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Tom Brady on the Patriots' comeback falling short: 'We kind of gave it to them'

Dec 17, 2012|

John and Gerry touch on the quarterback's feelings towards the tragedy that took place in Connecticut before going into the Pats' loss to the Niners on Sunday night. They discuss what triggered the Patriots closing the 28-point deficit in the second half as well as the miscues that prevented them from closing out the game.

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Our interview with Tom Brady -- brought you by northeast electrical distributors gallery BMW and buy staples Thomas always. Joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE good morning Tom Lauria. Good morning Gary I guess your stories like that that was somebody -- do the principal his wife was in this school kind of I even even a bad loss -- liked. Those in quite some balance balls based on the events of the past weekend. Yeah that's certainly puts a lot of things in perspective and -- all Verizon. You know really a tragedy and you know who knows why these things happen but it -- You know you realize. That -- exactly what what we did last night just paled in comparison to what. The families you know of the victims are feeling this -- up -- are popular with them. Hold as is Jack. Our. Team kindergarten. Yes. You mention -- know anyone anyone in harmony Harriman said. I -- and then you know as a parent it's just that's the -- strike he just I mean the most innocent you know beautiful children. You know in the world that that has so much of their lives ahead of them. You know -- -- it's it's taken away I. You know I. And then they're like this it's it's the sort of tragic. I'm guessing you plug your trio a little tighter a little longer a little harder to weaken. Yeah -- sure did and and you have those other things that you know you reflect on when you when and where and when things like this happen so. That's sort of like that never happens again. Let's talk some football here are you discouraged by the bad start more than you were encouraged by the comeback. And I think I look at them. And those kind of one in the same mental. You know when you when you dig yourself a hole you got to dig yourself out of it and that we -- we we almost did. We just didn't. You know do quite enough so. But there's really no mystery to not one point. Points were scored points for a -- offense it's it's not like there's different plays or -- we're just. Doing a better job with the ones that are called when -- twelve points and you know look I think I would say -- really. Proud of the fact that those guys never you know. -- -- to -- down twenty points you know quite a bit defensively and so you know we knew we had confidence the whole way at least. -- fought back through to get couldn't even score and we just couldn't get over the hump so. Outs and ask you -- gut back to even at 31 was their adult any -- your mind that you really get this done because there wasn't in mind when you got the 3130 wanna sit -- mission accomplished. You know we're down 31 of the three that was my thought so I didn't I didn't think any different area you know we are gonna come back in the game and you know a lot of our problems offensively were self inflicted and I had a lot of respects that defense they're very good they're rushed they cover. Their physical only if forced turnovers. You know assists a sloppy game by -- it was a it was sloppy game by boat team. And some respect. You know it should -- work quite as sloppy as we work. Why why do you have confidence when it's 31 of three white like you think -- you gonna come back when that game. -- -- the -- that kind of their quality and character of the guys that we got a lot of confidence that. And we could we can do it without that I was worried that we could score points. And put together a little before touched -- -- and broke yup the that's pretty good and so now we just we need to do that. It's just can't play. Whatever 45 minutes a good football against a good team you can't do it. He night Bates the offensive line as usual that a nice job of protecting you during that come back what was or something that changed the defense changed it. Had a game plan change. -- it didn't it just. No we we turned the ball over Lee. You know we had missed opportunities on third down. So you you know you can't predict what they're really sustain drives and can't. -- ninety give them the ball. America score points and -- and looked pretty bad but you know when you make in the place and there when -- making big plays and we made a bunch of them. You know you score points but that was -- that was the differences. It stopped play is it's you know what we do his players to excuse those place. I thought one of the more -- patriot like things was. The -- in ability to handle the weather given that situation given the visitors being in there I just assumed that all the time every time to pay to somehow -- able to. Set aside and and deal with the elements and you didn't do that in the first half yesterday. Why you know record edit thing it's it was -- you know both fans. You know I think they had. -- they fumbled three or four times in and got a -- back there. So we just we fumbled and didn't get a Vatican and you know the interceptions and those were there a costly mistakes so. Yes sometimes you get them sometimes you don't think -- thing that you. -- the plane and he's in and the weather conditions like that you know we've got to be more cognizant of taking care of the football it's always our number one goal every weekend. That we talk about all the things that we need to do to win the game. And we just don't do and and you know sure that's what we're gonna talk about today. 65. Attempts is that over your pitch count club. Yeah that's a lot of pros my I don't think that's so weird just save especially in a rainstorm you know that's not. But the kind of game -- -- player but that's the game ended up playing in and and we kind of forced ourselves into that side. Being down 48 points. And you know just. -- very good. The -- I think it felt like it was game on to a lot of us Tom when you hit -- who man. Down to the three yard line toward the end of the third quarter Chris calls. Chris calls -- -- estimate that was your seventeenth progression in in your read. Is that about right from the how many far down the list was cool man. But. That was the -- we drew it up for practice for -- president. You know they they some of the plays such strong no longer it and then that we anticipate yes they've faced. He did a great job Bratton make the catch him and you know almost give them the end zone. That was a the big play in the game so. You know there was a lot of excitement on our sideline you know being able. You know find their way back and find a way after. You know being down as many points as we were assistant -- It's just equally as pressure on your -- -- that the game and you got your credit report now. Can you let us in on what