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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com, on the Patriots-San Francisco matchup

Dec 14, 2012|

Mike Reiss joins Mut and Lou to break down the Patriots-San Francisco Sunday night battle, including how Brady will handle SF’s impressive front 7. Reiss wonders if Gronk will see snaps on Sunday despite being at practice on Friday. Reiss also finds trouble with an extended playoff scenario in the future.

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Patriots Friday Butler not a three point seven WEEI. A big football our during patriots Friday -- Peter King. -- Mike Reese of ESP or Boston or commerce -- Mike is brought to you by KM the official frank and sausage. A little England patriots. Mike let's start with the new easiest of all news and out of Rob Gronkowski. Back -- patriots practice today is that a surprise that what does that mean for availability. Sunday night against the 49ers. Let the big question -- in terms of availability. My guess this'll probably short on the entry reported he -- doubtful or questionable course and that the questionable what does that even mean. I think we can look at the big picture here and say that's something assigned -- you close. Coming back and then the question -- You know it's it's worse for him at this time they're obviously a better team wins in. But you've been pretty active without him and would you be doing any long term damage. It's -- bring back. And that's the big question right now it is is it worth it I mean. You look back and -- Hernandez -- Bob -- with too soon that Seattle game I think. This is the one challenging -- beat Jacksonville beat Miami without him so he kicked it back time for this one. And maybe give a few snaps -- lasting and you know. I think Lou I think the question on the Warners is -- You got strictly -- player and Iraq here -- not all 63 and you could be looking at -- saying okay. Maybe we can bring them back for that has had a place like let's say every time we get inside the ten yard line. We've got a package and we can use -- so they can only play eight to ten snaps in the game you're protecting him. But you're also you know getting something hurt you know you're getting something out of you because you your biggest red zone pretzel may -- Bill Belichick is considering a striking that balance or maybe you know what maybe the certificate that. He's not ready but he's ready to come out and jog with the team a little bit -- -- let's let's give the context what we have reporters are at practice today with just him -- Back and forth on the field we didn't -- Tom Brady. Irons after the high velocity and direction so who really knows exactly how much doing out there between the best and it's just say look it's heading in the right direction. And that's in the hands of Bill Belichick and throughout this it would have been great interest in the team. Mike do you think that it's not they Shiancoe release on December 11 is any sort of sign that they think Aaron Hernandez and now officially is a 100% or that. Gronkowski they know will be back in and be close to a 100% by at some point this year. But I don't think it had anything to do with that at all because in that I think it would specifically. On Shiancoe and just the idea that what I'm working I mean I think you went back. -- and that came when he was in McCain. Look like there might have been some confusion on where the -- now you know just something that's simple I just think it was that hit in the sense. It gets the point where it look at it why are we do why are we continuing on pass. And also. Oh my now what do we and I want to credits -- I just your mail that you -- you Mike and the growth you can get better and anybody. And are now mailed out. Yet he played very well and I think I can arrows pointing up on him. So between him you have cell with little bit up and down in the eyes of the coaching staff obviously -- on. The volatility of the playing time also Hernandez and gronkowski get the full house there. I think I really think those are independent of each other anti abortion pill. Like you real quick we took talked about this this this tore up against San Fran and we talked about before Ehrlich. -- in a different levels right Frontline I'm backing corps -- specially at safety position. Much stiffer challenge for this that this patriot offense and last week I don't think. Well I I really until the but I saw last week which can be a lot tougher -- -- -- so. I think the defense is more typical big -- I think it'll it'll hit in the mouth where it's not that the Texans wouldn't. They certainly did up front with JJ watt saudis don't play that game but maybe some deficiencies. I'm back in works well with that with the -- I'm not sure those seen deficiencies that they're in the forty -- if you look at them statistically. Our -- permit her to be introduced you were allowed. Fourteen to gain interest averaging 36 which -- the best. Mark in the in the -- -- against the best defense how a run on second in the league in terms you're rushing yards allowed per game. Second in the league and the passenger -- per game so. Pretty strong across the board and to -- the file which they play. I think the technicality something intrinsic and after that. Your phone calls and Mike recent 617779793. Sevenths do is up in Maine ace duke. I don't do. That -- my carpet was now you're talking about earlier on the expanded playoffs jerk. I think it's strictly. But. No more money for the week and it it it creates an extra hole playoff game for the only teams if they have eighteen there's no longer a -- for Q what the patriots that -- know a lot of years. It -- another home game of the playoffs. So it also accused. I just adapt and adjust what the -- yet shortly from the networks to be important playoff games. More money for only so it. So we are you a dollar and on the other way to extract or more money for the league for a team. The -- it is about extracting money you say home games I think it's more about. The amount of games they can sell part of a TV package to -- thanks for your call I think that they recognize they wanna add more games the regular season. The players. The players don't want eighteen games the players can make it very tough for AT