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It's an Emotional Sunday Morning for Pete Sheppard -- Reaction to the Newtown, CT Tragedy

Dec 16, 2012|

An emotional, somber Pete Sheppard is not in the mood to discuss Pats, Celts or sports this morning. He is still distraught over Friday's horrific events at Sandy Hook Elementary School and with good reason. Pete discusses his thoughts and reaction and discusses the difficult situation with callers.

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Well hello everyone and good morning. And a I want to come -- and everybody are right off the -- here. And just tell you that in -- this -- about an hour and a half ago whatever I'm just lose track of time nerves going. So absorbing everything that's happened over the last stone in. 48 hours. And it's tough. It's tough I -- -- can sit here and try and figure today in which is near breakdown patriots 49 -- talk about the Celtics lost last night. All that crap that means nothing if it means nothing. And I can't do it I just I just can't do it it's hard to even. -- tournament Boston Herald today. And you see these. You see the headlines saying. Barrymore and saying little angels. And you see the if you see the -- to these. These kids and six and seven years old and in the in the teachers in the principle that. Were massacre a couple days ago when. -- and popular to city year. And talk about. You know football basketball and labor strike to -- the popular hockey and you know would have Red Sox -- in -- of signed it is. It's just. What does that all mean. It was all me. There on destroying through it like -- -- tweet today and what and we need your help this is this is a very typical person wanna do is. Say yesterday. What I heard -- of -- mustard Larry Johnson. Deal Arnold John -- was just. They were all unbelievable. That I know I didn't hear every single minute of every show. I've certainly heard the last part of what Dale Arnold said yesterday. And -- my -- from. Just. Don't yesterday Mardy first that but we did yesterday my when my best friends had a birthday party saudis yesterday for his one year old grandson. And we walked into the it was a -- our since August and reduces the reason in the private room and everything the report there were probably. 24 point five -- gives only the age of of searchers all that where their. And if you know to see you at the moment smiling faces and and having a wonderful time in every pizza and also -- the food and embryo to just being with different ways. It's just. Decided to set their -- it's a sector watch with me in tears in rise almost the entire time. And you just. You look -- to one -- two years ago in this absolutely. You don't senseless massacre. As sandy -- elementary school in the Newtown Connecticut. And -- do you feel. You just feel helpless. I mean win is this going to stop and there and those of you haven't heard by -- -- last hour hopper so there -- a couple of them. Incidents that were about to take place one I guess this kid in Oklahoma. Was ready to plant some kind of shooting at his high school. And then there was some other nut job -- California Southern California. Earlier our late last night -- yesterday -- late yesterday afternoon. Started firing off for gone and parking lot fired fifty shots in the air thank goodness no nobody was hurt. You know we -- -- we give back through. It it would happen a couple days ago the only about the phone number and with a phone right away 61777979376177797937. Architects a 37937. Certainly I've ever read or heard from some on -- vote -- someone on Twitter that. You know sports can act as a distraction. During this time. People wanna get their minds off of these -- referred. Massacre that happened on a Friday. And if you have certainly if you wanna call talk about what every like other patriots 49 out I'll certainly -- engage in conversation I'm not saying. I'm saying to me today it is it is going to be. It extremely difficult. To talk seriously about. You know would probably will be a great football game time patriots 49ers. There and you know. So it's you know plain -- last night towards a year and then Putnam but we're running out of gas removes the senatorial. Strategists. I just can't. I can't agree content to sit here and say I'm going to be totally passion about -- -- normally am and usually on it you know it's. And I remember what went on -- a year after 9/11. How difficult that was that day and some days. Following that. And certainly I can tell you this news. For me doing. -- today solo and with the help of all of you out -- believe me. We do we can just console each other company each other somehow and I know -- -- about your body political statements got six please let's just keep everything in perspective. Is just you read all the stories in and the heroes. Some of the heroes that came out of central elementary school. And you know. Who were Russo and obviously the principal. On -- room. Rumors Sherlock two hours ago. And then of course to read as I said -- you know lose The Herald today has just little angels on and has all the names and ages of all the victims and none of them none of the children were over 706. It's a refusal. There were believe twelve girls and eight -- And all. Adam went to him. I mean these kids were massacred and it was multiple gunshot wounds on almost every -- every child. According to the -- officials. So. You know everyone has all their theories about -- how how can we stop this how'd he make schools safer. Without turning them into fortresses. You know I think back to the dates do you know Morgan Freeman's movie you know. Lean on me where he played you know Joseph Clark AKA crazy Joseph Clark. A back in the day and he was trying to reduce school New Jersey all the guns and drugs and violence and everything else in the another call them crazy Joseph because you've locked the doors and get trouble with the fire Marshal for safety and all that but. -- -- did manage to turn the school around. At the time I mean do we