Dec 18, 2012|

2 minutes and 22 seconds to help you remember and never forget what happened in Connecticut.

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I was an -- message time and is out. The teachers we have like watching games. And then I didn't TJ somebody else gets a safe place to whaling ship closet and then yeah and instead there Poland dial. Oh yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- We can't go back to school we can't go back to school. My teachers dad this is so no we don't have a teacher. And -- a proud guy in the hallway I'm right hasn't been -- bodies. Time playing in the hallway in a -- plan. They were. Three children and I came down one of was had a very bloody faces there is very violent -- White -- Clean and all of that I live right next -- you and then -- teacher pulled me in junior class or else does so it helps the teacher who has made. Just around -- 93930 time it started hearing a pop in the Wall Street people and and only one person can -- So I mean. I. C. Okay. Mean my daughter Emily. Would be one of the first elements. To be standing in giving her love and support to all those victims. Because that's the type of person that she is. Now because of any parenting that my wife and I could've done. Because those are the gifts the arguments -- -- about her hadn't followed. Charlotte Daniel. Olivia. Josephine. And -- -- Chase. Yes. -- Jack. York Carolina. Jessica. Benjamin. And -- Alice. Goddess called them all home for those of us who remained. Let us find the strength to carry on. And make our country worthy of their memories.

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