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Logan Mankins, Patriots OL, on the Patriots 41-34 loss to San Francisco

Dec 17, 2012|

Logan Mankins joins Mut, Lou, and Troy Brown to discuss the Patriots disappointing 41-34 loss to San Francisco. He talks about the offense’s early struggles making conversions on 3rd down, and explains what worked while they crafted a comeback during the 4th quarter. He also gets into the advantages and disadvantages of playing a night game.

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House -- Mendez this this when this office is on my -- separating us I mean Drew Brees are plaguing us now from for an assist. Paris you know office in an agreement present offices on. Their own tough will remain today. As far as some -- believe in and in my six is. We've had office. Special court event. Go to -- -- mean do some things you they would do I just throws and and -- in -- when none and that's on me. They're guys that got us we should look at -- to all of randomness and there's no question about it. That was outstanding middle linebacker for the 49ers Patrick Willis and talking last night after the game about the Patriots offense -- in -- Troy Brown 93 point seven. WEEI one of the guys in charge of protecting Tom Brady last night the patriots loss to the 49ers. Is Logan Mankins slogan joining us on the AT&T hotline. What can you hear Patrick Willis talk about your offense like that I'm curious how would you describe their defense and the way they played against you guys last night. Well they're pretty good defense in. They showed -- set down their pretty good the first task though. They had there's some answers for us and we finally picked it up in the second half but as a little too late. I would look at this game -- -- of -- -- surprise -- you guys came out of the gate was it was during thing. Surprise on on from from their side of it net front force and repression that running guys early on. You know they played good and we knew they had good players and but our overall execution our first -- pretty bad between the turnovers. That ability to guide them making good luck. Truffles. Just everything goes into it and when you have any mistake or not. -- -- -- I used that you -- not have an extra day to it to really get out there prepare. I believe you guys as well wizard produces almost like -- -- -- but. You thing and I have managed to get ready for the him. Kind attributed to just slow start this game. You know I don't know exactly maybe a little. I think guys are ready we just didn't start -- that didn't. If -- started off the way we played in the second half. We did done a lot better and you know anytime he played team that's only. Given up fourteen play fourteen points the game on average and I think we've put up thirty something yes we did pretty good there in the second half of which I did that a little bit better in the first set I think that are that are out of. You guys especially at home the second half the year that's amazing offensive numbers -- what is it like. In the huddle as you guys are struggling in their nose first thirty plus minutes is their frustration. That starts to -- because is Yemen converted on third down he really having a hard time when the football against that niners defense. Yet you know we we go on the field every time I expected and score that that's our job first and foremost and then. When you go out there and have that miniseries in a row or nothing good is happening to -- -- turnovers. Eight it does get a little frustrating. You just got to stay the course and we finally got it you know we needed to do in. That started coming together. -- back to back weeks nice guys gone against JJ watt Melvin Smith. Really compare or contrast to them both extremely down that we know that. They know they're both very good in. They're different types of players but -- main thing that vote as they're both very talented. And they both play hard so. When you get those two thing combinations together. Makes for a tough player to play against. I don't what what was the what what was the biggest difference. You know -- everybody raved about the Houston Texans on defense and they and their front seven. Last week. And how physical they could be in the and then you play against these guys this week what was the biggest if she's so into two groups. By the physical illness I don't know about the total front seven but the 49ers their front three in those two -- silent backers are pretty physical. As the lineman with the niners have a big physical strong. There really hard and they make you earn everything and exit in the you are in the running game productively that there Internet. Just get blown out there -- there's doubt guys that played their technique and plea to the defense and that's what dignity for a. You Lola and you guys in and in the way he does like the players take away. Though one person that can mess of the game for your Ramona -- I was in a couple of fuels -- on their defense but when this game started. We we saw Gordon Smith who has nineteen enhanced Thanksgiving you gather. Little bit of trouble they get some pressure on Tom and given Paul more a lot of trouble off -- is there and incited the gas quite awhile to do it is to get him under control and -- accuser and any helpful and help him out early in that early in the game. Yeah we we believe in the guys we got on that line and they do a great job each and every week as tackles and you know some weeks you're just gonna have one of the best guys in the league and you that. You better hope you have your best game that day and do good than. I think he pressured as a few times there and but for the most part I think that tackle is a pretty good -- and. Climate summit as they sold anyway on the harness that and he did he did he did responding got him under control in the second half it was really quiet. You know it's in Alaska -- that there when he was it to get some prison -- -- I thought he got himself on the control and and really -- -- on in the second half. Yes yes Nathan he'd been doing a great effort all year and only the second year and he's just gonna keep getting better and better as. This career -- and to. Logan Mankins joining us here patriots Monday obviously made