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Deion Branch on the Pats near-comeback and making 'too many mistakes'

Dec 17, 2012|

The wily vet joins Mut, Lou and Troy Brown to talk all things Pats-Niners, including his adjustments in his first week back with the team and trying to emulate Colin Kaepernick on the scout team during practice.

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Our two model -- not a three point seven WEEI patriots Monday live at Gillette Stadium Troy Brown -- here Deion Branch joins us here in studio we'll get to choice tweet. Coming up our interview with IDI brought to you by Verizon the official wireless and telecommunication provider of middle England patriots. Right back on the fire last night the field of a couple weeks away from the team did feel almost getting right back out there and Iran plays of the -- -- I was I was through that even -- began you know underground. And then turn contribute any kind of way. I was did you contribute in the week prior to that Reid is you playing college Katharine -- plain old quarterback option role. On the scout team offense is that true and that is that this. You know new -- -- from the -- gore. You know pick that and I you know just brewer -- in the -- you know they need to do that now do it. You know -- you know have our -- You know you don't cover up. They showed it's last and the freedom of result -- they judgments don't know ball sixty yards evidence Wilfork are you -- -- it's sixty IKEA I'm a better part. Progress. -- Straight drawback if you think this is -- deposit yeah. And of people out there residency has -- the as well the some of those guys well. Don't take it yeah. That will -- whiskey and her you know basically a dumb it's more soccer ball you know. First app was just just execution -- -- guys didn't execute it. You know that that separate -- defense fast quick -- yeah. You know and and they shouldn't come out and hit guys early on line to make until he did give them credit you know yeah that first at detect -- Kashmir that that this offense on none of this beat. You can you can sit on affair. You know so -- it's and again we knew we expect is that cool we get the first. You know and then we knew that was gonna happen. That they was we just didn't. We didn't respond as well as we shouldn't you know the first. Pretty much. -- game was played. They played a target and we played second and and that's pretty much Lou. And you were here for the Houston game where -- and you come back and -- them back on on Tuesday probably in New Jersey and do you think that the guy has just get. Too emotionally involved in the Houston game what an extra day that they lost not prepare for an hour before and that is because they just look awfully split. Bars and -- -- prepared for all dismissed early in the game because I thought -- He by himself alone early in that game disrupted everything work that's already -- -- your -- Not they lose the -- united. May benefit from the get up to and see what he was on what was going on for -- yes I think overall we. -- -- we we all through it the first you you know and it took some time and we did make. We've made some adjustments. But there was a problem and it's related to allow that to you this. They never released and a lot of help over to slowed early in the game. With them come and -- is learning even had a little swim move with his -- he was his. Real quick in his hands down and -- Rodham inviting -- space wired and and put a lot of -- and you guys couldn't or years and pick up third out. As you know with him doing his I mean -- an image that adjustment deal. Whereas some timely or nod against sold a lot of credit because I think he came back in the second half as the equity was guest tonight is that the -- in much better football and his team. And the second half against you know. You argued this -- and business yeah yeah he's. He's very -- his -- and thank -- yes you know we did a great -- fight and then we just. Start fighting back with -- late. Well I don't -- I mean a -- got a little bit early yet a lot of the hurry up types don't Brazilian team. And got away from it -- and they came back to a in the second half than in actually wrote because they got -- at the disaster took advantage of. Would they would his team here you you have to stay -- You know I think is the most you have to say that was unfortunate. You know. Doesn't have we had a couple of plays are working in -- a lot of times edited. But the thing is lose trying to -- stay balanced and that's article in this game sort of 75 times if this thing. You know would be in my make of these guys that -- is -- -- and that's there's -- wanted to do was there -- liberals out there and in that second half it seemed like they came out. A lot of man to man press very physical but the sick of it drop back into its own soda do you guys look more spacing and I was a little -- I mean they did it early in the game. In an updated and it legalistic and I think the thing is once we start movement. There's no way you posted on display man a man once we get going. You know I think earlier estimated grades album X and a lot of recovers is. It was very base what they would -- -- those equities or we. As deep as you don't have that opportunity to sit back and make body's different take some different calls when the teams -- on. So they have to people -- occurred you know napoleon's sort of player you said the weekly preparation -- pretty good it was raining it's probably could practice Deon may be led to believe that the team would. Come out