regular seasons -- -- the NFL looks at Stewart says you know what. -- can add games in the playoffs can be tougher for the players to fight that we can add those games and now we get. Our bonus games we can sell those games for more dominant -- get extra playoff games in the players. Really can't sending about it's double the money but -- cares what you think about -- I don't like -- with a -- I think that's something to play for down the stretch and go take away from this game even on Sunday night without what do you think about the new playoff format. Like I hate the idea of expanding the playing outside I actually think this year on the whole. The product has been down under look at again like last night you know equals -- -- where we're gonna Monday night titans jets. I just think that the overall quality of the product is down and are you telling you wanna see and feel like I'm not sure that she. Playoff scene in the -- this year is even -- -- and play -- given decent president for a and -- you wanna add more on the at all. Well -- the other problem you have here is that the league is so desperate to expand. Like the you're gonna have you will have. Seven and 98 -- teams at the bottom of that thing and my whole argument is that. The talent level. In that tournament is good and as you say at the bottom of the desert to be playoff dealing with the jets for the playoffs this year how how can you look at the jets' Mike it's and that's a playoff team. Well that's doubtful that he'll obviously -- -- is a lot smarter than our because their owners and he and that's the big business and -- been very well for itself but I can. You always -- yet to be careful of expanding too much and maybe focusing more on the quality of your product and it's a couple years ago or so it felt like every team had a -- It's a lot of sort of elected difference between the haves and have not a lot more distance and all that Bennett has been in the -- not sort of ties in that discussion -- why. I would like that -- -- expand -- Well let's face it explicit discussion Mosul me because I. I do believe with a healthy Ben Roethlisberger that just might be their biggest challenge with the defense and a quarterback that knows how to win the big game. Didn't you were to beat the patriots biggest challenge yet and it could be sixty. Healthy now. They're they're tough I still I would like to patients -- one game would be here obviously and succeed I get a computer and a one game matchup at the top form but. I think going to -- and I still get the patriots since. I think it's more overall and minerals like look at it actually I mean that's that's -- since he came in here. A less than a month ago and with absolutely annihilated or -- now. And it's just you know that he's not going to be in the playoffs and not -- them they certainly earned it I mean they've won some games like this feel like that's sort of highlight. Needed appreciation between the teams that really belong there media packet level. I wanna ensure that third level norms. -- in which which would concerned. It's down Denver's the concerning team will come around at some point the Broncos -- the scary team in the AFC Mike recent ESP a Boston is joining us he -- your phone calls at 617. 779793. Civilly debated at all week cap predict Alex Smith we come back we'll get -- take a which quarterback by the bigger threat. What sort of return Deion Branch could have he with the patriots keep it here. Patriots try to -- Lou 93 point seven WE yeah I'd like -- ESPN Boston -- -- every single week he's brought to you by. K and the official Franken sausage of the when the patriots we had this debate when Harbaugh made the decision with you might cap nick Alex Smith were on the even this game basically. This cap predict the quarterback propose a bigger threat than Alex Smith against the patriot defense. My -- -- -- -- goes but I'm -- -- that might be in the minority abbate from the -- it's an open the last couple occasions I think. Most people are in agreement -- that the greater upside long term it's camper but in the short term. Alex -- with the completing 70% of his passes that he was the better bet -- when he -- -- -- idea that he can -- you. With his leg as as much as his arm. That makes him a little bit tougher for Bill Belichick in the heat sensitive. The idea what that I'd look at it I understand you know the upside that he does bring united so. We're talking about before how important is it for them to kind of keep them in the pocket and keep from making those big plays outside the puck with -- -- I think that's. I think that's became for the patriots defense and Bill Belichick crap and you know make the priorities each week for his team when he talks soon frontier but we need to do to win. And Lou I would I would say that's number one you know on the list and it's a different type of offense there's an option take elements to it. I think though you've got to keep an ordinance and make him throw that was outside receivers which probably isn't the strength. You know of this scheme and so also shut down their running game when they get their running game going to rank second in the league in terms of rushing yards per game. That it from that much copper and -- predicted obviously part of. We spent some time earlier this week -- five minutes that we can't give back debating how much of an impact Donte' Stallworth was going to be. Like keys out done for the year here comes the outbreak isn't as simple as Dion you're back in a play those twenty or so plays you played before that -- played in just immediately begin to part of the offense. I don't think so but I think it's very important because when you go back to Stallworth -- actually you know that the reason he was here was basically so they could run. You know three receiver package when they wanted and so they have. Know somebody and they can do when their options but they're saying the receiver. And you mentioned like he did for the final twenty -- -- -- that game you really you a lot about your playbook and what you can do so there is there a little bit. In a deposition. I think it would give someone like Deion Branch back. Healthy who has knowledge of the systems and is in good condition at this point having played earlier in the season. Is that