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Which team has had the worse season, Jets or Red Sox?

Dec 18, 2012|

Mut and Merloni debate which season was worse, the Jets or the Red Sox. The similarities between the two are mind boggling.

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You can see that there's. No confusion. Amongst routes. Double homes trying to find guys they're not looking at the right time they're just that it does that looks like to me that there's a it is the if you're going to be asked every week. Dig as deep as you have had a steel up and go get it done but just the nature of the league -- Wear you out. That if you don't have a answer for a week after week after week would have starts -- you -- -- To where you will. What's left. And a -- justice. This justice of the jets are not going to be in the playoffs because this is just function. Its highest level in the National Football League. Over and Steve young and making a blowtorch. And a pair of pliers that's. To that jet team -- lost last night buffalo not -- three point seven. WE yeah I will get to all your phone calls at 61777. -- 79372. Text that's. On the AT&T text -- 37937. -- the Sanchez's contract. Contract extension did a couple of things. It made -- salary cap number for next year twelve point eight million dollars according to ESPN New York. It the jets cut Mark Sanchez. They've curry crippling seventeen point one million dollar cap charge it 2013. As a reference point the cap is gonna be a 120 bucks -- 120 million this year. They cut Sanchez seventeen point one million of their 120 million dollar salary cap is gonna be locked in a Mark Sanchez. The bloated charge -- included eight point 25 million dollar salary guarantee there is no. Offset the contract in the jets are on the -- the higher salary regardless of how much receives another team. They can designate him as a June 1 got. And that would spread the cap charge over two seasons all point 35 million in 2013. And four point 82014. Rich demeaning and talked to before ESPN New York is the bottom line is. He's uncomfortable UK -- Mark Sanchez. He's back with this team next year. The contracts crippling and that's crippling bought three team in any league we've got -- Back stuck with this guy. Extension that -- thing with him -- we can't. All the can do not plan. You know and in Taipei and then -- yeah well that's that's all you can do. Mean what are you gonna do we can sit there's this guy can't play any NFL because I'm paying at the play of eat and it's appearing -- put him on the bench -- gonna -- and try to find yourself a young quarterback. And if it's to the drafting of the pay him some money is well you know invest a lot of money deposition. But if you can't trade him. I just I don't know that you make the mistake of realizing that it Uga Uga at this wasted money in this player that can win football games a quarterback in NFL. And making even bigger mistake -- saying what -- -- is keep blade and then he got to find somebody else. That's why asking me how bad is Greg -- I mean I don't understand it. Mean you benched him for a reason the credit exhibited benched it was Mark Sanchez. Right and any lucky that it took on a 23 weeks ago -- -- at a -- the decade. An endless and -- was an outstanding big lead in that one drive -- beat Arizona 76 and one most embarrassing games. I mean that stayed with him the question. The report today at the daily news is saying that Drexel announced today this press conference. That they will make a change at quarterback wires now is not active last likes it why not act -- I keep playing right now. -- out of your eliminated. Would not -- -- -- -- went way to were eliminated to make a change at quarterback with speaks that is function of the team I've been on the beginning of the year. Tebow McIlroy Sanchez it's a carousel quarterbacks that'll -- And that always the best of the bunch -- BC proven that he's the best the budget he's not active and in a winner go home game he's not active last night with Sanchez and Tebow that was it. That was all you had it starts at the top the tire organization. Woody Johnson -- bomb Rex. On down it's brought L offensive coordinator disaster what you saw last night was the death of the jets at least in the short term. As -- Is a decent rival to you in the AFC east. What you saw this year. Is it -- you're in the Boston Red Sox had 2012. The New York Jets and you saw Rex Ryan bombastic coach much like Bobby Valentine. -- it is the most talent he's out of his team in any time with the New York Jets said that the pre season. Ice and prayer at the Bobby believes it is the least talented roster ever seen in September at. I like that different is so we have got what they said. You have a division that one buffalo get out one guy I was on -- start I was lying at. Yet a division that was -- for taking a wild card that was there up until we all followed the debate available. It was there for the taking a wild card spot the second spot in the division was their for the you know I travel Buffalo Bills champion of number two -- -- that didn't work out very well so it felt like there was some runaway team in second. But while car was attainable. It trader for Tim Tebow. You had. Off the record multiple teammates Tim Tebow destroy him. In the New York Daily News during the year back -- quarterback -- -- to play makers episode on ESPN the now defunct NFL's real life. We're players were caught on and off the record to destroy Tim Tebow he's not a good quarterback he's not legitimate quarterback I can't throw that happened this year. And it capped off last night with interception interception. Fumble. By a guy you traded up to get. Extended his contract and now you can't trade. The Sox are bad to -- well. Gets worse jets were worse this year -- Disagree that that that says a lot if you think the jets actually worst of what we saw this year for six months. I think it's a source because unlike football where everybody sitting in the salary captain and trying to do their own thing the Red Sox had a a hundred million