flat in the first officer hapless mr. I don't know. Though we have three great days of practice. -- for prayer pretty because we had a great game plan going to -- just on my excuse to place. Early in the game I mean it. We could have -- half what we did in the second half. Who knows what about code. You know I mean it's. Definitely. I'm honestly. Absolutely nothing. Is that in early and Lotta Lotta we know there is zero -- first -- It and it looked like a totally different team from last week to this his right. And barrel a day ago really surprise and can I ask you to it they asked me when I came and I ask you this question to you surprised it. More surprises again as we're down 3130. More surprising guilty but it Monica come back to. I was more surprised third one victory. You know. Did we don't know we have that we can do that at any moment. Unfortunately. We dug ourselves wouldn't respond and so many points. So now we exert and so much energy trying to combat. And then once we get there and in you know -- say -- no mistake happens. And it just kind of takes out and what was it like it in halftime you have 1730. The same reasons one -- at a time. Even we was up at seventeenth reasonably decide. -- we gotta stay stay within our means -- -- -- an excuse these certain place. We'll take or that time -- -- -- is I was surprised actually you know 73 looked and civil bolted sort missed opportunities and really they could have been up -- point 43 or whatever might have been but at 173. He caught it half. Two quick turnover here in an -- -- 31 the period where I think that surprise -- you guys. I wouldn't you know that's and you guys don't have time kind of panic as you are you game plan but on a second half. Have to put turnovers. You just don't see that so I noticed it was. It was a against the -- yeah you know specify. You know what there was sapping our defense is great job. Did the game that they played given out of mistakes that we made office. You know and we all with the latest as things. But I think he did a great job of keeping that game. That is before -- -- -- gig going to which we did I was seventeen there and it was just. 73 especially. -- it could have easily been 31 apparently -- -- and Tammy -- asked to do you know ideas did a great job of keeping the game especially to stop it -- where before -- You know on -- -- we have to do that -- -- terminal was B yeah you know it -- -- big opponent scored some points and that was to Portugal and defense. In the first and it. You know reasonable it is it is great but -- some qualities and you know later in the game one particular team. Crabtree can when the game. That was an all out there and you appeared you know as some people question you know as one of the people question. Born -- -- and no momentum. Way. Nothing cool themselves enemy couldn't get -- stay on the field -- and replace. It is the ultimate outrage. And Osama as ambulances and ten. And at that point in the game and it as the difference if requested it. They go all lobbyists and Newton and Clinton won one -- and you can put you back here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No I mean colts QB is that don't exist have audibly and we're glad that he gives up to play. You know we just in making. But trust me the opportunity was there explicitly is that because I think everybody is calling but -- -- to be more aggressive yeah that's an aggressive call you know you're made it caught -- explaining -- it -- you know that -- at a place just before that though. You -- of -- -- team on the kickoff return man. You can you can grab offensive you know -- Daytona. You know we've fought our way back when you -- Emerson and other small mistake happened here. Where you know -- is not -- it. Up again as -- -- -- -- -- defense. -- stop stop them amateur amateur in the and have a big like that you know on. Kickoff return. I think overall we hope for the stuff and -- when he -- them they plan would give Obama scored a game of you know but it then work -- way in. You know I just overall with the mistakes are mistakes made the first half of -- turnovers. Defending his team like that you can't. Expect when you can hope. You know you can do a lot of hope and what you can expect when a game like -- when you make that many mistakes against San Cisco I don't care who you play you know you just can't do that. I wouldn't call you -- -- your veteran in this league right now I got a couple young running back with some big fumbles yesterday Shane -- Steven -- -- affected Stephen -- -- he came in with us and said. He he hated sitting at the end of last year. Give any role in talking to those guys about ball security -- how -- that is when he had the -- turnovers. And brother of Oscar I think is more mentally. You know just makes at a gas to have positive. And -- to nobody's perfect. You know -- -- we're all in this together. You know everybody made a mistake last night and again -- right. You know the thing is now we just got to move forward continuing to abolish cars or you know it is. You you know what you have to do he knows equity has to do you know I think in overalls you know famously starred. The city Florida it was a moral justice dollop of plane that was just because. Our candidate is saying now because these don't know you know I think overall we can -- It was -- with -- and it was doing its fourth didn't about the field now busy week we saw marine fumble we have seen again run the risk -- sudden become -- gridlock. Quicksand I. Very I think of -- More Soto did we changed this out of office that things