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Ryder and Megliola on the aftermath of the Newtown massacre: How are parents supposed to feel sending their children to school?

Dec 15, 2012|

John and Lenny think about what parents must be feeling sending their children to school after the massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. They question whether parents will be able to put their child on a school bus with any sense of security going forward.

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John Ryder back when you -- happy to be joined as always by letting Magglio -- As very difficult topic this sounds simplistic money but isn't it the bottom line is there's good in news evil. People out there you'll always sort of be the case it always has been the case -- probably will be the case going for yeah it's just all your hoping that the good outweighs the good the bad. Yeah and it does overall though we'd all be mad and you know but jumped. You know that whoever says that offer comes from the Bible as someone said its first but you know guard doesn't give you anything you can handle. Well you know that's BS Communist when he mothers and aren't gonna put decades on the bus. A school bus on them Monday morning I didn't and they handled that I don't think so I writings it's unfair and brought in a license tea. Home is tied it in its content and it really is kindergarten I mean the last best in of of safety we thought we believed we hoped. No more now how but other mothers across the country Monday. Putting their kids on the school bus for any garden -- I don't fight condone it write it off I hated the F five year old I'd probably home schooled who am I overreacting may be by -- by the same token. I'm sure some people do that I feel like is some cases -- you it's your right to do what you wanna do but you know in some cases go -- extremely still have to live life here amended its its. Not a robot from situation -- -- still left to right and I. Man I'm overreacting -- what I'm saying is so I don't -- fight could be the mother father you know using the mother with two little lunch -- since a kid off to a kindergarten. Can you do that's it would that -- -- in mind this coming Monday Mia maybe two years down the road if this something like this doesn't happen again you know it it's more on the back burner. What this Monday. -- I'd be awful -- I'll bring my kid in school bus and I think every parent feels that way. I'm not articulate -- anything better from coast to coast in this country and across the world. Who realize what happened yesterday. That bringing -- on that school bus Monday is going to be very difficult and I mean it's. And start even elementary school it's you know it's it's pervasive there. It -- hey John you know we may go out and have a cup will be his son how many times you know I've sat at -- -- Okay. Not see anybody not a high class by something -- -- it doesn't matter right and you you backs and allow -- have a conversation you watching the game on TV across the bar right. I mean if you could take. If you really want to put yourself for you know ended in a deep. And does a great many time but I am ever thought -- now and then an athletic village -- TO point you gotta go on living -- absolutely right I mean there's going to be 68000 people it as -- pro. You know on -- Sunday night in -- But this this here is really resonated I guess because because of the age aids is no question about it there's no question about it those going to be the worst funerals in the -- coming -- is. And you just you just can't can't get around it you have a caller we have John that said. You guys people who perpetuate thinks like this perpetrated I should say. And planned. Said that they telegraphed these things that you can tell. Really -- really I mean many how many different I incidents have their bid. Where and end this guy in a reading up a little bit him being shot in but people you know. That really have no connection would hardly any other human beings absolutely not mean and we have we not all known somebody that we thought was. A little lost you know little laugh right little quiet. No social skills. -- didn't get along schooled didn't like sports in like girls. And winning -- running to authorities since then you know -- -- -- -- keep an -- how -- there Garnett is the -- a fine -- someone could just be quiet or someone you know it did have no -- well Leo she's quiet quite often they are right but you know what. That's that I job and I Healy looks a little weird. The united I'd -- and hang around right but -- you go totally teach you go tell that local truant officer I don't know. Yeah no I -- want to address this is again about 220 different text message zionists. From the previous -- before the break -- on an automatic weapon and am not as versed in the subject but an automatic weapon is a machine gun that was a -- Automatic weapon. Automatic weapons are legal and have been good enough for quite a lot of time. Let's get back to the phone calls -- bill in Springfield a bill. They bail out Iraq either now or -- Well not great. You know I don't. We'll let you know it just. Very quickly because there's a 100000 different conversations. He can build off this what's right now within. I. I really just say real simplest. -- and burning out option everybody else started doing things with computers and people get ripped off. And perverts and everything else opera there's not a banner computers. It's the people of computers that do evil people there. Just like with guns and stuff like automatic weapons I was of that. Well -- not gonna go away and you are computed so we're what you're going witness later evil you're right. Well I think that -- guys are on the same page basically. That led to you know there's there's going to be sickness there are no matter what unfortunately. -- you don't you don't -- You don't know wanna bring in -- told them fight that's for sure. Right and as John you have a woman collar you know a few minutes ago