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A D&C reflection: looking back at the Sandy Hook shooting

Dec 17, 2012|

John and Gerry open the conversation on the horror that took place in Newtown, CT and look back at the tragedy and ask some big question: Who was Adam Lanza? How could this tragedy have been avoided? Should we take another look at the gun laws in this country?

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A lot has happened since last week talked in fact as we were wrapping up our show on Friday 930. 125 something like that the unspeakable was happening just a few miles down the road in Newtown Connecticut. And with all due respect to combine. And Virginia Tech in the lives lost there to me speaking -- myself a new town is worse and it is much much worse I suspect that's. Because -- very simple reason that because it's children and I know the gun control conversation. Those already started already commenced and will continue and might get vigorous and may get some things done and perhaps it should. But in my estimation this is not about. Gun control this is not about the Second Amendment this is not about illegal weapons because these weapons were legally procured. The -- Isn't even about confiscation. This is about mental illness and mental health. And it seems to me the sad irony in this whole thing -- this monster Adam -- Found it far easier to acquire weapons to slaughter innocents then it was for him to acquire help. For his mental illness the guns were easier to get that help to try to set this deranged person. Somehow back in the middle road and on the rails like. Think that's another shoe to drop we're gonna find out how much treatment Mika we're meant I hope. Would have been a little easier to find out if he hadn't blown his mom's head off. By know how hard she tried to get him treatment what kind of -- he was on what kind of therapy was in. How the school system handled -- I read where he. Had to be home schooled. That's not that doesn't make sense to me there's plenty. Of resources available for someone like this it is -- when he doesn't have to do it right. But I guarantee you at some point there was an alternative school recommended. For him and believe me the town would pay for Boston there that they -- I guarantee you. She is I I suspect they tried they tried somebody tried it wasn't like they said. Those kids -- lets you know kick him out of this class and out of the school let mom home school him. I think. How much -- plot is going on and I don't know whether -- -- she does she was say we've come to see the picture of her argument of some sort of clarity here. Where she was a survivalist she had stockpiled. Weapons and food and water for the eventual economic collapse of this country. She would not allow anybody in her home so she was isolationist. I think maybe that's why -- home schooled him perhaps well we. I again I I'd be surprised if she home school them and be surprised maybe he went may be his rage. Part of his rage was against the school system against you know. That that town and in the way he was treated in his mind. Or we'll find that out I hope I hope we'll find that I know there are a lot of reporters working on this trying to find out. You know where that rage came from but. Mom. So Ronald -- yes mom see the it's one thing to have. A son who is struggling. Who is clearly suffering from mental problems it's another thing to take bets on to the range. And and teach him how to shoot and make him comfortable. Around guns. That is inexplicable to me this I again I wish he was still around so we can get some answers this woman took this kid who clearly. Had mental problems I mean -- just held that the picture at the break to mean yes I mean don't you see something wrong here yes yes a lot of people that a lot of people that teaches did neighbors did friends did. I -- his father -- will find that of brother did. And she still said I know what I'll do make him comfortable with a bushmaster 223. I'll make him comfortable. When -- assault weapon -- under the arrangement probably took him. In on the of the somewhere outside some shooting place some rod and gun club. And made him comfortable. Around -- and had weapons available to hear him in the house you said them in their clearly they were illegally procured by her but not for him up for him so that was illegal for him to use these twenty years -- to for him to use an assault weapon didn't matter. Clearly but he knew. He knew what the guns were he knew how to use them he changed clips remain on on our for an assault. Rifle and he learned that -- -- she made sure he was efficient at what it is he eventually did that in just. It it boggles the imagination mean that isn't not she -- obviously knew you you're right the family knows and I know the ACLU. -- hates profiling. Don't think kids who were around him and he wasn't around for many units on isolationist himself. Thought this guy was -- there was something wrong with him -- that there were real issues there -- of course yes he bought thought it was appropriate and by the way. And this is this is my other pet peeve rants. About video games and violent video games where -- to find out that he had two bedrooms adjacent upstairs. And what had his computers and all his online stuff of the others were stopped and kept it close. Hours upon hours. Playing -- quickly violent. Video games. Typically violent video games which I don't care what psychologists tell you don't care what people whom who are on our pro video games will tell you. There has to be a decent at the taste the education. When you sit and watch this and as vivid as they are and is realistic as they are and you do this for two or three hours today. And your scores based on how many brain you can blowout against the side of the wall. Perhaps to be some sort of -- approaching normalcy other areas -- There's no question -- that he was desensitize. He felt comfortable. Doing this because he'd done it a thousand times before in his mind on these games -- And they are incredibly violent you blow people's heads up his blood guts -- just carnage. And he did over and over and over again that's what he did you know I'm -- that's what he did. With all his free time -- we have any other explanation how this guy spent his time not know -- other than the state endorsed it in a suspicion that he spent a lot of time on video games and occasionally went to the arranged with -- when this. Mother he