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Michael Fabiano, NFL Network, on week 15 in Fantasy Football

Dec 14, 2012|

Michael Fabiano joins Mut and Lou to answer callers’ week 15 fantasy football questions, warning them to not get ‘too cute’ with their lineups. Players of interest include Peyton Manning, Matt Schaub, Frank Gore, and Denario Alexander.

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Final -- -- -- ID three point seven WEEI here Ernie patriots Friday and all year long have been joined by Michael -- beyond the -- Michael Fabiano NFL network nfl.com -- out fantasy by three guys every. Single week and our final week of Michael's -- set for playoff -- doubles semifinals championship games coming up. Is when he your best advice like -- holding anything back throughout the years we will really see the good stuff. I never hold anything back and that's why the people that I plane -- with and a beating me because this thing yeah. I saw this guy I was instead of incidents are played on and they played me that we gonna lose it it's all part of the -- The news today that Rob Gronkowski is practicing with the patriots that would that effect at all your thought about using him on Sunday against the 49ers even if he plays only one day -- practice Mike how would you look. That problem is it's a risk reward because -- Sunday night game what happens if Gradkowski is elated active and then you're kind of -- called the baggage that you're tight end position so. To me it's a risk unless we hear that Gradkowski is playing definitively on Sunday night. I don't know that I could put it in my starting lineup again because what happens -- -- an active and you've only got what three teams to choose from for a backup tight end situation. It's not good. Artists on him in the playoffs this week and a decision I've made don't want you talked me out of its judge -- -- -- -- -- -- it's a good -- OK -- -- Brawl ball cap predicted Roethlisberger playing Roethlisberger. It. Via a -- I think cap -- is vastly out of a -- it's here I was I. They're also playing your beloved thing though is the big -- like Alex Smith our capital outlook probably thought I have Frank Gore -- what the patriots knocked me out of play. And so this year that would what are you playing ahead of gore on a plane or Italian capital in -- -- because the play and understand yet. Well you know like just because it doesn't mean the players Q school word fantasy points. To me. That's your quarterback I predict. Yeah star francoeur said the patriots have won the veteran defense is -- -- -- and really -- it even if -- gesture to -- need to keep you lobby which you know illegal fuel and gone but knuckle on his email that we have. -- -- -- Youkilis here for a second. Good luck on it or saved after the -- -- experience love that they must love that that -- geez look at that Red Sox. And turn a bad mood right now Josh Hamilton and LA Elliott is in Boston he's got a wide receiver question Michael Fabiano Glenn Elliott. They got a second call starting cold stone and Wes Welker and I have scenario -- -- notre Marino -- -- I'm torn between the two because. And then at Carolina and -- wanna go to Baltimore also I have -- Miller and Kyle Rudolph should I drop golf and maybe I could but it started out -- blown. I need this went to brag right -- it election if they. It I think you play Heath Miller I don't love the match up but I'm going to be honest with Kia. The tight end position has been so happy to share. That you almost have to play guys based on just you know the skins on the wall the merits the -- alone in that attic -- -- a decent play there. -- Alexander has been one of the best pick ups off of the waiver wire. Or the last five -- you guys know that he has scored double digit fantasy points in four of his last five games this is a guy who is on the scrap -- a few weeks ago so. I'll answer that question by saying if it's a PP our league. I definitely like Alexander more if it's -- standard league it's closer. But I still like Alexander I really do listen I know Maria had a good game last week he's got a could -- against the ravens. But I'd prefer to go within Dario he has been better for a longer period of time. Eight -- -- question about quarterback he's got one to start this week Peyton Manning against Baltimore Josh Freeman. Against the saints. I can't bench in Manning you know I just can't do I look Freeman but. When you're at this time of the season it's it's it's really important not to get too cute I know for has got a great matchup he's what are my starts of the week on NFL -- -- You managed pretty good guys a sad really to disappoint delegates all season long one in Atlanta. One against the raiders on a Thursday night and seems like Thursday football's a -- for quarterbacks professor expected it to watch games but. I can't bench Peyton Manning I just can't I can't do it. I -- Providence with a wide receiver question go I joke. All humble and that they don't know the answer the question knows. I need one scenario. Brandon Lloyd or Stevie Johnson. Who my guess in volume to -- -- Aerosmith is still unsure of that roadmap Ryan all year long. Senseless Eli Manning you beacons in the -- -- cooled off slowly but surely. Wait you you're correct in the dinner out Zander a question I would start him a lawyer had a great game last week I don't know that he's gonna do that again and he's really only had. Where two really good games for cancer enters a season so I keep him on the bench you know. I would start Matt Ryan Eli Manning has been did. In consistently let's put it that way he hasn't been the most reliable quarterback in the league and I could -- stat here