't understand fans Boeing and. They don't get it. Yeah well. Me to sit down and talked about it but that's happened. In that it's happened before Estonia Bridgewater. -- guy to let it relax and it. Yes Tony -- listen to usage I turned -- -- he's not turn Tony go ahead. This particular topic to a market of all the payroll and salary -- Red Sox -- I'm gonna -- -- question here at the end that happened it collapsed in the history of baseball correct. Yeah oh yeah and spent last year they're wearing it now -- -- -- war in Iraq. Also -- -- gonna -- relaxed yeah. I think the Red Sox and let last year make -- Sure yeah I think they -- money. Like this opening got a -- Red Sox candidate. What you're trying to -- well I AI this crap. It would would be would be mine in Utah -- -- 169. At all able ideal wouldn't get -- -- there are trying to build a winner right now. -- -- There -- people. If they want to keep their investment going they wouldn't have to even pull the wool over your eyes of the 169 million how how about 75. Tony why not why not a 101 not one not ninety million what I have to spend. We watch it like and it went 69 games again that it can't order a comedy or comedy you're gonna are they gonna mention. It took it can log on to either stop or Xstrata and they're not -- He -- at all happily. I probably played a number of their public plan them bantam number four money. Number number number three -- number four month why would you pay -- play first base. Because not only was like that you know what do it maybe. Therein therein field there in field defensively. Is going to be -- with the exception of the second baseman this is a -- week in field this is not gonna help your pitching. Tony I understand you're not alone in that and not liking the moves the Red Sox made but. I believe it -- can't hold a second Tony I believe if they wanted to. Just pocket the money. You can you can do you can do it without the hold -- to keep you can pocket the money without spending a 16869. Million is not the magic. Number can't. Limit on the second -- he's right Tony I don't I don't know he's not because you know -- you're not gonna buy it right okay. Agree you wouldn't -- -- just automatically all over the place you know I'm Eric I'm gonna want adequate as you'll want to prevail on. You want it and all of his second Tony and Glenn -- on its academic. I'm talking now. Now -- year. You keep saying you wanted him to spend for one year he -- not bring in Stephen Drew four year. Why not just our -- four year. If they do that they're not spending a 169. Million dollars. Not understanding why they can't do. What -- -- -- Michael they carry on in my heart I don't want to -- 69 million for one year. But you're carrying it over to next year the year after you're not gonna have the flexibility to go get all these players they'd have to do that is my point you don't have -- -- and he was right they did. Because that would believe it or not the people see that little clip that's not a that's what could it they had disband. For three years stop criticizing them for spending for three years they had no other choice according to what to say it right now -- and a. -- -- Now all of a little Red Sox fans aren't you you're you're due out there -- sixty -- all payroll at the -- ultra. This in the past -- in the first instance a -- -- -- -- shot into the thing that helps put the spot they're now stuck. Michael it's a barrage might rent it don't Wear the red are the numbers -- -- but I don't like it slapped around for a third straight yeah. I think that's -- that's that's appealing idea and people keep on badgering me say that -- moderates I take it up -- like Tony I want this team to win. And I want them to one in the long run. And what I'm looking at right now is a barrage of Mickey's -- I hate the -- from it is but it's a barrage right now. And I would much rather have seen them go out try to improve that pitching that would have given them a much better opportunity. To compete next year from one of those wild card spots. And they probably gonna spent. Less money than that they didn't -- they don't need my monopoly didn't -- Mike Napoli -- I don't know that they would dissent here this. Is that they probably could have spent less money correct so. If they want it to suggest pocket the money and have a bridge year. They didn't need to spend a 116 -- -- not -- are pocketing money because they won't bring it as much revenue that's what Tony is saying it and it's it's a legitimate point. And that if you playing all of the kids you may not bring in the same type of revenue. Because people will reject -- before the season begins on paper to be a team that can't compete. Now some people are buying -- -- you're a moment there are a lot of others out there that are buying into this team being a viable. And -- -- around for awhile and I'm not -- not I'm not what I -- argue that I'm missing some what I'm saying this summer is what I'm saying to you. Over and overs you might. You might be right when it comes to this team. But you're -- disagreement your whole premise is based on. That it's based on this being a bridge year I'm telling you is what -- -- news. They don't see it the same way you do how much you might write about the power of the -- I disagree but they are looking at it. As eighteen deck and has -- -- me a favor and he -- dig it out Larry look innocent to deal with. Mustard and Johnson. I wanted to defend -- at a Christmas he embraced. The word bridge embraced it wouldn't go find that that interview. And maybe we can you know I I I disagreed in my I think. That they know what they're in for they know they can't necessarily compete this year they wanna stay. And be decent team and keep people at least attached to the team. And maybe look at some of the young players the -- maybe there's a future down the row. I think if they wanted to do that right away and compete this year with the money and that the flexibility they -- with the deal they may but the Dodgers you spend the money. All on Josh Hamilton. Don't spend money on Josh Hamilton and don't tell me just show up for that you can set people up for that it that your plan to get your plan unnaturally white victory you gonna get Josh at a little less money. And the two of those guys and it's it's and whatnot it's an expensive. It's an expensive. Place holder that does not only a victory that's expensive or. And my point is that will be an expensive place sort they'd have to do it's it's it's expensive and unnecessary. If if you're right all you have to do. Is have a hold a press conference when that trade happen. Say what you said exactly this there would be disciplined and do this hold another press conference at the end of the year it is going to be different. We have obviously we finished in last place. We've got some rebuilding to do there are no easy fixes here we -- in for the long haul. John's argument Larry's talking jobs not going anywhere I'm not going -- top not going where we -- we believe and then and you don't want that set it up for. Not much activity in free agency NL low payroll you don't have to do this. Do what you want you don't have to spend a 169 million dollars. He did that bridge that you're looking for. I'd search wants 777 ninths N 937 that's our phone operator of the big -- -- the white line. You wanna light coming up at 540.

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