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Mustard and Johnson Want to Get to Sports, But There’s No Ignoring the Sandy Hook Tragedy

Dec 15, 2012|

Craig and Larry start the show on the solemn note by addressing the terrible shooting that occurred at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday. They reflect on what occurred at the Connecticut school and discuss the details of what happened at the school.

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It is sports Saturday mustard and Johnson on the weekend and just about ten shopping days left. And so Christmas I know Larry soon as the show winds at 1 o'clock will be scurrying off to the mall. -- -- social plaza I know I just love it got to let it wash over you -- -- -- the lines and accuses lingered just leisurely stroll through the many quarters of the South Shore mall we're not about when you get in the mall and yet you're. You park about a mile away and Richard have to tomorrow -- that is a very difficult experience for the male species and -- eight -- experience that I would prefer. Not to repeat this year -- inevitably I'm sure it will meanwhile tomorrow night. At Gillette yet another primetime affair. As the patriots fresh off. I highly impressive. Rout of the team with the best record in the National Football League still has about a way. Houston Texans. Looked to -- do the same against the 49ers in. That is certainly an interesting collision. Of not irresistible force. As far as the patriots in their great offenses concern in the immovable object. Obviously speaking of 49ers and they're great defense patriots -- the best offense in the National Football League. 49ers. The strongest defense in the national hockey the National Football League. But Larry as we sit here and talk about sports. As we do this is a sports station I think we'd be remiss odd not to acknowledge what happened yesterday effort for both of us. Are quite candidly a difficult day. I spent a lot of time watching the news channels are not really delving into sports. I'm glad Michael talked about it interspersed sports. But 27. People dead twenty children. Newtown Connecticut what a horrible tragedy yesterday. A little over 24 hours yesterday. -- -- -- Twenty years old. -- into the sandy -- elementary school. With the issues and problems that may we will nominal about. There were would provoke him to shoot a principal and the people -- the office and then marked down to it Kenny got classes. And killed when he. Innocent. Lovely. Adorable. Children you know we are sports station that's what we do and that's what we will do today will debate will yell or scream redo everything that we. Normally do for the past seventeen and a half years. But I think it would be an insult to you as an audience if we didn't pull over to the side of the road from minute to always keep up priorities straight. And this is a priority above everything and and immediately my thoughts and prayers go out to the families that I just. -- in -- when you are into the lobby they have a big Christmas tree would Torre's underneath the the tree and you think -- a -- these parents who have. Tories and the rating for salary and wonderment of that agent McKinney Guidant with statement when you finally got through them. And I'm learning how to eat in the Pampers and your first step and your first words in your finally reached that can be gotten the aid to -- and mount a full personality and expression comes. To surface. And you just put them on the bus saw a drop them off at school like you do every other day. Dressed so nicely in the little jackets with admittance clipped so they won't lose them in the funny hats and the whole bit and you watch him in the little aches as they climb up the stairs and going to the schools. And you think everything's okay and we're living in -- world novice is not about debate about this about our guns or any other thing the reality is you're living in a world where. You cannot always protect what you treasure. The most and in my prayers go out to them in my hot girls out in certainly appreciation to the security people the police officers in the teachers. There was sums unbelievable stories I sat there last -- China usually on Friday as I sit and try and right down a couple of notes and stuff so I can try and remember things at least attempt to. But I have total lockdown yesterday I -- not think I couldn't concentrate. And when your read some of the stories about some of these teaches them how they would just that one teacher first grade teacher locked her kids. In the bathroom and just told should be quiet and it was a meet some of the most BCA heroes that's right when they mention that word courage and murals and sports and everything it's so. Inappropriate they're really Urals are people who are willing to lay down their lives. For the sake of somebody else so Greg guy I -- it you who I -- really wanna hear from you from any -- from Connecticut if you probably are very familiar with that area. You're also a school teacher and you also have young children. Actually that's completely on the other side of the state -- it's much closer to New York my hometown -- more of the New England variety closer to Boston Rhode Island but it is -- small state but it's. Really about a hundred miles away from where I was -- Brought up it was it's upper. Two upper middle class community middle and upper middle class about 27000. I honestly have never been there it's nice quiet interior yeah I mean it's you know -- suburb of -- -- we seen that this is a pattern there have been a lot of quiet areas. Throughout the country rural. Ought to suburban areas that unfortunately have seen this senseless. Violence that has particularly peak this year it's it's very disturbing but you know I am a teacher. And