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PSU head coach Bill O'Brien goes 8-4 but recruiting will still be difficult

Dec 18, 2012|

Bill O'Brien joined Dennis and Callahan to talk about his first year at PSU and getting on the recruiting trail with all the obstacles that now sit in front of him in year two at Penn State.

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Outlook report this interview for a couple days wanna vomit we've got a scheduled up bill O'Brien vision was named a Penn State university's fifteenth head football coach in January general -- six of the past year. Our twentieth year in his coaching career and did a remarkable job at Penn state university. Bill joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good morning bill how aria. Hey guys -- guys -- doing very very well congratulations on what I thought was an absolutely remarkable coaching job you did this year how satisfying was it for you to to accomplish what you did. I was satisfied for that for the players and the out coaching staff this is. Great group of kids and and I've had the fortune of being around. Some pretty special teams and in this was. A group of guys that was led by a really good senior class and get an excellent coaching staff that they did a nice job this year. I know talking to pat yourself on the back for intestinal fortitude and staying the course and all those kinds of things but it seems to me builder has to be a special person. -- a certain amount of resolve and grit and determination to -- next take on that job under the best of circumstances would be difficult and do -- issued yet. What I first when I first came here Eric I knew right away that it was that what you're going to be easy. And that some some terrible things that happened here -- I also knew that this was fantastic academic school was some really good. Facilities. For football and and some some great kids on this team and I learned that right away and that was able to put together a very good staff and and we just tried to hit the ground running in and we do that at times it was a lot bigger than football and I think our kids bought into that Adam. And played hard and didn't do a lot of things and community to help move this thing -- When you before the year started you look at the schedule did you think eight wins was possible bill. Jerry you know lot of things when you look at the schedule than this is something I really learned a New England as you just you really do just look at it. You know the first game. Okay are we going to be Ohio on net and end up real good and then -- going to be Virginia so -- it really is that cliche of one game at a time I really. Really didn't look too far down the road I just try to concentrate on the first two or three games and we ended up being one and -- sudden -- a great job there but. But then as the year went on -- gain more complex and we're would've played. -- enough blown smoke up about here and you keep it up -- I -- honest to god this has to get tougher and tougher as you go along last year. Was not easy part getting people all excited and rallied around put their names in the shirts -- keep it up. I'm glad you asked a question I think it's going to be very difficult I think. You know when when you only have fifteen scholarships. Every year and and to sign -- and then you know you're you're still play in the Big Ten schedule yet 65 guys on scholarship and everybody else at 85. You know obviously you're not on a level playing field but the older the card that we were dealt and and we do have great kids here don't -- obviously we're gonna have to have some luck we've got to stay healthy. We've got to do a great job in recruiting and evaluating talent and making sure that we do a great job and our walk on program and bring in the right kids that can help us on special teams -- as back -- on offense and defense and so you know I think he can be done but it's it's not going to be. Bill I'd be interested to know two things what is your coaching monitoring what is the theme that you try to drum into your players' heads and and the second part of the question is what you're recruiting month from when you -- to home when you took. Take visits to to a home and look at a mom and dad and recruit what do you tellem. Coaching mantra is one team and how it all works together. And one of the things that I I think that we do really jobless here is our coaches and really this year our players bought into the fact that. -- offense defense and special teams feed off each other. And so we tried to show that -- On paper every week hey here's here's how it works when the building go very well here's how it works when it does go well usually leads to -- to win whether it's turnovers are big plays in the kicking game -- Big plays on offense and the defense goes up there and stop the the other team and get the ball back and score against so. The -- strong on -- as far as coaching goes wanting as far as recruiting goes I think this is a place where. Parents should feel very comfortable sending their kids because it's a fantastic degree. There's over a 150 different majors that guys can choose from here just met with -- every -- on our team over the last. Ten days and it's amazing to hear all the different majors and these guys have been. And then I think that it took place