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ESPN's Chris Mortensen previews 49ers @ Patriots with the Big Show

Dec 14, 2012|

We've got the Mort Report on a Friday, focusing mostly on 49ers at Patriots.

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-- -- they showed a lot of our way Michael Holley a tough day based on. The mass shooting at the sandy hook elementary school in Newtown Connecticut so he won Iowa street two cents along the way. Talking about the situation down there feel free to do so we'll talk some patriots as well as the pats on the niners have a brilliant matchup coming up. On Sunday to do that right now with a buddy Chris mortenson for ESPN brought you by the -- our credit union. Dragon speech recognition. And by. Your -- -- Chris Howard. Well -- let everybody else no heartbroken. At this event actually. That was -- Connecticut written. Get a doctor's appointment that was. Driving. To and from and which they're just a lot of police activity nearby and so and then that I've watched on TV and everybody Yeltsin. That's the same thing in -- whenever we hear of these events associated. -- schools. More children are. And parents and teachers. Noticed. He's sitting there in the four reasons and maturity and give a good reason. No city you try to figure out why that's the question I think were were all asking I. Unfortunately don't don't think there's an answer right now. Now are angry and -- and then there's obviously Morgan learned that it it impacts the center so they should be heard president Obama's team just a short while we are emotionally was -- And then as they haven't allowed to answer to -- school children and his ever and he lost a right under these circumstances is. It doesn't break your heart that when you talk about race or the use its you know its -- in fourth grade and now. Numerous schoolchildren killed the -- -- you think of -- that is apparent end. I mean that's enough can be were. Are -- some football were you surprised. -- the way the patriots played or the way Houston played. On Monday night. Probably we will surprise that you some of that a little more efficient match -- specifically. That's job had a chance to make a couple plays early in their game an interception obviously being one of them but there was I -- he was I would to a couple passes where. Think early on the Texans couldn't. Kind of stayed in the game this for the -- of 12114. Game maybe it happens. Maybe and build this fourteen -- whatever. But you know to me. Just more validation that this is doing and is on the assent. And on the -- a lot of different when no one thing we've done past couple weeks rather talk -- Vince Wilfork. So I would like. Really excited that the Vince. He's more recognition in the nation's. The people what -- gains but I think it did. But they get away it was another. It is another opportunity for people to understand what a great football player Vince Wilfork is. And we already know what a great football player Tom Brady is we already know what a great coach Bill Belichick is. And so in that respect. You know it was. It was is a lot of -- I don't know what in Tom Brady is happy is that after a game that. And the pres Robert yet and I know I know we begin a father again during the week but it obviously that game. When he had kind of ran for that first down and it is saying you know it's like hey where where the patriots I'm Tom Brady. And it don't even think about coming in here beaten us. There was clearly something you're you're you're right -- it was clearly something they had talked about. During meetings during the week. This is making a statement in this game and obviously winning it and they did it. I'm wondering big picture. Playoffs does this result affect. The way you look at Houston in the playoffs. We're gonna write you New England for a second but Houston do you do you are you capable or -- do you look at Houston -- capable of beating New England they play them again at home. He I was I wouldn't rule it out I mean I'd be reluctant to pick. That taxes that I mean -- there all the sudden playing him Reliant Stadium and you do you put the noise Specter and also that they have stresses different -- mean the patriots had a few more three and out than maybe -- recollect the other night. But didn't they were bare and I think it's sometimes in years -- you're still kind of trying to adjust to injuries you're having. You know they could be. Better adjusted by the time that. Game came along it's infected took place in Reliant Stadium so yeah I mean. I would not rule out the -- has been able to beat the patriots. And that's in no way if it were Reliant Stadium but no right now were seen as. No we're seeing out -- and offensive has been well ballots throughout the season. That. And then the defense is getting better. And that just makes the patriots the team to beat a period that you are the team -- -- DN FL. You dissent that I need to potent offense and defense that's getting better now they're playing eighteen and it has a tremendous defense. And the question is on the offensive side of the board -- they score enough points to match were pretty puts abort. Ellison -- to Michael yesterday as the word got to come out the next few weeks saying men patriots. Just a beat up another big team or -- cabinet looking at the next two weeks in a schedule. At New England this week and then he has to go fight for the division in Seattle next week where you know very difficult place apply. This get ready for this challenge. I don't know -- -- would be ready to this challenge. You know so I mean to me at the challenge for any quarterback it is if they were Peyton Manning it'd be a challenge. So I mean that's how good the patriots look right now now this. 49ers defense has suffered the injury didn't accept the Texans defense -- have and they are. Have always said that if you if you -- NFL teams than there were honest about it. That you know eight if you put down a number one team they did not wanna play. I think the 49ers could be the number one team. Because of the physical nature of -- -- -- -- to the bottom of -- you'll beat up -- do you play them and it takes a long time to recover. Now the patriots are always underrated on the physical side that people never want to acknowledge how physical Bill Belichick teams are but they are but they're not a fun team to play you might. Beat them. But you're gonna -- Cuba beat up. And and you know their defense is better than the Texans defense right now. It's more complete. I mean does mean you know it at the rams token can play them to a draw and then they've a -- overtime victory. Is selling his sit here and you're overwhelmed by the 49ers a question that you mention -- in at 49 and up and scored 28 points. This pres W and take. You would guess between 2730 points. To beat the pages of the 49ers defense is playing at a high level. And I just don't know that the Arab -- I don't think he answers yes. We were talking before he came out more about the San Francisco defense I don't think they have a glaring weakness you and what is it if you do see it. Well you know it is -- LSU people these stupid that you can do some things on the football