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Matt Chatham, Former Patriots LB, on the loss to the Niners

Dec 18, 2012|

Matt Chatham joins the show to discuss the Patriots loss to the Niners, ball security, and the defense.

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All the talk doesn't really mean anything one way or the other I mean good or bad. Doesn't really mean and thanks so applicant that it shouldn't affect us we should try not to let it affect us not saying guys don't hear it over. Or -- that book done that I can do with the outcome of the game that is so as it should be important. Let's go to -- them. Nobel object talking about expectations. Tough to win those expectations muck Lou 93 point seven WEEI would come to expect. Matt Chatham every Tuesday and they issue every Tuesday and Friday in the Boston Herald the -- report. After a tough game Matt I've taken kind of a positive approach here manual Tommy on a more on which happens every week when you join us but. I I believe in the NFL -- a game like the patriots had on Sunday. Late in the year where -- you show some fight you lose a tough game attack can be a building block -- began he could take positives. Out of a loss late the regular season do you believe that the guy play the game itself. Well you know I'll quit after born back in and watch him at the TV copy like I'm Mike sensible with the game. Really was was so much different than what I felt flies you know -- emotionally like there was a lot of good performance and I think. You would take diplomatic you went back and signal alerting them are you know learning situation -- -- -- from -- can be taken from a what it was just littered with just a lot of really ugly plays and made you cut out physical maybe about half. But since that would indicate I think there was a lot of really gritty stop wait and most of the stuff that you would feel bad about world war let's first first half place. So I think you kind of you as a team off to leave the field with that sort of take your mouth from what she did most recently -- -- -- met the most points. They do when the game members certainly -- these are. In that regard but I think that that the lingering memory is going to be. Not having much problem moving the ball and put civilians and against this team and getting stops open just having one or two couple critical breakdowns late that hurt them. So I think it's one of those situations where you go back you understand reality it is. You didn't win because he didn't do the right things the right time but you don't feel like while we measured those guys and there's nothing to be afraid of we'll just work on our stuff they're right and if we see him again which -- about. The only look at that came am wondering what you thought was in the patriots got rolling there you know of the down 31 to three did. The San Fran change it up and -- wasn't as much man into -- back to zone because I thought I was impressed with the fact that they came back the last couple of drives and it looked like bullet that team we saw in the first quarter attacking the patriots office. Yeah you know what it's it's tough to say united I've I've read some. I think their prime columns and the national that it could -- the John Maddon wondered if they've gone to a different style of defense. I think it's just. And I don't think that happened that meat -- also about the coach's statement more or less than. You the pictures are going to eleven personnel some time and which is rolling note -- in the game -- Hernandez's one. So there really no choice but to match them with -- dime packages. You're gonna -- spread out and I think there were just a lot of it was just sort of a strategic change the patriots went through. They played a livable level a little bit twelve you know different stuff throughout the the first you know two and a half quarters. But this was just sort of situation the force and -- and they didn't play that well necessarily drive early on so. You know I think. I think they found something they -- as much as anything we've we've -- speakers in what year wind from maps probably try to mix of the other style what is this for different ways. To move the ball and -- feel but I think they may have stumbled upon something that in the event that we find themselves find this situation again maybe sort of the Buffalo Bills offensive game plan to get the -- kind of feel where you know what. These guys a match of what we do that we we didn't realize that too late enough in the game but we get to see him again. You know the there's just -- replaces all of you look at some of those real critical privately in the game that successful. There were generally touches on each of those drives by but would have Lloyd. Welker and and there wasn't you know driver there was someone that they majored and they just really spread the ball around well. Implement those early series on the work in those kind of that's defensively. You know they've they've -- the box a little bit it was raining lucky day in there was times on the backside of plot -- -- the eight guys in the box you know they would stick in the regular personnel. And it was stopped the women that situation they didn't sell I think again it's open your political good about next time because you may have stumbled upon. I'm Matt Chatham joins us every single Tuesday give me take on how all the and Smith that first. Quarter plus seem to get a bunch of three runs Tom Brady didn't rack up the -- map but I thought he really force Brady makes and throws early on that game. Yeah well what happened to it at that while. First China's -- through my -- court but. I believe it was one I if not attempt was first period -- maybe the second where he's. You literally want altered that got the again goes back. Back map that what you got other pressure knocked out basic would be. The -- badly and you know he was he was very impressive if you want a lot of different ways. But you know bring it -- up and