where you complete football from a 100000 fans and and -- you know a great Big Ten Conference that just expand Maryland and -- so I believe there's there's the best of both worlds of displaced. If you had a narrow it down to two or three core principles you learn from Bill Belichick what they beat bill. Well number one would be does the team work. You know I just. Bill did a great job every week of setting the whole for the whole team. This is these are the five things that you have to to do on offense defense and special teams in order to win this game if you don't do -- you're not gonna win. So I think he created a great team atmosphere and I think the other thing I learned from bill was. How to evaluate talent you know what goes into that what are your needs -- the team and then. Are you gonna fit those needs when you when you look at a student athlete here Penn State that's the common in here. You know I think. Those are the two things that I learned but then just -- bill I I think every every week. He understood that it was a different challenge and so he he put it to us as assistant coaches. To make sure that we came up with the best game -- possible because every week was different and that's what we try to do your -- It's is bill or or Tom Brady or anybody allowed to put a phone call to a prospective Penn State -- say. You know just help. -- -- I wish they were very you know that be not very legal so it but I wish they were. -- We you're you're recruiting -- sounds good but it's different for you we -- not you know it's not a traditional. Recruiting experience don't you have to. Isn't it on the ghost of sandusky in the room every time you're in the someone's living room -- kitchen. You know I tell you one -- it did that we do here is when that when the question does arise which it doesn't really -- that much but what it does come up we answered honestly. We tell them that. A terrible terrible thing happened here and and adults made some very very awful decisions but that we move forward and and so we talk about how to we move forward and we told apparent that. We understood this year that that many things around here were a lot bigger than football for instance we've become very. Very close to -- an organization called. You know we try to be very honest with the parents about how. How it affected current state but also what we've done -- to really move the program forward and also do our part to put an end of that terrible. Epidemic. Is this art is this area still fertile ground for pence that I know you lost the couple kappa memorial kids last year are you is this one way. The chicken and come back to prominence is by. In a finding some -- appear in the northeast that may be Ohio State may be Michigan outlook and a. Yeah no question I think last year when when no when the two guys. From Catholic memorial decided to go to Ohio State you know I don't think I've been hired her -- just an I doing anything give me a chance to get to know them so. You know what what are you gonna do there you know they just chose to go on a different direction I think. As the future goes I know right now and my alma mater at saint John's prep there's some really good. Is there some studs there I saw them in the post season -- you guys. First -- -- got a 150 kids to get a 150 kids on the sideline and they have some stunts that will be a good little pipeline for you. Yes so you know there's definitely. A bunch of good players and in Massachusetts and and then New England that we think would be great fit for current state. The click cliche is the NFL's it quarterback driven league and surely it is bill O'Brien and quarterback struggled in team's struggle what's Sanchez last night with a four pick game MS and a and a fumble they lost the game -- Cutler sliding in Chicago and rivers and Sanchez in an Arizona -- guys through that program -- you see some young guys like RG 3M lock and Wilson command. And take over the league it'll take the league by the horns and an end. And really make a difference there what do you think the theory is that has these young players coming in playing so well and raising the level of their teams where these veterans like Cutler and Sanchez and rivers at -- at their teams. That's an interesting question I haven't watched that -- NFL football this year I've watched some games I have watched luck play have watched the ORG three put. I think that these guys. Are very bright guys and I think that they've been surrounded -- Some some good veteran players you know if you look at the Redskins I know that they're playing very well on defense and they have a very good defense I think that. You know you look at Indianapolis and and you've got look there was -- Reggie Wayne and some good some good players around him on offense and I can't I can't -- give you a reason why so guys are struggling -- guys are but I know that a deposition. He -- guy with a very very. Quick brain guy that came obviously has great talent but they can think. Very very quickly and and in the Natalie that's which -- is really what depositions. And beyond that the physical aspect -- thought processing what's that's Tom Brady apart from just about everybody else the plays a position. Where you know where where do you start. You know I think he is starts with preparation. He's such a bright guy always