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Craziest. Game. Ever: Mut and Lou recap Pats-Niners

Dec 17, 2012|

The boys look at back at one of the wildest football games they’ve ever seen and try and figure out what’s more surprising: the Pats falling behind by 28, or closing the gap. They also discuss how impressed they were by the 49ers and the offense’s ability to move the ball.

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Watch your Gillette Stadium patriots Monday much below 93 point seven WEEI -- meant to work OK given the traffic that was brutal today in the weather out there -- little snowy north but rainy here are around these parts and what -- or ten hours removed from. One of the craziest games I can remember in the history. The patriots playing here Gillette Stadium that was unbelievable last night 3133131. You lose by a touchdown -- to number -- crazier game here in this building now I don't. -- I mean not really when you think of that game and -- and it wasn't that clock ticking on a pro -- go home before 2 o'clock and put up and made a little bit longer. I -- actually -- is what it is and -- across I agree with you know Jerry asked you what you more surprised about you know being down 31. The 30 once you get the 31 all actually lose that game and -- it it did look like. The page to win this thing by two scores is enough time to -- moving the ball. I never. Ever imagined that game coming out 31 to three know. And never imagined seeing in this New England Patriots team. Do we talked about the Houston Texans -- and how do you feel about the Texans and there weren't ready for that type of game that they can't come out of the gate did index skidded to things will. The New England Patriots. The -- look like that for the first 35 minutes of that game. Know what what is going on here you know not been able to capitalize on turnovers. -- the ball over yourself. They're lucky to be down seventeen to 30 shocked that they came -- played decade in the way they did. I was shocked and stay at home. They came out and -- that but just -- it -- president. -- well I at least at home the last time I remember a game like that started like that was the Baltimore playoff game and they lost was -- the week before week seventeen. There hosting Baltimore that first round and Ray Rice goes what eighty yards up the middle the first play. That's of that higher first thirty plus minutes felt like the forty niners and all -- Smith in particular. A step publishing -- physical nature of football but the patriots didn't respond to you. They couldn't do anything on third down they couldn't get anything going on offense gave up big plays on defense. And I just felt like it was a boxing match where the opponent came out punched you in the mouth and it took Q4 ever and they get respond finally that second half. But it took way too long didn't it made me think about the adjustments they finally made and get into shotgun and spread that does 49ers got a little bit. It took forever to get to that point and for a game that meant everything in terms of seeding what -- two seed by a -- home field potentially throughout the AFC. I didn't expect to see that coming -- gates. It's a silly thing to go back and say what we thought about this game but I would've told you you're nuts. If you -- cap predicting company or 313. Before your team get the smelling salt and starts to get into any sort of offensive pattern even against a good defense of the 49ers before. Well let's just a physical team -- -- India and they're all good news I guess we'll get to all of the later on -- others -- there's not a defense that's like that you know in the AFC but dumb looking at the stats here as far as defensive numbers. In that what I see all the Smith. The RC one assist just one tackle. You know two quarterback hits that we know what the interception. The impact and I thought that he had early on in this game does not show up -- net stat sheet. I thought that the things that he was doing I felt like the first two -- three possessions. Tom Brady was already thinking of all the Smith he was talking to Brady Hillary's not -- not really responding. But he was quick couple of plays and -- -- one time adjustments Smith took I think was Mickens and sold her out he came out untouched -- in the middle. You know he gets to Tom Brady -- felt like he was always in his face you could tell that. It was there and it's not physical wise. They went up there and they hit that they they -- team and in San Francisco this is a very good very tough very fast defense even a guy like Aaron Hernandez. In my book. The way I look at him early on I felt like he was feeling those hits -- that interception you know that was even a third quarter but still alligator -- will be there one part of that ball you can just. You sort of saw ticket punched in directly into them in them both early on in this game they just didn't respond and I was shocked to see that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But Willis is all locked up on Hernandez Navarro Bowman. The patriots -- possession they get an eight yard play on first down. They try to -- what -- they run all the time the screenplay right what -- screen usually always picks up positive yardage. -- Bowman destroys the play and turns a third in two and what a third and eleven before -- fumbles the football away. I mean that just the simple play like that you're trying to run it -- Josh McDaniels staple screenplay. Blown up by Bowman. Whitner the physical reality in that safety position last Mike Rogers he got smoke late but. What how old Welker early that we added I am from CS and they -- -- word about Carlos Rogers I thought he played his. Pass off to those first thirty minutes taking Wes Welker -- out of the game but being physical. With Wes Welker but the defensive backs across the board were physical field. -- they did exactly. What Troy Brown you know what are we talking robots in these wide receivers and -- -- -- student -- last year. You know the one concern he had was teams that are playing aggressive man to man against these wide receivers. But it be able to get free. And then the patriots on the flip side defensively. Can they play man to man but there because there are times when you have to play -- -- third down third 53 61 of the press coverage. You talk what the -- is -- Cali that they brought. Exactly that -- -- Wes Welker. And -- with him watch that game last night that you know he hit him in the line of scrimmage when was the last time as anybody kind of done that yet the last time Wes Welker has that catch. Didn't have a catch in the first half. Mean just it's unheard of -- and I know we got his in the second half but still that first half not one catch for Wes Welker. And then doing the patriots