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Boomer Esiason on Patriots-49ers, Josh Brent on the Cowboys sideline, and the Sandy Hook shooting

Dec 17, 2012|

Dennis and Callahan recap the Pats' near-comeback against the 49ers Sunday night and where things went so wrong early and so right later on for them. Before that, they discuss the tragedy in Newtown and Boomer's thoughts on the Cowboys' decision to allow Josh Brent on the sidelines after his DUI incident.

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Welcome back to a patriot Monday wake up to cough to a -- -- brought -- you by be surprisingly delicious farm house one coffee. It's just 99 cents any size and only at Cumberland farms. More slash and joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTD good morning boomer how aria. Guys are used part of our amber little bone tired yep will be our -- Up murder suicide Kansas City in Dallas a best friend and teammate drives drunk. And this weekend the unspeakable in Connecticut seems like we're going crazy here in this nation boomer. There really does but don't forget or can't stand either broke down here are good point that it has been nonstop and not for those of us who work -- library on television you know doesn't make it any -- here are shown up -- -- work in trying to offer some sort of words you can make sense of any of this stuff and certainly this tragedy in Newtown Connecticut is the worst of the worst and anybody who has children anybody knows anybody. Who has kids that are that age you realize he innocence that was taken and lost we. You know yesterday and and it felt that I ought to try to point out was there are many heroic people involved in this and no one of those -- to be -- Soto. A teacher who put herself from between the gunmen and the children and thank god for people like that that's Hawkins say -- those are the people what I'd like to think about as opposed to the horrific nature of what happened. You did a brilliant job by I gotta hand it to your -- we held it together I mean you almost lost the delta together I thought there was a great job nice touch. And also have to commend you for we all when we saw Josh Brent on the sideline we all -- our little offended that you have a little bigger platform. I'm guessing -- yeah you got some feedback for the comment the commentary had on Twitter about George Brett smiling on the cowboys' sideline. Well I would very probably 80% appreciated what I said 20% of psychosis and don't get it and don't understand at night. Certainly can appreciate Stacey Jackson Jerry Brown's mom. Wanting to cal was to be compassionate wanting them to support Josh French it looks that him as one of her own sons and I get all of that and I think that's fine and all that stuff should be behind. Closed doors behind the scenes should you should not be trotted out and spending on assignment it's very an absolute. Disgraced I think it's. That's an insult to anybody who's lost anybody. At the hands of a drunk driver and it's a major epidemic in this country and the sees somebody on that's hotline where in the you know without cowboy colors some laughs and an up and haven't a good time since the completely wrong message are multi -- You know the cowboys did it I spoke to a cowboy official yesterday in the first quarter and wanted to know exactly what they -- again. The cowboys pitted they said due in large part to be comments of Stacey Jackson boy understood that in the neck all the league and ask them is this -- league -- -- team issue. They said this historically eighteen issue we have no say over this but we can tell you that we're not very happy about it. I did ultimately have to go through Jerry Jones and get to sign off on his present -- the sideline ports yet you mean he's the owner he's got around the place and you know again I know there are very very tough spot and but Jim -- that are very good job in the pregame interview with Jason Garrett you know he asked Jason straight up you know. This is a drunk driver we are talking about here and Jason. I was you know I'm very matter of fact it could obviously we don't support drunk driving a man who does to be idiotic as someone said anything other than that. But the fact is they're very tough spot down there are recognized as they should. Certainly support judge Fred were not Stacey Jackson Jerry Brown's bump feels like they should but they shouldn't put about -- public again I you know. It's I hate sitting here talking about all these different things are much rather just talk about whether or not he should go for a fourth and everything output. And we do have a responsibility does it live television show there are a lot of things that are going on there are a lot of things that are on people's minds. And I had always Paul -- -- -- -- -- negative but in this case if it was just too obvious when I was just to outraged not to. Let's turn to football -- should the patriots fans should be encouraged or discouraged or encouraged by the comeback. We're discouraged by the hole they dug for themselves. Played -- the first half with terrible minerals like they couldn't handle whether Brett you don't call governor couldn't handle whether Steven Ridley obviously couldn't handle the weather. You know what they're good football team you know I I've picked the pitchers to win yesterday and I was certainly encouraged that they came back I mean this is routine and got a lot of pride in. I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that a loss is a good loss but. New pictures of America probably most likely play in the first round play -- it will host a playoff game against you know one of the wild cards. -- but it's really a bad thing program. You know playing more games and being involved more as opposed to taking time off from playing meaningless games. I think sometimes to be you know I help for people but. Again you know really just came down to just handling the weather being Smart about it and not stand that have supported understandable what a much better but. Effective as Chris -- was talking about yesterday and even you know how Michael's death. They were talking about how these forty yards and missed opportunities early in the game to game could have been even worse than it was. There in the second half but. You know the wild game yes -- was