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Jerod Mayo: Frank Gore may be the toughest back in the league to tackle

Dec 14, 2012|

We check in with Jerod Mayo on a Patriots Friday to preview 49ers at Patriots.

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Yeah debate shelf. We'll get back to the phone calls in just -- a few minutes here obviously. Patriots Friday normally we get into talking. Total football conversation talking a lot about the game and we will do some of that. During the course of of this afternoon show but obviously with what is going on right now in Connecticut a man shooting at an elementary school in new -- -- close to thirty dead. Eighteen to twenty of them children Michael -- watching the coverage right now the parents are outside of the school right now. -- law enforcement agencies. Parents finding out whether their kids. We're gunned down or whether their kids are safe and the reaction. Of the different parents is absolutely. Frightening. Just hard to even imagine. Being in the position where you're walking in -- and not know. With your child is alive and higher pricing the video just these companies parents. Some of -- ecstatic. And some of mark are clearly being console that. Because they're done -- it. Let's talk with the Jerod Mayo a weekly interview presented by ESP -- the no nonsense life insurance company now are frank. New low rates for men and women call 88 get SP -- or visit ESP allied dot com for your free quote. -- in Europe parent and you're probably going to the same thing that Michael Meyer going to sitting here watching all of this stuff. Warmup and on the on the tragedy obviously my prayers go out there. All of them. Evelyn -- true what's your thought I mean I I was saying earlier Jerod that is as a parent I know you are and and we both cars apparent -- for the one thing you want to do is you know here you kids or how they'll more. Or just contacted snakes swords into their OK I mean are you finally got meetings today and get practice there are you able to do things like that. Are definitely. But I might know our men and -- his game. Not suggest everyone -- on the very abdicated his legislative affairs. A strategy. Just appreciate your family appreciates it and. It's you can talk a little bit about Sunday's football game first of all terrific game last Monday against Houston. -- this team obviously offer issue I -- a different look at quarterback taken roll out of the pocket that can -- in the they run that option for him. What do you have to do T have to keep them on the pocket is that the way you play with cabinet. Not a Catholic. It is he's trying to close allies -- -- -- it got a special special packages that. I ordered that do their -- their last. Not try to keep them apart you're like that are here and differ tackle. -- are. Different. -- -- -- Cisco and Washington. Two degree peoples say it -- a college offenses did you. Did you face an offense like Sampras has goes what went -- nick is doing his thing you face that often think that in college and if so what team -- -- Utterly and almost -- -- play against -- -- You know when I -- I like they know how to offenses but it's you know. Some that still works and so obviously as you know while cares and knows a lot OK a long long time goes -- and has no advantage associated with -- -- Which of the NF it was successful so I like that always you know come full circle. I have I have not been -- aggregate impact air -- I don't know remembered to bury it varies a runner. Triple option and -- ourselves at the same time you know this is you know very multiple and I think they do not. All while -- is not all pistol formation. At a lot of different things. Very democratic state and our our. How important is it to contain their running game and almost seems like they wanna run first and then they'll throw they'll use their running game to open up. And this can't control the ball deep. How important is its dominant run again. I was very important and if it starts we'll find gore -- -- for a long time these. Number 32000 election these these these people are those guys -- powerful downhill runner but you can not -- it to their if you get its own so. Is very difficult to stop them but and also up in the play action pass because like you say it definitely cobalt here's a great arm. I'm constantly try to stop the run so much you know basket find -- so. It is it is -- difficult thing to get to read our keys and and try to play the place. I was -- about Frank Gore earlier this week in England had to try to calm me down but I -- down. The big go Frank Gore fan vote as he reminds you of oh could you compare to. -- you compare different Ortiz though. I'm not in the -- beyond -- You know we're not thirty came great -- the mob violence computer are kind of a it's entirely everyone else because so many game plan on commodities as a kind of bad that. There's a strong. Runner has strong. As a strong whole body. And I selection got me and proud rifle volleys -- a great very can also -- ball -- -- -- he has all the weapons all the tools severely you know. To give Iran at which it is very difficult at Apple's slow down. The positive news for you guys is that you you've played on Monday night you had very successful game plan and that result against the Texans the bad news is that they had a short week so. When did you start your preparation for a 49ers were you looking ahead. Have been preparing for the Texans and 49ers at the same time. The -- and I'm and you can't do that as a player and sometimes start your -- -- try to get ahead a little bit because that's where -- it's over something that -- about playing. The following day. Played Monday so Tuesday. And are not focused on Apple's fourth marriage because he can't. You can't stay too excited about what you Wear mine and I think you have a great physical and coming here on Sunday night which you know. Another primetime game wore black and play well well they do a lot of different things so. You have to study it's. All the time which you usually take a break with yet released any extra round in the -- and I think. You said the cellular -- excess -- all the time do your job everybody's got to -- do what. Everybody else's job just carry your own business you guys had nine. Negative plays defensively last week which was phenomenal. Against the team that puts a lot of points up on the board is battle unfolding because guys are figuring it out now your that you're almost like a in -- fish and going down the stream that everybody knows what they're supposed to do and staying where they should be. No I think there's nothing at all compare the confidence. Not only want to open in each -- Which has the same group got out there for a couple weeks now I've got to become more comfortable with each other. And unfortunately we had a good game plan that's -- and got caught him and excuse -- and that's -- if that happens this week you know every one haven't trusted each other. Continue to do that camaraderie and get better each and every day. The events of last week before the Texans game then read the story about Erin Foster and you're giving you lots of credit he said. Toward his story is talking about how he likes to talk. I talked during games talk a little trash and it's going to he tried that. Talked Jeter and -- game and if so what was he saying. Now -- you reroute and -- very much to be honest with you. -- promote -- -- and -- you know we will release becomes sort of gone are true. You know their competitive. -- sort of -- book. You just talk a lot cherish and we know it's a lot and we didn't really had much to say you know we we spoke after the game. Noted that mr. Is it hard for you guys to. To block out the annoys me after that game we know what's gonna happen we didn't know who's gonna win epic the Texans to win quite honestly. But it is. He knew the loser was going to be. There react to either be over reaction to whoever lost that game in an overreaction to the winner so you guys talked about as Super Bowl favorites in the best team in the conference on and on is it hard for you to. Turn off all the TVs radios. -- hide all the newspapers and and laptops is to avoid that. No way it's easy for me. All of them are really here it is it is knows someone and it took me on the street. In our family members because -- -- -- I'm doing here that are rarely -- you know. Sports sports -- -- -- Sports Radio watch sports television on a pretty much a pretty much among older and he. Thanks thanks for the support we appreciate. It. More like quote there is particularly but I'm but. -- -- -- You know he pretty much -- it keeps it from our guys. The very humbling and there's -- to -- one game at a time. I could like on on Sunday to talk to you next week have a good feeling Jerod -- the patriots. Right near the picture.

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