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Mustard and Johnson Get Back on Track With Some Sox Talk With Scott Lauber

Dec 15, 2012|

The Herald’s Scott Lauber calls in to help break the dour mood of the day with some talk on the Angels’ acquisition of Josh Hamilton and whether or not the Red Sox made the right move on that front. They also touch on Kevin Youkilis’ defection to the Yankees.

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Mustard and Johnson here on Sports Radio WEEI not a lot of sports discussion today in the really drying. And the unspeakable. Horrific incomprehensible. Just downright awful situation in Newtown Connecticut. They take a timeout however we get back to that discussion on a little bit there's going to be time for -- sports. Our discussion throughout the weekend including tomorrow is the patriots I get ready for the 49ers on Sunday Night Football of course. We can talk Red Sox as well in baseball in general. And as we ten to do on a Saturday morning were to check in with -- Scott Glover who joins us from the Boston Herald talk a little baseball good morning Scott. Well pretty good year take before we get to the baseball just tell your thoughts on what happened yesterday in Newtown Connecticut. Well obviously. Everything need to sit I mean awful are sick you know he. Something like it happens and you put on your television and he went up sitting there watching coverage of it is for hours on end because it's. So horrific and that it doesn't seem to sink in. Wait wait quite soon -- that. Something so unspeakable happened there so this is the community. Etiquette I mean I grew up in the security. Meeting syndicate that was a lot like what I grew up in and he always tell yourself that it happened there and that and it does so. Note in I think like everybody else just trying to figure out. Why and and how it happened didn't it how to stop that from ever happening again. Out from a professional standpoint Scott that you like me like you just. You -- right out of Sunday's column or something on Napoli and why hasn't signed yet and I pay every you eat you could just have to work up. The interest to do because this this type of story just transcends the things that we whining complain about with sports. Yeah there's no question and you know the other thing too is you know we're lucky they'll work in sports it's a it's that Netscape for a lot of people not necessarily for us because -- around at all the time but that. I think it's it's also I'd like this where you realize what what kind of league sports -- in our society -- the way of getting away from right. Real thing and we can sit here on Saturday morning we can talk about. The Red Sox and their decision to side players like Shane Victorino instead of chuck Campbell -- in the grant you think it's very inconsequential. To what really matters and so it's been quite fit the sort of wake up to that. What's export some of those inconsequential. Issues -- way. There are some Red Sox fans including the man over here tomorrow right in more ways than one who is. Wringing his hands over the fact that maybe the -- action have been a little bit more open. To a multi year contract for one Josh Hamilton. Yeah I mean look at it you're open to it but they they drew a line at at. You know roughly three years and and I think what it's nothing that we didn't expect them to use their strategies -- what. Contracts. As short as possible and that. And what are the ways that they intended on giving some of the players that they wanted to target was may be tight -- war. Average annual salaries of those players to keep the contracts one -- shorter than they might otherwise -- you know replace its work with victory no. We took a three year 39 million dollar deal from the Red Sox. Even -- you know forty you're 44 million dollar you're able completely. He wanted to come here and the lady Hillary get in -- by upping the air eight feet they'll. I'm not sure what. They're willing to do its part in eighty per truck Hamilton but I think that there. They are their behavior this winter with seem to indicate that on the three year -- they were willing to go probably a little bit higher annually than most. Chuck Campbell though and can't play him for that wanted to longer term deal. At his age if -- -- the idea -- mail from from the angels. I'm probably come out at that a piece I'd pay higher average annual value three year deal for the Red Sox then in three years at wary about going back -- to mark the end. And trying to bridge the gap between -- fueled by the -- could've got so. They're not really be -- any way that we didn't expect them to it I think it's fair that we -- would about. -- -- -- just terrible it was consistent with what what they've done throughout the entire Nazi. If you're a business though when you are in at about marketing and you have an essence and you have this park that you have to fail and getting people are revved up. For the competitive dollar -- and let's face it there are so many sports teams were people can make choices. If you're a fan are you excited right now for opening day. Though not especially. But it doesn't have very much to do with what they've done or not in the -- I think that it has to do with their losing 93 in last year and with some of the players who are part of the -- Last year. And remain a part of the court this year grossly under -- -- -- I'm Lester Coke yelled -- They -- These were guys that you expected big things from that point well and didn't get it. And the Red Sox are banking on those guys rebounding point thirteen in. And performing -- to the standard of direct to their career. If that happens and you decent people meet so RB -- he ought to be good enough to at least make them competitive. Who what where they're not only nineteen. Where they might be an extra wild card spot. But it that that would happen if those guys told recount. If the new normal for gun collector is