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Newtown CT continues to mourns as Funerals take place

Dec 18, 2012|

John and Gerry talked about the new developments coming from Newtown CT and how can we protect our schools and kids from this type of incident ever happening again.

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To Dennis and Callahan 9 o'clock -- Penn State university's head football coach Billy old Bryant will join Denis and -- and also recruiting that's yeah I -- -- he is this is probably. One of the years he concentrate on -- on again. Michigan Ohio Clinton and played him tough at some time Western Pennsylvania still will have those -- yards. Who will like to play for Penn State but it's a tough sell it's going to be tough to beat Urban Meyer refer guys in the on the active in the middle ground. So and then they have always looked up here of them has always been an appeal Penn State the north east. Last year they lost a couple of crews -- the moral kids who gonna go there. I think people they'll return suitable simple build and I don't blame them one bit but I'm sure he says. Doing his best it's a tough tough job last year as we say it was easy part. Right now there was very committed in the -- the names on the back of the jerseys for that commitment now getting new people to commit and replenish the the rosters can be difficult to Billy Billy Albright in the 9 o'clock hour. As I said going to the break is becoming more and more difficult -- for me to state. Really attuned to what's happening in Connecticut just because names and faces and stories and relationships are now being. Up presented to us where up until Saturday certainly through Friday the horrific nature of the crime. It was difficult to deal with but you didn't know any kids who didn't know any name you didn't see any parent you didn't. You can see the unspeakable grief on on mothers and fathers and Brothers and sisters spaces and now we are. But here's what new information. Is coming out of their as of yesterday and into this morning. Outlaw enforcement investigators have not unfortunately. Manager retrieve any data from the computer. -- all the destroyed the hard drive. It looks like he took steps to damage it he smashed it said an official. It's so far been an unsuccessful effort to record anything that might lead to some understanding of what might prompted the government. -- what are the five weapons. There -- five weapons registered to her at the school. Others another survivor that's an eagle was identified as the school's lead teacher Natalie -- she's forty years of age. Adam Lanza had no. Connection to the school none whatsoever. That lockdown we told you about yesterday in Connecticut was merely a case of wolf Prado -- -- when he to a Redding Connecticut had an umbrella. -- outward appearance of a samurai sword. A combat role created a lockdown in the Richfield Connecticut. -- and happened in the -- to mall last year and a brawl what do you buy your house. Like expenses Q should I don't know an umbrella that looks like -- I mean I've seen one that you know as a flask he could take the enough and fill it up yeah. Never heard one that looked like a sword but get ready for that kind of you know paranoia. We we also understand the financial. Freedom that mrs. lands as calm in the divorce proceedings in 2008. Citing irreconcilable -- differences separately seven years of marriage. They had joint custody of atom lands a bit here about resided primary primarily with the mother. She got a house. Mr. -- it was to provide 240000. Dollars a year in alimony starting in 2010. And that number increased up to 299000. Dollars through 2015. Missiles -- was responsible for -- reimbursed medical expenses both the settlement said. Wondering if they knew this was going to be a situation. Hospital optical psychiatric. And psychological. And nursing expenses. Were her responsibility. He had received a diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome and he attended Western Connecticut State University those of the facts she gets. 300 grand a year yeah a one point six million dollar home -- she was just hanging out the local pub. And bragging about our guns and hang in upper range. And and another interesting thing that he took trips to the range with mom and some separately by him he went by himself into the drive and -- a prime shooting range. I'm not sure -- regardless of driving I absolutely -- -- -- which guns in he Brockton. And which -- -- didn't but that shortly assault -- killed mom to savor from you know living through this certificates already has yet -- -- some some big -- some some heart in him no I don't think so at all so but -- certainly took care of him well accounts took good care of him and and you know he's still live with her and she still looked out for him and she got -- shoot you think he had a ring. And and by the way if he shot -- what she was sleeping. Isn't that showing some simple some empathy. And actually question -- crossed my mind mr. major why you know why her first what -- -- -- she was sleeping we know that she was in -- there may have been a confrontation -- she had told friends and she had told neighbors that she was losing a son he he was getting away from -- -- not -- he was lighting himself on fire but it wasn't to. Like passing her -- attacking her and don't know taking -- on on her and we also yesterday came. To meet a Sally Cox she's a sixty year old school nurse who has worked in the -- school for fifteen years and and I can't imagine when you hear the details of what she experienced and saw and heard that day at the elementary school. How this woman does not wake up sat bolt upright in bed every single night with nightmares take a listen to the story. As told by school nurse -- Cox. -- Loud popping noise I -- just something you never hurt my life. Your mind doesn't think that it could be that. But. When the secretary called out to me it would terror in her voice