on them -- -- -- project I -- and then and there have been times and he broke out of a -- increases further for the running game that. Another that they know they're there are no glaring. Polls on defense -- -- is -- they're sound and solid it is a matter of and and they don't have their overall personnel changes. Which you know when the patriots have there hurry up portion. I'm not sure that you're you're gonna catch them off guard is just. The bottom line is that there's still communication issues on any defense when you face the patriots and and analyzes and has more among coaches said you know guys you're not gonna communicate at a 100% level and he got a quarterback back there is protected Tom Brady protected guess what. -- -- And so they'll Livni is just that -- that the 49ers run game I mean it's their unique. With what they do in terms of their run blocking their scheme and what have you and and you get this pretty good patriot -- And so there -- In admittedly group week we'd probably looking forward to this game. Even more than the Texans. Because there also that expect with cabinet we just don't know how he's gonna react in this game. I agree with you totally in the running game and how much do they have to establish a running I'm not a -- -- step up that I was amazed at this weight. Sacks for the quarterbacks and the reason I bring that up is when they run the ball effectively. Airline seems to open up great holes. When their offensive line tries to protect the quarterback they don't have great success with a they've got 37. Sacks this year. Against San Francisco quarterbacks who say well that's -- all Alex Smith 24 for Alex Smith in nine games in the last four games right now thirteen. For cap and. In the last year this same thing and means what they gather our road graders up front. That's what they have their builder a lot of road -- guys -- that that's a great past predicted a big body guys -- And the -- Bill Parcells offensive lines in -- -- as they're they're they're big they're physical. You know they'll hurt yeah. But you know it that you put -- situation. -- they like the -- -- -- that we've got to come from behind you know they're gonna give -- some -- I just switch in and around here what what was your take on Paul Tagliabue the former commissioner. Vacating the suspensions. There Roger Goodell put on the New Orleans Saints and that seems like a little bit of a soap opera how did you see that -- Well but who are you know I'd be even dug -- remember the players association who are saying you know it's not right that we have a former commissioner being killed gaps in the same. Well you know Paul Tagliabue then he's the most fair due process. Man and to the leadership in commissioner ship that we've ever had at any in any sport. And so I always felt that there was going to be an integrity to the work he did. And if you read his decision to one debate is -- I read it five times of in the you're about the third time crisis. NIC would -- commissioner Tagliabue is doing here and some ways he's protecting mr. Goodell. From the court. In another -- he's also opened -- like cleaning up the mess now. As opposed to the players brought in immediately to court by. By by setting aside the disciplinary action and yet he's he's given a little bit of you have a noble cause your commissioner you have a notebook did you have some facts here. The -- -- contaminated now a lot of different ways that I think he's right about that and the other thing he's saying -- Procter. Exercise a little more wisdom. Exercise and consistently. In the -- you met out discipline you cannot. Suspending happening to our growth in eight games for obstruction of an investigation. We just a couple of years ago you'd find Brett Favre 25000 dollars so basically the same thing. You know so. It is the INN I think he also and want one thing now he says and -- said this is to do a lot of league people were involved this investigation. I should did you guys ever. Kind of -- your glossary. Glossary of terms you know what a car off really means. Know all this rhetoric almost trash talk what does that really mean. And and then -- quiet and I'm not sure they -- and in some -- Tagliabue acknowledged that did. You know what was what was talked on -- Saturday night with a necessarily execute on the Sunday. Having to back the great wind speeds that we all got to hear you put the 49ers game and yet when you go watch the game tape. Does anybody trying to take out Michael Crabtree -- PO. -- they were there were so many holes in this thing and it doesn't go back to. Obey your coach listen to your coach if that if the culture is starting from the coaching staff how can you make the players responsible for. Well it -- and and that was part of -- -- commissioner Goodell and you know his point is made it either grown man and they should be you know. Strong enough to say they have been updated -- saying hey did you get -- trained that to listen and follow their coach now. It does so quite in the players that they but basically. All of those -- and and then and -- -- deliberately hurt somebody -- I'd say this except that the case was the linchpin to this case which is the Brett Favre game. And I might a -- darker Juarez that the Brett Favre game. You know I thought. I W officials did a poor job in that game of drawn -- you're protecting parts. And that you know that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Players when we lose a game. -- not that he. Won yet not the Paul Tagliabue was doing it for this purpose. Is this not help now get him to the whole thing. I definitely within do you have for that purpose but -- the -- in the hall of fame. In Oregon it is I do know of I know without this. Shadow of the doubt that because he wasn't a media friendly commitment like Pete Rose to -- That he never got enough credit. And then there are people and there are people that voted several -- -- -- superb not have a team in LA I -- open LA bad ownership. And the state that is just the -- politically and economically. And then the other -- -- people I think in order to get to you whether the media friendly guy. And yet the things that -- people's ultimately that force them and their retirement messes everywhere printer is Paul Tagliabue cleaned up about 90% of it -- it was Paul Tagliabue implemented random testing for steroids again Roosevelt some credit -- -- in the bill played like a player forced honestly. But I think Paul Tagliabue belongs in the hall of fame and I hope that they reconsider seat. That would needed here certainly. And deserved reconsideration -- I'm almost embarrassed to even say that guy belongs to the whole thing. The pretty well with TV contracts I would say is well. Well TV contract by -- says seventeen years of sustained -- success. And they made a big deal out of whether you gotta amend a bad deal on 2006 the game grew revenues grew. I mean just look at the owners. Dentist visit -- were making money that we're not making as much money as we want and now with a silly argument. Our Chris great stuff we'll talk to next week I have a great respect or concern of ESPN ready republic.

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