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NFL Sunday previews the biggest game of the year... again

Dec 16, 2012|

Dale, Chris, Matt and Kevin open up this week's Pats-Niners coverage by discussing why every week seems to bring "the biggest game of the year" every week for the Patriots. They also take a look back at the Patriots' beatdown of the Texans last week on Monday Night Football.

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Back here on NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEB I I neglected to introduce. This August panel at the beginning of the proceedings. Former patriots linebacker Matt Chatham down in the table. Chris writes from WEEI dot com beside him former patriots running back Kevin ball. Beside him. We we mention only half jokingly that for the second time in six days the patriots of my biggest game of the year. Because that's how works in the National Football League that's what we thought Monday was right we thought it was the biggest game of the year and it was at that time. Like this. You -- I wrote -- -- you know what they'll do not know you deal with all -- respect to reject jaguars. There's not going to be Datsyuk and I think we you know -- it won't be the biggest game the next week. Well flu patients in we'll leave because they voted into their league -- did note that right now they they're playing for position right. So I gotta be honest with you you guys all say that and I think you actually believe it. But you guys know what's not true in the -- you guys know as players. And as much as you try to convince yourself otherwise the plane Jacksonville is at the same displays inferences. Though it is not. That -- not like negative things that -- we know that it needs treatment. Not even the value in the alleys sent yes exactly what it means more if you win the football doesn't matter who you play. You going for another reason you play with something better down. -- quite likely. Both in this -- it's easier to be emotional about tonight's what you're right the net effect is exactly it's. W camps and counts where you guys as surprised as most were not the patriots won we all thought it went -- But the relative ease with which they dispatched to Houston Texans did that surprise you as much as it did me you can look at -- well. Especially that first quarter exactly you can really look at the quality the book prepared to play beat the bad mistakes early. These are available outside the bull in him with a -- got up when he -- nothing early in the second. They would just. He needed company it became one dimensional leave it vulnerable to get -- the team that beat -- like -- differently but because we're. Prepared that they read well if you listen to their game the day it's indeed. They they talk. A lot about how their ability to establish the wrong with and we were so -- these shots attempted to -- Some of things they were able to do today because they were able controlled Mason Temple went down to who wanted nothing you can't do that your off the script I wrote a little bit out of this this week. Government announced an earlier this week. One sort of consistency if you talk about. First in other words in each and every game you have a dozen or more first you know first play of the game. The first series of the game for -- answers the first third down for specialties -- these things. Houston's brokering duplicate free -- they have. The first play of the game I don't think -- helped put back got wise up an -- -- you know illegal formation. Very for third down opportunity had to -- the patriots they're culpable. Give her first time balls on the ground you know that degree we come through preparations in all of professional stuff a couple of them a great but that he can. You know first opportunity to have four -- situation so vulnerable we are you talking about what goes on the roads -- first time they hit the high -- that -- there. I mean -- they're Brothers a minimum insurance if you know what they did really poorly and all their first opportunity. I think the kind of speaks to workers saying just a lot of -- you say things like that weren't ready -- they did this and you talk about these emotional things to do. Certifying the horror evidence of you can hear -- here it's kind of not just the stadium all the times they have a chance yourself generally do well. Legacy to -- maybe it's just my memory -- you know -- it was more current. Do you guys ever remember Bill Belichick calling time out. On the third snapple football game if it's gonna affect you know I I know -- that you remember never do what. Because I don't -- I don't know. You're gonna remember every from the video at Harriet Harriet Lester had two runs one was for thirteen one was for 51 to call back the penalty. But he was actually the first two runs -- the game Belichick called timeout third snap of the game time. -- over. What delta delta -- didn't do much after that B had wolf got the field. I'm definitely excited about that going back and we want to keep you could deal with preventative maintenance of the wolf -- on the field and not political -- that I decided that this. He says that because I was trying to figure out why it was waksal. Period nearly impossible play to court -- -- know you know -- I would back on the third -- and I had sort of reference -- like a lot of people that -- called timeout. Fix it means -- chosen me. And by the way they did a better job against Foster after the time they did but here's the thing a lot of times but we -- -- technical point. You have the communication -- And they came back -- -- and we have to become the rest of us. That you know there was some -- we if we treat issue with Iraq over maybe with the linebackers stacked so the difference. The third -- that you know it was my usual -- -- -- and they never do both tackles worried. Political -- and techniques directly over that point guard that's different -- than they normally do I thought you know maybe they need to say it's true that. -- -- -- the particulars but they came back and that there played host to tackle box of what. If the one's achieved it was just in the way with one record reads on the eve of the way -- doctors. It was it would receive -- what the -- was written release the opening that. You can stated earlier. In your -- the economy started coming off perfect when you see they -- That began last week you talked about how big the game was this is the biggest game please princess. We understand that we know today. It's commentators that he would have watched the game knows the game we don't need to do to others that we needed to be focused on that big game it's beautifully. An issue had some good run good games of the game ideas which at -- time kind of scared me a lot of things we talked about. On the air earlier that morning area they busters really good -- -- -- have to be if they had to be able to stop the run which seven people in the -- In regular person