it sounds like imbalance older but he. Is popular guy wanted to confront at the time the game later where they went to though they were spread out even more on an island. Older figure them out and actually had really -- great years down the stretch so pop the what happened but it popped up in the left tackle have to go against -- that. Cover so much ground he's so good -- -- that keeps him the you know we keep the pack -- you know it's really just to our support is gold at one another because holder's long do. -- that was very impressive -- guy. -- -- -- -- little chipping later data files with what was it that simple -- that we up on -- in the rocky history releases ultimate stage definitely. That help and some of those only -- drives. Bought you know I think -- the big message here's the guy's pretty incredible and I think they're going to be you know continue work on him to him again. No one of the great things about this featured officer talk what all year long is the balance so many different things it can do offensively and passing game -- running the football with. Was Steven Ridley like last year ended BenJarvus relate some fumbles to get away from home. The -- and run away from him this year how concerned would you be with a two young running backs -- even got a fumbling here in in big I don't. Felt like almost about today and I got into the whole idea that you know. This is something that. They got away with classic all the ground twice and lose -- And then this week it is really it would system. Now you know I'd love to give a guy a break -- it was just sloppy opening a look at you know that a ball would have to have all the elements 456. -- -- -- six fumbles. Yeah I don't know exactly what the couldn't make an analyst -- the couldn't do anything so you understand that there are some sort of existential things going on what a bad but excuse he's still gonna hang onto and I think you know -- I'd love to get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was going back and -- some of the plays and you know that he is mentally you've had one you have -- on the ground even though you didn't get the you know fumble -- -- quarterback that challenged the play -- campus. But you know it's been out -- hand. I saw him Ridley entry in the line a few times you know not doing -- pop reference not just discovered about. And then you know it hurt him later on I don't know how their coach to do when the -- on the cover almost kind of -- problem because. Kevin take on it but I get mentally -- -- I get some more conservative mentality and I could think that. I'm coming through there from a Merrill archer for the rest -- the -- because just that that that football is is you know the cure for cancers. It's cold fusion of -- got to hang out of that thing that the teams. The team's fortunes rest with -- public almost there was a lot about. Basically -- in the practice where remember the slot from what I've while I was there in the you'd have all issues are your planet in the Republican with. With all awareness. You basically turn. But the practice guys and the Turks tournament because you're just agitators and practice. The court you know you'd you'd punch the ball the guys and on the way to launcher you know yeah it in practice year every single time there's a practice -- All of these guys are trying to possible you know these patterns -- future. Trying to get I mean it's all those things of that figure on the other side he hated you know tried not to the temperature thing to do. But I think it's something we appreciate later on because you. Have such an intense type of focus in the week it really hard to do it later. Later on I think -- the time of year where that extra two or three or four yards of wiggle which might get out of -- carry. Matter of policy just hanging onto the yards or block or so I hope it puts pressure on the withdrawal of players that -- seemed to be carries. Thought we did see them -- actually -- to get him totaled more prevalent might just we have more of a match percent Francisco and -- in that case that means anyway at quarterback anyhow. That it bears mentioning it should and should throws federal quick release about the ball security -- that is well. I thought some of the other reasons that link up Olbermann went to some of the other situations was passed for a you know he was great in the couple pickups and that that also just you know highlights. The importance of what -- Kevin Faulk from last year for many years there was always -- -- that aspect of the game as much as carrying the football. And that's something that anyone has been taken up pretty well I think some of those -- going to put as much as well. Yeah I think begin to change and probably get really out of their brain out of there as well more would had been on -- these next few weeks at Jacksonville and Miami. The change opinion all the to sort of political let's see the next big game you know be protects the football ball the everybody. The running backs -- the next couple games would still be a wait and see type thing for the next big one. What I think what'll we do and as challenges you know -- can be. Given the face you know a bit and practice and that we need to your -- in the most import nuclear in the fortunes are human aren't so. It'll be something that there may be manifests itself in my opinion more practice. Maybe they will put their hands the ball more in the games that they you know if you like you're saying in Jacksonville Miami they've seen him you know go to several times would be. Be judicious with the hang on and thank them and there's no issues ought I think you do get new situation here where that are. Would be something in the back of -- -- is mine if if it goes down again so. If it's good that they have this situation with two weeks to sort of work those things out. Are the players who generally won't won't distrust some other player -- is it is -- figured out and work on it but they wanna see him more common