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Bill Belichick: Ball Security (or lack thereof) helped seal our fate vs. the 49ers

Dec 17, 2012|

Michael, Glenn and Steve DeOssie talk with the head coach of your New England Patriots Bill Belichick. We get Bill's thoughts on the terrible first half played by the entire Pats team, the almost comeback, and some key plays like going for it on 4th and 2 deep in their own territory late in the game.

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Go to big show -- year old are -- Gillette Stadium it is patriots Monday or delay holly -- -- And time for our no nonsense conversation with a coach Bill Belichick brought you by SP -- the no nonsense life insurance company. Now offering new lower rates for men and women call 888 get SP alive or visit SB -- dot com. For you were frequently don't -- Running you know Clinton Michael I don't know -- -- -- you look back at one of those bill we have. Had a phenomenal second half a phenomenal eight minutes both on offense and defense. And yet you gave up so much in the first half Heidi of how do you look at that packet that. Religious and it is hard enough Aniston didn't do anything well. -- -- It just amazing to see so many mistakes early on this football game and yet you would there at the end of an opportunity to win it -- very. Tools they said historically you just don't see games like that. Well we did some good things and words of thanks not so good and yeah. It's too many things or does when one of them. How how do you prepare. And you guys look at everything how do you prepare for weather conditions like that when you don't have them during the week does seem like. A couple of guys. Really entering in particular where -- thrown off by the conditions how do you prepare for those conditions. Well -- -- we practice and what are we practice and so we've practiced and what weather before maybe not this week that in the weeks that it's at Seattle. So it's a cumulative. Acumen of that -- it's windy out there somebody is -- on this it's colds illness strain and so -- over the course of time I think eventually it -- on them before and. And I've asked this before I think I -- I feel about it but I'll ask you anyway. If you don't believe that that should. Ever being excuse even if it's it's raining it's is it snowing I mean that's just. The hand you've been dealt and you got to figure out a way to deal. That is that accurate. There -- -- same conditions that are so. We surprise it was a factor for the those guys if you can think it was a factor. That that went into the fumbles from -- and from from Ridley. Politics there's no question walking out there pregame warm -- that you knew this is those game that was convenient. On the ball security is going to be a factor in the game I don't think there's any question about. Analyst. They had issues Lou we have issues -- and on our end and we just we need to we need to minimize those. Obviously. It too. Few hoops swings where things went. So Brad Richard 313 and then things turn around you tied the game up. Can you feel those wings as they're happening war. See anything that initiates the -- good or bad one way or the other a commute doesn't oversee markets. I guess snowballing from when we do one reasonably over. I don't know I think we we try to look at it -- just gonna play one play at a time men don't think you can play anymore than that. They can look ahead to the next call or something like but for the most part it's got a -- there. Play one play at a time and long -- enough time you can string and -- that plays together than. Navy couldn't and bring me bring things back. To where it's competitive. So we're you know we currently do. It's. Now think you can think too much down the road I think you've got to think about what what can we do in this series who do this position we do with. This -- And make that a good play and then move on. -- the next lagoon. Do you ever have CEO office we did defensively. A certain call which might have your back pocket just say okay. I need to stem the tide this we are you to turn of the tide -- -- this play there's nothing. Out of the -- people we can use as quick as I know what's gonna it's gonna have the desired effect. Well I think you know while I think and that that case it's it's a situation played probably have a couple of those in every game Monday. Calls offensively defensively. And kicking and that are. If the situations right efforts. Minutes of the work on -- news all year and in Houston while. And you would come to if if the situation unfold that way I think that's so I think those are definitely in play. But that's that's one place at the -- that -- -- right. Right time situation with or Korea or approximately what what you were -- need to play in an. Here's that we have emphasis on the work for. Fortune to situation you go forward and it looked as if they were giving the spaced awarded you needed two yards. And it seemed to be a deeper pattern was that communication mess up just overthrown pass what happened. Now obviously and execute the plays quickly want to use them. -- a lot of -- last night. Chris Collins were -- something during the game I'm sure you are plugged into the broadcast of college worth the Michael's but he did say. Just sometimes the worst thing is to sit around all we can end here are you gonna win the Super Bowl and last week. The rave reviews are coming in after the Houston when. Are you ever get concerned about that he concern about your team being exposed to so many people and immediately got -- ESPN on here NFL network WEEI. You going on and on how about how great the team as you get concerned about. Managing that and telling your team just. Block out all the Talking Heads. Going to be a fact. Juliet surely throughout -- musical all the talk doesn't really mean anything one way or the other I mean good or bad doesn't really mean and thanks so. Applicant that it shouldn't affect us we should try not to let it affect us not saying guys don't hear it -- Or wherever it doesn't have anything to do with the outcome of the game it's so this -- should be important. Let's go