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Jeff Passan, Yahoo! Sports, on Hamilton deal: 'It just made enough sense'

Dec 14, 2012|

Jeff Passan joins D&C to discuss the surprise deal that sent Josh Hamilton to the Angels, claiming that recent events have pushed the Rangers-Angels rivalry past Red Sox-Yankees. They also discuss the Red Sox' chances of nabbing Hamilton and how the Angels are operating now that the Dodgers have decided to go all out.

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Analysts shift gears a little bit here and talk some baseball with Yahoo! very talented baseball writer. Our are fringe -- joins us on AT&T hotline AT&T. Forgy LTE good morning. Are you worried about it very interesting piece on Yahoo! about the yell you call one of the new great rivalries in all of baseball Rangers and angels and they coach Josh Hamilton. How last season ended for Hamilton in Texas even with -- right criticizing him should this come as a prize that he bolt with the Rangers at all Jeff. -- know a little bit. That they should pay a cent for each other judge panel keeps to hold down taxes. He's kinda guy. And sour note but it. Where wind I was there from the it. Wild card game winners -- we saw eight pitches over four back right. Looked like and app is. After -- Just booed him like they do it ought to the art -- they don't expect -- And -- that's. Not exactly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of -- -- as. Locals. It is the devastating blow. Camps -- this rivalry so much that it hit the device -- -- you know who writes. The better rivalries in the Yankees etc. Firmly believe that it secret exit art -- the effects right now dale there's not think that rivals the reds are there. Rebuilding in a weird way and the contract offer from -- that one year except for 39 year old how he. That's really where there's supposed to be you know his wheels he. It's just it's so weird situation in the elite straight now aware that that position best for the future. For the Orioles -- which. How that helped the. Speaking about Red Sox and yankees -- -- surprised that neither one of these two teams was involved in the Josh Hamilton sweepstakes. I'm not. And that's where baseball should is that the odd part about despite years ago it would have been yankees curses threats -- right. And you know if this contract for you secretary years. I would understand why they're waiting but a -- you Josh. Worst thing in the world look there's always chance that his body's going to -- you rate now is the type guy these -- sources. -- -- -- Or -- and -- thank you -- -- ball game every Tuesday. That's because. You know doctors think it's because in the years abuse but he put his body and let's play it play as a league aptly you'd need your body. There's a big question. There's always questioned the relapsed or exceed a couple of them. -- with the Rangers and they did very Friday -- all players club. That means that five years five dollars -- not the kind of be elected a year for our share our. Eight -- seekers who holds your streak now. Looking like huge event. Is it as simple as RD Marino's. Competitive nature and the -- desire had them set aside any their concerns about the risks either on or off the field on the -- Jeff. I think a lot of it was his competitiveness I think so what was happening in north. -- the Dodgers and steady you know spending all the money that they were. Stealing headlines and he saw the Rangers -- kind of vulnerable this point -- Lost eight he'd probably. Colby Lewis is out there are starting rotation is. Matt Harris -- -- there college question marks after that and so that there is. A little vulnerable position even though they've got a great farm system he you know they missed out on just. Is that -- -- -- Jake Shields and this is the type the strike back at the having the board let -- or in the Oakland days. I don't think they're going to be -- much of -- one year wondered the orioles' fourth CPAs are actually. Pretty well built to continue winning because they're young pitching inside and edit that they are there so. First for the angels it is not just signed ride past. Joseph Blanton -- That the yet that blew the Nazis it really was huge for that franchise. Is the new enjoy lineup formidable enough. To carry that pitching staff. Better be. This is not there I I really think you know they've got to fight your. It got five more years. Act of who Wilson's body really start breaking out and he's going to be 385. Years F five years. By year's -- -- it's free agent. If you don't go for fall or over these next five years you do the right way and that's why I think -- -- there -- it's got trade -- is -- Borges. Mark combo. -- -- -- -- in the minor -- you're gonna spent like 170 million dollars the year that. You can afford still not the most out people farm system of all the Red Sox yankees has survived for use with that the case. I think he thought it REE. School board go for it this year because. It's wide open all these folly was that fraud is now that there. In the playoffs. It really becomes more a crapshoot that every money all they talked about how it's. Kind of like a lottery ticket it he'd get admitted that point. You're just Roland I its -- more so these days and so you just got to hope that your -- at this -- -- -- pitching staff that frankly. You said the Red Sox are rebuilding in a weird way Jeff. What do you mean by that like -- -- we just cut down three big factories and acquisitions. Of Napoli Victor Reno and Dempster what do you think. Apple rejected. Happily accept that verdict they get their in here you can catch more but I think that he had it down here last year and I think he's more like 2011 Napoli that 2000. Well but. I think he's comfortable in between. If he's got what that was though that ballpark it's got a personality that fit that I didn't mind -- Victory that was absurd to victory