a while we can in the NFL. You know all this is gonna come down to the playoffs anywhere we all know that. And that's where hopefully -- -- and that Tom Brady and Steven Ridley and everybody else is gonna save their best. Did you like the fourth the -- down decision doesn't make sense to just say. What are the chances of getting two yards here as opposed to get the ball back -- length of the field. You know her. I always say every decision that is made guys is made. Depending on how the game is being played for your planning what are the elements what do be you know what -- what does this situation and when those decisions are made you know when they work out and made big turnout to be positive and everybody -- the coach for those decisions and when they don't turn out. Then people tend to be negative about that decision and pick of the alternatives. Not that could have been if in fact. -- everything went well I don't have a problem that at all. If this has indeed a Super Bowl preview and I know we're blown past a lot of football games here to get this what is what is what happened last -- have any effect on on these two teams meeting in New Orleans if indeed they do boomer. You know I think. In terms exposure to contact her neck toward -- knowing the defense was good being his. You know you could you can I understand why now and I and I was supportive of this move for weeks ago when Jamar -- fondly -- -- -- predicted that you're going to be my starting quarterback that's. He's got a couple but -- not -- Alex Smith would have never dawn hours incapable of doing on the field. And the way he throws the ball and you can see as they you know talked about him being a baseball pitcher and everything else he can get a -- -- -- Norman and in what don't like last night. You know he can play through baton and certainly still be effective and can run as well thought big -- exposure true. To habits and practices they Super Bowl preview was probably good from a defensive standpoint of these the -- patriots. I also think that you know when you have a comeback like this in your -- do as well -- you are you all -- -- pass blocking and things of that nature late in the game. You feel like you know you can match up with people that you know that is not insurmountable -- -- -- the good defense facility pence or give up over 500 yards total offense. So I I think it's good probably for both teams as to each other. I'm not to assure that they'll see each other in the supermarket there are some other teams out there that right now it either one of them had to play. Say Denver in Denver or. Let's say -- Green Bay Packers article -- -- Francisco I would think that those teams are little or tad bit better and then now the patriots and. -- and I want to what was more surprising to you just got a new year is your gut you're you're emotional and it level here boomer when the niners went up 31 to three or when they patriots tied at 31 at 31 and then didn't. Finish the deal I mean did you think at 3131. Bob Brady is just gonna close this one out they might -- -- might be a win my two touchdowns. The other thing about when they when they actually driving and how much time there was still -- game. I -- is amazing was like -- I'm watching this unfold on -- like one the most amazing things. I'd seen all this season and I thought -- -- with the way the momentum had shifted. The way the patriots all the sudden sort of plan that this is going to be at the you know. It's almost like human nature that when you get on the back to that point where OK now we can take a breath and that we got this thing even. That you let down emotionally and what was important from the other side. Is that -- captain -- found a way to win the football games and you're not only did it when I mean they want significantly. When you take a look at itself. Committee. I you know I look at where you know which it's 31 authority one and then all of a sudden San Francisco comes out. And you know it's it's it now from the big game changes a little bit and the -- one on it seem like there was a let down to maneuver pitcher's standpoint. Of all the stuff that will stick and bill Belichick's crawled out of course for me before turn over two fumbles two interceptions. And the 62 yard -- car for turn what do you think sticks and escrow worse that that the kick off return after they get added a 31. I would -- -- kickoff -- because that's the moment where all the sudden you're like oh my god here we go this is the game is we're back in the mix here and then. You give up after proper term like that but is that happening games. The formal -- killers you know and I'm sure that they. Every week every team talks about ball security ball security matter of fact you know bill park towers and yes because I think that's troubling about Pittsburgh Steelers. Is that they're not getting the turnovers that they used to getting and we have practiced this every day every practice. And I would just just keep talking to the defense -- get the ball get a ball get the ball. And you know that's that's always going to be key ingredient of the key statistic when you look at any of these games. And you have to grip for Steve and real a really because anybody's ever -- football in conditions like last night you'll realize you can fumbled the ball. I mean it's just a it's it's a terrible loss -- for the patriots for all the reasons you just one now but at the end of the day. Does that really matter I'm in agreement about -- go through these tough teams anyway to get to the Super Bowl and I -- If these two games actually do make it to the Super Bowl it should be a great great. What makes a huge difference -- to go on the road and I couldn't imagine boomer Houston we -- we -- we haven't talked do you. Since the -- is just destroyed. The Texans couldn't imagine. Houston coming in here and and winning after last Monday night. At home may be -- mean do you think a win like a game like last month and it leaves a mark on a team like Houston. I think it's -- definitely a market that's why I -- used that would win yesterday I knew that Atlanta would win yesterday because both of those teams lost on the road. Both of those teams lost ugly games the week before. They're they're different teams in the dome they're fans are different you know they they spent a week