to bed with them. You always emphasize special teams and how important it is in the game and it seemed to be ultra important last night just look at the field position. You had vs what. They had. Including -- course for 62 yard return late in the game the penalties on on the punts. We disappointed them in your special teams last night. As the -- -- think that we performed well enough in an area coaching playing offense defense special teams running game. Passing game. -- and we just didn't play up to the level that we need to play to. That we have played two. That I think we're capable Clinton and coaching -- so it is just wasn't good enough. So no it wasn't an affinity here. The coaching bring up what every one -- -- -- the same thing about at all. That's -- ones are you getting enough fun you kickoff returns with that give them according right now. Hello -- against teams doing so well collectively we need to we need to do a better job. I am working on -- on our moments and but it's. Certainly room for improvement. -- is said it wasn't good enough and any. Area of the game or coaching how would it how would it show itself and coaching what. What could you guys have done better as a coach -- if you if you have felt like it was good enough just in terms of preparing to team for what share for Cisco was was bringing to the table. -- -- assure them in coaching betterment and at least a better excuse than playing better. I mean there's always things that you can look back on so that we could do differently or do better. And so when you lose a game like we lost last night at I don't know I cannot feel like there's a coach. Mean how would you expect the coaches feel great job. With no no no I wouldn't expect that. I don't know what it feels -- -- don't feel so we all feel like we commitments on the veteran and that's. It's a competitive human nature it's that you want on your team I don't know how you can feel anything. We had a call earlier I promise that bring it -- -- ask -- the question what you know about the pressure on first down that on the play that Kraft -- who took for a touchdown to get my 38303031. Lead. Was it trying to. What what was the logic of of -- there in that situation. What was it desired results is trying to. Was it surprising them or was it that pressure had worked earlier and felt like. Absolutely we've done two other points in the game. -- we -- our calls a -- they made a good plan that we've. Certainly didn't work out the way we we thoughtful of them. Almost one player amenity and one of several wasn't. A real good one for us. Unfortunately. Well we've we've seen him a lot of the negative sort of all over but what other positives to take away from this game if finger. That your team can use to go to get better. Well I think any time -- -- in every game we've played I think there are positive and negatives and every game no matter how the game turned out when loss. Things you do well do. You -- off the suns you talk about the reason why those things went well the techniques that exclusion. The adjustments -- have to debate and the things that don't work out as well you're correct those mistakes and hope that with that situation or anything similar comes up again at Baylor excuse about -- excellence -- -- Seminal plays or Clinton and fortunately there were. Too -- play is that we're so good. You basically approached the the analytical part of of good players or bad place. The same way how why you what. Most conservative -- he's pretty much. Analyzes and what. Well I mean mean. See me you know you know -- and there they're good plays and there are parts of those plays sometimes that aren't good right. But it turns out to be a good play there are other players that are bad plays but. There are parts of those plays that are there are good they're done well but there was one break down along the way here to break council that would ever -- so. Know the result isn't good the so all the parts of the -- may be bigger ego than may be very good road so it's question again -- all put together all executed properly. Whatever the you know whatever particular situation and so. This doesn't play wasn't it didn't turn out well doesn't mean it wasn't anything good about it I mean there might about that but not necessarily. Or vice or so we've got plenty of good plays were. That's -- we've gotten away with something because it is they weren't in the right. Thing to take advantage of -- or. You know whatever happened danger we generally do it right that -- that it didn't show up because. And we we're gonna make the play but there's another part of the play -- wasn't executed well over coached well or whatever happens to billion. We get that fixed because -- next time it it could could be a problem so you missed them and if that happens it's every week that's in the that's almost every play -- You -- through a challenge flag on the almost. Ted -- fumble or maybe it was taken fumble or not. Much fun on the punt return. I saw one angle where I was convinced that it did touch and then there a couple of other angles. Look like you missed it did you have an angle that you felt was definitive and you you saw. The ball touch because she in -- -- something. No it was a real close play and and it and they was they put so. Open. It's it's it's a real close. So uncertain -- -- challenge. Right it just that this he even if you. You don't see it or not and that that situation and game where you can get possession. It's just. -- statistically percentage wise it's just the right time to throw the flag. What all that close. I mean I I thought that the ball did hit them myself. And I was out there alive. Look at some of the replays. You know I still think him in my of them and it's a very close play so. But in the end it was determined the ball didn't hit them so. You know if they accept that that's that's what the call and a little -- and I thought that it was. I thought that there was some evidence that it it did them but that. That wasn't the rule so -- defense. I think mr. -- challenges because we. We thought the that there was contact between. The returner in the ball. But it it was ruled