because Imus Becky do this stuff. The falcons defense has allowed fewer than thirteen fantasy points per game to quarterbacks. On their home field and and Peyton Manning's worst game of the entire year came where. In Atlanta. They're pass defense is good you wanna talk about the giants' David Wilson is a guy gonna wanna start Brad chuck could be out this week may be -- it's awesome to where he may have already been ruled out. David Wilson as the got to start New York that is going to be a gangbusters match because the stock and as good as arrogant to -- our worst against the. Odd -- out rally today with a question not at running back what's up throughout. Earlier this rallied. Are gonna go ahead by Erica -- the question both Frank Gore. For I -- three dealt also like in the sweet media you know anyway duly leaving our cousins. You know like oh yeah I had a hot you know don't quarterback league. Obviously -- these -- not that bad. I mean he's out on the Redskins stink -- the past. So worst case scenario and RG three is out he hasn't ruled out yet I think she and it's playing games with the browns and with fantasy owners indirectly. Because he's not gonna give a decision until game time if RG three plays. No brainer stardom if not I go with -- and I like the match -- by Kirk cousins. -- common -- played well in spot duty there wouldn't win RG three's been banged up. But look at the browns defense at a home in the left but they're pretty good against the pass on their home field. I'd Dave's in a car -- at running back question for Michael Fabiano. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maria Alex Marino and I'm like Marino there. Come up where a second question -- Kevin Dion on FaceBook wanted to know wide receiver question PR -- sonic team knicks this week. You know what this is a tough one for me because I honestly don't really love either one of these two guys. I would go in the direction of Hakeem -- because. Arsenal is going to be covered by Joseph Hayden and I just mentioned that the browns are pretty good at home against the pass and back. They've given up the fifth fewest fantasy points to wide receivers on their home field. If you missed so as good as ourselves -- I'm not tell people out there to bench him if you don't have a viable alternative. I like -- better but also. Keep tabs on next because he's been banged up all year long with the -- so as long as he is a full go not limited whatsoever. I would go with -- I don't like your wide receiver a lot this week that both have very tough match. Michael in general this time a year what you try to stay away from just because of a plane this guy all year. I got to leave them in there but the I was Paula what a -- if I lose whenever I can sleep at night you with myself president in. You re not if you're actually you're absolutely right you wanna play the guys who have got into the position you're in right now so. I get people asking me they're worried about you know RG three and that they're worried about some of the guys that haven't performed like Aaron Rodgers and let's be honest and Rogers is not -- last 45 weeks or fans' perspective. But you -- Roger studs I mean. It deep bench and Aaron Rodgers and he has. Fifty beta supports this weekend you're gonna have the whole offseason kicking yourself I would rather go down with my studs then as you say. Have gotten too cute and played a matchup that didn't end up panning out. Honesty is in the car drive and -- the question Michael's abbey on -- glad Steve. They a question without a combo I'd get that Bryant. And what what you think he's got to do this weekend and it. Well we had doctor nearly dodger on our show this past week NFL -- -- you live and he used to work with the bulls a White Sox among other teams and he said that it does is out there. Shouldn't be much of -- just going to be a pain tolerance thing so. As good as he's very -- it's been the highest score finishers here in the last four weeks has worked as which even the Calvin Johnson. I think you play and even if easier three or -- to be quite honest with you Pittsburgh's pass defense is a mess right now Ike -- hurt they're all banged up in the secondary so. I don't necessarily have a lot of concern about Brian if I'm starting and as a 23 or flex as long as we hear that there's no limitations. I -- part of that thank you that you are or rubble. You know what this is this is a good question because. Shot it's got a pretty good matchup if you look at shots Spanish she points in his last three home games he is averaging over eighteen that's pretty get. But with that being said. -- was at home we're assuming that he's gonna have. Dez Bryant out there so my my decision would be if -- plays I'm playing Romo. Pittsburgh's defense just gave up or -- as you put the Phil rivers last week and I was in Pittsburgh. It does is out. That I play shop -- got a good matchup like I said and he's been good at home it's very close though again. Determining the starter there is all based on if role has is number one receiver Dez Bryant. Jim is in Natick with a quarterback question Michael Fabiano granted Jim. I have thought about. Keep in mind my left side this week so look -- took the already with the nanny defense but. My my big concern is RG three. Here I want a plan but is back at the Carson Palmer and the chiefs. And that is a very good matchup for Palmer. I'll tell you this and I senator earlier if RG three is active. I have to plan he's the number one player fantasy football if you are concerned about it and listen there's definitely. Some concern here because of the -- And because the fact that a big part of his game for repairs -- respected is running the football