you know what -- your perspective when they get in -- he had he was double rooms with secretive about. Instead of -- that extra -- To make up for because it was going to be -- -- And -- that you know a couple of series after -- -- going after that time they may want to use change lead to better recovered without the -- Which was really key. And it really is that they really get released because I think no more notes however there they're better as the great player with. Love is available without over there you look that empties it to speak to because the kind of he -- -- write better to me. As the job as did 34 guy outside here. I think what you call. What would you go into it should get technique known was he would wind up right now in the middle man who want him you know we've both sides of that's -- -- technique. So the fact that after the tackles Q what are the kind of cosmic sense -- -- the guy -- generally does that -- -- the form field. -- -- -- to me that changed people were natural kind of what you can't see what if I can as he got a question about what you think we'll -- objective. And I thought it it kind of what you. You know what it's cool that it appeared stated -- -- -- -- you know -- that reference -- several people -- -- the right -- what was the what was the beat you players that. Well you know I think you can look at the schools would. A great line and -- clearly irritated with lots of references. Firstly with the mine that was received your nose and a -- -- different specialties but it gave it would be for the play of the game. I've got a handful of people who. Patriot but it's attitudes of my colossal argument thought about it it -- -- clearly well let's put guys were making the jokes don't know that that's a witness to do it. But it probably. -- the what majority and we I. I didn't use -- the process that the guy was wearing it to the game. Well there -- you get quote. I don't think when you walking around because I'll -- -- those who -- is that in the deck around walking Estes. That's not good. I was down by the pluses. When Kevin and I went one on Nancy on this day -- the game down there. And they were all wearing them. You know they came back at it on the -- although JJ watt with Carrey's yes. But and I sort of half joked about on Twitter I wasn't joking though. He had the look on its face like somebody just pulled in Santa Claus wasn't real I mean it was like. It was almost like there's only crap I didn't realize that -- won by the -- my sons what I said I said somebody told him I didn't say Santa Claus wasn't real pleased is that somebody told them that we've got to understand wouldn't you know in the lineup you know the -- -- -- -- out -- -- on -- face like you know what I thought we were pretty good company and my battlefields of that goal now lacks -- room. If it and it's. You being here how many things to different. We better I just I just think it really -- the Texans linebacker brought this about the team that he showed us athletes if you can put. And I think. It's really going to be intriguing to see how do you respond to respond very nicely today. It -- be to to how they respond on the road and beat those lessons learned last week here but the U. It applied to it now because yeah just a majority of them are -- -- early. It's no -- with the team victory day saints but there cobble together. Who's the team to keep it down you're still worried they might work if Denver. I mean there are a lot of teams that can afford you know a lot of especially on the topic that they did -- not only if that's all that stuff I mean there's. If you have a tough time with up to the you don't want it that they could put another one in that we want lawyer -- it applies for it it's obviously when that if we if we get out quickly. You know we lead the yup it's a one dimensional -- Wes Welker talked you need to. That it with your plea for me and these things because what if so what is it that. Success he beat them -- you wouldn't -- you know after their view of the ball. But the clock they are -- -- -- -- -- leave it at that threw off the work that went through so much more to keep talking. That's when -- when they do but game office north of the game off if you wanna start of the second half of fans. When you start off as you put the pressure on opposing team because. You get the ball that you scored seven points. That's just back -- if you scored three of them went for it in. That that back on if I -- for the game. In the locker room -- -- The was real confident about what would -- -- do indeed the thing with the defense it was. It didn't work -- go with often -- -- -- and he told me if things ability that we would -- Connecticut that we. You'll also watched that play action that replica which president was elected speaker Ridley. And I think that most notably. Was where was he was from here to that's door -- exactly that with one of people's well executed offensively I've seen this from particularly here. We talked about it. You are for the gamer on Sunday. About how good Houston what we typically act. In the patriots really -- that aspect of it in a couple of the plays -- -- put up with that upbeat really a lot of weak economic with the team the way what you have to understand. These games. Well watch what you want yours yet the other team is on the silent watching over. And I think that -- -- -- -- this you know I was like this sort of the cave thing -- -- You know your room users -- view -- you do what comes -- What I have this week as well but three out of character would be that first I wrote the way. -- Some. And you know that words right you'll notice whatsoever it was -- And the first week we -- right. This -- it was supposed to be the ideas -- -- ones -- no one. If this -- design is hosting the most. -- drug policy. Like every quarterback goes well I mean if you -- what's happened that's what's drawn up you know your problematical and -- -- difficult for. OK but when it becomes its you know I don't think you are absolutely from him or what is this tendency -- want it. We -- theories which. Welcomes. Affinity there. And play. Forcible the work force in my theory in theory but the idea that this authority its activities. -- itself because of that check them force you -- -- -- Did he was running all by -- to -- what's on his -- I wonder if that. Well as the waited in play than that which you haven't been playing like this do you think that's the seasonal flu. When you don't play that way you people expect you to that -- -- -- -- he's got depressed about the put things where they're not supposed to be any good to be you know we've been that we've got there and we'll. We'll take a quick break we'll be back just a couple minutes NFL Sunday brought to you by -- natural casing franks the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots. But -- the cable box at your favorite -- KM. Celebrate something.

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