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On a day when sports don’t matter, John Ryder reacts to the tragedy in Connecticut

Dec 15, 2012|

As more details emerge concerning the massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary school, Ryder attempts to figure out the reasons behind the heinous acts committed in Newtown, Connecticut. Many issues are tied to the tragedy in an attempt to make sense of the happenings, issues that include gun control, school safety and mental illness support. Ryder goes through it all to try to find answers to unanswerable questions.

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John -- with the others other Saturday up until 8 o'clock. First out Dale Arnold I think it is an incredible job and what is obviously clearly it. Absolute tragedy horrific situation that occurred yesterday in Connecticut. And if you want to discuss this I think it needs discussion. That's fine with me if you wanna continue to take talked about that situation that happened yesterday Connecticut certainly we can get into sports as well and -- on the menu as -- -- that goes this the up and down Celtics. Down last night fall into the rockets the big game clearly tomorrow night. At Gillette Stadium. Forty niners and the patriots matching up we get into that as well so whatever you want here on this Saturday. Hi after the terrific. Happenings yesterday and -- in Connecticut. And we can also. Talk about stuff is Tripoli -- trivial was as sports. In. Move on from from that situation -- ever really clearly move on from from what happened yesterday. Let's get right to the calls here's David in Worcester David. Well loop a -- in -- all right -- Are subject. A subject -- -- McDonald. For an advocate of gun ownership. And it stopped because -- uneasy calm -- -- a couple things that at a time like that helped people that on a book by an additional. Kabila on their fire but he is but I will say. Couple times due -- the station already can't see it permeate. People gonna do it telegraph. What's going on -- to a well in advance. In most cases of the event itself. Appropriately -- something that describes. How to read -- -- And take -- You're on the German ship autographs in a desperate attempt. A -- yes. What what are the German -- back to share but that's like -- about that like -- you can try but it. And and we'll tell that was German shepherd of a German -- myself out. To take -- according to get to pick up all if you can find and well look at sort responsible gun owners do. We get it appears the book by Gavin de -- What should go. -- I just recommend reading -- what -- work for the federal supervisory agent and -- -- -- also recommend their -- mean that's -- I first learned about it. But responsible gun ownership. That what America needs. I think there is a place for responsible gun ownership the problem thanks so called David. Might be time to watch those guys the it is just so easy now a society to it to get again if you need -- yeah. That that is the problem and I don't you know see how. That comes to an end anytime soon unfortunately here's. India New Hampshire in -- I don't think statement about the problem this big. You know and its effect. Unbelievable event. I feel myself -- after listening to that it'll mean I agree -- -- -- unbelievable job excellent. -- They are they acting that you sit out in the is that certain about people who -- on or use -- And about people with mental illness. I'm. Richard far beyond that certainly it's excited it's gotten. Real serial. Ungodly -- and unconscionable. That. Yeah beyond and it's not about these people. I appreciate that are calling up and you know speaking about responsible gun ownership and appreciate people gonna happen. It outside and let the kids and that's what it's about family in -- it's an effective nation nevermind that outburst along. Right and I know there's more stringent gun -- in this state more so than than most states it's one of the toughest places to it to get a gun is in the state of Massachusetts but still. And unfortunately I think in most cases if you. Really want a five matches like finding anything whether guns drugs whatever the case may be a B billion and a fine and. We subsidiary and bill Safire a couple times you know get a gun and that your. Yelled that's part time at the mental health certain countries is really not exist anymore. As far as keeping people in one place. Not necessarily to neutralize her hospital but. And it any way affect -- way -- -- there's no way we sit here and say for sure these people would not -- effective way to say it. He's acting captain -- -- organizations where better management. These type system and our government or better. Organized I wouldn't help that is unbelievable I helped everybody can articulate and a prayer out and that opener but he opposed it thanks for talking about the. No problem India thank you for the call. -- Well more and Boston and -- I'd pick you pick him up call upon a lot of people are talking about on. You know be out the gun laws and things like that but I think what really had handed but I wanted to see happen. Is who he and better security and -- a couple of -- -- called -- you know security not really gonna happen and it you know. So while more to get into a gate and let the -- builders -- you should not do it and if you don't have an appointment. You don't it -- in -- the weight exclusive and should be from tomorrow all if you go if you don't have an appointment you should be able to get into the building just period that's it. Net debt that we right kids as it -- this simple let's keep it simple and it changed that immediately. It it's amazing now you know I'm in my thirties better you know there is no. When I was in you know 56 years old Negroponte a small town lake the masters I can't even imagine. You know and elementary school. -- go through metal metal detectors in and I can't believe it's it's reached that point. You're in Vietnam metal detector looked fine and that's you know that's that that's pretty that's pretty good. But all they have to do right now I wanna see it happening nationwide. It's just lock this school down you don't even if you don't have an appointment you don't get in the building period activated this purpose -- are going to -- -- and he called and that would help -- a lot. Yeah I and I don't know if I wanna go to the extent of of an elementary schools have metal -- detectors in all sorts of just don't let Leahy said haven't I haven't locked up. Yeah if -- let me -- indicated that things happen like it secure the future. We got the buildings and on the officials that you -- -- -- metal detectors in order to get into the ability because they wanted to protect its. So I think it -- that we Pataki a lot more. And all all they have to do -- like -- say most ardent editor that you want but just you cannot get it -- any public school any school period without cabinet appointment. Yeah well you know even the