became very comfortable doing this and it was. And the line was blurred and what he did Friday morning. Wasn't in his mind all that much different from what he did every day just blown people away with -- -- bushmaster six hour whatever. That that's what he did for for him for his free time that's what he did for fun just took it one step further. I think video games I think -- movies are as responsible and if not more than in on the gun. Laws and and we'll spend a lot of time on. On gun control and a lot of in Marty -- people spending a lot of time politicizing it and Obama politicized that that's that's fine I don't have a problem would do when that. You know in the moment. It's good time as any to have the discussion. But. If you can't say it's one thing and out the other the video games and I'm with you I'm. I know it sounds you know like we're playing old ruled parts they you know -- kids these days right there. Until you see them the seat. You know the the M rated. -- call of duty or gears of war whatever -- can't believe -- via -- and how realistic they look yeah. And what they -- is what he did your walking down a hallway your pick people off that's what you do he walked down a hallway they stick their head out blogger and a. My my guess is that there would be a moment if you would get into a rage and you decide to do something and the first step in that. Acting out what that's a euphemism is not. Is to put four in your mother's head while she slept in bed yeah most people at that point would recoil from the horror that they just saw. What that I just do I mean maybe he's angry his mother may be he has he is he's fed up with. Whatever reason she didn't allow him to do something whatever the case may be what however he was going to act out. When that's done you just in and of itself if you were not desensitized to it yes but he had. Five mile drive and there's no telling how long after. He put four into his mother's head while she slept in her bed. Until he got to the school let's assume it was. The minimum amount of time ten or fifteen minutes yet that a lot of time to consider what he just did. And the ramifications of and the gravity of the situation and it did not deter him now and did not deter him. I mean that's why you know this is a completely. Deranged guy if you can put -- at least three bullets and all. The kids you know -- they all got hit more than once I mean one kid was eleven a little until eleven times in one little kid. Mean that's. I almost think that -- that if you if you you know thought this would be good idea at the time right the -- whoever the you know doing clean -- He he he thought it was a good idea at the time at some point. You're of its last shred of humanity to accent and you say OK -- done enough rent and you turn the gun yourself. All year surrender whatever but he just kept going don't go on probably. In in you know enjoying it like it or less a game and he was when he's he's reckon a -- a point but there has to be an unparalleled amount. Of anger and hatred. To do well just lack of empathy these are people this is another video game just incredible. Lack of empathy and I have no doubt he he wasn't a bright mind and no doubt mental illness. I agree with you the biggest problem here is this mental illness. That went at some level on treated I'm sure that was at some point he was treated but at this point. At the end he was not -- his mother. Was completely neglect the that you would love this -- not only to be around guns to make a couple of teacher and she's she's in Switzerland when the video game she knows. Some of the things he say and in some ways dress in all that she sent. -- you got a couple I was free let's go to the range I'll bring my bushmaster will you know try a new Glock coming. That is really. A woman denial and unfortunately she Payne was alive would love to have -- with her if you could just say what that's elect a good idea that you why you have to be like us -- -- and safe because what the world and what does it thought the world's gonna end -- Sister -- that and she economic deal honestly was gonna collapse and in which she stuck in this bought thousand square square foot mansion. And then they would become getter like it's red armor there's. No doubt in my mind that she had seen things that this -- DeLia over the course of years that should have been a red flag to absolutely anybody. I don't I I I don't think it was just she realized he played video games to three hours a day and could shoot a weapon. And and had a fascination weapons as did chief. I'm sure there were acting out moments where she either felt threatened or thought maybe other people were beaten threatened by this kid that he had the capability to do this. And yet she allowed that kind of access. And that kind of practice with an assault rifle is and why they exist. For the army you know -- directory. I'm what you want any civilian I don't know slightly Shaq could debated I don't understand it I don't understand why you can go to the store go to Wal-Mart. And by missile if I don't get it and shoot 3040 and fifty routes in one clip. And and in this he had extra it would of the call that next to me that extra long Erica. I don't understand -- I know that we repealed the and so on we had -- assault weapon and we repealed it. I don't get it I don't know why would want one I don't know why you have one I'm not sure how much different would have ban if she didn't have assault rifles. -- that hunting rifles and guns and pistols and guns and maybe he would only killed seventeen. Instead of 26 or 22 instead of twenty sequestered -- alacrity which the bullets come out of assault rifle are much much quicker of them 36 go deer hunting not really you know I mean it's not. -- -- as a single its distinguish a single shot he'd get I'm sure the magazines are bigger button and the fascination is greater I'm not sure it's quite as fast and then walk around with your black to -- -- right with the with the just the traditional whatever 22. Or shotgun. But. He'd done this regardless with a missile weapons are not heated on this and archery would have been as effective. And he had a couple pistols and used the post that mango is a council Britain but. You've done and anyway I want -- -- can't take an. I welcome this debate 'cause I feel like -- argue with people who are generally on my side these arguments. Can't take these idiots. Bring up like the attack and giants -- guy went to a school