the ideal for the team and obviously. We nitrogen from a year and a truck mud and communities in the world on fire but I think what it does is it's allowed -- offensive. Maintains some of the flexibility and versatility of the sort -- -- Don't go back to come sixth minute when they and the patriots acquired Aqib Talib and a lot of people felt that. I'll take the rental but it's not someone given his history that I wanna invest in long term we had this discussion the other day. I'm up I'm not there and several of was there are so let's wait the other -- plays out the impact on defense I'm not saying that it's all him. Put on the pitchers have to think about long term keeping the -- It reminds me exactly of 2008 entering. Mean it's the same thing when you're on even terms and then the next year. You know Randy -- quote. You know it almost wasn't that generally forget the Eagles made a pretty good run out of the patriot stepped up on on three year deal and I think. That's probably where we're looking at them on the forecast adult talk about it in an albeit how much. How much comfort they have been turned a year and the guy's been a huge difference they don't you real quick story and -- how -- bought it. An assistant in and so on our -- -- -- ultimately Saturdays we have a sort of a real more of a teacher for -- -- sure you recall where we talk to the players to vote. Your career -- a welcome back to when they literally -- started playing and went up to two lead in the locker room and said electing our readers are really viewed in this. And actions that I'm gonna respectfully decline anything -- talk about. I want to be about the team not about -- shelves and not only by caps a long -- what was the guy's -- When he came here you know from bad decision to -- to shield needy words you know a little bit more about himself from the team. So somewhat remarkable to just see how he sort of -- come into the system in -- done exactly what they want and put the team about themselves and can. On a matching your website again the SP in Boston patriots blog. In that that you guys -- the poll question up there are a couple days ago we should be returning punts for the patriots and and you know what is good as Wes was. This is pretty mix Mike at last I checked Wes Welker at 36% of the vote. And the second place ball was somebody other than Patrick Chung and forget the other one was be surprised how divided it was on people on returning punts for the patriots. I'm not I wouldn't surprise only because how did the patriots -- Robert -- not quite special teams I think that's a concern to everyone loves. What Welker as a punt return that nothing not to like that conservatives. Usually after the added exposure to injury so it seemed to be their top three punt return options right now our west Welker. Aaron Hernandez for Patrick Chung and -- look at the current form it's it's not just the return for the ball security still I don't think. You wanna be putting rookie running back Brandon Bolden back fair or someone you just kind -- a rookie did you know it was partly what this summer football can be -- Sunday night could be slowing. Oxygen you're gonna -- that game he couldn't have any experience -- returner back here could be dealing with -- Well he hasn't done that in thinking here -- hardly better than practice I think it's hard to sort of I'll get a new player in the next at this point I think that's sort of the Cuban keeps your you don't want Welker the century. But really your other options. You want -- want captured on that committee have to ask him about later today. Since this is really -- season about sharing the giving we wanna give and share the experience of one of our. Callers -- -- in Portland was a ridiculous steeler fans waiting on hold to talk to Mike -- -- good afternoon. -- -- Sleep at the -- Eric. -- I don't -- -- and sorrow shock we lets you on her all of the great Mike Reese Eric. I got a little surprise you let it through and I wanna congratulate -- I'm finally in what acknowledged all these years that its current iPod at best in the league I'll be. -- -- say that I don't think -- -- to lose to America. I don't think that's a -- -- was talking about match. All and you would my rent and it well I couldn't you know last week bought or Sunday night I -- that era -- -- -- earlier. The big net me and giants and the thought being given to a doctor about how great Pittsburgh is still and I don't think about it. While. I'm going to look like Pittsburgh in the lot at the LP what happened ability -- -- -- don't act. Like. Middle year last year giants Steelers back to back if anything for the great Mike Reese -- out. By. Was it. We deal might like Kelly said Sunday the game was Monday night but he was there Sunday with -- which Hampshire worked out pretty well. I see your pick here for those who can't see it what do you like on Sunday night Mike. Political course the patent for the lowest scoring game winning streak when he Selig says the 49ers defense will put up and get resistance. But again you know obviously hold myself accountable last week would be closer and so are still sort of the same thing I expected more from the Texans I'm expecting a lot. The forty niners into the defense. I think it's been pretty impressive this year so looking forward to really know much higher scoring offense in the league bird you know best defense and got let's see that's what -- on top. -- time Sunday night column for Michaels the whole crew of course like Greece on of for ESPN boston.com Mike tremendous is always look for talking next week. I'm Mike -- joining us on the AT&T hotline it's AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds at the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible. This will be our final conversation a year Michael's abbey on -- coming up your final chance. To get in with a fancy extra nfl.com. NFL network. It is playoff time I know for a fact you've got teams in the playoffs and Joseph always got teams in the playoffs. I've got zip zilch nada. What if you want to win this week you wanna win the big money the big prize your fantasy league. -- -- calls right now 6177797937617. 77979837. Michael Abby got -- entering your fantasy football questions next.

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