that. So -- it looked like it was change in direction that you couldn't see the contact with. -- -- It seemed to be mass confusion out there at your post game press conference you basically said that it in the end -- Shockley got it in the crew got to correct. Why was -- so much confusion out there will. Well I think been in a state procedurally and the lady. Marked it and and that's. That's kind of where they they messed up and on Wednesday real sword. Well they disbanded the right thing. But I think that they over that -- state in the initial process. The -- and then and wants them wants challenges. Than they recognized them stake in the and made the rule on the ball not hitting return that was the rule. Again. It's possible and it was I think it all and you know where should event without assuming that the ball didn't hit him. If that that -- usually know if that's if you say okay we'll double that hit them then I think where was spotted whoever that is you know the way and it was news. A 100% actor. And after all set to run but certainly it was so some process there even when they spotted the ball but he. They had a recent audit. Five yours. Closer. Our goal line because it was miss spotted after that he has sort of all -- -- horrible recognize that they in this but when it was done I think that. Yeah -- -- dollars and a lot was said. -- -- the process before we actually. Got some real well would relive some of computing there was just confusing horses are much Blanco in the exploited it's almost like he made it worse yet voted -- and most coaches -- -- to -- so. That's why in the number 57 which didn't make any. Sense either. The other on outside about it now and again I think I didn't think it was. Again they have to make the call that double that number didn't hit them. We thought it did vote they said it and so okay that's the ruling but. Where the wave finally came out. I have no issues with. Then finally get it right. -- you had a situation where Brady hurried up the the offense because obviously he saw that one of his receivers was uncovered out there. At a timeout was called don't seem like it was after the snapper he seemed very upset about hit the ball down. How we can call in that situation. But honestly part of this. Was that prior to step. It's close it's close call. Of course you know politicos call timeout. At any at any time and he just that's the notify the this year official on his sideline. And if they official here's the time out before the ovals now then. And then time them. Could actually -- chance of blows will in all that and announces. Procedural thing and it's no different than ice in the kicker and those type of situations that if the if the official on the sideline. Gets the timeout signal from the head coach prior to -- -- -- then. Then he. -- as -- -- Jim wonders -- it and it affects you guys probably more than most teams that you're in no hurry up offense the goal line. Where they were setting up for the quarterback sneak in the hands off to to what did you -- the temple right here and they really weren't ready. For that employees so that is a big part of your offense does that hurt when they're coming out they're getting a timeout and the officials giving it to. Think Paul the affordable spent there they're entitled to do that in three times you know this will most -- was after the stuff the -- the Butler gets an idea -- well again that's. -- was after the snap that's after the snap benefits before us now than there are entitled to do so. That's that's the official's judgment I can't I can't make that judgment officials estimate that. I think that the most part they try to. They try to do the right thing I've certainly done that before an official -- you know just in gated in and time people's stories and there's other times that. I've gotten bitten. In. -- at times and so I mean sometimes it's very close there and and a lot of times that's what you're looking for you know you see them on the sideline you see that we have a problem with the play. That maybe they don't you know we don't see defensively quarterback doesn't see -- The clocks run -- down 42 whatever it is and some provinces as a coach from the sidelines this. Take that time out to try to prevent what you EC's happen and they you kind of alike and if you don't get it before the ball snapped and you don't get it if you do it and. You do. The coach's hours brought to you by Mercedes-Benz empire are making and Jewelers time now. A for the coach's question of the week brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers and their winter event going on now at your local Mercedes-Benz dealers on the web at MB USA dot com. Bill this week's question comes from Stephen west and he wants to know when did you realize that Tom Brady can be such a weapon in short yardage situations. He says he's guessing that wasn't part of his skill set college. Well well I think the big thing with thomas' business judgment and his decision making and -- so that was good college. Now obviously he's not. -- Enron for four and run it break tackles in the open field those stores make the right decisions on. It's what to do with -- we have optional vote play on line of scrimmage or. You know sneak in and that type thing that he does produce a final hole and get the ball. For the urgently need to get that I think he's very good at that. So are making pretty good open field tackle yesterday I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- In my field and he's accurate if I didn't do it. Bit in front of funny that you -- different jokes you know just trying to lighten up the mood here today -- that's solved. The no nonsense conversation with coach brought you by SP alive the no nonsense life insurance company now or for new lower rates for men and women. Call eight need to get SP -- or visit SB -- dot com. For your free -- good lucked -- in Jacksonville on -- they have a very very Merry Christmas to you windows and -- And we'll we'll we'll -- of accuracy of our likeness on it thank you got a Bill Belichick right here the big chill patriots Monday.

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