is just told me they were something terrible happened. She then took up. A hiding spot which would be under her desk in her office. There's an opening in the back for wiring. As I was crashing down and I acted just I could see late doorway because you put in the off issue into the office and then into my office. And when I heard the door close. It you know and he publicly walked in and I was looking. Thanks so I could see you from the knees down. Scioscia stay boots of this guy in black fatigues and she said -- -- were pointing out her. So he's scouring this office looking for his next victims and it just -- -- -- -- movie doesn't -- are more -- is that is. Whatever Mike Myers and hiding and shivering from them hoping that he goes looking for other victims. And even the one of the two now when thinker too injured. One of the two was injured when she was shot through the -- and so -- even suspected she's under the desk. He can just opened fire. And shooter from the desk consumer or through the hole though as she apparently saved her life by getting him think nobody was -- office and and good for her good for her. I'm not sure. What the principal. Could have done on the old child psychologist could've done they ran to the sound of the gunfire and for that I commend them they. Put the children first they tried to help. What'd she think she was gonna do when she got there. I don't think it's something you can process I think -- you'll run toward the disturbance. I don't know did you mean I I would think that almost anybody based on the the size of this before this insane to work if you can get past the gotten. It's certainly disarm him and take it away from so you think the the 47 year old principled woman. Was gonna -- I don't think she process that -- -- process achieves a principal of the school. And we here but school shootings all the time they won the med school than that in on the train them. It just seems like she was incredibly courageous. I just wonder what was she thinking she could do a minute I assume I don't know that on purpose put the intercom Maris mantle in the enter the intercom on my office here yeah all school could hear what was going on the could take precautions but I wonder what she was thinking. She's obviously. Very Smart very compassionate -- Twitter account. What bush thinks you can do which can. And this is why tell yeah you can laugh I think if there was a way she could be armed. Whether it's a -- -- a taser and -- or whatever of baseball bat. You'd say maybe she's taken I can get America stopped him but. Barring that what was she gonna I think it was just instinct and try to get. The source of what was going to be the disaster she obviously heard the front door shot out with 45 shots to blow a hole -- -- big enough for him to walk through. Heard that always knew something out of the ordinary and I'm not sure how in what ten seconds five seconds -- -- process seeing a a a person in black army fatigues and a mask on and an assault rifle in your school. And I guess -- instinct was simply. Get there and try to do so well I mean I -- out if she goes slow for. We're giving teachers credit victorious Soto credit for put the kids in the closet for telling. Lands that there on the -- toward trying promo for that the sent there. And given this other teacher credit for. Whole team. And get her name holding the child in is -- -- -- when they were both shot trying to protect him. -- did the principal. Called 911. Sally did right oak dale did -- the bitter and are interested did she com. On tried and only she made -- Jerry. And that's my point she's trying she's Smart she knows that -- trade for something you ever so -- I -- you are -- oh yeah okay let's would it will open the phones -- talk to -- investment they. Ever get. Any I don't say it's a formal training warning that this could happen. Of course you know it could have ultimately why you'll run and gun now because that your instinct the other. You can't operate on instinct -- is you have to operate I don't think the other people who -- the N com intercom. Heard. This impact. The nurse said. I didn't -- I couldn't fathom what was at first while popping sound I didn't know what was -- couldn't believe that that's what what is. Well this is what the -- space -- making some sort of snap decision is probably less than 23 seconds everybody else in the school Soto and the nurse and the secretary. Had this information at a minute two minutes three minutes to think about there is somebody who roaming the -- shooting indiscriminately at the same thing isn't it. Also so they heard the gunfire. And I asked the principle I'm Scott I'm asking her my asking you what did you think she was gonna do tackle him get that got away from him somehow -- from over and I suggested -- -- she should be armed is that he like mocking me yes she should have been armed. You should have an associate at a conference room at the conference with the counselor and she's gonna have a weapon in her in her hole in her desk -- holes yeah. When I was at a rock but she is caught conference troubled -- about her desk you go to -- office get the gone out in our holster in a pocketbook whenever I. I don't wanna do what 47 year old schooled nursery sixty year old school -- 47 year old school sensible to somehow have to be trained in in. Off hand to hand combat if you want armed guards in the -- what weapons in the school that you hire is -- thirty forced. Because that's what they're trained to do that is our only six -- -- do so we can train. A twenty year old. Cycle at the range the -- is great yet we can't -- -- 47 year old principal correct to use a weapon I get this field lots of them know how to use weapons. Maybe not in Connecticut but lots of them. -- in Texas and Oklahoma not use weapons. And they were probably thinking right now. Ottawa do if I hear gunfire I grabbed my weapon I stop them. Again a commander incredibly courageous incredibly selfless. I just wanna