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NFL Sunday breakdown: Pats offense vs the Niners defense

Dec 16, 2012|

Dale, Chris, Matt and Kevin take a look at the Niners defense and the key members of that unit, including: Patrick Willis, Aldon Smith and Navorro Bowman. They also project how the Patriots will attack this elite defensive unit and whether or not they will utilize Rob Gronkowski.

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Welcome back to Toby Keith's I love this bar -- patriot place right next door at Gillette Stadium the patriots. And the San Francisco 49ers in what some people are calling it Super Bowl possible preview. It is certainly in my opinion the best game on the schedule this week distance the patriots Texans game with the best game on the schedule a week -- is well and this is our number three of our program a little extended version of NFL Sunday this week. And this is the part of the program where we looked specifically that we -- Patriots offense against the San Francisco 49ers defense as we told you earlier. The patriots have the highest scoring offense in the league and by the -- -- locked. It during this seven game winning streak they've averaged 35 points a game during the seven game offense that loss was one point loss to the Seahawks in Seattle. They're going up against the defense that is the stingy in terms of points allowed in the National Football League. It's likely it is. Toby -- here earlier today sitting over there at the par with two guys. Have a great watching the game. One guy had a Welker -- on one guy had a Willis years ago they were sitting next to each other. And I was thinking I hope that's the closest -- through Willis get all afternoon for all night long I love Patrick Willis game. I loved watching him play the game but luckily. But this defense is there really is that you talk about Willis is I mean he's primarily I think a lot of we've willow run stopper but the if the guy jumps off the film to me and we're gonna talk about the stealth bill. Smith had nineteen to have sex and we get through -- -- pressure when it comes to defining person get wrapped up in fact probably the a little bit too much but he is the guy who is a defense of -- team for fifteen minutes. Go to be on the shoulders of -- folder and some. Tight ends and some you know perhaps -- Logan Mankins that really old but they like it did last week who do you want yeah. I think you see the guy I think he's very sort of praying mantis. Body analyst Simeon Rice almost you know fifty -- you think the real fall back on the he's actually it's four points all the people who told him don't concede it's not terrible don't. I really like -- -- able though he's long and sometimes to schools around the edge of the of its most impressive about this at times when he's not a great position he has had a great. Rush is this kind of went in any clothes at the end. -- brought back down a pocket or it to turn a corner we should have as destructive you've been -- Long body and closes fast he's got links like -- currently just -- -- body type and but he's -- We were those guys to really got to finish we shall we Tom proves you more film what looks like. Of America did just job on him. Which leads to guys got finished the ground just wipe them out of places still alive he's got a chance to. He has a couple of things with these -- then there would be very very. You look at game means no more into Florida and 45. Yes -- -- you know more today. Would he remind me of the longer in the mutated move he would effort namely because. Coach always told me how silly theory that he was -- the pass -- when he was in college at least you -- -- when you look at it won't feel it hit about one guy. -- off with the other guy in making that sat on the quarterback in the three man rush. That that is who distributes and remittance. -- now it's another thing about him is his history how strong he is. Offensive tackles don't realize how strong -- in his own -- very -- once he gets into you. He actually he attacked so quick that you don't have an opportunity to realize that he is really got. Talk about magic -- love that guy. Would you focus in on him you always at the office to focus Kilpatrick would. One that that I really -- Made him out of north it is. -- for united defense is the ballroom full. Yeah -- that guide their use one's physical linebacker that can really. It's little game make a lot of relief with your football team through he's going to be a lot of that if you really have to keep generic industry to redistribute it to you here. Here's the thing I'm not so. That the miners have a great defense I think would you judge in a filthy fences. The rankings don't do a lot of service because of the -- good -- don't come up -- -- -- -- -- -- it's all the way to -- The facilities that you know books -- it's not because of who they play. I think there's pockets I think reflective first heard your middle third -- your last because it through one of the top one thing that I think that they haven't seen is we've watched the schedule. Good at this point it's just luck of the draw and I hate it last year the third down play the Patriots defense because there were points pools with their hands. They've really haven't had to play the style not saying that you know they're not excuse you think yards to the front tested in the kind of game are gonna have to play today. There was a part of the game with saint Stephen's -- certainly it would seem to. He said. Job of movable in this sort of spread so -- back -- kind of thing what you know Sharpton type game. They -- it would have won the game quite. Our schedule should I want to withdraw from a lot of obviously the vision of where there's a report which Seattle plays they're gonna have a lot of grinder he's been scheduled. So all the stuff that relief well that we've worked very physical build a wall to -- who wouldn't stop. I don't know how much victories over that's what it it makes you so to -- There's some similarities here -- and -- local brought Russia any but there's of the -- here at least in my mind. What the giants to a big physical defense that for me it's none of that pocket you know it. Did you know the -- here but I think that it goes to the team's fifty years past we've seen give the patriots dropped. A big physical who put guys up front -- -- the good job kidnapped the -- if they could drop but you guys become. Here's here's something to keep. I'm for today if your your suitable if you are you don't want -- replica. Check out some of the beautiful time of the different as he does we unique city because Visio. But you forget you keep it a little -- yet -- supported. But you need package it's necessary a lot of pressure I think the -- confusion. It around. They move around and they have. Personal personal -- Brooks is I was and in some ways he's a plot which means to