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Rob Ninkovich recaps Texans, previews Niners and evaluates the improving Pats defense

Dec 14, 2012|

D&C chat with the Patriots defensive end/outside linebacker about what a blowout of an elite AFC team does for a team's confidence and the team's attitude going in and coming out of that game. He also helps the boys break down the 49ers by evaluating the differences between San Francisco quarterbacks Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick.

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Rob Ninkovich joins us now our conversation with rob is brought to buy lunch dates and buy more bar make -- Jewelers. Rob has always joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT good morning Mr. Big of a child aria. -- -- -- -- I don't bill -- look check. -- just kind of level headed you know flat line in response to everything doesn't want to get too high with the wind certainly not too low with the loss but I got to ask you. What does a convincing win like Monday night over a quality team like Houston do for the collective psyche of a football team rob. Are -- I think that. You know last week governor if you lose your degree -- -- -- -- you know you're root everybody who watches -- it was going to be a big gains so. I just I think you know we're pretty confident that are we prepared well for that we can and no the wanting that we really have to do is just move on -- is. Greens are helping now so are Mueller pro and obviously -- -- we know that. If we you know work hard all weekend. -- trichet who worked together you know review preach something so I think that -- -- our children. That knowing that if we can play like every -- -- -- very -- retreat so. -- -- Doc Rivers on yesterday he was talking about that he said he said because he was speaking with -- on the -- before and -- that he looked very relaxed Belichick did prior to the game. Is it yeah it was almost like you knew you would studied so much you knew the answers to the test before you took the test that you were confident that you're going to get right is that about right is that is that about how felt going into that game. You know I think the real -- forget about it called Gloria lecture a lecture couple days of mr. prepare them. Never Ramos. With a greater role so not think that we did learn your lesson there that -- You know we prefer -- world. We prefer like that every week. We're going to be pretty units so. Again such as well those things where. Yeah you know you have registers let's not do a better so -- we're pretty pretty excited about that game on the other you sort of put -- into. Tom Brady said after the Thanksgiving game we had a little time mini review the the niners film and gotta look at them early because of the short week when did you start looking at the niners and what do you think. Are you are approaching them but few games throughout the year obviously that has some them into achieving your notebook that'll walk him -- Or after last week at. Watch what -- -- couple games -- force your quarterback is such units and they changed since. He's been there and -- In other surrogate team obviously arm. That is one of the best. A short while so are. No murder rate -- we don't make sure. This little -- organ. Do you look at both Alex Smith and snapper -- still in the eventuality that. Either one gets in there yet you know I mean you watch the game meant just you know he can't offer. Who's better. What there. We're both quarterbacks I mean obviously all other. There also are so -- -- starter so a little bit what's the difference. On film what do you see that's different obviously you know. Number seven is a little bit more mobile. -- get out of trouble. -- this -- Yeah astute secure rather rent so. We definitely have you feel where you know. On the ball and use that just the -- also. It must do your heart good to to know and see and feel the results of this defense improving week by week undermine rob what's been the catalyst. This hasn't had this defense. Rise up in it and get better and and play better in in the last 45 weeks. Nothing -- everyone coming together. Opt out and saying it since week to week three report that every week we're going to better improve. Our -- -- a little aren't cute little -- -- and so -- together particularly burger double. Arm. You know just. Tore through a year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Early years. Not a -- -- we are fighting or have -- it not been there they've heard the million turnover ratio are slow -- for personal -- Our rob good luck -- and I talked this week. Rob Ninkovich for Dennis and Callahan a conversation with rob is brought to buy lunch dates and by Bart making Jewelers who joins us on the AT&T hotline.

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