adjustments because you came out he scored 28 a role in the second half against a really good defense. Was it as simple Logan as a scheme adjustment. Or was it eight attitude adjustment in that maybe. They out there or fit very physical early and did seem to take you guys little while to match their there's a Cali upfront. Yeah it. I've had a question few times now what did you do different. Things we did different was we executed better. We may better blocks guys are making more -- clear. You know little more in the running game. You don't catch the ball they complain. They. That's really came down to it as we can do good note -- of the first quarter and the second quarter of the executed and then. Once we started executing and everyone was playing together that's when we sort of move the ball -- and then. As they cut -- since everyone's going to be doing everything together. -- you guys you guys fought back in his game offensively put some points though. And time is up. Defense made some big stops you know getting the ball back for -- several times and scored. Then the big kick off return comes by alum Michael Jennings there at the -- Canada. Did you did you kind of feel as pressing question. Is -- field -- just kind of leave. The team a little bit of a big return. I think so. I don't think anyone -- expected that to happen. The O line or sit down there we're going all right the kick in. Defense like we know they're gonna hold a -- three now we're gonna get the ball good and scored when the doctor and disputed that long term and that hurt but we still doing edit and people do with Google -- that but he either tied or would it mean. It just didn't go our way -- make a play that we needed to unity. What goes in your mind when you take the field and edit and hockey league is the official for your game. At a and it's -- BO OK let's let -- answer here and it's just three of us just sit around talking football at broccoli you see him on the field logo what do you think. Well you always know there's going to be something controversial about this. Every time you see highlights and stuff like do we in the middle of it so. You just hope you're not on the on the team that. When he called Google news analyst. Can you can't can you confirm he's paid by the word Logan I heard that that's true can you confirm that. This -- thing because anybody is tan I was disappointed in that the guns are about to have a say. And what causes amount of the Huckabee is the recess of about two when he announced it was that girls -- -- -- But that explanation and a year on the sidelines break it took ten minutes slogan to explain that there was a legal pot but there was a penalty they're gonna challenging. It takes ten minutes with with decisions what this guy. It I don't know if he's carrying a rule book and -- investigate mediator what's going on both. It does take -- -- he's out there. How does this affect the players on the field because I'm sitting no Watson in the game with -- with some of the guys that Comcast and and -- tell -- I can literally feel. All of my excitement being sucked out of me through that hole par but I hope process and I'm I'm picking them Manson -- Watson. You know a pretty good football game right now you know for a change here in new only has seen many of those but. And then you go owned the tends to like twenty minutes when he's explaining this thing and and that is lost on excitement ahead of the game for awhile. If Tokyo on the sideline now you're just sitting there for ten minutes. The cold night getting it warmed up there when it's time to go back out there are so that they could just put in the part of the game there's so this. That that sit and be a part of the game and I've read and stop the game for ten minutes has no injury that is. It just over did not call right at that distance between that some of the replays now. Slip a bit ridiculous that you at the standard now for them along the fans at the sit there when televisions. You know fourteen and fifteen minutes and not see anything. You know it. Maybe we'll start at intermission when it. I I mean yeah I sure am totally epic -- call me you just think about it to him as they have time is twelve minutes long. You know -- is this another time and the -- Logan just came up with a new nickname for at intermission at hockey Diego lets -- -- -- with if -- ECE said there was last week that you don't have to be told about what the standings are now you know kind of where you are how important it would be. To get a bye with a loss last night things have changed. We. Were you Laura -- that coach spell check and asked apple update you want to after gains of four games however goes. No he's not been data on it. I think his team knows were we let one get away last night now with the number three seed. You know we've -- is gonna go out and try to win these last two games in but it's his -- and you do will be open those first two. Positions or we won't be in the first we can win the game so. We just noted we need to serve played our best football and he would do better than we did last night. Don't because the monetize it doesn't go on a different you know that produced all three phases yeah. -- we are here trust -- we're gonna do it mattered it was record we're gonna we know they're gonna give us our bench every team we play in this episode never. Every player every team they'd love to say they beat the patriots. Well -- -- -- I asked the arm -- the same question before you get out here. A lot of people Iran has them made reservations for New Orleans excessive they keep woman document the last night's game. Go unnoticed. -- the games. Through the play -- -- -- I think we could get there is that a lot of hard work and. He is slogan meg thanks -- answer here but I'll talk to -- have a great holiday Merry Christmas to you -- your small talk to you very -- I think getting through we -- -- Americans every single patriots Monday -- -- in -- 93 point seven WE -- we come back. We gotta talk quarterbacks because -- and I have battled over cap -- -- Alex Smith and -- -- -- the debate is all our. Cap critics the better guy you know some people -- from might disagree we'll talk Catholic Alex Smith next.

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