said about Tom. That you know here's a guy that's tremendous quarterback and has had a great career but he could do a lot of different things he probably could have been a doctor he -- been a lawyer. You know he could have done a lot of different things and excelled at those career the other is a fantastic brain. He's he's very creative. He he understands on a week to week basis out of the game plan have to change he buys into that he's a great leader. -- you want to be coached. You really. Take the coaching well -- and you have to be a popular game when your coach and not everybody can coach him. And so I think god at the end of the day I think the defendant in new England and you know that area should be. Very very thankful that they have Tom Brady has their quarterback. So what was the highlight for year in year one for you Billy wasn't the win over Wisconsin and the year. Probably Jerry yet the end of the year just to win their game you know there's a team that will go to the Big Ten championship game based on the sanctions. At Penn State in Ohio State but you know still they were goal of the Big Ten championship game they're tough team. And I felt great for our our players you know. These kids -- 192021. Years old and they had to deal with a lot of stuff that you know you're I didn't have to and you look at that age you know and but don't really good for these thirty seniors you know and and and being able to the finish on a high note like that was a great locker room scene at the end and -- -- for those guys. You know the nature of the job if you do well. As soon as you know on the last game is over the rumors start sorry you know -- but the guy you just beat Wisconsin. We'll you know how long can you do it -- how long we hang in there at state college. Well you know I I plan on being here at that Penn State you know it's hard to deal with the rumors and I don't deal with speculation I just today I'm in the middle of staff meaning. Right now we're we're we're reviewing our own players on our own roster and where they're gonna fit for spring practice next year and and you know we take a little time off from recruiting right now because of the bowl season so we're getting some things done. In house so I just focus on Penn State I plan on being that coach at Penn State. Your your alma Mata beat your home town -- in the playoffs wasn't -- was -- fair I was 'cause it's. Private school in just loads up against the poor poor little public school but you're right there's some players -- therefore -- Oh yeah but they look both those coaches he did Perry's done a great job and analyze and obviously Jimmy O'Leary he was my coach and I think Johnson he's been there forever and and those are 22 great schools. He is a Penn state university football coach bill O'Brien joining us on the AT&T outlet -- good luck going for good luck on the recruits and happy holidays do differently. Thank god I appreciate it bill private doesn't cal alum AT&T got like AT&T forgy LTE. Doesn't make Obama sit -- and I went let the schedule -- realize it's not the toughest that on -- Michigan on their. And they don't have Michigan State on -- but we looked -- and said. Four wins maybe five maybe yeah on they have the usual. And help their cupcake in their opener Ohio beat them right he started -- tomb. He then went eight and two. With a Big Ten schedule. And then again you know Illinois beat Illinois northwestern. Being northwestern were detained and speaking of quarterbacks Iowa than any quarterback. Crushed Purdue. Beat Indiana and beat Wisconsin. In overtime -- -- -- that'll -- -- it was don't if I told you Dina yet for the year you'd say no no way Italy and -- be lucky to -- 34 game I just think probably the only recruiting advantage he has over anybody else that's going after somebody would be a quarterback as he said. I coached Tom Brady yeah but you know what Urban -- has an answer for that you know. Brady Hoke NC coach Tom Brady. And he played there right is that -- Charlie Charlie -- strategists say that in hell yeah that's got to -- Joseph -- had that going -- and what did it over it was an amazing coaching job of the names in the back of assurance but again if he knows it's not getting any easier 65 scholarships vs 85 stigma. Noble game which is one of the great reward you get and if you're a college kid but it was an incredible job and I haven't -- mean it was like he could not have done better and everyone -- and won the -- going to be Ohio won nine games. Adds to hasn't got -- Nolan to -- percent -- all -- are going to -- -- going to be like Ed shall it going to be. Long year and he didn't let him do it up for your phone calls next with that doesn't tell him. Joseph and he won a -- your special someone this holiday season voted best of Boston are making Jewelers is the place to get that perfect gift. The perfect price exceeding customer expectations for more than 100 years. With incredible value exceptional service. And the largest selection of diamonds fine jewelry and watches in all of New England. Will be looking apart -- exclusive collection we're designers like to Corey shall part and Greg group. They have at all and watches like Omega brightly and tackler -- apart making Jewelers in Boston Framingham and Nashua. Or making and dot com.

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