a little while ago. And she brought up you know the music and the movies and I'd tie the movie say you know there all exploding ties and exploding bodies and then -- gifts for forty year old security five rose against -- you know eighteen to twenty to go like oh yeah movie well. And they think it's great. Well that that's been brought on for a while that's not something you -- right they just say about them and it could play on a windows brain right the guy just described a few minutes ago could be at that movie tasted that looks like fun. I already had a -- Ali and it has been so many tragedies here we had the one of the movie theater in Colorado Virginia Tech. Yeah I mean -- I don't know. All of them I mean I grew up with one it was like two streets away he wasn't like a mass murder they thought they were to dump up its properties everything he's going to present. And I'm not sure exactly what he did. It was a neighbor and use it neighbor to neighbor probably so what did you -- to let's just think it's. It was exactly what you said very quiet. Night on sixty years old there's a long time yup and people just they just you know just watches up around the -- when you -- -- But I I really think that. I -- part of it is. I I believe that the only good thing it's going to commodity is this possibly. People are going to try to I'm not a very educated person but I do believe -- these were people go to counseling and to look up to try to help kids. That are in trouble that always goes on little old school when the consulate is like you know -- I coached soccer as well up until this year. The coaching forty. 47 years. Between basketball -- locked into what got a problem they're tenure as well a lot of like -- apparent sort of think they're they're gonna fight. I'd rather have play. At 7810 years old and when he got here only on in. In I don't know if the loser he answers it's just the way it is but we cut out who the society yet. It happened and our computer all -- All right I guess -- we got to keep trying -- you know John it -- -- I mean. It's it's probably unstoppable. I mean it and look at people have been. Countries have been at war three years' worth thousands and hundreds of thousands of people being killed people hate each other night madness. Of this young man's -- that's a different thing I admit that's a different thing right you go off to fight -- country. You know and they'll come back that he can't even compare until the and I can't I can't but it's lives lost -- by you know by. Force of action and sometimes we we kill for the right reasons we thank -- for eleven of God's country right. None of these banks from -- Kennedy assassinations on two yesterday. You you can put a finger on because they met people. Here's -- Chris in Connecticut Chris. Well in my aren't you are smokers. You know and right. Bob well personal touch 1% of my condolences to the senate -- the victims yesterday. No question or direct three point I -- make the first and being. I'm not cerberus already covered not let the -- adamant that was used in the action bushmaster -- -- cute very. Also has an error fifteen which is that not an automatic weapons some I don't know. Right but you know how many people listening have no idea what you -- said because we don't know guns that well and and that's a good restaurant so it is certain people -- I'm literally I'm not seeing all of you don't -- I don't think most people know what exactly what -- so we are right it would lead to describe it did describe it goes well. It's it's -- I don't you know we have to get into description of the weapons amend. As a semiautomatic. 223 caliber bushmaster rifle to two other pistols. So. Right where -- which -- semi automatic which means. If you pull the trigger down only one ball is going to come out of the chamber. Are you will that old am I China yes okay so when we do see it that so -- -- what's the point of all this. On base and that's -- first for an article are calling and saying that they use automatic weapon right right we addressed that entitlement point. The only way to completely prevent this weapon which is completely unrealistic. And it never gonna happen to create print might school. There always the markdown. And bill out of beefed up the bar across the window. Which is never gonna happen. My it. Solution that I would -- are my two cents rather -- help prevent this issue. Might be. More cost effective may hire an arms carried out there. And in the reason I think that might help the issue is because. Most of these shooters are pretty much all of them. After the commit the crime they always kill themselves are because -- So if they know they're going to a school that has personally there and that equally armed -- -- even has any kind of weapon on. They know that they're going to -- -- kind of resistance which might. Yeah and might not stop those sick goal like that but at least it's a bit of a deterrence and and there's the possibility of live who's saving some lives. Exactly and in that much more cost effective I mean it can't hurt you know put -- that -- can't it can't hurt. Problem. I wouldn't be surprised that I don't cut and paste the call Chris -- is an issue. I wouldn't be surprised if you. Ended up seeing that in the future. Here's a Korean Rhode Island record. This evening are you right you don't. And I could be better -- the circumstances. I think this is just a terrible thing I think it's a tragic event. But it's something perhaps as quickly becoming a part of our Barbara -- life in this. Country. Per couple close quote -- show. This evening and has. Suffocated. And then try to express their opinion in terms. -- -- -- law doesn't. Thinking at this is going to solve the problem. But the real problem I think in my opinion. I mean of course feel free to interject and disagree or make an observation not. I think the real problem in this country that we -- we -- appropriate violence. As a means that it is meaning in this country we we use violence has. As a deterrent and that means