it was north of have you noticed they were. You know really when making their -- ago learned. You know just get bought on the field and it was -- unit you know the perception this team does change at all for me you know I still think you guys still it should are the best team in the AFC even. I think the last few weeks I looked at last -- running -- and at second half but our elected against teams with some questionable quarterbacks he really quite weren't sure of it. You get too stiff test the last couple weeks it -- was Houston you beat them down in the next game last night. This late in the season. And games like that kind of get you ready for the playoffs ahead of the playoffs and does that help you would you rather be challenge facing great teams in -- year as a measuring stick well you know it you know over I was talking to one of the guys on the other guys. You know with the game that we played last night that was a true test for yeah. You know so we can easily it is laws of the good laugh yeah we should it is edited and bond that we lost again. But the bottom line is. We didn't we didn't deserve to win the game with a plate that we put out on the football field but overall what -- what we knew about I think. Is that that mental toughness that we so we knew we had and we really displayed yesterday last night and we're gonna need that corner and. Bosnia is you guys you have the mental toughness and question the group is -- physical toughness. We're gonna -- you're an idiot. And what we think it is both audio and then. And asked the the thing that was the big question Newton. It is. Physically and -- opposite -- deal. -- all. Alden and just dismiss. Those types of people can -- with the models wearing a consistent basis. Way way you know overall I've -- -- -- orgasm and we can do it they showed it last night. I think here is what's it all eleven guys doing that there's whale you don't have to put out persona -- You know maybe we have to change a couple schemes and I know Costco and acute. He's going to a great overdoing it does he doesn't just give those guys ready and we came the second half and they barely. Tell -- zone when it. I think you know would do play -- and I wouldn't console quick stuff and gay guys go so there's a lot of different things that we know now. When I guess the team -- San Cisco what we have to do. You've seen this offensively just. Just work the way they worked their totals for drugs got approved when he extra points and can you explain what that's like that on the sidelines you don't 313 score seven. Then at seven more -- now you would then X one of any within a touchdown what what does that feel like what does the sidelines like when you just you guys it just. Work on all cylinders yeah everybody's pretty much cool. You know I know with those stories when -- -- is that there is like here we go we Dickey and jobs are because we we know that you know I thank you require replacement type of game that we. Yeah. I think it was. The though an epic. Four -- in general. You know we know we just played us. Well would be okay. That will pretty. You know -- elements and -- you know everybody knows that but we go out and -- often which -- for next week. OK. Okay -- I think it is is there -- Rio Vista oh -- This attention do you that today. I think. It pretty give me. Facets of the game dignity and I would have to go out what promises templates completely and it would it would probably take Friday and you go to an Apollo. You know in the first. That would point. There's a lot of these -- It's got votes -- counted into the -- too long night and it's about. It's. Going to be a tough game you know Leo. It is that it -- -- Let there will be the defense you know and you -- -- -- cap and it was a little bit. -- different -- you now we know we don't mafia like that he's a pretty good athlete don't see it he has is he's he's he's pretty good you know I think. I think he has a great -- thing. These you know. I got open a whole lot of bright and so I think that. As you know I don't know -- that week. And -- US but while some Alex Smith to and then. You want some -- where one with the biggest difference in the team because asked opening. -- runs pretty well right they don't we're in a book and -- it was -- because -- -- so. Is Asia now you approach that thank you more so. That they did you ski in -- -- really with a plastic. You know and I know as the room but what this -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean it -- guys who play in our last week yeah. You know percent. State -- -- -- an effort touchdown last year against the saints in Atlanta with Alex Smith in terms of the steam -- -- on this when would you -- and goes down and I was one of the ones who -- rookie -- is back. They signed Daunte Stallworth we surprising signed -- and was there a point where you wondered. My enemy back with the patriots -- No I wasn't surprised you know the team who has been with me and real. No bars at the. Don't you write that nobody -- healthy nobody's and who ultimately through the game that you just couple weeks in the Bahamas and a while ago. -- I promise you nobody's noted that. Nobody idea but I. Man isn't this made reservations when the city team as they happen. -- We got to do two weeks. Question they're both -- -- him -- as good as we rated. We're watching the game. And I know one thing we got eleven we probably all three phases right all three of three all three phases of Islam and the operation chaos at exit to the patriots --

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