dollars worth of players. More then half the -- more than half the leak. Mean look at the teams that payrolls will be 8590 million dollars. -- -- -- school in the year with a hundred million dollars more of players were supposedly good. And given what happened in September. You you just. You thought that this team would come in with a different attitude Bob developed and there are one of the worst hiring you've ever seen. He comes in doesn't take him long distance himself from his players find out spring training. First week of the season to finally -- a couple games in a row after a bad start he's repeat Kevin Youkilis now you've got that drama everything that happened on that team was public. National beat writers it was a laughingstock. People laughed at the Boston Red Sox. All -- -- and all yearlong. They've done the same thing with the jet OK but let -- handle quarterback who all biggest -- all -- with a bigger fall. We often laugh at the jets' -- the nation. There are a lot of times when we look at debt not consider me show you told me they went back to back AFC title games in lap of the -- two years ago. Last year elaborate -- with everything that's going on and enact clubhouse. Yeah it's been a similar situation for the last year and a half. I just think when you look at the teams. Did Josh Beckett everything was on public. Right missing a start golfing. You know you had a get a bench coach right hand man of a manager. Not even say a war to one another for about a two month period. Lineups. We're not spoken to what the lineup lamps were actually text front office people as he's walking in the -- club out in a backup quarterback a shirtless in the rain and I think the highlight of the year and Tim Tebow him shirtless and training camp. Is it difficult the -- come up with a with a conclusion about who at the worst season at me seriously I think it's close by -- -- It's -- I think I think the payroll. And an ethic the fan base and where this. Team was say August 2011 to what happened in September and the thought that it was gonna change. Com. And the way they came out and played and in the way the whole year was brought up the public was just sickening. You know went and I don't India they tried didn't have any guns and had enough and -- and have a team Bobby belt that was right about the roster in September. The united and it it was a week roster there's no question about it should have gone public with a lot of guys on their -- -- I'm I'm pretty good. You know -- you wanna hear managers -- some like that but. I don't know I just look at that that Red Sox season was an absolute mess. And it was in the public do you feel that the coaching staff from the people around you have been loyalty during the course of the season. Now. -- So you feel that some of these guys on the staff of undermine -- at times yet. Yes that -- his -- -- and -- to radio hits every single week. -- a Sunday night it is well. You know he didn't have. -- Fumble. He never ran into its own offensive -- to lose the ball -- to the team go the other way for a touchdown. Embarrassing because you know reform in stroke play and if you're I'm trying to do the right thing you know so I am trying to force on the -- search -- slider and I -- The worst spot to possibly get. The force almost credit to an offensive lineman apps. That's your credit for the -- fumble public that's the jets to develop this. You watch the jets sixteen times you Lester it's up -- 162. Is it more -- daily reminder like -- was there a point we wish to Red Sox only played on Sundays. Or deceased and we're used -- missing you know what just one day a week. Just one day a week play -- that. Sixteen a 162 -- watched that thing every single day for six months at a fair point the plot the quantity. Of the U not a crappy and a lot -- the right off. I go jets IC Ralph Anthony in -- we get all your phone call 617. 7797937. Your phone a beacon text that's on the eight TT -- line 37937. Who had a worse year. Your Red Sox in 2012 or the jets or seen them do your calls next. -- trying to wriggle out of the GM. Uses one holds -- in as a drive -- the right. -- a Grand Slam. -- Curtis Granderson and a Grand Slam. His 28 home run of the season the Yankees lead at ten degrees. Okay. Oh yeah. And and. You thought you would. Okay. Okay. Yeah good. OK okay. -- -- -- Darkness and -- Might get. And Jeff van. Daily news reporting I don't think it. Whether whole tobacco lawyer -- all they can Yale just out there I don't think the medical luggage here. People my age here to get -- -- he hasn't worked -- 61777979. B 37. You also take into account the short term. Chance for turn around with these two teams. In terms of where they are from -- salary perspective where they are from my blood don't think that the Red Sox -- step ahead of the jets. I mean they they found their Los Angeles Dodgers Mets have the Boston Red Sox never made that trade. In -- going into the season with well call Crawford can turnaround and you got a double get a shortstop at a rate fielder. -- get your first baseman Beckett still here packets in this rotation. You -- that he had last year the year Crawford and and you know there's no financial flexibility like it was lasted only got a trade school -- sank Cody Ross. He probably can afford anybody bring in here. You know at least they've they've loaded the money. That -- step ahead. The jets at the somehow unload Mark Sanchez and start that rebuilding process to get at least for the Red Sox are. I would agree with that it's gonna be a lot hearted trade Mark Sanchez that he was Red Sox to make that trade. With the LA Dodgers up they trade Sanchez. They can potentially be off the hook for some of the salary cap money but who is gonna paid. Eight point 25 million for guys went backwards it is -- quarterback nobody know it's harder to make Sanchez deal but it was right sock the final trading partner. For Gonzales Crawford and Beckett the only -- if he was a free agent. -- -- bring him in for extremely short money just the kind of be a back up. That's it he's a third or fourth veteran