know which she thought she could do. Think about this you're talking about having a gun any principles draw. Horry -- which I could. Perhaps buying into more than that or -- -- access to it is is certainly limited depending on physically where she is at the time. But she provides no deterrent -- somebody come through that door if you have. An armed guard if you have somebody who looks like he does who have -- that the black fatigues on and is carrying a weapon. That provides a deterrent much like the sign that says you know of security in in place on your house it deters people from coming yet. UC -- sign on the door that says eight deed to your would have the securities Galarraga got next door saying it was not sure if that's how. Do well look they have a sign. A little sticker on the window. Well if they people Ehrlich robbing you -- robbing a store -- home. And they aren't sure if you have gone. They applause Jerry well you asked the question what do what was she thinking of gently -- teachers on my mother a lot of outs and I guarantee. Could talk to. It's not the right answer right at that point that's probably what they thought she could deal. Let me speak. That's a great point that ball and go before it was by all accounts. Charismatic. Articulate and polite and full of energy and probably ride -- -- thank -- talk him down talk them down instead it was just automatic. You know finger away we deal because think of achieves his bile that's great leaders in -- are gonna do -- that Twitter account -- If she would there. In -- she could've done something led them out of them classrooms found a way to get them out the back door behind them here to this. They lost a great leader -- and now they lost their leader. It's too bad I stepped up is best fickle I mean if it I don't even know she got to got to him with a taser. No probably not but then if I I -- with tweezers OK she knows. She has the dishonest man she has the take him down. He ports of government because he hadn't killed anybody that point now he just broke into the school each shot -- and rock broken shoot right I mean anything skaters Jamie and fully loaded and it's just yet by that point of making war. Eagle is what was it meet the left of the right into that first classroom. May be -- -- something to buy some time and -- an armed guard. In from. Lands momentum lands -- -- and I case ago Monday and I see an armed this is some security guard. And in the door and look -- and a cigarette artistic and I walk up to him home pollutants and like like Ben Affleck -- forced out bank loans that. And the and I do -- -- not a. If you Wear black army fatigues and your -- an assault what our rightful you're suggesting the guys smoke a cigarette not in oppression. No he's on duty on my -- every guarded every elementary school in America do you think it's fun guy you think the principles a better idea the -- haven't a piece in her -- yes she's gonna reach that and yes and and deter this guy more than -- guards standing at the -- yes indeed it when he heard the sirens. Brains out Gerri what -- congress guy gonna have a siren. Think every realize press is out of the law enforcement in the building he's checked out I've done he would not you -- ever done it at. Regard you pitches like Jason -- -- -- all going to be like ready to give duke Kolb I'd say it's a lot more formidable 47 I don't principle I don't I don't because she's Smart she's coaching and -- well trained. And and besides it's impractical it's impossible to -- armed guards at every school in the country it's not -- -- -- -- the -- we do we should we want that's what we thought we wanna do it why not why won't well the state budget reasons right that's one reason the budget. And the other reason is it's. It's not -- it's not you want to react in a -- cut policy. Also what 26 people really school so why -- -- just -- the principal -- No we get -- vast usually don't idea. -- principle we help you get what you what he won 26 that a guard you want 26. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Havana in a bubble because I guarantee you in all over the midwest council Texas Oklahoma Arizona. -- the principles trained in firearms owned firearms that would have no problem. -- -- weapon of personal protection with. You think and you look at other things during the course of the day will -- they'd be on guard for something like us know they are doing their principal and teacher duties they are teaching the kids administrate a school a -- would be there to watch out for the safety of the kids and not be distracted by. It's awful calls by -- paperwork might think you saw the cheer yeah we're pretty electric gods we see every day. -- could be. Playing with their phones and taken -- -- and smoke a cigarette away in terms of budget I think it would be a problem at all I don't think there is a single parent in this country who would not. Who would nuts. However he did with -- tax and -- whatever the case may be. Contribute ten bucks a year or what bucks a year to to pay the salary a place of an armed security forces in their public schools there's no doubt in my mind there's not a parent in the world would contribute to that your point yesterday that you -- -- -- was one Leo retired retired veterans or those those oral military right now -- ex ex military news a couple of those pictures were. A lot of movement are. Basically saying that would be. The ideal way to go now if you need any more. -- and I'm sure you don't. About what this event has done to shatter. The collective psyche of the people in Newtown Connecticut all you have to do is hear the account of -- Rosen now Jay -- public school nurse. Wasn't in the school -- Rosen was a neighbor his house is near the sandy -- elementary school. Listen to his account of what happened in the aftermath of the shooting. Two student and a famous city there. Bill until I went there. There there was a school bus driver and she said there's -- this