you know might be a good fourth outfielder these days. Let's see -- catch the ball a little -- They're paying in center field money to play corner outfield spot Jacoby Ellsbury their now. Jackie Bradley money -- Jackie Bradley and center field money expert guy. Are. A guy who. It's like it better fielder like mediocre center field corner outfield. -- that one made absolutely knows that. Dancer you know -- -- there's there's a reason that nobody would give him three years. He had thought of surgery back in 2000 pre. Elbows has now collapsed. Very law. Somewhere usually between the evidence. Working at the tenth year as noble all exports to so. I know that the medical in erred out all right but there was still. Why definitive concerned about another team about his arm holding up especially with all the sliders urgency has about 13 as -- sliders. And those can be very very arm -- -- I think that was the big question mark about -- and the reason that nobody gave a thirty year regional for the Red Sox say you last year. Jeff we know they're going to be better guys in the economy really really nice guys in the clubhouse it was gonna get along -- like these guys. Are they out of the cellar they finished last last year. -- actually. Very. The I don't understand about this plan. Just because you bring. Together. Doesn't mean that -- -- into law it it should doubt at all. You guys guys guys you brought it people who I would be nice guy's -- before it doesn't always work that way. To be sports chemistry is a very or. It is something that happened to them back together it would try to force chemistry. Through people's reputations. I think that's a very. Dangerously. And backward way to build off supplies. Of -- for 88 general manager that has been. He and analytical. And now. That resentment. That could analytic and numbers. -- so much of what they view to go out. He uses a lot of which is -- better for a year or more palatable for the club house that that part of regret that is that it. Department aside how do you see the pieces of the puzzle fitting together and working efficiently or not -- So that their rotation as mediocre and think though it is they will hit and I think they're sort of like an off brand. Angels. Roster right now there there are built like the angels but they're not as -- and I'll be very it's -- to me this is the year oracle look. Out -- it is much. I wanna be out Jackie Bradley -- I want the eventually -- Matt Barnes and Alan -- look at what the elevator sober look. Because that's foliage -- of this team right now those guys should all be there comes to fourteen. And if that's the case that. I think -- fourteen in the opposite to be very exciting that they're not going to be out of the doldrums. For a long time they're not in Basra but I don't see this I don't see this year the end eight times better -- How we've called them the Kansas City Red Sox now and I -- Opening. Ha ha that's true that I got chain -- who what do you like in this division in the -- least. It's picture indeed they are. To -- there is very very -- -- I. Look maybe I'm biased because I love the way that they brought their team I would like the -- I think some of the -- that the -- -- -- this offseason. Work. You know that -- peppers in the that rays clubhouse that the chemistry there is legitimate has been very good for half a decade since Joseph -- -- to fit a bad guy and that you play to what's around. You know support realized crap that he pulled out swears that he you know doesn't cut it there he got what my guys. Have the chance you know middle of the order hitter for a very long time he's under team control for -- -- Out more I think is gonna take a step forward David Price might be the best pitcher in the effectively. Start -- that that could -- There there are a lot of really good pieces there Adam Longoria to stay healthy -- every -- -- serious serious. Here. Major final question you -- something -- -- -- on Yahoo! that I have to ask you about excuse my -- for not knowing the entry of this you're talking about the -- angels will do with the Rangers did to keep Hamilton on the straight narrow. From the minute by minute monitoring to the no cash policy. And other tricks to work to keep him clean what's the no cash policy. I'd go out here not at all. But did you buy drinks play -- I think his wife can easily five -- -- -- That's just not enough from the year and at the hotel bar. I'm guessing that's how he bought his peers it that far but drugs. I don't think anyone that I carry around via credit card machine. I got it. Excellent just passing Yahoo! Sports good stuff as always we appreciate the time and the information. Jeff passel of them Santelli alum AT&T hotline AT&T forgy elderly has asked for permission to use the car yeah I know that but I don't actually -- -- no compassion I am trying to you know. Why no cash is helpful August it's drugs and that you would bar with a credit card and it loaded. I guess the guy industry. Would go on an old dogs very public and media be going into. And drug -- or even a liquor store. But it's worked you know he's that this couple crazy nights but. -- if you were. To fall -- the way in every weekend I don't think he would it for three or month and drama and 120 runs in. I mean isn't. And I know it's not the top priority for bench Eric and you fascinated. To see him play I mean isn't a fascinating -- to watch to play. In a very different ways and RG three but there are certain guys that you stop doing it tracks -- got to watch. I got to watch Josh Hamilton's up RG three's on you've got to watch he's one of those guys rob Parker said he thinks Josh Hamilton is certainly wide enough. Yeah I mean and I know that you feel the same way about them Victorino but you know I just think Campbell that's a little better than victory back to your phone calls after this.

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