practice I think. As a player coach you wanna see the guys. Really put in the work rule could be you know. Effusive or whatever of the world would be to make sure that no matter what I'm never letting go of that thing here the rest of this season. And want to see that I don't think I'm -- with certain actions. You are. You've been a big special teams advocate -- you talk about the importance of the game my guesses the return. That set up the eventual game winning touchdown drove you crazy -- Michael James able to get it down the patriots 38 yard line at that spot map. Yeah I mean there -- a lot of that's sequences are good. You know there were Republican penalties as well and in -- about the guys you know I they didn't do bad things to give them the problem is that he be topic showed nothing so. Pretty bad social. It -- there purportedly for for bad play government on the return teams I don't know for good or bad calls it this way and those that feel like it wants. Sure -- over the years. But. -- that of those were negative. And then -- -- -- kick -- as well again TV copy not a great job of -- sort of the watched coach -- later -- you know it looked at my. My my first inclination was there it was just a lot of guys not getting off blocks the is that part of the clip that you concede decent single people. Not necessarily did not and make in the play. -- again there's more that sequence and just the kick return obviously it was it was his battle around there on the coverage portion. Albeit the next part of that jumps out commute one play drive the fault it. And there were 31 play drives. In the game. Myself that he'll never see them in the fell 31 point drugs so you know you're ready to be. Incredibly impressed with Kong government in my office all of I think you take out three kind of bonehead at one point drive. And is the picture is much different. And again this is something we've we've been talking about the chauffeur for the whole year but. Those alcoholics out there I think that one play drives should should be you're. Sort of medicine and back -- I guess that was the seven man pressure there was. Not warranted in my opinion. It was the first legitimate six -- the under the -- I mean there's only four coverage mean everyone out there was multiple violent. For India for advocates of what's more is what we're better that's pretty that's pretty good solid evidence what can happen when you're doing it doesn't work. And Iraq with several other cases -- have -- finally but. You know I've thought about -- and -- work. Pressure away from the flight -- the approach right in the plot which means are we -- -- -- -- pick it up. Was the album and then big conversions came later you know its senior political war and -- down some crossing patterns of Crabtree so. I think they got they got burned a little bit when they -- at a -- pressures but it's still a tiny percent of the overall -- what I think it shows with -- blitzing is. -- -- -- -- -- Tells a good article. On I was distraught that -- -- -- I got an -- Friday article or something but. -- your opinion change at all about where the patriots stand and a lot of people up they beat the Texans. This may be in the style which state did -- just curious -- lose this game does change at all where you think this team stands in the AFC as a global chance. -- you know what -- there's. I think. Watching Houston responded really well last week. Kind of you know I think it. Just looking at them and make me feel better about them again you know play OK they learned their lesson. They had a really off huge divisional game it looked pretty good solid another back on track and got two weeks ago right. I think there will be no hard evidence to why you would you would think that with the patriots as well structured because it looks so good the second half -- last. So I think you know if if it's our week without a week sixteen develop collapsed or something that was last. Last game of the season had to go and play after the other public going -- some question marks the only going to be result in practice and we see that. So you might think I don't know well because you got to move our weeks here -- will basically work that. -- -- -- I don't feel much different still think they're incredibly dangerous office. You know when they don't do dumb things that they be Q&A I think in this game the were just more mistakes and that's the reason they're well they're they're great at what they don't make mistakes so obviously about the from the the big that they need to address to figure out what are still look at them incredibly dangerous as the look at that the expenses. Provided they don't have bought which were which were -- what accounted for most of the the bigger the -- -- not being on an operating loss -- ago wrote that seems obvious to me. You know I'm not not keeping the edge. Not being aware of screening. You know given up a third and fifteen took the bus stop was just the -- -- a lot of work by young players who have left -- -- we have seen them for the last. Couple months select crept back and so provided they Brussels within the next two weeks nothing would change my mind. You read his column today in The Herald an SEC it's got to. Miami a little bit of Vince Vaughn's character -- and about Rudy rigor and the great movie Rudy his column today. I can also check out -- prodigy -- NFL Sunday here with us on Tuesday c.'s Matt Chatham for patriots linebacker. Matt thank you so much enjoy the week we'll talk piece of Matt Chatham joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE with speed that the ten times faster than three GAT TNT. Rethink possible. I US -- The question in around a question about ball security. And Steven Ridley. The way the patriots approached vehemently last year when you start to fumble the ball late in games can not be the way they approach Steve relief this year. Even always having similar problems talk about that --

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