to pretty much any and that leasing it to be comfortable and origins. In terms of our foreign policy in dealing -- -- -- diplomacy. Immediately -- rush to war. We've -- -- and the last thing here as well as well as. The doctrine of preemptive war going in the country. Not a single pretext for doing so we've seen it played out -- torture we've seen at played out in brokerage. Right that's that's politics that you talk about politics so you late talking about -- I I don't understand I think he can't separated have been. Well maybe a little bit I would say. Or fortunately you -- you look at -- politics morals virtues that we think exist in a vacuum. I mean these pick these these -- aren't completely and totally arbitrary. On people operate under -- presumption about reality and I'm philosophy professor okay. And I I I have made a way of life for myself to look at saint he's a level than just policy or basic human psychology. -- how do you put yesterday in the context professor. I will put this in a carpet about what we find meaningful in this country. Now you can now because they were -- local authorities said that well we need to reintroduce. And religion and straight back into our. Public school system. And being maybe on something -- in the they're not articulating it in the late that we want to be articulated. Or understood but it was a time in this country went public education. -- not separate from the idea of teaching our young people to pursue a life. The common good. A life of virtue and then slowly over the last several decades we have seen. Is a complete compartmentalization. Privatization. Not just related to believe. But any notion of the transcendent in public life we can't introduce into our politics we introducing our public education. So you're an advocate of prayer in schools that we've -- -- -- Well it will be like all right they say -- I'm gonna reach everybody right that's all well and good but isn't there always that mad man outside the mainstream -- like yes step down quite -- -- -- didn't know what a library was ever said a -- 11 at a time here aren't. Images go for second or what if you have a so what religion all right what -- which religions say you have a classroom and into and the city and you have. A Baptist skid a Jewish kid. A -- of Muslim faith of Buddhist on the same classroom analysts -- -- -- to. A terrible I think I think there's a way to deal that's where there's good religiously at compartmentalizing these things you have the metaphysical religious beliefs and they had the ethics of religious beliefs. A Buddhist and Christian are not going to disagree on the on the on the matter of whether it's wrong or I can. -- all religions are based on and doing good indented doing the right thing in the common good. Let them but then you get into touchy subjects with you know parents well this seems like it's geared more towards Christians I I think that. Values I can understand that. But I'm not sure about it and and a lot of this goes back to parenting it's her it's really it's it's tricky issue I gave you plenty of time core here's Scott -- -- got. They -- thank technical. Really set a doubt the night and we discussed the morals in the semantics of politics and everything out so well in space. What you both said earlier. Tragedy happened in good that happened that it has happened I'm out of mind. -- we can't forget. We seemed like this to happen. Is not to jump to protesting the constitution are. You know increasing some rates and reducing others the founding fathers understood that. If you gave any one man more power than the next man with more how would eventually take advantage. So we have the right to assemble which is a beautiful wonderful gift. One -- the first time it's ever happened in and then -- -- history were common man and together. -- -- -- And the only and that's Arnold -- -- guarantee -- by the right to Barack although I I can appreciate. We want to make sure people. You know understand those rights -- it and understand a powerful weapon in what have you had it and that is very very important. Which hit just suggesting think because we're upset or hurt or aggravate. We cannot forget that that's why we have -- right well the symbol in the right there. And I I can understand and -- for more and they are ready are tough. Tough gun rules out there and it's it's tough to purchase a gun anyhow I mean there's ways of certainly getting on the illegally and I don't know what that's gonna come to an end if ever and probably. Won't come to an end. But. You know if you go through the proper circuits I'm not totally against someone having it having a handgun. I can understand that and like there's going to be the problem is there's sickness everywhere I mean it is absolute. You know you read stories well. A guy kill this was reason a guy killed. Wife with a shovel while what are we gonna do go to Home Depot -- ban them from selling doubles I mean it's just the problem is news there's sickness everywhere. And you don't look at grim fairy tales or or look at you know look at the cut -- of earlier time you're at it it got so. Part of the into the very elderly there's a lot of tragedy there or look at Shakespeare. Plate ended poorly. You know who recently and that one thing -- say that the society side that it we have sought so a lot of this stuff. You know -- there. All being taught that -- always happy and that there's always -- -- rainbow in America would set up not an easy place to live but how went so lip prints were at the right thing and follow the rules you would. Generally get add more so than most other countries. And that's still true that's still true up what's got to deal with -- on -- agreement. But -- great tour but to what the more waves and waves that -- kids. I don't why we're seeing kids is that we cannot. We cannot adjust our freedoms we can't use what you get how you can own bushmaster which channel Remy to -- -- that he -- The fact that. We have to maintain the right there aren't that I'm really afraid