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Peter King, SI, previews the Pats-49ers matchup

Dec 14, 2012|

Peter King joins Mut and Lou to preview the Patriots-49ers Sunday night battle. King likes what he sees in Kaepernick and explains how the Patriots defense will prepare for him. King also comments on the bounty gate scandal and the possibility of a playoff extension in the future.

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I thought our -- -- got a three point seven WEP I'd love to have our -- patriots try to beat Peter case. Our friends is Schwartzel standard and NBC our conversation with Peter King is sponsored by our friends -- town fair tire bike about a tractor corporation. And by -- hill for. I Peter you're ahead of the curve of the patriots -- a number one your power rankings weeks for anybody else did but where you're even surprised that. How easily the dispatch the Houston Texas Monday night. That work on anger you know and I think. The one thing about. The Texan. That bothered me a little -- mean. I I didn't even know we talked about this last week but when I read it. I guess that you get beat the mean Andre Johnson called it the biggest game in green try to treat -- I mean. -- all due respect. If fifteen been around for a decade inflate to play off game. And a player on the -- says this is the biggest in our history. I would. Of deep concern. For how that team was approaching the game I mean I just don't think you can approach. A regular seat gain in December. As though it's so tremendously different from all the other dinky place I'd like. The patriots approach shrug your shoulders. Big -- but we played a lot of big -- and I think that have a little impact on the way to exit Clayton in court on. And I do think going to give that was once scenario I think we said well that the could be an issue for Houston I'm wondering how damaging is that your mind Kubiak Texans. You still have them isn't as a chance to represent the AFC. Yeah I mean you know I wouldn't say it's impossible but. If I were accused them. I'd be putting a pretty big emphasis on and getting home field. And I am not you know -- this week that. Home field has become. Vastly overrated. In Kenya where in the NFL I mean you look at the giants you know seven. You know winning streak gains and then go on the road and then go -- to win the Super Bowl against New England you look if they did it again the two. Wins on the road last year in the eat you know the year before was the Packers. Who were on the road the whole time it is all about who's playing well at this time a year. And who has the quarterback. Who's playing the -- And there's no team playing as well and there's no quarterback playing better. Then Tom Brady and patriots are now everybody in the. Which leads us to the quarterback for separate Cisco and the Sunday night game you guys -- on NBC game of the week by far. Is that quarterback Colin -- a year a guy you could see being the quarterback and NFC championship team and a Super Bowl represented this year. Well I certainly can't. And right to pick anybody right now I'd probably pick the niners beat -- I think they're the current now is the most formidable. And again let's win. One -- one -- is this what we basically it would basically saying. Is that you know like Alex. -- love Alex. And I like the potential Colin peppard. Down the stretch to be able to play better be able to do more things well there Alex Smith but. Look. It can't separate. No it planted into the ground right. By -- will work. On Sunday and it anymore. If I were -- that the 49ers. Are really wouldn't be that concerned because. You know the part -- you are part it is he made possible. They have two quarterbacks. Who can play well and win play out and eat it change so. You know to me I would get the 49ers -- -- I think so what do. Can't predict it's a little cold -- doesn't play that well and what what is the worst thing happens and they get overtaken by Seattle which is possible. I would still wouldn't be that concerned because I think Alex is reaching the wing player. Yeah I think it was -- a bold move you know by -- with a group that are not an -- it's I think it's risky because I'm not so sure it was it was needed but I guess you can. Understand his reasoning for what their BA you know ice I I told you I was right moment or analysts I told you this was a mistake moment will only take. Let that happen. All I get losing in the first or second week in and and I thought it was in the state. But. I also see a group effort that is so and I am not appear practical I'm neater you -- near any so you know that's why. You know when a guy like Jim Harbaugh. -- there and think about this report. There -- guys who now. Right thing -- -- funding here where two playoff game and never once it's lost expecting. I mean he's got only six losses as -- Tenure in almost two years which is almost two years law. So you know -- -- this guy knows a little bit something about -- quarterbacking but about his -- so. It wasn't a disaster -- it's not -- I would I would. I look at what he did with the -- like Josh Johnson went back to San Diego days turn him into a very very good college quarterback got was actually drafted. It terms of the news this week outside patriots 49ers Peter. What was your response to Paul Tagliabue. I just I took it as. Tagliabue telling Roger Goodell you've got a certain about a power but there's a line you can't goal over and on the heels of -- be on the cover time a week ago. I thought he took a bit of a hit with -- was decision what do you think earlier this week. I think he took a big hit because. I think in that when he complete -- or might it take away one. You know Mike Florio wrote about it on the football -- and I thought it was -- market and I'm ready. My initial takeaways on whatever Tuesday afternoon here -- barely -- was that. Paul Tagliabue saying. Sometimes we -- something happened that's really bad like Pete Brazil