you were upset about when they called timeout you spiked the ball did you see some and did did they see the same thing that you might have exploited had that play have been run. What they were you know they were caught it tried caught Paramount and the ball got an app. And then you know they blew the whistle stop the play. You know and they say they called time -- and I was just an -- you got called probable for the players can't call about a little -- You know we have been covered receiver out there are so. And that -- I don't know these trees and few that I couldn't quite understand. That was your your frustration was -- Ad -- goalie. He's not the one that blew it dead as a as a great refereed just. And or someone else have blew it dead. -- on how often if ever. Do you run a particular place in a football game that you have not practiced that week. It definitely comes up. Especially short week like this where tiger as the week goes on you gain more and more competent to what you expect to see -- then. You know in the news -- use. On Friday after practices -- doesn't look we should probably think about doing this for Saturday. Based on this play which price compliment -- with this place so. It it's. It's not like it new protection and our new scheme and maybe just be that we. -- five or six weeks ago where a protection with a certain route that would knows what to do. But -- definitely. You you I think you told us before the beginning of the year you're goal is to win the division take care -- business. In the division which you obviously did again you've done it ten times now. More than any other quarterback when the division is one is the next thought. The first round by playing at home what is the next thought after the division is locked up. Well -- you know we don't. Get too far beyond. You know that Netflix support so we don't. We have thought about five playoffs or not and that's not really I thought it was about you know playing a very good team on Sunday Night Football and are the things we needed it to get that done. Now it's you know Jackson -- so our season's not over by any means. You know we lost to a good team playing you know very average -- all. So you know where were were whatever attendance for it's certainly you know about a great record but -- It's one that we've not where we deserve to be we've got -- -- be able to move on with mental processes we can put this plot behind different subjects ability. -- try to support him. Tom could -- be counterproductive. When the coaching staff sits down the guy who fumbles in the first quarter for the rest of the game and the reason I asked that is my guess is. He was part of the game plan he's the guy the got a lot of reps most of the reps during practice. And whether some punishment or one of the case may be he has sat down doesn't see the field very often after that can't that be counterproductive to what you're trying to accomplish. Out there after weeks with a practiced with that guy. I'm not sure you know it's not that's not my decision to decide who plays. You know I have a lot of confidence at all goes back further chain of Steven your brain dinner you know would be its. Girl very gets back they've done great things for us over the course of the season and we're gonna need all -- though. If you can't. You know we all have bad plays in the game we all have placed second tribute to us winning and losing games and that's part -- football and I think the great part about Martinez nobody points fingers at one. Evaluate what they need to do better if this is -- -- not one player that's responsible for this it's. You know all of us as players that have to do better drop. With two and a half minutes left fourth and one. Didn't seem to be a lot of deliberation fact we haven't heard anybody all morning who had a problem with that blows -- was that -- with with the decision to -- Ford did. Would have just go too deep on that on the test pattern. No I mean -- -- -- they. I've just been put it where I wanted to put it so it's it would have been a tough catch for him to make him. Yeah you know he played out of the game he he really. Final from a lot of space and -- ran hard. You know but before the one play -- and I wish I would have been able. You know get a -- great defense. Did you get a chance to visit with Randy Moss. Before or after the game. No I didn't see somebody I try to look from after the game but it I didn't I didn't find -- -- hit a good game he's played well he's. These are great players still is. And and Colin -- Q -- you you had a chance that. Now say hello after the game at least in the. Yes did I just wish him luck in the you know he's he's obviously got a win and that's the most important thing is when a football games and they're doing a great job that they got a good team. It was a shock. Tom when you tied it up -- -- -- anything that your that you finish the deal finish the job by a minute. I think a lot of people felt that way and cap for next you know to his credit brought him back and won the game. Yet that's you know -- we kind of gave it to him you know it at that point leave -- here you know we didn't do anything on offense and you know we didn't put up. You know the kind of fight that you know I wish we would have and we would've it would have been able to me. You know we got down -- try to that we got I'm thirtieth 31 and then didn't really do anything after that so. That was. You know those and I credit them play good defense of football and I wish we played better offensive football. Would you be surprised if you saw them again this year. Action tech -- would be next year. Yeah well I've -- That's. That's a long ways from now also we've got we've got to win a lot of games. And hopefully you know hopefully we can learn from our mistakes and not a repeat of. We beat and so would you be content to. -- -- could you know in January -- in the post season are we maybe see him this week. I'm not sure whatever you know whatever he's ready to go it's. He's a big help or offensively what he's able to do both an open game in the past -- You know he's he's really dynamic player for -- so whenever he's ready to go that's but I'm sure he's going to be out there and you know I'm certainly in other doctors and he's and I know that he doesn't wanna be sit out okay that. The more healthy guys we have the better team we're gonna have. Just -- all of you know -- spent an hour time during the week commit ourselves -- in this physically mentally prepared as we can possibly be and I know grown into that. You know whatever he's back he's back. Our Tom I think. At a -- will be talking to you next week somebody will be so well Merry Christmas happy holidays to you and your family and good luck -- -- people talked down the road. -- I thought I have a good week Tom Brady with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT ER chat with -- is brought to -- north east electrical distributors gallery BMW and buy staples.

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