he walked in today game. And this is why the NFL so long predictable this is why even expect that playoff game against the jets they -- in this game plus 24 new NFL. Return a ball over four times the return of over ten times all year long. In eagle -- that this game entered a ball four times now the weather have something to do with it maybe maybe the ball was slick. You know but it's some of those that Tom Brady the first interception on the dating to the weather. There's got that that was a bad decision. But Aaron Hernandez got alligator was so I thought it was a decision that was the Welker pick when he overthrew -- decision that was credited to all -- -- pressure earlier in the game. Where he sort of ran around with looking for that pressure just threw up because he knew. Smith had owned that offense of wanna patriots start any other team knows that they've been in many big games -- the side of it. -- what Steve accused Intel knows some opportunities than we get some turnovers they can't the they can't take advantage of it. Teledyne has fumbled six times here though that we lost one of them. And of on the flip side of that is you know they're not used to turning the football over. You know and and it just goes to show -- doesn't matter who you play whether it's San Francisco or Jacksonville whatever it is you turn a ball over you don't lose football games. That was -- playoffs playoff atmosphere -- -- there's no question about it -- it's going to playoffs they'll still be one of the favorites to win the AFC there's no question. Which turn a ball over just goes show you just. You -- -- -- football he's asleep he hears. The part of that first half because it did set up the entire tone for the game you know patriots came back to tie it that first half. Forced him and that major hole and there's a county from the 49ers was a big part of it here's the other part. Harbaugh and Greg -- Had a hell of -- game plan -- to come out of the gate you got army last week that was all over Gary Kubiak and why the hell is one of football. -- is gonna coach better Harbaugh. Will to go to Kapanen -- to go outside his comfort zone. They start that game to think that this emphasis go 49ers we all know that Frank Gore. Is their go to guy running the football here's their first drive. Crabtree quick ten Crabtree thirteen and I screenplay Randy Moss for eleven. When he got his butt kicked on that pass and still held onto hope that he ever pistol. The pistol offense there with a two running backs. Little miss direction. Big play there and then finally Randy Moss down the -- for touchdown. Six plays 63 per capita was out of his mind and up and Harbaugh did if your patriots man what you most fear. Spread your Patriots defense out pull the football and he did that to start the game when they did on the football Lou. It was not this I formation -- and fostered Texans crap. They -- -- -- what went try to run to -- will workers that's what we do it was in his direction well that is done inside your head off -- -- -- -- was terrific coaching guys Romans and Harbaugh. And a great game but it didn't break -- put that in and that full house pistol for this game that's what they do. Young that's what they do that wasn't an invention. You know that's what they've been doing went -- that they utilized it awfully well -- well I guess I was actually surprised I was waiting for and it never happened and I think com. -- -- -- We -- before allow people to talk with keeping him in the pocket not let him use his legs and and they really did a great job with that they kept them in the pocket I think he surprised them. With the shots he took down field. That it might have EP actually threw the ball now throw the ball six times but point plus more yards in a year and it was a few more. Plays of twenty yards or more but still just throwing the ball in the year. -- completed three of them all of them touchdowns I think he surprised them a lot with his pocket presence and actually going deep that was. That was the most pass attempts twenty plus yards or more he has all season all career even though it's a very short career. But I was surprised and a unit full house pistol. We just sort of expecting that read in him to sort of take it you know have bootleg whatever ticker running as a -- did that really never happened they never did Arnold. Got to cut the pictures off guard or what. He was able to do against them. But it was probably a good look to see this guy because you never know that they actually might -- -- once again. I would not surprising we site preview last than the Super Bowl in New Orleans but just that attacking offense early. An eight year. I don't wanna give Harbaugh all the credit committee -- went off the year Greg -- off -- coordinator prominent Republican Josh McDaniels all the credit for that game plan last week. Greg Romans who except Greg Roman set that offense up deserves the credit and hardball my guess is signed off on it was part of it. But didn't laid back then try to ball control they attacked early and attack what is still a weakness of the patriots no matter how you slice it. Big plays down field and spreading them out -- still have these. Like call mental breakdowns you know Alfonso Denard standard excuse me trying to guard two guys wants. Nobody rerouting -- Delanie Walker on the touchdown or -- -- Vernon Davis on almost -- that it was stuck still have the. The only way to go to later royals who have predict they did a great public McCord he offered their safety because if you could -- dead it was late getting over to walker. But be committed to walk -- Vernon Davis was wide open in the middle of the field as well he was just. Sort of stuck in no man's landing in you give credit -- -- capita because he did he -- you know coming out of that he looked. According off he'd looked left up according to bite in new -- guys to pick from. And it was a great pass by him so dead it was stuck. Overall in general you know that was that that rate there is in no man's land but overall that -- a good game especially early on that one. So I'd always say hopefully a Super Bowl preview per patriots fan above the -- the game last night we'll get to be the nuance of the patriots comeback but you know. I I led the charge this after this game last against the Houston Texans patriots go to the Super Bowl -- what that loss last night. The road to the Super Bowl in all likelihood changed significantly in the question becomes. Do you still feels confident in the patriots after week fifteen. As you after -- fourteenth 61777979237. Your phone number. 6177797937. You can text us on the eighteenth -- text line. At 37937. Or address that question get your phone calls toward brown ninety seconds.

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