that and it is expected to. Because that. You know if you would ask every kid -- -- -- -- murdered sixty years ago in Germany we know we're talking about if their parents at a bushmaster they know -- yeah. They did. Now they -- could happen as a result of those parents as Oreo which masters. But the fact that people are that not all people but there are bad people in this country affords the opportunity. To have an equal playing field and if we match between those rights were really gonna get hurt innocent -- Friday thanks god. John how how often have you heard of silent and right it's it's in the constitution that their -- been around since it is fair game. How often those people who do it just for protection. Do we hear stories that -- -- something like that and the intruder was shot. By the household someone in the house so -- it's the other way around. Like what this guy planned yes today. He he know the ending and he knows he knows this sending to. It's like there's been so much recently -- -- a sportsman in the Javon Belcher at situation and there's so many situations nowadays where. That I got isn't for protection but -- aspirin and an accessory you know it's it's it's her show off item absolutely. So many -- them to Johnson and speaking and acting just slightly because this is so under one umbrella today. But yesterday and used the drugs are to the footage of you know there was a moment silence for all through the NBA last night and watching Kevin -- -- on that. Are you in classes start watching McHale. I stand through that moment of silence for the Connecticut victims and shaking his head. As the horror of it right. And then the embrace with Kevin McHale Kevin Garnett having Garnett and -- Cahill was in -- he is. And any watched when someone else another ex players came up to him. Try to console him I mean it was it was a devastating that the Kerry McCain a lot of -- for our America but that really touched me with that whether McCain went through. That was it is if you have it he confided to on line it was a very emotional towards the end of that game there was a lot of good sentiment. Throughout sports and and also throughout the NBA last night Kevin Durant. Wrote LeBron James I mean they all two weeded out and he. Yeah and you know it brightest. Jury life to reality how fragile who's got a better life from LeBron James Kevin Durant and and they lose one of the first two. Text out to of how this could -- life in perspective no question. -- -- -- -- -- -- Got to what you're right read. -- like everyone else good about our to does surrender bring up so many arguments and discussion that people -- you need to have arming their constitutional. The real salt -- all that stuff but I think. -- like this is just so hard to -- -- because of absolutely horrible what was involved with you know. First kindergarten first and -- great kid but. It's it's. I don't think normal I don't want to use that -- normal part I guess reasonable people just can't understand evil. I mean -- -- so. Should -- knowledge and -- and cable outlets like if that's -- attacked. Were awful and I don't wanna compare the two but when you throw and he added. -- these were little kids you know 567. Years old people just can't come to terms or perhaps other -- grass than on things I think that. They can be a look at other gun control are what are out. You are you know I I agree with you Pete I mean this has become now it's become and in the show as well you should see I mean I'm not even -- address some of the different text message -- here. Honey you've got this has become debate on the religion it's become a debate on and gun control. There hasn't been that much discussion on and on mental illness and -- and trying to cure -- I don't you know if there's a way to cure some of these situations. And now you get people split and that's always been an issue religion gun control the user. These are issues that usually. You do have the split somewhat feel strongly one way or another about these situations. I I think it's in the trying to and I know that deal one works with the other in terms of gun control and end or the right to have. A weapon Oregon. But -- You know try this is just such an event of sickness that. You know religion. It's just tough to grasp all the way around because I don't think there's any I don't know if there's any real proper solution. Two to an individual to sickness like this. I then opened there and I think that's why people are. Retreating it's something you know they can grab hold up like what are -- you know you're pro war against guns are -- you know a lot of schools are against because. There -- an explanation -- there is no expert that I mean people are gonna are sick people are gonna do sector. Can we limit the you know the region -- what they do that debatable. But people -- trying a whole lot of sub but because what they saw yesterday in Connecticut it's just. Well you know in a techsters brings this up and this is good simply put ever wants to think this is fixable. You know and and -- -- important -- one I would agree with you and and you could take steps to try to prevent that I think. And -- certain important but I mean like the important thing elect when he was talking about how do you put you can go to school. Like -- what how do you tell your -- it's OK to go back to school. Yeah that's that's good point -- it's -- I was looking at a from the mother standpoint but that little kid. Who shot what cognizant of what went on yesterday Hester stepped on that yellow bus Monday and death. I would do -- great trepidation if I was five if I was 35 and that and the mother of the filed. I cannot stand that but again I take you you wanna have -- thanks for the call good call. Discussion with the children about this issue but you also have to live your life as well sure. You know yeah -- be aware of these situations but I'd. Loaded up on the phone lines will continue. With your calls here after the break.

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