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Close but no cigar for the Patriots 2nd Half 28 point comeback vs. the 49ers

Dec 17, 2012|

Michael and Glenn go inside the numbers and look at the amazing offensive performance the Patriots put up when they scored four straight touchdowns in their comeback bid against the 49ers and the best defense in the league.

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I was gonna make before I'm numb unharmed ball which was interest because I thought overall he coached the really good game and as I said -- chances. Really not surprised anyone away from their successful -- and the manned coverage and then what's his own and that seemed to play right in. To what -- he wanted to do found some soft spots found some daylight got some some distance for his suffers it's the first receivers. I was shocked and then eventually they would back the man to man and obviously they were much better than a minute surprise tonight. Well. Not really because if if you if you think about it you -- man a man and you have no pastor. And -- pastor. So it advocates -- need it all comes yet they're getting pressure was for -- but it all comes back to yeah get pressure reform when you have -- as one -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- they sent to. They had -- linemen don't linemen but there's still. You have Justin Smith is one of the four. And at times evolved through this one of Nancy take one of those guys away it changes everything so you have no pass rush. No Justin Smith. And you net operating on him -- I think. I think it would just trying to mix it up to me they're just trying to keep the patriots off balance because. You can't keep doing the same thing over and over and expect to shut them down. If they continue to play man to man even if even if the pictures didn't have a comeback there would have -- to report to figure it out eventually. Well they did a great job they did not allow in this is that their Achilles all year long they have had difficulty with -- slot receiver. And Carlos Rogers who's been victimized numerous times this year played exceptionally well but if you noticed. Com. They didn't allow Welker. Inside without help. And they were physical with them as well but that did open up. -- and so Lloyd was the recipient of it and Brady was able to find him on the whole the killer -- to me was that forced -- -- I had no problem at all Michael. With them going for it on fourth and -- you may never see the ball back again. They have the perfect play to if you look at the first down marker. The quarters playing for potash or your it's all you have to do -- go underneath. Today anyone had in the past was appear overshadow. Was in the corner on them it was. The dollar was -- Colorado linebacker Gary EU's lead to better match with a linebacker backed off from the US -- -- -- were pointed out that he went eight yards and we need to go. Three or four it's going go to sticks and then turn around -- Well we'll have deployed that's I don't have a problem if you've got to play in it's they just didn't execute deploy. And it seemed to be that communication. A problem their big because they were not on the same page. Maybe that's he wasn't supposed to do that I don't know maybe he was most over the top I don't know but it I'm gonna go back to. What I said before the game by San Francisco. When healthy when healthy they have no weaknesses on defense and stick with that another layup gave up 34 points. Last night that's because you planet gets a great off yep let's -- you look at. You look at their defense in you wanna pick on somebody or some area and -- can pick on the guy you know and it's Carl's route to pick on him. Can't really pick on the safeties can't pick on the linebackers. Their line is very good in deep is just a tough. Tough. Team the -- so -- about there's no defense of touchdowns during that eight minute stretch where they could to scored 28 unanswered points right. They had done no special teams -- touchdowns during that span so they scored 28 points in a matter -- little over eight minutes. The patriots did against San Francisco a team that to this point coming into the game. Had never given up more than 24 for an entire game and an average given up fourteen per game. That's for the entire day. That -- that's him that's pretty damn impressive. -- -- It this way but that's what I think that their season high before yesterday it was 26. Was -- topics are -- got a with a victory okay that's right so. In eight minutes. They gave up more points in an eight minute stretch in -- had against any opponent policies. Like to see -- what does that mean I mean what I don't know and nobody's done it means you think that -- -- you know what is it mean they can't face only competition we can't say that after raving about him. This time last week or or well it will be tomorrow. After the Houston game we we went on and on about the patriots and their greatness in a league competition. So it's not that they can't deal with the -- competition. Is that. And and surprise surprise when they play like when he played sloppy football may be able. Anybody can jump right over right settled by the psychological factor that it will have down the road is too often we've seen teams teams and blowing teams out. In a month of December that come back and win against dancing team. In the postseason. A the only thing it does steal it obviously makes it more difficult. To get a box in the first round that's the one thing and that's not impossible. But it's gonna be very difficult for them to to pull that off yeah I think it's important you don't think is important is idea. Getting that that's first round bye I think don't like because like I've seen too many teams win would lower seats. And the other thing that happens we've seen it before. You can be looking at the playoff brackets. And then suddenly you get an upset -- Jacksonville goes into Denver. Knocks them off and suddenly you're the home team for the AFC championship game image stuff like that happens my -- strange things happen. We we always try to do play out what we think is going to happen. And it doesn't necessarily work out that it really does Pittsburgh loses that game in Dallas -- make the playoffs and you wanna know something. I still think got a good -- expert could knock up a top -- yeah you don't wanna you -- wanna faced them so -- Stranger things have happened as evident by last night's game here's Larry in Dorchester Hillary. AA -- I got a problem but Arrington yeah. The civil basic basic way to go wrong angle you know it feels kind of -- feet. And what is basically a tackle. Ball with a ballistic music he's gonna have our whole season -- one HA. Look the whole scene and than -- -- -- beaten easily have been evident compete in those buses that WEP. Which he's had his moments I denied a little Jewish overall. Overall has not -- -- -- he has not been a great season form I would agree that. The owl web the travel quality they typically at safety when did not what else. The child so reluctant and played that much and. There was -- story there are made YouTube showed up on the fifth quarter against them may ultimately customers ominous Celtics game last week with desired. With this kid is -- was a fan of the game you know similar replaces up on the field. It's anonymously and I agree that debt kick off without the killer. But to me was that was the play of the game and that's 62 at the gym you've come roaring back you've got on there right now. You've you've you can't give them good field position and I -- field position. Was a huge factor in last night's game at San Francisco constantly get themselves great field position. Patriots are constantly getting bad field position and they were screwing it up even worse because they have penalties on two different ports that set him back even deeper toward the end zone. Who who would think that the top teams in that division YouTube to your point of what we think is gonna happen and what actually happens I think at the top to do to top two teams. And NFC. NFC west. Would be so strong. You look at Seattle now. When the patriots before the patriots played Seattle is not tough place to play but seems not that the guy Russell Wilson the quarterback Matt and impressive rookie of Ottawa. You look at Seattle now what we know about Seattle we thought about Seattle before the patriots played -- And I think everybody who's ever Cisco is going to be good but just a look at it now at the end of the season a couple weeks left San Francisco and Seattle two very strong. Two viable playoff team to -- -- as you like that division was just one team everybody else was just you know up and coming or you're not that impressive. Two very impressive tonight. Things we use different Cisco going into the season was going to be one of the suitable for itself right that's off the average -- Seattle -- Seattle Israel but. Seattle is one phone call away one. Crossed out appeal away from losing their two starting quarterbacks. Social wait for the right that's an idea so what you wanna know something if it doesn't happen between now and next Sunday. And Justin Smith is not a 100% next week. -- who won a game in Seattle against San Francisco was good and I -- great admiration and respect for this team that we saw your last night. They'll lose that game that is a difficult place to play in your right Seattle's playing. At a very high level right now and a quarterback that can run so you saved in no Justin Smith you like Seattle and again I do you think Dick Sherman knows what to do with Colin traffic. Com. I think he does yes. I don't put it up and realize I don't I say I liked them as a neighbor yeah that's is there a different picture pictures of the enclosure.

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