the problem is even if there is an appointment. You know it can be still some deranged lunatic now. -- -- he has no appointment. You know I mean great to politic guns out of pure comic and you have to build out the door blocked. It -- do you not know if you can eat it you shouldn't it make you want to -- you not gain an adult content because you're not you don't have a well I mean again by Dan Perry. Did not gain -- -- so it's really simple. I don't know I don't know -- but the problem is I don't think it's as simple amended it it's it's really not an induces. It is if someone's completely insane and in full disclosure I have read up a ton on this story amended sickens me I ever really watched the news -- -- that I was in here and I talked mostly sports which was difficult to do after this tragedy. Watched the Celtics game went home watch sports center I really haven't read up too much on it in full disclosure because. I just. -- bothered by it really. And -- I know that. You know you just get in a bury your head in the sand and say well this you know stop -- -- gonna happen again or. Away from it but it. It's just sickening in it and I don't know what does lose the solution it is this series. -- -- -- -- That afternoon. I don't. Argue that they afternoon. -- But these things don't wanna get on different days is. You know you you look at this. And if they -- -- are you wrap your arms around. And you know. -- he gets you try to look at it differently from different perspective. And you know look at it from there as far as. Measures taking you remember what happened after nine elevenths. That you know I decided that I think the police getting more involved in terms of circling The Who go and going inside schools. Making sure that this safer. Having more of a police presence there. I do believe that you remember what happened after 9/11. Where is that you started having. People. Go on planes for certain. We've gone. To protect the passengers in fact. Even being a still of that that still exists yet. Yeah to protect the you know even the airline pilot having a gun in the cockpit. And so forth and so. You know I think you have to consider. Like kids now the principal. Or besides maybe a few others within the school. Our system. At the school themselves besides the probable. Having a gun hidden hidden away where you know the students don't know any. Thing about me -- I'm not I'm not sure if that's the answer either. But you know he's just something to consider. And it did that last point dollar consider and Newton is this. Is you know the old saying is that you reap what you're so right. What we've had 1973. Are around sixty million. More innocent than the ones who died yesterday. Who has been practically get taken out -- -- for sake of convenience and mothers won't sell it like. In a way I don't want to start a whole idea wrap your arms around Libya while I I don't wanna get into an abortion debate re cheers -- at -- -- met. And the ice like the discussion of what bite my thoughts and in my prayers are with. Victims in this pales in this tragic event into. A few quick comment now while lining up what you guys. And we discussed. Or otherwise of the deal collapsed court. You know I would put it simply suggested it would be re -- While I eat individuals. And I agree they actually can the parade. Individuals. Hot it's cool. I did -- -- such a local work as an -- because. They golf for the most part. The peace basically unwound and this sounds well. Right they're cowards and also they're looking to make a statement a deranged statement that is -- And -- -- the -- -- -- continue -- There's no I I don't know what the perfect solution is to this because I don't think there really is one -- -- You increased law enforcement you do all these different things that you eat you think about it try to improve mental helmets. How mental health issues but. There there's still unfortunately going to be deranged people out here. Aaron what do you do and unfortunately. And you just hope and re an incident doesn't like happen like this again. But at some point there will be another tragedy. I agree I really think there's an amphibian national dialogue to try to. Address this situation because it clearly being targeted. And they got this or not -- -- line and it and it says it's. You know the idea blocking the schools -- I think that's a lot of with the current. And stop this to -- well and yet they were locked out of this again and again you can't get any apparently smashed the window. Or two with a bottle rightful apologizing and immediately it anyway. So -- individuals determined it's like not to do this at the bank they've got to find a way to get themselves on the that they are finally carried out. Unfortunately in yeah. I just like that that we have that discussion. I'm getting some ideas as how. We can at least take some substance of preventative measures. The youngest animals in -- somewhat but that's all I want to appreciate the. Good call good call Matt thanks for the call here's Mike in Connecticut -- Mike. -- -- -- -- -- -- you know thank -- particular time it's fortunate that -- to talk about the electric the national dialog -- summit -- or. Politically it first -- at my disposal -- about a parent. I don't own a gun and other college students are going to be future. I'm so. I think the I think a lot of people are gonna want to jump through the -- to reduce our -- our schools that are on. But as someone who wants you know educated I don't know making school and bella is a fortress -- not couldn't really have an answer. I'll could lead to more issues more problems. Yeah exactly and you want the school and -- can inviting college students regard you know like I wouldn't I would never wanna send the student to an elementary -- looked like a journal. Where does not on China and windows Mac kind of -- I think a lot of what that's who I'm closest. -- what it would really. What I would expect and -- who have I don't think you can really expect much more I don't locking mechanism and -- I was determined that it doesn't and I think any solution that we're gonna finder's. It's going to be true you know -- -- the mental health. You know health care system we have been in the country. I think through changing. Access. That people may have to come and I'm much. I mean all this stuff is is is great and I agree Mike but easier said than done. You know it. It -- it's it's just really out. If you're sane person it's it's baffling try to wrap your head around this and even trying to find a solution. Will continue with your cause if you wanna talk exports and get some text here. You wanna do is discuss sports that's followed me if you wanna. I continue this topic as well as fine as well John -- with the up until 8 o'clock at 617779. The seven. Nine 37 also. You can text has said 3793. Set Tennessee aligned appear on the phone lines will back to your calls in ninety --

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