and giving -- points with his legs. If you feel like that's too much Everest I wouldn't I wouldn't blame -- off the -- power because the chiefs are awful this is a road game for Kansas City. So if you wanna play it safe play Palmer if you wanna go for the gusto and we hear that RG three is not limited. You play RG three. I get endowed this running back question you get to this point a year names pop up that maybe not you think yeah pat. Pat is in that Triad today pat we have. -- I'm calling about a running back question am I mean that's. The final round of my play nice my work league and try and carry -- on. He grabbed buddy kicks amass this weekend but I don't I don't like you're running back -- -- to ask about. I know I know I had Willis McGahee got hurt now trying to decide between Jonathan Dwyer Paul Powell or Beanie Wells -- -- One of those guys -- amount over that was just. I bet you've either got to look at least let the guys that -- but I don't -- -- but my second running back. I could Dwyer actually like below public there's reports out there these police plane with a busted tell and the matchup is really -- but. -- the guy men and -- been suspended for the week he's not gonna play. The cowboys' defense you could run -- -- fresh ground -- that a couple of weeks ago. -- is gonna see the opportunities I'd I'd go with two wire I do like pull up Powell if he is going to play this week as a sleeper but I like to wire better this week. Look at what's your question about defense has to -- -- about a controlled this year right fancy football Chicago it's almost like every week. Somebody's defense is leading their roster last week it was Seattle. I know this week everyone's -- on Detroit. Does that change your view at all with some of these defense is in the points they put up going in the next year. You know what I never draft defense until the last round anyways or the second to last round kicker last round defense next to last round depending on what's out there. Because I like playing a match ups lately the bears were fantastic for the first half of the season they actually were out scoring. Some running backs while all the wide receivers and all the time and equipment injuries that have really decimated that team. I have the bears and when they get on benching them for the lions this weekend you can play the match at the dolphins have a great matchup I had the Bengals in the top ten this week. They had 21 fantasy points last night the rams have a great matchup. The Steelers have a good matchup cowboys do attendant turned the ball over love at home so. I played the match -- I really ignore defense as. And you can see like the niners last year were the best defense against a football. Good this year but they're not -- -- not as good as it were a season ago it's cyclical things change that's why avoid taking defense until late. With that motto one and the only way we can these conversations with a defense question for pat later pat go ahead. Hey guys I don't have a good -- question should ignore the Seahawks Portugal at these -- I think the line up -- we. Plan on why don't we let. Yeah I'm pretty good at it we. I know in Seattle scored 4150 points and I camera selection it -- ever scoring that many points and the standard scoring week so. But I like alliance I really do the Seahawks are much better at home -- they are on the road there in Toronto this week at buffalo but in Toronto. And I have been as one of my top five defense is for the week but avalanche retire listen. The cardinals or are just a bad team with low morale right now. And they're using. Brian Lilly again okay -- had been benched because he turned the ball over too much of that Skelton threw like ten picks last week they backed -- put -- back in. Listen it. Since week three I believe it is every defense that displays the cardinals have scored double digit fantasy points every one except for one that's it. So I go to lines ago with a matchup here -- the Seahawks elect lines better. Tiger speak for everybody Michael -- thank you. For all your help this year and getting our line upset whether it was a very tough -- -- defense of question that everyone's so concerned about our quarterbacks do. Or making fun of that -- Yankee love. Yeah right now in this that you guys have been great and everybody have a good relationship with positive -- because of a yankees fan. But I am going to tell you guys right now that when -- come back to Connecticut. It over the summer I plan on coming to -- you guys at Fenway Park I don't make my first visit to Fenway Park ever. And I won't Wear yankees -- -- the Yankees. We'll have understood to hang out we'll talk baseball the Yankees -- he's Michael found out oh he's great he's also. Available for you not just on our show but NFL fantasy live weekdays at two. And at midnight visit nfl.com slash fantasy -- and we gonna tell how good he wasn't WEEI this year Michael underscore abbey on Al Michael underscore abbey on only -- poised to man having gone thank you good luck this. We -- happy holidays guys and keep in touch Hartman Group. And I love how I get introduced as yankees and -- -- -- now. I heard that buster -- was on your air this weekend. Mentioned that a certain AL east team was now the worst in that division would team with -- -- still work on the offseason Michael is this but a great year really appreciate it. Man that's here we appreciate it Michael talked in next year. Michael Fabiano joining us 92 break we'll come back after -- Later on in the show Sports Radio WE yeah -- Michael -- that. Guys you know you guys are still the best of you know you're all Red Sox that.

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