am I think about the six teachers that perished yesterday. But first of all I'm gonna echo what the president said he estimate parent and I and my response to what happened yesterday in my responses we talk now. Is totally through the perspective. Of apparent. When you talk about that kid. -- -- the winter cold in the gloves -- the the little clip bond. That's my seven Euro my seven year what goes every day to an elementary school. My seven year old. Would have been in that school if we were in new town that's what it comes down to. So I think we all understand how difficult it really is because we are all. Parents Larry today. Every one of us we're not just Connecticut parents. Not parents at that score that town where American parents who have been through -- who understand. Of the vulnerability of kids that age. And we are heartbroken it's a very difficult day it's the worst day for recent violent. In the principle I -- I mean people courage under fire. This deranged individual comes into the school probably wielding a gun and we don't know what his issues were in her life as is at stake and she has the presence of mind they hit the intercom button. So people can hear that there's something terrible going on. And therefore teaches reacted accordingly. I remember 1999. Column buying and how we responded and reacted and were pierced. Would that teachers who gave their lives to protect kids in that principal died yesterday where. From -- I'm talking yesterday yesterday yeah yeah yeah Africa or die slowly and what happened was we were concerned they were talking about it earlier because the the same protocol that is in most schools particularly elementary schools you have to press a button. To Gideon is a Isabel right buzzer system. And apparently from what we understand now is. The shooter. -- shot his way into the school. So there wasn't likely -- as fast as Margaret who worked at this. You know she wasn't there -- -- killed his mother and com Heidi you know where they did they know him with the familiar with him there it was he familiar with the set up so it was easier for him again and and it's funny some of the photos that they're showing on TV. Will be etched in my mind that pay back to 1970 to win. -- by Kim the Vietnamese women who were with were running Britain and who I think -- number child remember that it's a famous photo now photo -- And -- its face -- -- of them nine. Has no files for some of the -- it is just I'm from Tonya I I sat in the count this morning it. You find yourself on the expressway in Quincy and then the next thing you know you're on the Mass -- title. Almost two to brighten and you just think hunt and I guess here is your mind as I was lying down -- art and -- Yeah I'm serious so I I I I -- I think it's important to talk about from minute I think it's important to. Not only give your kids -- -- -- out artists and truly. I think you sit down with your kids and you try is -- candle let them know that not everybody in the world is nice. Ended that there you know things can happen you don't -- frighten them or anything but you do wanna know what they are listening to the O'Reilly last night and Hannity and again did this is -- time -- politics to be aside I think. Obama shines the brightest when that the sky is the darkness and I thought that was such a great great moment for him. -- today. You go to was reminded me a lot of Cronkite announcing. JFK's assassination remember that indelible moment 63. Where Cronkite. Takes a moment to adjust his glasses and wiped away just a little bit of a year. As he announces officially that JFK has died. Obama. Really had to fight through the tears and applause for fall down ten seconds. Before he could continue because he's looking -- as he -- and I believe my don't think it's presidential political posturing. He's looking at it from a -- prism. As we all doing this song many of -- out there listening today who are parents. Well again and I -- in the it neighborhood that I live in and around 12 o'clock every day there about ten 'cause that apart raid on the end of the street -- waiting for the bus through. Common drop off because -- -- and usually they're going ships like people on the morning share for the afternoon shift and they have a cousin there. And they are waiting for the your children and a little packages to come running off the bus and coming home and -- a couple of the kids that teacher was saying afterwards. What the girl was part of some of the little kids and they says some of them said they had a stomach -- -- some of the government were saying you know I just want my -- and it's like. The thrill of victory the agony of life. In its visit visit. One minute we're frosting and and we will do that we're gonna get to that just like we usually do by. You've got to take a moment or the like the late -- from the capes and if you can't take a moment for this that you ain't got no soul right because. I cannot imagine it must have been an eternity. Apparent waiting outside of that -- house. For the kid to come out. And when your kid doesn't. Come. Out. I think we're all putting ourselves in the places of those twenty sets of parents because they did nothing to deserve this and so it's not like you were careless -- you look around. Placed there -- of victims of innocents they they did nothing. To deserted nobody deserves right. Nobody ever does nobody ever does what you think about it we are all too desensitized. To violence in this country -- I guess I never wanna get that way I'm fortunate we are now worse desensitized. Rock culturally. Word desensitize. And some anyways movies and song. Unfortunately television shows and in reality this year has been particularly bloody. And it's and it's sad and I have to do you know I know Larry you you tend to