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Pete Sheppard Continues With Reaction to the Horrific Events at Sandy Hook Elementary School

Dec 16, 2012|

Pete Sheppard continues to cope with the awful tragedy on Friday and converses with callers about the fallout. Just talking it out can help and can be a form of therapy for people.

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Back -- Sports Radio don't we I pictured here with you until a -- time today and as I said could sit here and try to fake -- -- and I am about the patriots forty niners game and all your issues in the world of sports and it's just to me. It is. I just think. It's just it's 48 hours later we're still very fresh in the minds of many who wanna speak about what happened in the Newtown Connecticut so. If you wanna call and talk about sports for the game I have no problem -- that. -- Sean were my priorities are today. 61777979376177797937. You can -- text that 37937. -- -- -- Wanted to do it was one when texture that was pretty good already. That said Adam. I think society -- -- from five -- I think society has reached the point where -- to have a police officer posted all elementary schools said public true. And I don't think here and that person's loan and -- opinion and where you guys think about it again I think the hardest thing is. How do you we protect our children. And I'm not a parent. It and I certainly have my sister has three beautiful children. You know I thought about from a lot of last 48 hours. But how do you protect kids. Without making them feel like fear there in a fortress and not paranoid about going to elementary school. Tonys in a Fuller from external review I Tony. They realize it -- good morning how are you good gathering and Cambodia. In your opinion -- Phillips and -- I felt fortunate that my -- -- Vietnam. You know I think picture -- we all elementary school while an automatic losses. And America are congressman -- -- -- special. You know it in and those results -- their effect. On. You know what -- gave you would in -- Mark real. Yeah I don't heard the last twenty minutes -- they electors set there was that there might marry older friends one year old -- is grants and had a one -- party and they were his. You know he's sorrow those young smiling faces those little children -- just. It was it was news just puts everything in perspective now. There are electric metropolis and you know -- hurt our economy here and there wasn't even born yesterday -- you know pick my cute smile -- all. -- you're more in the schools well. Are we got this are likely signals keep the political current result there's a lot of mixed feelings in order means you know. They don't want a -- and I was legal work on Friday. It looked at where our -- I would like I can't leave it in the first ballot to a bank gardening -- -- you the optical rapist it is in order mean. And -- like. And they can't you can't do that because you are you took his own life -- You know and then I was like. I you know our compassion and empathy for these people and -- -- like shared our -- our -- will -- Well I -- how do you protect it. Party at the Williamsburg was well on our problem however people covet what you -- rajat. Thanks don't appreciate it thank you very much or preach again I I think that's the biggest question people's minds is hop. How can we protect our children without making them feel like and what -- electorate -- a fortress. Let's go to mark. I really -- Mercury. -- all up at all. I would respond well I think that some real self and then usually you start with these -- to solve -- your job more. And whoever the child involved in all -- that you are. We keep that aren't -- well when you have. Q school and -- and more but I look a little world how and where outside and my kids are all local market where they are. Yemen with their rent what you live you'll cut followed my audio and on and and just. The -- really really a great future so it's a place where. The kids grow and our former -- and -- at all and it should be for the parents so. So what about this for a don't want somewhere in Florida it and it's -- you shouldn't. Although it has opened up front -- -- public squabble followed by he don't go back unemployment for the the one of the victims -- children. And then the -- while -- yesterday and it you know you picked up -- in -- but they're out there all that -- what are part award for use well. -- bushmaster 28 bushmaster 223. It's appears -- more violent against enemy combatant. In somebody get shot onto -- And you also optional and I couldn't sleep that Friday and what -- ever. I think my heart right guys walk and -- idea. When you see something like that that it. And you know it's and the while I -- excuse that we have to continuously try to pop culture and its sense -- -- -- and I don't think they're more garden and more. Cops school and and everybody be more isolation and everybody at the weapons out that's what election. You know you don't countries and a walk out -- what looked like Switzerland you know some leads our European countries. And they -- a heart beat that yeah we have. -- that should Barry didn't want to extend their dislike. -- the -- food adjust. To new York and and NP -- and every little -- Arpaio group aren't yet parts that are yeah. It because of the what are the cycle and it's something then Obama gore instantly. I think people think that this -- -- and Kirby and these are going to have to come more frequently it is a massive amount of people what. I mean more shooters. Never had any trouble with the law previously. So there -- a lot of you know Britney Madonna brought people seem unusual behavior. So if you -- this government that the -- course of the person. UW so abruptly at their instrument. Out and I are being. I I know that Larry there are a lead didn't fishermen -- import. IQ you don't in my current assault weapons -- it -- that it would not be there are one of those. Mike -- call and and great stuff 6177797937617779. Seven under through seven Padilla that was that the weapon a bushmaster 223 which is a high powered assault rifle. And you know the the Mueller apparently had guns registered. Guns registered at her home she's -- And yet axis of them. It's just. You know that we -- heard -- miss read a statement early today or hurts our television people -- the father. Wouldn't payroll name's -- at one point. Nancy you know grow up and Kingston New Hampshire. -- aegis you know and everything go to everything I read about that third -- In -- what he says the same thing loner. Dressed in military -- Kept to himself was very serious. Just how how does -- com. What happened on and on Friday -- it's it's it's just so. Hard to fathom how it how I don't get to that point early exit to New Hampshire mix -- don't Riyadh hero. It pretty good morning after morning early. One until you that are confronting at a typical topic. And out call him. Just say that. I really have no solutions no answer I don't think any of -- but -- we think about what happened actually -- on Friday. I'm speaking about it with my wife -- we talk about you know there's no predicting he would like you said many times. Cubicle loner he's kept to themselves as they -- so many cute like how little -- Knew that I am a bit. And I don't think we -- -- I think 11 take away is just. Not profile role our kid and we're all -- we think I'm bewildered by it. But think about you know what real this kid. Could -- that. Who we wouldn't wish upon anybody. And you know to -- a reaching parallel from. -- -- horrific events -- of any of the shooting. Even in -- -- weaponry -- -- Stereotypes. Profiles. You know on. Some are good some bad but I think in general it's just one of the things that. There are no answers or and then not long time with -- do a great job thanks -- appreciate.

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