attack tonight 22. Kids. With the death poll was 00. He stabbed and slashed him and all that killed nobody went to that kid -- that guy had a bushmaster 223 when it took it to be 22 to rate what to -- there is the difference that's a stupid argument and the other things drives me nuts just give it over with this pick oh you wanna be against a look to -- the drunk driver killed a guy let's ban cars. Like is what congress or Florida -- people lots of guns for the kill people you could say. We kill bad guys with and sometimes and we protect ourselves. -- -- say that they have another purpose. And that's how they went to the range. It could go to the range. You know with -- -- you know a video game and go to the range with a pellet gun ready when he too you know meeting bushmaster du 23. Have these statistics and from me -- is not a specious argument to say I have this for my protection I understand you're allowed to do that and I understand that's your right and the Second Amendment although it's not a regulated militia -- -- situation. But look what. What are the instances compare the number of times you have saved your life or your family members life by having a weapon in your house. To two. Withstand an intruder vs the number of people being killed by illegal guns and guns in general whether legal or not. I think that's a flawed argument consensus if that happens once. That's that person. Exercise their right and -- definitely forgotten ones. That you can't say it doesn't happen you know take take the guns away. I do think you would see a lot of guns and you know in in the bad guys' hands if you -- be outlawed guns and non. In the law abiding citizens but are we talking confiscation here. -- no of course Florida. There are 300 million guns in this country I got a solution it's this one for everybody -- pick -- up this myself but maybe I heard it somewhere. Here's my solution. To the gun problem make them all -- -- and smell pretty make them think with little flowers on the left you want the the goal here. Is to make it less desirable. That so this woman. This that's it lands it wouldn't break out of bushmaster and and you know get all around -- So that they did Javon Belcher would take his gun out check out that -- It's it's oh -- Magnum chrome whatever it -- If it's not so fascinating. And people would have -- on collect if it's just for protection like an alarm and you know or or mace. And mine -- for protection I can handle that I understand that it's the people who were fascinated with the gun culture to steal -- causes arm. There are oftentimes the problem including in this case. His mother was fascinated with a -- you heard the sister in law she -- bragging about dragons is all ours and meet guys brag about it brag about and show them off I mean she was one of these gun nuts. And without these gun nuts. Then without disk -- not then this killer this Psycho crazy deranged killer. There's access maybe does some -- maybe he does some crazy maybe except maybe kill somebody. But it wouldn't have been this. Easy wouldn't have been this. Desire that the problem with your make them -- can put pretty flowers on them doesn't speak to the 300 million guns that are already in circulation in this country chosen New Hampshire -- got sports. Hey -- more than -- -- very last hole right on this mortal equities and YouTube you know keep those. The violent video games and assault rifles keep on military bases -- let let the courts practice oracle C opener. Where the police are placed a -- Arctic. -- occupation -- a lot of schools. That it. I didn't do when I saw the picture that apple -- that a reasonable weird and it you know launch and I mean -- accused shell this. No this at all incorrect -- usual back and you want hope you all the spaces thanks in -- schools call is I mean. -- what I don't wait -- my occupation I am -- these places and she walked in on its site. It's just the challenges and high profile. I look at somebody and it's like he didn't leave -- -- A visual reconnaissance. On Adam lands. Certainly would have told you there was some issues there I if you've got to know him if you were in your classroom if you Wear your next door neighbor if you with a kid that this. Last name is craft is a neighbor who's to babysit him. His mother told the baby sitter don't let him out of your -- right even attempt to go to the bathroom do not let him out of your -- I think we'll find out that somebody. Tried their best at the high school if you know that's -- long he made it is -- unfortunately this real confidential issues here and hopefully those get -- See how they're all dead mom's dead kids dead right and hopefully we'll find out more because I think. We'll learn a lot find out. If if indeed they neglected to get him help if indeed. You know he refused help or more maybe mom said you know screw that American ascend to this special school. Instead -- taking the range I'd love to know that and I'll bitching he was. On medication may be didn't take his medication but there's -- there's a lot to that there's there's no way. The people it whenever Newtown high school and lieutenant junior high school looked at him said. He's fine the way they they knew. They were closer youth who read few if any friends and spent most of his time in two adjoining bedroom to the family home. There he'd spent hours on his computer much of that time devoted to playing. Violent video games. I'm not sure what to do about that just like I'm not sure which you do about. Handguns and rifles Ryan Kraft who baby sat for missiles lands when Adam was ten. Said the boy was prone to serious temper tantrums. The fiercely protective missiles lands insisted the baby sitter never leave atom on his own for a moment even if he had to go to the laboratory. -- are so set her son who was at school with Adam described him as very thin very remote and one of the golf it's. He declined to be photographed. For the school yearbook. His school years came to an abrupt end when his mother. Had a dispute. With the local education officials and ended up having her son home school. Associates further isolating and already isolated. And he did ask the marksmanship course she gave him well. And when you home school they go to your home seekers do and right on the visit wouldn't open on that visit went cheated people on the house. Well than you can't on school night is second time like your phone calls next.

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