want. That. I was listening earlier today and they show. Two James don't fox is criminologist at northeastern. Air and he was trying to you know it just some light on. You know just the psyche of the of a person like an -- -- them. It basically just says you know they've been the people like him they feel like they're victims of injustices and they they wanna lash out. And that's an elementary schools is an easy target -- it is not a lot of security you're talking dealing with very young children. And and success you know just all twenty children all old none of the -- the age of seven. I heard. From. One of one of fathers. -- -- Father -- him believing that his name was on the news. And made an unbelievable statement today I mean -- you'll stay and he also said quote I'm not mad. And again this is. This is Robert Parker the dead of of family. Secure a little girl. He said though. I'm not mad. Rated this unspeakable tragedy would not defined. The town but instead inspire us to be. A better more compassionate. Humble caring people. Mr. Parker I hope. I hope it works come true. But -- 617779. 79370. You can text -- well 37 937 tweet me at his ship. Three to six and the outpouring of its supporters in. And again. -- -- I need you guys a lot today this is going to be tough is apartment toughest radio show I've ever even. -- attempted. And and -- hopefully will will get through and we will get through you have confidence and the love all the listeners. And delicious try and come up with. What does console each other and and it's just you know you don't yet there's so many emotions going through you feel anger you feel helplessness. You feel. It is just a plethora of emotions and obviously you feel sadness you feel heartbreak. They're just. How we stop it. How do we stop at what can I do to make a difference. -- this doesn't continue. -- congressman I mean they did and we've all we all have to work together. To prevent something like this from happening ever again this massacre. Of little children. How we make a difference. 6177797. Under through seven and a good head and -- the phones are Stevenson talked to persevere and I would -- -- Steve. API door a -- OK I've been better so that you are or aren't they gonna all the but what happened what. Some day I would help out -- -- contribute to American. It felt it where it all detectives and oh. So peaceful no to prevent -- ability -- Mercury arts will have a problem that's what. Not so. -- I think they do do that some schools already have metal start a lot of high schools have metal detectors. That's not that common or just a question of what an -- elementary school level and I can understand the metal detectors but how do you. How do you protect the children without making them feel like they're basically in a fortress that's you know without making them feel paranoid about going to school especially. At the age is talking -- here with these very young kids. It's it's unbelievable to write it articulate probably happened over here Tucker I ever ever ever. And I was sold. Throughout you know oh well in the you know you don't think of it and they need to talk about an -- town in a new town 27000 people very close knit. Type rated you mean you hear about you know these stories all the time about all it can never happened our community could never happen here can never happen there. But here it is I -- -- right now our phrase and -- it's. It's tough it's tough and especially don't went to college took his own life and -- He fired -- it's it's bad enough killing all these children but to be a fire multiple gunshot wound to every one of these little kids. On the basis it's it's it's unreal thanks for the cost you appreciated. Here's. Peter in Boston up next here until we -- -- Peter. Eight more and more. I'm just a little frustrated that every single time like this happens. You get the media saying how brilliant and how Smart Alec -- highly intelligent people locked that's not the case I mean. While much say how much they've met him well I'm all I ever heard that I don't know if you ever heard you talk about the say that about winds and Adam -- of. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well everything. Everything I've read about him today Peter is that everybody who knew him said he was a loner he was odd. You can smile he dressed in military garb he was quote -- quote different. It's. I but and articulate your work which is -- I haven't heard anybody say that this guy was brilliant. -- -- -- Maybe not you -- -- went up in general what got Colorado they were talking about how brilliant you watched it and and I don't think the media should. No accident a couple of minutes talking about how intelligence that -- scumbag. And an -- on the issue of the innocent people you know I mean that indicate what -- -- really aren't elected you know. After -- Iran is deranged psychotic I mean it's it's it's just you know you you try to figure out though what. People don't want what they want to know why and I don't know for ever gonna get a definitive answer as to why thank you for the call your appreciated. I don't know if you're ever gonna. Or a four ever gonna get a definitive answer me diverted her to. Couple criminologists and and I and you know I take them -- -- -- they're professionals they understand. The psyche of people like this allotment in the and I do pitches. -- just. He just say why why why why why. -- traumatized. -- person that can become so deranged. Mr. massacre. A bunch of little children. And teachers and principals and and -- -- reached a real noted that the stories of the teachers that and did survive. And -- protected their children. I mean absolute heroes I mean at the stories are just. I don't know how anyone could knots in front of a television or or even listening on the radio and just not been here the stories that happened. The ones that the surviving and not acted entirely emotional -- justice it's unbelievable. What's going on here.

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