incident. And I think just commitment. It's. Over the next it. Little. These two boys -- thing. We can't go back to school we can't go back to school. My teachers dad does this photo we go to the teacher. I couldn't believe. It could take. They had no idea what a woman came to mind. The face looked frozen until. I've never saved. -- She said. Is bad boy yeah I heard there were six kids. She said that name the child. Like the attitude of the -- that's where she thought maybe a miracle of god. Had a child. I look at it as. It's. So consider that. He's on the periphery of this event he wasn't hiding under the desk he didn't hear the gunshots. He didn't see the aftermath he didn't have to shield his eyes as he left the building. This is a guy who owns a house near the school were six kids came and state. For safety sake after escaping and having seen. Their teacher Soto guilt. So to what degree are there. Psyches damaged going to. It's unfathomable and I -- bill Cameron fox. Who's reporting from the same city just went out to dinner and is that the local restaurant. And people all around term. -- -- Crying and controllable in a sitting in a restaurant. Sitting at the buy in a waiting to have dinner and they geez couldn't they couldn't talk they could -- of the couldn't. Because they couldn't stop crying and they might be family members they might be neighbors they might just be people might be first responders -- Pete. You know friends and neighbors and cousins and uncles and -- all of the victims it's -- far reaching you can't even grasp it it's the -- can imagine. Do you think anyone in this town. Is not completely devastated and I know there's nothing worse -- apparent everybody killing everybody let's everybody. I mean yesterday. You talked about images that now coming into the just focus. -- check and those funeral. Jack -- in his little casket. Held stuffed whales in rosary beads in his open pure white casket. He was buried in his Victor Cruz -- Is a six year old kid in an open white casket. With stuffed whales and rosary beads in his. Family I think it's. Family member who did the eulogy. And the other -- no Posner his mother did the eulogy -- drives are at Sean made it like halfway through Michael lupica has a column on this questions. Blows -- away I mean his mother. Is attempting to do a funeral her six year old who and having. -- -- In my car accident you know wasn't a disease who's the most inexplicable. Act of evil he could ever imagine. And what do you do when you're Indies funerals in these weeks trying to make sense of it try to get to -- humans not where do you go with this when you -- you know. I mean do you you you -- -- mean you pray. What do you do if your mom or dad your life. As you knew it is over the mom know oppose posters mom sobbed as she talked of seeing her son again in the after -- quote no. You'll not pass through this way again I can only believe that you were planted on earth to bloom in heaven knows older brother Michael who strained to speak. Said. When my sister told Noah. And no as a twin sister by the way who survived. When my sister told know what I love you. No would always respond not as much as I love you that the three of them were in the school they got two of the three kids out how to end of the school and one. And didn't make. It's because they couldn't keep because the twins were allowed to be in the same class from together you know there's another -- on this gonna take place here and and the school nurse. And. Telling -- Celek -- thank you is probably going to be a victim this there is always win there are these. Large. Casualty situations whether it's a bus crash or plane crash survivors guilt. And so how many times since and how many times going forward. Do you think she able wrestle with the idea of what else could I have done right but I've done something else she did call 911 I would give her credit for that. She certainly saved her old life but I guarantee you there will be moments there'll be times. Were Celek talks sits alone in her house and says. What could I have done. And she has to hear about victorious -- oh yes and on the heels who shielded and saved. Kids. At least seven and so I mean the story. Of in this the first -- heard of this story in the future. Who bush deal that the that the teacher's -- and Marie Murphy. She took six year old Dylan Barkley in her arms they owned the two of them dead and she was -- hugging him. When they found them and Dylan's parents Dylan's. Parents and we take great comfort in knowing that Dylan was not alone yeah when he died it was wrapped in the arms of this amazing aid. You get these stories of incredible role -- it was a -- and courage and so -- the top of the list. But you write the cocked his secretary of the cut and what if -- -- -- sister. Who was the famous picture -- -- phone screaming at or the principal harsh capacities their name in the on. Harsh. Struggle with principles name. -- harsh wrong harsh hutch wrong. And harsher high touch touch sprung on much as on chickens. And step kids. They sign him why didn't you under the desk with mrs. Cox and why did you runs. -- interview with with with that gambling on -- -- over the husband of the -- old -- the old guy jokes about it like 25 measles she was -- Andy and -- one of the daughters and says if you bomb or hear what did you say it was it was she would say. The daughter said com -- And the -- and. Any jokes in out in tears and we always talk about how much older I am I was gonna leave her alone brown and here she is leaving me alone and they had to take comfort the fact that she was incredibly heroic and selfless. Just like Solis family does but don't you think can acquire a moment to send mom wanted to run for the woods will take your phone calls next we'll also hear from atom glances baby sitter Ryan crap we can back up Billy O'Brien. And state university of football coach joins us at 9 o'clock.

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