last week of defending themselves against the criticism that they're not Super Bowl teams. And what you saw yesterday from JJ watt in his defense and -- Foster and Andre Johnson. Was applied for bonds that you know how to respond to all of our criticism and that's exactly what they did fortunate for them their plan against a rookie quarterback. I've said all Alter the long probably from you know -- halfway point on that one of these quarterbacks whether it be Roethlisberger. Manning or Brady is gonna have to go into Houston and beating Houston team that's a different team and home and it on the road so. A lot of this stuff doesn't surprise me and I think that Manning and Brady can definitely going there beat those guys. As as Aaron Rodgers did earlier in the season they seem to feast on young inexperienced quarterbacks -- one made when they actually do play the upper Echelon quarterback. They're gonna struggle now they beat Peyton Manning I think within a week to week three but it's. Peyton Manning background I thought -- -- today and he's such a he's such a better player today that he was -- several weeks ago does. Peyton Manning edge out ahead of Brady and Adrian Peterson in your MVP race or. We got here where we got -- -- The I I take my -- very seriously -- because I know what it means for the players to receive. The individual awards -- would be the all pro quarterback or the you know the FBP -- This is oh this -- a close race between four players actually in my mind Brady being one of them. Manning and Aaron Rodgers and of course Adrian Peterson -- haven't. An amazing feasible when you pick of Aaron Rodgers picked -- a guy. That had to -- the ball on the line that have been missing a lot of wide receivers in missile defense apart I don't necessarily know that there's a player. At his position in in the league did is played with more injuries or more plays or more games missed due to injury. Father and Aaron Rodgers has had around him. As what probably will project as the third seed in the AFC wild card weekend. Indianapolis Cincinnati Pittsburg I can't believe I'm saying at the New York Jets jets might be on the patriots dance card where's the light touch where's the heavy hammer. There is no there's no heavy hammer unless it's a Pittsburgh Steelers -- I would be the one. You know that bill bill be you know eight point nine point favorite against every single one of those came -- maybe be exception of the Pittsburgh Steelers obscure somehow make it. So I think you know the first playoff game -- every game is difficult not require law would tell you that no never look past the particular opponent the factors. Is that they will be completely better than any team that they play in the first round. And that I wouldn't get overly concerned about this particular losses the second round of the playoffs obviously and let's -- -- a new inch standard about that guys is that if they go to used to much probably -- we're gonna going unless. The other wild card team beat another team but. If they go to Houston. It used to is going to be you know sat down per week there there are going to be playing how -- think that. The summaries and -- teams since one of the reasons why I think we've seen a number of you know wild card teams who have gotten their game in order latency time. I'll make him and all the way to the Super Bowl. RRR your are your jets go into the post season note tonight my jet at tennis why she got the it not a jet fan. I think at giant candidate for that matter I'm not even a get a banana does give Obama New York ranger hockey camp. I think you view I don't know is that John I was -- met -- until now they're talking about trading RA -- to Canada for crying out like that that's at at. That's done isn't it all he has to do is -- a deal. Paperwork got an extension or something but you know he was -- -- gonna go to secure the last three years. We get the fifth team division here in that I I get a million dollars and I'd about the jets. I mean I I think that brightens when the entry and ups and downs yeah let's do I can't wait to do it and do it again I don't know I'm not good for you. Yeah well. I would love to do you know it's -- it's a privilege to do these games regardless of whose plan what the situation is but. You know tonight I bought out tea -- is really mention this week was the initial comments are Rex Ryan regarding Tim Tebow. He said well he's going to be dressed like you know we don't know how much will be able to use them. And I think he caught himself played and we could have women. Did not say at the beginning of the year the reason we got Tim Tebow said he was gonna put other teams are gonna panic mode when they're preparing for -- -- season. And then Elvis goodies that are try to yell yeah he's going to be available for did the -- had just visit the -- down in Tennessee or just you know cringing that does the fact they might have to face. That let's double back to wrap things up on the patriots what was more un patriot like last night boomer a sputtering offense and I believe the first five drives produce 42 yards and zero points. They didn't handle the elements or they couldn't close the deal once they got back to 31 all. They didn't handle the elements there ought to go at the beginning of the game and you know formal or frustrating and -- to earlier before the turn over during his just drives people crazy and you would you have Colin Campbell and nick announced he would drop the ball over the place to be you know mishandling snaps and all that -- -- the opportunity that was there as well. For the Patriots defense to capitalize and didn't do. There's another frustrating aspect of the game we you know that's a good football team you know that's not our clues into Kansas City -- Oakland or something like bad. The forty -- are very good football team you know I look at this morning -- among a patriot fan I'd be discussed that you know the first half performance. But no he's still have one of the top fourteen in the NFL and we all know it's gonna come down to the playoffs anyway and it's gonna have to be you know decades. A great effort to win probably either in Houston or Denver to get to this year's Super Bowl are always a pleasure thanks of the conversation and talk next Monday.

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