didn't spirit. In 1989. You warned everybody in the -- Because and any simple look mix here work I have these. We're gonna have these -- error anybody who caught -- now but I'm just warning you all that it coming. And so I think his whole point was you know what not it would not go out. And Philippine -- a practice that probably quite a few seemed that beleaguered spewing some degree anyway. But I think the one thing. That Tagliabue. Didn't. Recognize. And might want all with -- early is that he didn't take into account. The fact that -- It's been instantly. Light to. You know for a long period of time by saying. And so -- hope that and say. The AL and basically say that work cutting the suspension and yet the plan in effect in and a I that word of -- -- -- you know on it honestly guys what Paul Tagliabue wanted the view very simply. If he -- that the goal. He looked at the harm that it on the NFL and he says let's and get in and now and I think with the and of the Jonathan Vilma lawsuit defamation lawsuit. I think it's just about going to be over. -- follow up will be the Gregg Williams report that he apparently according to the AP was sitting there in the meeting and said. I tried to shut this thing down but jolt that would let me meanwhile Williams suspended Peter. Vick coaching did he open up any sort of pandora's box with that report and what he said that day. I think he did because clearly. Joked it was furious about that and it. It's not gonna take that line down because he feels like that ruin his reputation and he says that that's not true. So. I think you know. The smartest thing for everybody to -- in my opinion is to drop this and let it go away. But I have a feeling there's no question no not gonna drop. And I have a feeling that this. We have not heard the last between the disagreement between. I'd show it Gregg Williams and the accusations made against it which he has consistently denied. Peter also there also thinking about possibly changing the playoff format and and I personally don't like get. Like the idea of taking away the extra -- particularly buys altogether because this game Sunday night. Wouldn't have the same flavor if it wasn't for chasing that by party feel bubble for the possible format a fourteen or sixteen teams in the playoffs. Dead set against any expansion in the playoffs. With one theory like asterisk. It's via cell -- say. We're gonna eliminate two preceding game. And not only eliminate the two pre season game. But. Not make -- an. 84 to one home preceding. Year. They're gonna do that then. I wouldn't I still wouldn't like. The you know the increase in play out of fourteen I'd never ever support the increase XP. And that is that awful and I and I right now I wouldn't support the increase to allow it to fourteen. Unless there were some major. Concessions. On the pre season which. I'm told there's a chance. That those could be coming and not just. In cosmetic way not -- -- -- small way that it's possible that they could really. Use -- -- surgery this coming off the concrete the law law on -- -- As it down like two games instead of four Peter home and away -- possible. It'd be down two games. And I think. The one. Other factor in the guys that. That owners are going to be steadfast that they want that one game to be part of the heat and ticket package. And yet I still maintain. That that tremendously unfair. Expanse. You know pay ridiculous sum of money it doesn't happen in any other sport that you have to tapered -- eaten gains but. We'll see what happens then Jerry Lee is pre season games are cut. For ordered to then you have a much better chance of seeing the players are gonna play during the season. 84. Peter the 1 o'clock slate this week is the reason why red zone is so good they are there are five games and at 1 o'clock spot that you wanna watch every single second of -- could. Baltimore and Denver locally is a big one for patriot fans -- by a week. -- explain what happened to Cam Cameron yelled getting -- here this late in the year as the offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell taken over that ravens' offense. I think it's very simple. Even out here on our part in. Came Cameron did clash. Toward the end that is that has been confirmed that you know they did. They were definitely crossed purposes. Anybody who has -- the ravens played -- here in -- Played for much of the last couple of years has seen. That it's at the scene that isn't. At one week each Saturday the offensive coordinator doesn't get along with the quarterback. And you know here's what I would -- Last week that gray right Katie even started smoking around now Ray Rice. Is going to take over from Ray Lewis. As that no doubt unquestioned leader in that locker. And when Ray -- is walking around normal. Right now had has EB. Fewer. Touches her eighty if you work. Perry's this year -- aryan officer. And that's ridiculous. He he got 46 pure Kerry and -- mark. -- simply has not been used Draper came Cameron spoke to me I think something had to change. I talked -- this -- he said hey you know we just become stagnant we can't make some or change. So I think the players look at this instead of Spain or in crisis. The players say. This is gonna give -- jolt of energy. Peter great stuff is always appreciate the time big week big game for you guys and subnet the -- watching Oprah watch patriots in niners. -- Peter King joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTV. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G-8 AT&T. Rethink possible we'll take a 92 break we come back I wanna have a quick thought. On the NFL expanded playoff format which US Peter about and in addition to that. I can't let this thing get away you said something so. Say ridiculous. Got a nice way. That is so ridiculous on TV -- and -- now Celtic double overtime win. I gotta bring it back up so I can't believe you set I might be a -- ninety seconds back with.

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