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CSNNE's Tom E Curran previews 49ers @ Patriots

Dec 14, 2012|

We check in with Tom E on a Patriots Friday for an in-depth look at 49ers/Patriots.

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Aipac you're the big show blood lord why Michael -- time for our weekly get together with -- car and from which plants over count cast. -- by Tom and Wes Welker -- doctor doctor Robert -- call 1800. Get here missed a whole unit. They don't. -- There is found out. You sound down and -- -- Beckett probably guess why. Well I think everybody's a little bit stunned I think it's a little bit stunned especially and certainly not exclusive to that especially. -- -- kids some folks might have exposed as sort it would members who work in elementary schools not -- and it's. Specific elementary schools but -- always feature that it's still kind of shakes it up and. That's -- -- we were sitting or try to talk about it all day orbit so excited about talking about this football game because it's so much to talk about and then -- thing happens and -- -- -- It's you know you get ignored again ignored it even has a sports. You know we're against the text you know you're a sports station. That talk about sports but. This is this is real life time and I I know people want an escape from this at times but. We've been talking about both from talking about the the tragedy in Connecticut and talking about football so with that that we will get to the toy department non. At first well before we get this every Cisco. New England tell me your your your wrap up your final take away from Texans patriots this surprise you -- Yes it did the a couple of -- that would be ready for prime time and they they really war. And Gary Kubiak pointed out to -- first clearly -- It -- -- twelve yard run bigger calls for an illegal formation -- do its subways -- to be gate. Pomp and matchup with an accurate but I think the patriot tour and has there's pretty camps. And a couple of players. Mentioned after the game you know patriots came out. And they spear great tool -- -- chicken with a very simple game that's like. With interest in the look a lot of crap going on after the to replace it with a lot of posturing just topic. They're just -- football -- -- -- -- the Texans. You know I don't know the Texans can leave and say -- we know we did wrong will be able to fix it. Were facing what would that start taking things a little bit more seriously but. I think the patriots. Certainly exhibited at a mental toughness that although they're very very very good teams have exhibited. On Monday night so those those -- my main takeaways. Net tax and interest in real look at nick is the most. Just believe Vince Wilfork dominated against stretch running player Brandon -- to a to an extent to an end. The aggressiveness that Bill Belichick is dialing up on defense and letting your linebackers. And medic drug made those. Athleticism show that -- father's wealth for the playoffs because he has got upset that these guys and I think it. It's what they've wanted and Belichick probably -- -- trusted -- to do with previously but now the secondary family it is I think he feels more comfortable doing so. You know try to break this thing down and -- you're looking at the the level with Tom Brady is playing right now when you feel very comfortable. Defensively you feel better about what you're doing even that secondary. Look at the flip side of -- and say OK they're going up against a real good defense apparatus put some points up on the board. Question I have is his cap and ready for this type of game all the pressure that's a big huge games now. That affect the next two weeks they've got this one than they were in Seattle it's on the line he's thrown into the thrust of this four weeks ago. Do you think he's ready. We don't enough evidence to know that he's not that's that's the interest and bank. Maybe you didn't even know the enormity of it right now certainly match up. I think does Joseph Flacco -- the world do. I remember Joseph Flacco into and it's championship in its first year in animals look when parents and now he knows better knows how hard it is. So that we expect to cap -- -- In terms of defending him well. I think the patriot that could not discipline and -- -- intricacies could it be sensible be able cost things. And set up to make cap or nick beat them. The way. You know the way they often do younger quarterbacks I expect them to be very very very disciplined. In their -- -- Steadfast about that I think he had to make sure it doesn't get around -- corner on them in making impedes them. From the pocket. It ought to go back to -- your male point that you made earlier in and talking about the aggressiveness of -- bill Belichick's defense Bill Belichick and Matt Patricia. And as a long time observers of quick -- like me you know you. You've you have a special website to Jerod Mayo and and I sadistic and earlier this week. Even though Jerod Mayo has been a tackling machine throughout his career. I don't think he was drafted to be tackling machine I think this is. What I don't Patricia for a fact is always seen this in Mayo do you think that this is more of -- Jerod Mayo is the guy who can tackle but a guy who lost to get up at a quarter. Yeah I think they spent the last couple years kind of witnessing. The linebackers who an actual not so much Ninkovich but when the plan -- reform has. He'll Brandon Spikes is really just starting to get the -- for the defense not around. Like a maniac who for four or history I think that bailed out. Is able to himself but he's the guy who has since -- for other players who make sure that everyone lined up correctly. And know that other guys wouldn't be in this spot he's able to go and actually I ran -- forty. That the call by these fast and so I think it might everywhere he took up like news. Shut out of the cannon and we saw that you know last week he he could really fly. It takes up a lot of ground when he starts and he gets -- distract bill. I think he is -- by the food and this is not something that we really. Machine used to its full potential in the in the years that he's been here and now we're starting to see more of it. But this is a big big comparison Tommy would tell me if you if you see some similarities based -- -- just said about. You know kind of taken the reins off a -- -- he can just worry about himself and not the other guys arbor Tedy Bruschi saying. That when he was playing with Colvin. And Maginnis. And Vrabel. He would call. The play. He would it was just the mechanics of -- other guys sought to just called it because they needed to hear it vague they -- called it to. And it it made everybody better because they don't -- that need to worry about oh well this guy getting it it's Vick had a happening here where now. Maybe not high tower but definitely spikes. And Ninkovich they understand what the concept isn't so now Mayo can. Kind of freestyle and into his own thing. -- -- and -- spoke about that a great night. -- today expressed puppet mostly speak about -- You know for the first couple years got his -- -- out of there. And now they have a -- it would be such talent and not just the defense that they understand the guys they're going at the CJ Spiller is a whole lot different. Frank -- and you know Larry foster's is a completely different animal. From Reggie Bush and you have to understand how to let rituals. Without those guys which guys shouldn't the world applauded apple. Which -- -- to break which in those particular that male or that to a greater extent to but I think you know your point good. Mail it in the guy who. -- -- This team -- we've seen over the years many times in which polio and and he is somebody in your fault. We haven't seen too much of that the last few weeks but the last two months really. Of important and -- and what the hell you do about that play. And I think that's that's indicative -- the other guys start ebitda -- to -- Vote on this week they'll quote one I think this defense is better than the one they just saw with Houston agree I think. There's a lot more to deal with. -- sensibly that that the aggressiveness -- the speed of the defense and the ferocity of it is is step up. From Houston there's no injuries involved I think the patriots will win. It very close game and it will be because of a quarterback to Chelsea captain Kevin 68% that's -- day. Against the patriots. Into scoring down a little bit and not scoring in the thirties right. -- okay. One report to anyone that one. Close -- but we'll talk and actually have a little. Tommy carrots are giving you my prediction 2770. He's given your prediction 2420. Ports diligent who's gonna win. You're next I am next in you know Uggla and that's what about 453 now. When you connect twelve ministers can analyze. I just analyze you know that's special to leave late reporting precinct the specialty -- got to a.

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