stand -- room nickel dime. On other plays what all -- -- has -- he has got -- half sacks you'll see him drop. Have no place. You know ravaged Justin Smith -- we put -- voter like Powell went in the Boston writes I kind of got the game well. The reason I mention games and it -- Fans at home the idea of the game with -- sort of -- twist. With your defense lineman when -- got picked for them again appropriate by the it's the source of that premium games from guys go one day. One guy goes another. This team it's obvious from what I've seen until the best team needs on how the matchup of all the other things that team was what was -- went up front. And that that tandem with the truth that's together. Is as dangerous humanity but the issue that they got a little -- -- -- last week Richard with or withdraw -- routine while the team their -- line. Running game fuels that stuff. As you pointed to -- you get wrapped. The killing of so I would love to see that the sub -- he -- that literally because that needs to have become more than what those mean those guys were good enough to pass reform want. Put it slows the game now how much you go we -- -- he was a running back and looking at something like greens draws reverses as a way to counteract that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At the we've talked about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You have to be very paces in watts who questions because you have a lot of guys we've -- You turn people were nothing -- basic as a running back over -- to make sure that rumor that. It's not a guy who say devastated blocks with disputes or him getting his way through you can get it open. -- if I'm -- one of the that the crucial today if you look at last week's game of course because it would -- got a nice lead but there was a segment of the game. The recorders with a got a handle pressure got to knock down. -- -- -- -- Off to one adult role would you you know absolutely great. But they got some pressure for most of the world on this team and stuff so I think the issue was -- Francisco is. Is you know you guys on TV often see -- walked out. Located right right right often time out to help people who don't know football the way -- -- what -- do we. And what it. Did you hear all that fifty ones the Mike if you want my will be your point of this secure. It's accounting system the office on one account away from my -- your guys so when you know you're tackling you might -- walking from. Again to the will linebacker whatever happens speech but it tells you where to start -- account considering he's only your center during the guy less subtle no matter where he. Let's I'd want jobs away from this where right -- -- -- council with. What the issue is this particular team. Is the move around enough that I have a sneaky feeling that it was going to be times were constantly using our clock and then go off -- and we pull my cookies would. Because -- times -- Brooks will look like. We're not all of them like the stuff in one of the keys to go off the funds quarterback read -- what could -- that the guys -- watch film. When you see a guy who looks like he's trying to home what he's back device but he's not back by someone -- the coverage. That you know we went around when that happens you know you know we've -- a -- tentative but. Yet you looks like you know you think he's coming with a tell all is is the recovered got behind that's what told the court but these yes well -- -- now that. Luxury now. That you can actually beforehand understand him. You know who's going to be questioned now. Tom knows now would this person because every team has to say you effort to where you need to do more bits if there's. So he understands when -- -- person that would come -- that are. This is -- who would -- -- -- this is the -- -- -- right here but you land record regular personnel within this person you know -- the man -- He's not going to drop one's rushing so that's that's the luxury that we have now understated pilot he's in my veteran right that would be his personality that would -- So two things they they actually will switch around the park which is interesting because like that interest you write like you rate with a book Mike Vrabel. What you know to beat you with two other guys -- the job. About changes for a series crucial for the it think about all of them opera still move around a little bit the other issue that they view that you see the patriots have obsessed with the last few weeks is a -- you. -- linebacker you know right and they do that with Patrick Willis what's the way you've seen Jerod Mayo not blitzing would say put. Attacking his public backfield in the Rula good aggressive with that so I think. Back to -- point. The screen gave -- the check down and withdraw from the slowed it down and keep them off if there's if there's a weakness on the 49ers defense and if you watch them. They don't have many and they're really good. But they seem to have a problem that placed directly into one of the patriots franks which is against slot guys. We'll Welker and Hernandez could be used as weapons stating what had. Can be used because it seems to be that they've got issues with slot that we're looking at a situation here in this just might get from what I've seen over the first -- -- the Wii games. This season we're gonna see a lot of Carlos Rogers going up against Wes -- And I think it seems to be good matchup could be the most fit to be deported and together historically date we have not done well against deep wide receiver. That's what it did you what you're going to be immediately. The team we re legitimate option in the -- that you they have them. Well as. As being an offensive guy that was then I would say they have -- love you. I'll report that -- they'll try to mix it up that you know you don't back. Rats and these guys. It's. This team this team. I mean it's not that they would. That line but over one -- the -- advocate the debate apparently. -- if it. He made that that's what's the way they did last we -- there when team unity we've. Where they would switch sides and sometimes we expected Magic Johnson sometimes -- disappoint. That's what I would watch that with this team because they play a lot of -- made records and went out. My idea want to do -- thing that gap. -- feasible. It is between word and that's what they feel lot of ways I think we've made the putt -- 55. Yards. An athlete the and on the side. So -- about form it's not it's kind of randomly period field. That's or rifle would -- them if you might want to that's how it went west. When we come back we'll look around look at the DeWitt -- Patriots defense against the San Francisco 49ers offense. NFL Sunday -- right -- him natural -- franks the official right and -- -- and patriots look for the camp blue box. At your favorite -- Pena. Celebrates them.

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