more of what we saw this year and -- in real trouble because -- -- is not a strong that they think it. I thought that it in Munich I'd be -- Are necessarily guys to -- would consider part of their core I think -- -- court strongly about. And if they were able at the top Battery Park surrounded. If you like it can be a better team. But if they've overestimated. Your order then there are major trouble I think that's the reason for the -- is that. Jon Lester is not getting -- we're excited right now neither is Coke you all very M. You'll be way that those guys. Sort of rekindle those feelings for people is is by playing and Michael impact what he did in 2011 in park who is the core right now. Well it's it's Pedroia connecting everything starts with Pedroia yup -- middle Brooks is Jon Lester -- Clay Buchholz. It's. David Ortiz it's it's those guys who has been here. And who were part of the -- is going well in 2011. And who they expect of you big part of the team going forward I think that the core and I think that the guys like Napoli and -- garrido and as their. Our guys who are complementary pieces around backcourt but like excesses. You know Jon Lester is. Doesn't being a proper rotation picture. The -- doctor -- kind of trouble that that. That no doubt offseason tinkering would get a six. Well Ortiz. -- every ports from guys who went to was golf tournament he still limping around. You know what I'm looking around I mean I was there last weekend and you know he's not walking with a group. He's not limping around you looks a lot better than you people act we saw him. You've been in October we kind of deal. But he did say he's not a 100% yet and he did say that he's not. He's not. Where it needs to be. You know the good news about that is that. He doesn't start hitting until January of a normal year and so he's got another few weeks he's got some time. He's not really behind schedule is just saying I'm not. 100% yet yet hardly get there and if we get -- January into the middle of the month and spring training their you know that -- would be about a month away. And it's still not if he's stopped saying you know 200%. And we got to -- is that. The white flag that the red flag and say what's going partner why didn't he -- Scott had a bad programs -- scout I've had a not running debate with a colleague of mine over Wellesley high school he's from Philadelphia and you've covered the Phillies and he likes to. Stand up for his his so called senior circuit so to speak the older National League founded in the 1876. But certainly. Over the last twenty years in spite -- some World Series victories recently. Generally the American League has been superior. And I use for my exhibit a one that Ryan Dempster. You well laid out pretty well. Against the American League the newly acquired righthander has not faired well. Over the last few and is an American League experience particularly against the Yankees. Yeah absolutely and you know I talked yesterday. To Atmel. Couple weeks ago right before the winter meetings and that are a lot of doubts. The possibility you can come into the Red Sox chemical are certainly knows a little bit about what it takes to succeed in. Boston in the American League in. You know even -- -- yesterday looked will be intriguing to see. How he made those adjustments. You know he said look the bottom line is he's a veteran pitcher is 35 years old he's been around the block. He hasn't pitched a whole lot the American League really other than the final two months of the season with the Rangers. He's never been in the American League other than interleague play numbers against the Yankees are not very good and after the trade last year he really struggled against deeper -- he angels even more trouble. I -- we're starting at the Yankees you know we're starting -- -- use. So. You know the track record isn't good. But he -- more -- said look I mean pitching is pitching in and you would think that guy. What you learned a lineup and what it -- started hitters in the new lead in the current adjustment. Let's start to sort of banking on the fact that he will. If he does and certainly in middle of a -- the rookie starter who -- deeper. Your rotation if he doesn't. You know what could -- -- be all -- and what last year so you know for two years and twenty million. You know I guess it's that it's it's it's the small risk worth taking. But there are big questions about whether or not he can make editor of the American League you connect recruit but he can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It to me it wouldn't be so bad if camp right in Toronto hadn't. Made some significant changes in their rosters today. They're rats -- over the season three at New York re at Toronto. Three -- against Baltimore at home and then four against Tampa Bay out of the map that they should be fine. Yet they're not putting up really quickly guys where they were ranked or -- they stack up in the American League east department it too long for the -- -- -- You know the Yankees. -- -- -- I'll give you get on the flip side I mean certainly the blue jays on paper and improve. Certainly the rays have taken steps to improve their offense -- the world -- trade but -- -- at all this is that the Yankees I think purple purple purple. I -- you gonna say that word I was waiting for I just made myself five blocks at that myself five -- -- -- -- there are vulnerable have a you don't pay up when -- back on the right around this this town prologue time and since 96 every year's -- Saying name -- lie in the Yankees are vulnerable. He's got my -- got my closing question have you gotten the image of rampant in a bathing suit body -- mind yet. Yeah you know important thing but it doesn't go away. But I'm all right appreciate the input as usual. These guys thanks thing around my friend and the take away from that once again the expert says the Yankees are vulnerable.

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