in in camp exit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But not eight in half a point 25 no they don't worship the -- -- it 61777979837. Ralph is a Cranston. Mix in some your calls Ralph. That morning morning but it's a great comparison guide me the two organizations. It basically you know after the Seattle about a month ago I checked in published this guy and it's right that totally lost control of the ice pop though. And I don't know what we do arts and he's the guy who had coached the difference between the situation does this guy. Regal green is a very good -- -- -- coordinator. Should be cute but -- that we just like. All to keep the at a -- proper chemistry of the more old it's going to be just like -- They'll like tequila the morning short book outrage should have been elect go in August and you know district just escalated and escalated. But the pinnacle the two organizations is still the kept up with eastern Epstein at some players they have. Some part of at least semblance of the competitiveness to the -- that's not -- washed. Everything maybe at that players they'd have a competitive are all of a sudden -- at every but he was feeling that job. To me I hope I don't know probably get by double -- in the return complete opposite idol I looked at every critical now altered story. I wouldn't -- a lot of -- -- look at look at that -- get -- to -- any packaged he has to go right but it might be. Turn that around yet shelters is not the quarterback. But it. Do you turn that in this league -- -- make -- about the defense in this league howdy possibly turn around. Without a quarterback as evidence I give -- RG three Andrew Luck Russell Wilson. Guys who stepped man asked to tell the position change the fortunes in the future of their team if you're the jets and you know you gotta pace Sanchez certainly inaccurate the next two years. -- get better how do you get. Better in the direct talks a little -- get rid of the guy that wrote -- -- at a picnic you get that I would want -- -- get somebody out there. That she took the league -- a contract. Sure you know we got to get political but economic urged for a while not a complaint -- kit but if you have a mobile quarterback yet -- now we're seeing. How people sold well Rita last year because we've ever been the secret to give up any part in what they restrict he has been a model. What this shouldn't offer technical what do you bookings are still in the rough. It's such -- it's such a different league but the salary cap I mean you just can't you know with the Dodgers -- they wanted to Adrian Gonzales. And they were betting on call Crawford kind of get out of this market can help the turnaround. There will that take on. You know. Josh Beckett and Carl Crawford he was the swing guy and by the way. -- -- also sitting on a six billion dollar TV deal for the you know like the next one years they're getting paid. But six billion dollars never examined in their payroll Cabrera will be 240 million dollars compared to -- -- -- 75 with electronic media you don't have debt in the NFL you you give a -- 120 other teams -- there was a forty. It just. You don't see it. And we -- talk about talent. I mean listen I know that -- Santonio Holmes and Revis but the start the year. When you look at the talent when -- at the Red Sox had more talent and of people or down on -- -- You know -- -- look at that rotation and -- -- you know Buchholz and Lester I don't know what we're gonna get from everybody else Beckett. Look at this line if they still scored runs. You had good players have bad years was -- -- -- -- had a good year. I think there was more talent on the Red Sox won't get near the head now I don't think there's 6019 win. -- team rather but I think they are because they made that trade in August. And it probably would -- been close to 500 but still I think there was more town -- it's out there isn't jets -- gyms in New Hampshire talking about the jets today good morning Jim. Water or I've collar -- picked yet. And you know a lot of Sheppard bit when it's all about them they're out of my opera let. You know what the judge strap C -- as -- horrible quarterback late hit. Like last night you know that day and -- bullet yet. We got to cheer. You know I was 23 yard line and how urgent it is to protect the ball all I the world yet at hand on it. Annie get we'll get away. You know it got nor -- he is all. In the end aren't you know the red shocked -- I didn't get out of work see that you know. It would not horrible but got what Bobby out I can -- -- it all out and by the set and a boat somewhere. -- -- -- You know anybody knows about -- all the other -- captured short -- is a center field. Execute all your club looked at the red black -- -- each player that some sporadic guys sector eight -- -- you know we are 08. And how badly he never again like you who was shot if you look at our aren't good ballplayer. Joseph let me ask you -- baseball wise the -- you -- for. I -- pretty yank you and causes them trying to try to find that jets' Red Sox fan is that just misery. I aren't going to be out there. You know her aunt and I like Rex Ryan I'm that they eat it I'm. I yeah -- -- time I checked it over like I don't nineteenth when he got out of respect. Got this Jack -- -- it is quarterbacks Kevin as its external is it like the U Harrison presented because you bring in guys that throw fuel on the fire -- what Tebow Bobby V. Right -- talk it he said. Strength of a baseball team up the middle when it will strength the NFL. Quarterback. And having some weapons had nothing. Nothing on him great running backs. And industry the medical team is its quarterback. Sobel teams available category is that. The jet fancies a rooting for the patriots though that. I didn't get that one that's surprised you don't want out of conference is allowed to helping your layout as it in the fan playbook no that in the decode. Josh or nick and all your phone 6177797937. And give you seem worst numbers on Mark Sanchez when we come back Matt Chatham 11 o'clock.

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