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Monday, December 17th Whiner Line

Dec 17, 2012|

Not a lot of people are ready to laugh after what went down in CT last Friday, but we'll do our best to try.

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed the wind like -- aren't buying ET TE Chris -- We -- discretion advised still don't blame -- -- -- and now losing Laura you're alive. And I want him I've done it will change did rule change it won't change because they -- change not not because of the big change because they wanna be champion and is now -- hardball interview this week out we give people an op number one. -- we're not charity. We cannot give him the game does -- -- big number three years we -- two. But very start of the game the very end of the game. That did not happen WEEI. Laurel near lives I would not tolerate. Players baton. Think it's about -- what is about the team I told him that he would do a better job -- right now taken a shower and come back and watching the game anymore and I don't believe that. Dial 6177793535. We cannot make decisions that cost -- And didn't come off the sideline and -- -- laurel near lives in you know what. I think this is how I believe okay I'm from the old school I believe this. I would rather play it would -- and just get penalized all the way. Until we got to do something else but evidently it and I know. Bet right now that person I've sold out to be a part of history and now it is all about them that it is about -- cannot win it. Cannot look at WEE nine I want winners I want people wanna win whiner line. -- do it just can't do it but usually don't you know Glenn and Steve I wonder lies. Mike Singletary didn't make it as a coach because he thought Vernon Davis was part of the problem. I wonder other steps. Just curious I thought he was the one responsible for getting -- Davis his act together it was hard to Neitzel story well like that you think you. Like Hollywood -- in the as far as story. I think Vernon Davis celebrated up and down. Every every every main street every every every every main drag him out every step backward I've ever imagined it and stay up front -- You know sometimes I do wrong and now. -- urgent. Now I I'm rich stories were for Davis credits. -- sure. Sounds should I needed -- yeah. Trying to yes you don't believe a coach singletary did that duplicates and you -- that. The indigenous role appreciated that he needed as a coach you can -- -- temperatures -- he's been head coach. Olympic zero I'm overweight. Yeah -- and consecutive weeks announcement this -- and then caught on camera command in consecutive weeks old he's got his gives him. On almost screwed up so excited each element of -- alive as is always trying to straddle it just try to kiss up to the right guy is trying to draw. Let alone that's not the way. Sorry I add them deeply sorry Verisign -- -- was barred by AT&T WEEI another development -- undergraduate but about spreads you bought AT&T. AT&T forgy LT TE was brings up. And times asked her. Yeah. -- -- -- -- act like. The occasion of the last three weeks of the media just a couple days. And just a couple days -- back tonight New York tomorrow. Yes yes Wednesday. No Thursday no Friday. Are the days. -- vacation days ago -- accused their ballot I'd like your style you know got to do my Christmas luckiest split up into Israel -- the three GAT and T rethink possible aren't -- let's do it. Yes I got up to bill Arnold for all the quite what you did on Saturday with the opening. A very difficult very. I don't like to -- out of the station but -- what people go. I'm going on demand part of the web site and what to do what about open because it was a really great help I would note is that normal. And then I agree I heard his opening and he was absolutely tremendous and it was great rider was great handling this subject -- I've got to tell you. Yeah I I felt really good about our radio station this weekend. And certainly. On Friday. In being willing to tackle the subject and it's very difficult and there -- a lot of guys who work in the sports industry. You veer away from sports and actually deal with real life. Some people can do what some people can't I'm proud to say that I worked with a lot of people who can't do what. Did do it didn't do well and -- -- good. That sports was on the back burner for all that this country is set to deal with the early days and do you have any quotes from -- over the weekend. I heard that intersection happy and is excellent and does surprise me dale gets it understands it. And I tell -- it was so difficult. Today I think for everybody you're sending your kids off to -- -- dogs just our planet in our school obviously we had we had police and security there at the school because. You know -- nobody wants to take -- a chance this quick. Awful awful awful of the the event on Friday but it it was difficult to define a pivotal of course -- this. Thinking about it met here India. The president speak last night cooking instrument did you and then you know you and everybody went over the name names at the and you heard need to do whimpering and not a proud you know those are the relatives and I agree with you literally in your kids in the community you think about. Kids whether it's. You know some of them are are young enough for her -- whether it's play dates or. Piano recitals or soccer games or. Just holiday this time a year for a place you know kids are involved -- -- certain things and fair. One day and then it's over. That -- here to hear the president say. That these kids work called home. And they have any reached twelve years old yet. It's heartbreaking beyond belief is that it's a sad story is just that it is the -- story that I can think of a long time migrant. Maybe after. You know I accept that -- show last week I think he would cut up but the shelves over the last it was those few games when you have all of a lot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You'll call now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They read back I have a if you don't have to look at the pregnant yeah. I don't ever. And act and -- I don't -- yeah. -- I. I didn't. And stand by that because she'll hear it on my close -- to afford to have million dollars and that. And. -- -- -- -- -- Tell me what did the fascination. With the group. What -- fascination. If it is true -- J. D. Drew. There. -- -- -- came true and you call right now -- busy being even you know somewhere. Please leave a message out exactly right and it very. Doctor Andy thanks. And that message. And. And they did what blast but let's start at about they have went back into bat boys are doing very big. Billion dollars -- in. And that message. And support. Our. -- -- it and that message. -- what I don't think he joked -- he can out -- -- there are no Dick he's in baseball. My fellow patriots fans abuse the hell out of me. Always -- would find the most beautiful thing you know talks are always going to aren't that good yeah. It's like trying to find our hundred dollar bill in equipment baby's diaper okay bit odd that. Doing a lot of bad stuff they're just like the grand baby -- -- sorry truth. Some stuff file that notice yesterday and today is trying to build up this Monday Night Football game between the jets. And the Tennessee Titans I'm excited about it jets. Playoff hopes are alive. That's annual if the jets and at Macon plant just expand to sixteen. -- doesn't -- show our they think about the historical element guys that's the new titans all hole the old guy -- you reflect that are most people cut -- connection. -- which Israel is usually. Very. It's what I want to bowl preview I think I've got an app that -- guys walking back. -- I really didn't say that. I -- -- talk show us your shot. -- -- -- -- -- -- Economic and picked up he wanted his career. He's got a couple times Billy -- you know that one of the privacy. Years ago. And I can't count. Would have been a tough. Kind of hunt. I hope someday they'll I write an autobiography. And hostility that the forward. It is affordably at 500 and the bad days well. -- -- autobiography. Out. -- Don't pan down there. -- -- -- -- And I talked. In the words about -- got you. And a message. Michael you brought up the point that it can see it they go because of content -- -- -- cut big no no they haven't. About -- more -- I thought anybody. I think that has so yeah I mean I -- What happened here that it would be happy go president have to go. You know -- -- it. Two point is that the well and I was that the little guy now switching over to bingo -- that different to different ask jeeves that's like -- get fifteen years ago. Still out there like idiots would just ask -- last that you asked gee we'll Ask.com. Sheets. I am the -- of the -- in the -- And yet but I thought they had as possible. -- game and you know lots. -- -- -- political life. Who would bet on this game at two digits over here doesn't it just you know -- -- the jets yes yes you're -- -- -- pages to me last night that's. Losing is -- thirteen -- 90. You know. They don't want to let cowboys yesterday. So that Jerry Jones is celebrating its fiftieth in Europe -- -- You are not brought I think he's got -- -- equipment including popular in Canada states. And I applaud. And I've been here on it was Gloria over days and I've been here when it was and so having said that. I won't -- -- Any old. Probably rather than -- opened that door about expanding the outplay. I was opening the one of the national media days that that would resulted opening game of the ban would get tired. I'd like car. I haven't got I've got bad. I'm gonna hit I don't. And that -- stupidest thing I've ever heard of stop it. Roger Goodell just -- one stop it. Rob. Product the word. It is every bit about who candidates tackle has got to do Latvia where it belongs to where I have read about it. That would have a couple -- there were quite good Reynolds. It's better -- who's got an apartment. And. Well. Well you look at the women involved no I don't think got to be black enough for rob Parker conniving -- Ali rob Parker prototype for tiger -- -- really -- black. Do what Tiger Woods to cheat on his wife. With some black women okay that's what -- otherwise and I know exactly what Tiger Woods -- after a black woman is no doubt that tiger tigers eliminated. From the from the Parker ratings. It was a there was an actual chart this weekend in order to rob Parker. Being the top. New crew Marty made to -- -- -- patrons say yeah court there. That the video game and it's so thirteen is coming out a with the way the NHL he. Is going it would only be appropriate that they elect Kirk don't make the video. -- -- Why analyze aren't part of the audience it is the holiday season agents and four GL TE was up their agenda especially the Reggie AT&T robbery thing possible.

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