move in the religious direction I tend to move more but I have my front in the political direction. I think Obama touched on -- he said politics is that we have to take. Meaningful action. And the greatest mayor in the history of -- -- in this country Michael Bloomberg has to say notes that it has to be. Immediate action Larry this has to be something that I know we're grieving I know you don't want to get into the no no I don't know it controversy now. I don't mind did I think if I think the as human race is broken right there's no other way of putting and it's got to -- -- there. Well I think every player born to a movie theater I don't know and you know as well as I do -- even if you start bringing guns and every other thing you want -- band. Unfortunately. The wrong people are still capable of getting. -- make it this bit harder dot -- that Craig if you got the money brother you can get anything you want as long as there are people -- there were no conscience who don't mind making a profit. You will be able to get what you wanna get. But Obama was right when he said you know when he talked about Tucson and Wisconsin. And or -- rough and then he said. A quarter in Chicago he was being specific. But it could have been a corner and Matt and we all know what kind of violence that happened in -- in that trials that we don't show interest in owners talking to my wife about yesterday. In this isn't about to gut instinct but. It it isn't about the gun thing but it is about the -- thing. As a society re we have gotten to a point now where we no longer. Capable of working through stages of anger. You get an argument with your wife for something and you yelling yeah how -- scream -- are you disagree about something and she storms up -- -- as you stormed down stay as you get -- go out get a paper whatever you wanna get. Those are evil when you're in school. -- -- you have an argument you might have a little fist fight has something -- it it also stages. Of normal anger everybody gets angry about things. The thing but nowadays is your anger can be resolved so easily aegis. Show up with a handgun or you pull one out about doesn't draw or something and instead are working through the stages -- bank here -- I'd bring him right. There's no time to cooled down. Are anything and that's that's the problem and I don't know what issues as Clinton had going on with his mother at home and now we're finding out he might -- some out some other issues of whether the guns were registered to. His mom see all of this -- another thing to have all of these news agencies are doing their best they can't cover this stuff but. People would rather be first MB accurate and and courts and you find out afterwards several what you thought was happening wasn't happening and you just have to wait I'd rather be. Accurate MB -- -- an -- so many other components is not simply all guns we understand the lethal nature of handguns. You know that the numbers are staggering and even realize until yesterday 34 people a day guy. As a result of handgun violence that translates to 111000. A year Larry they've been 400000. People who have died from handguns. Since MLK. And RFK died in 1960. You don't the other problem is seriously and -- an -- -- and -- -- aren't aren't any handguns -- -- like that but. It's not just a case that having a he hadn't gotten William Pryor a six bullets over within a minute or two it's all right these big I'll have -- -- even -- on this gibberish you're losing like you rattle off a viral. Six like the kids kept saying this is -- the ball late. They just kept hearing these noises pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop up and they knew what was gunfire in it was a continual fire. They he had magazine after magazine after magazine of ammunition that they are automatic handguns not eat the -- we kept his car. Apparently used all handguns. And he aegis of fired one round after another over a hundred rounds were emptied before. He took his own life in -- to be the police officers -- after all we -- off -- About it in if you're a parent is you who you in new -- it's almost better off if you don't go hand in and then not letting anybody going to this date -- If it in with the equipment the magic of video. Cameras and everything how many of these parents now you to go home. In -- allowed the you know so some them. Footage of things that you've taken the previous Christmas and all the years up one years old three year birthday party. I am I just unimaginable I I can't there's no place to port. The pain there is just I know -- and I'm not even directly involved and and I tell -- I could do the whole show in tears a really great I I. We are you can do is offer up your prayers there are many things you can talk about why he. But I think I think designees to be a period of mourning and comfort before we get into. I'm debating all of the other issues here's the problem with that and I think other politicians -- and have weighed in on the opposite side of that argument we said that for every one of these on there I'm not saying -- -- attempt to fix it I just think -- -- just happened yet not now when I would blow -- how about Monday about how about -- a couple of church services -- a couple of days. You give people a chance to -- about it I certainly saint. Is best we can as a society. We have a right to bear arms but I certainly think as a society. You can't just sit the air in and not realize we are broken as a human race not all of us but there are people who are broken. And is it really has to be discussed in terms of how can your packet is there any way you can fix India are at least make it a little better. No matter where you stand on the right to bear arms no matter where you stand on the Second Amendment worries stand. Legal possession of firearms. I think we all can agree the rhetoric has to convert action. You agree with something has to be done -- because this is -- is starting to happen more often -- Mean -- day guys at a shopping mall I was reading around. Oregon -- -- support global number redeemable article yesterday ultimate Cameron -- about -- and Jonathan are great for wind. Play -- there was some of years past and he was just out. Accidentally shot a guy and kill them I mean if that's a whole other issue I. To get into that I know and I got it's you know it's you know my wife and I pretty much agree on almost every thing -- -- really blessed because the shopping and it chores around the house. But you know philosophically politically almost everything else week -- we will debate about this I'm. I am a much more of a ban them all person and I know that very few people. Agree with that it would be good advocate Graham tomorrow if you quit being a memo but -- -- went up with the wrong people right I'm. Having it right and she's more sensible when it comes to these things and you talk about the stages of grief and I'm beyond denial on an outrage I am I'm saddened I'm devastated by what happened from a parent's point of view. But from a citizen's point of view I'm outraged. I'm angry by what is happened just this year wary. Concurrently. In China yesterday. There was an attack in a movie theater and the assailant had a -- 22 people were injured. -- one opera some 922. Were injured query while injured set down. There's -- right -- the difference between one that's why when I -- remember that great scene from racism a lot of stock it -- you know -- takes -- -- now guys -- -- -- -- this -- any damage at and then -- just they've got to play out you know what it's a funny moment and it's one of indelible -- funny moments it's a great moment and a great movie. There you go right. There there it is it's it's it's comic it's in Zimbabwe's post that's most of an improvised by Harrison Ford. But it sums it all up there it is in this is why I was very upset two weeks ago or two we're talking about to Bob Belcher. Three days ago we were talking about or again today we're talking about what happened in Newtown Connecticut what is to stop. What is it going to stop Bob Costas by the I didn't bring it up last week he was absolutely right. And the guy from Kansas City you know his name. The African American promised Jason whitlock he was absolutely right they were talking about the gun culture in the disproportionately. Arms. In the in the jock culture. -- -- -- -- How -- your -- and they asked demise of the yet these athletes how many of them carry guns and most of them do in the you have to endure for personal protection for women go. Fallacy you know I'm fallacy Larry -- -- -- how -- -- Larry let me tell -- the numbers -- Infinitely small in -- test excuse me small. More people die because of homicides and suicides they do any kind of self protection it's just a myth it's an urban legend polygamist up. -- the only thing I'm saying about any of it that's fine with me I don't -- -- -- -- elegance of the most normal people don't feel like they need to did to. -- that. But on the wait a minute but on the other hand. If you got the wire wild west doubt the -- -- -- can trigger out a way to get these guns away from the people who are doing these things. That's where the problems are. I heard. -- people why would think would be reasonable and other scenarios. In the wake of the tragedy this summer in a -- movie theaters -- If those moviegoers had guns. That killer wouldn't shut down before anything would happen you can't make that I heard people on this radio station after the Belcher tragedy say. If his girlfriend had a -- They could have had a shoot out I gotta be kidding me. What a world -- living in is this the wild west city to. It's getting -- -- going back to -- when it used to be like but it is here Mets rally at least the difference there -- everybody have. So they see that you're buying -- are buying anything I'm just saying to you that if all of the insane people and our running around with these aren't related to guns and they've got -- -- -- we get I don't know what the answer is I think obviously you need to make an idea how to put people to get number I think more important that I think you need to make it hotter and I upper -- he sold through. To purchase these things in the first place but that -- go underground and get a -- The problem and -- it I understand the underground issue and this is the number I was also shocked to hear yesterday. 40%. Of handgun sales then our go go through without any background checks at all. OK so there you go wow what is the mother apparently -- those guns. -- kindergarten teacher in a quiet middle class suburban town need width. Three or four guns this this this is on the I almost said a word I wasn't supposed to say. This is unbelievable. Were to take a break we do wanna get into things in sports but as we said the top of -- I think we'd be lying to you if we didn't tell you how we were feeling this morning. About an issue that obviously is a very painful one throughout America and -- And when somebody purchase is the -- on the Internet and around whenever they get there is no good that there's there's no testing there's nothing there's no. Aptitude test -- psychological testing or anything these persons -- rock out with these guns. Inmate because there who they -- -- like a psychopath had no conscience and no of awareness of any wrongdoing to anything until we get to know more about him. That you're pretty much out of power ball to the fact that you've got these type of people war walking around and they don't. Have any opportunity to work through stages of anger.

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